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									Local Government Classification Scheme
Function                        Activity   Activity 2
Planning and building control
Economic development
Education and skills
Community safety and emergencies
Health and safety
Information and communication technology
Information management
Legal services
Leisure and culture
Crematoria and cemeteries
Human resources
Registration and coroners
Risk management and insurance
Transport and infrastructure
Waste management
Adult care services
Consumer affairs
Council property
Children and families services
Environmental protection
Planning information and documentation relating to both town and country
Management of activities to promote and examine the local economy.
Activities relating to the provision and support for education and learning in Hertfordshire.
The management of fire and emergency services to Council and council property.
The management of financial resources by the council
Management of measures to ensure a healthy and safe workplace.
Information and communication technology documentation
Documents related to information management
Management of legal activities.
Leisure and cultural services provided or supported by the council for the community. Including the maintenance and managem
Function dealing with cemeteries, redundant churchyards and crematoria
Management of corporate activities. Includes policies and procedures that apply to the Council as a whole. This does not includ
Management of HR activities. See also Personnel Files (case files) for records on individual staff.
The Registration of births, Deaths and marriages. This area also includes functions of the coroner.
Management of risk and insurance
Planning for the safe, efficient movement and parking of traffic, encompassing all services/facilities above the road surface. Inc
The management o waste in the local area. Includes Collection, recycling and waste site.
All matters relating to the help and support of individuals.
Documentation created out as part of the trading standards or environmental health function.
Management of processes involved in arranging, tendering, managing contracts and other purchasing of the organisation.
The council's statutory responsibility for housing.
General documentation of council buildings

Management of democratic activities including elections, assembly and committee meetings.
General information on Environmental protection
ing the maintenance and management of parks, reserves and open spaces.

ncil as a whole. This does not include Housing Revenue Account properties (see Housing)

acilities above the road surface. Includes forms of public transport. The provision of street services to property owners within the local area.

 urchasing of the organisation.
roperty owners within the local area. Includes the design, construction and maintenance of local roads and associated infrastructure, such as
nd associated infrastructure, such as kerbing, guttering and footpaths under council jurisdiction. Includes acquisition and installation of stree
s acquisition and installation of street furniture, decorations, traffic and street signs and traffic lights.

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