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Federally Employed Women’s July 14-18, 2008 National Training Program


             Anaheim Hilton Hotel and Convention Center
               777 Convention Way, Anaheim, CA 92802
          (adjacent to the Orange County Convention Center)
               Federally Employed Women’s July 14, 2008 Career & Education Fair

Federally Employed Women is again sponsoring a free Career/Education
Fair to provide participants with essential tools, materials, and guidance for a better understanding of
educational and career opportunities in the federal government.

Do not miss this opportunity to speak with recruiters, to make contacts,
and learn about available resources. You can enhance your future. Bring your resume!
Speak with federal agency representatives about exciting career opportunities.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity on
Monday, July 14, 2008
“How to Get a Federal Job” Workshop: 10:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.
Career/Education Fair: 12:00 -4:00 p.m.
Hilton Anaheim Hotel
777 Convention Way, Anaheim, CA 92802
(adjacent to the Orange County Convention Center)

Contact: Jack Kenner at jmk@few.org or (202) 872-1777
Is Project Management In Your Future?
                hosted by:
 Federally Employed Women’s Foundation
         For Education & Training

               Presented by
               Jack Kenner
     F.E.W. Foundation Board Trustee
     Academic & Community Outreach
             PMI WDC Member
• What certification is ranked by CertCities.com’s
as one of the top ten (10) Hottest Certifications?

•What skill set is highly marketable within
the government as well as private industry?

•What was first recognized as a skill set in the
Federal Government by the US Navy in 1969?
               Today’s Agenda
 • Project Management Overview
 • Why consider Project Management as a
    •What’s in it for you?
    •What can you earn?
    •Who are project managers? - Career Options
• Preparing for your career in Project Management
 Sources of Training, education and PMP/CAPM Credentials
 ProjectManagement Institute – Professional development and
networking opportunities (Overview of PMI …history, chapter
information and activities)
 Project Management Overview

             What is a project?
• Almost any human activity that has a start
and a finish and is not a regular process or
   •Completing an application for college
   •Updating a resume
   • Planning the FEW Western RTP
• “A temporary endeavor undertaken to create
a unique product or service” – PMI PMBOK
Project Management Overview

       What is project management?

• Combination of control, leadership,
teamwork, resource management skills, tools
and techniques used to accomplish a task

• Transportable and marketable skill set
Project Management Overview

       What is project management?

• One of today's most sought after proficiencies

• A professional career path; and

• A way of controlling business
Project Management Overview

  Why is project management important?

•For an employer – way of controlling business:

   •Saves time – provides greater assurance
    that deadlines will be met

   •Saves money – more efficient use of limited

   •Ensures required quality objectives are met
Project Management Overview
  Why is project management important?

•For you – a professional career path
   •Transportable – is used in all parts of the        business

   •Marketable skill set – is needed in all parts of
   the business world

   •One of the most sought after skills in the 21st    Century
   – proven to improve efficiency
Project Management Overview

        What is a project manager?

• Leader who uses project management
fundamentals, tools, techniques and standards
to produce a product or render a service on
time, within the budget allocated and that
meets the quality specifications

• Someone who has job security and a bright
future in today’s business market!
The Value of Project Management
  Where would you find a Project Manager?

 • Government – federal/state/local
 • Hospitals/Medical Facilities
 • Financial Institutions – banks/Wall Street
 • Engineering Department of any company
 • Circus/King’s Dominion/Six Flags
 • Music Industry/Radio/TV/Newspaper
 • Catering Service – Weddings/Parties
 • Walmart/Target/Home Depot/Giant/Safeway
 • College/University
The Value of Project Management
  What are project management occupations?

 •Project Accountant
 •Project Analyst
 •Project Controller
 •Project Director
 •Project Engineer
 •Project Executive
 •Project Lead
 •Project Scheduler
 •Project Specialist
The Value of Project Management
Annualized Median Salary (US) By Years Worked
in Project Management*

3 years or less……$65,000

6-10 years………..$85,000

21 years+………...$100,000

*Source: PMI Project Management Salary Survey – 3d Edition
             Salaries vary by industry
       Preparing for Your Career in
          Project Management
  Training, Education and Certification

• 160+ universities and educational institutions award
degrees/diplomas in project management

• Certifications issued by PMI attest to your knowledge and
expertise in PM (Registered Education Providers – REPs)

   • CAPM - Certified Associate in Project Management
   • PMP - Project Management Professional

   Agency LMS courses and training
   Hundreds of Training Courses and programs are
      approved for college credit equivalency
             through Programs of the
          American Council on Education

 College Credit Recommendation Service

 Credit By Examination

 Military Evaluations
American Council on Education College Credit Recommendation
             Service - National Guide Courses

       If you attended training provided by a corporation or other
governmental agency (non-military), you may receive college credit for
  the course. Some organizations have had the American Council on
   Education review their courses. To find out if a course has been
     reviewed by ACE CREDIT, visit the following ACE website:

    Contact the ACE CREDIT call center at 202-939-9434 should
                  you have additional questions.
       OPM’s GoLearn Program -
  an EGOV Initiative Supporting Human
      Capital Initiatives across the
         Federal Government

Small agencies as well as enterprise departments
benefit by leveraging GoLearn’s extensive experience
and cost-effective solutions.
          Vendor Partners Include
                              Online Courseware
   Learning Systems           Content
       EEDO                      BHM International
       GeoLearning               Corpedia Education
                                  DMason Financial
       Integres / SABA           Element K
       ISSI / Sum Total          FPMI Solutions
       Learn.com                 InfoSource
                                  Karta Technologies
       Plateau                   MindLeaders.com
       Outstart                  Ninth House
                                  Pearson Government
   Government Partners
                                  PureSafety
     Graduate School             RGI Learning
      USDA                        SKILLSOFT
                                  Thomson NetG
     FAI / DAU
                                  Vubiz
                              Online Universities
             SkillSoft and our
           Federal Government
SkillSoft provides e-Learning solutions to the federal
government many courses are ACE CREDIT approved.

–   Navy                    –   DHS
–   Marine Corps            –   VA
–   DOT                     –   SSA
–   Army                    –   IRS
–   Air Force               –   State Department
–   DISA                    –   GAO
–   HHS                     –   HUD
–   EPA                     –   GSA
Skillsoft Courses …College Credit Equivalency
  American Council on Education
   28 approved course series (265
    courses), including:
     – Accounting
     – Finance
     – HRCI/PHR
     – Project Management
     – Six Sigma
     – Business Writing
     – Knowledge Management
     – Managing Contractors
     – Various Information Technology Series
       Credential Programs
Credential Programs Include:
   NASBA: National Association of State Board
   PMI®: Project Management Institute
   HRCI: Human Resource Certification Institute
   (ISC)2: International Information Systems
    Security Certification Consortium
   CFP: Certified Financial Planner
   ISM™: Institute of Supply Management
                                  Graduate School USDA
                            (554 ACE CREDIT approved courses)

Example ACE Courses:
                                  ACE Credit Recommendations
   Administrative Procedure
   Database Design                  3 SH LD
   Executive Potential              2 SH LD or UD
    Program                          3 SH GRAD
   Intermediate Editing             2 SH LD
                                     2 SH UD
   Intermediate Public
    Speaking                         3 SH LD or UD
   Project Management
 Ways to Earn College Credit

Colleges and Universities
 Workplace Learning – agencies/outside
 Credit By Examination
• National Standardized – CLEP, Excelsior

• Course or departmental challenge exams
 Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) or
  Portfolio Evaluation
  Project Management Credentials
•What are they?
  • Certifications issued by a recognized
  professional organization (Project Management
  Institute) that attests to an individual’s
  knowledge and expertise in project
  • CAPM - Certified Associate in Project
  • PMP - Project Management Professional
         Value of PMP® Certification

   Meets Government Directives
      GPRA of 1993
      OMB Circular A-11
      OPM Memo, Aug 26, 2003
   Brings Value to the Organization and
      Improved performance
      Organizational recognition
      Individual recognition
      Alternative career path opportunities
   Project Management in the Federal

OMB Exhibit 300 Requirements:

• Names of the Project Manager, Contract Manager,
  and Sponsor/Owner

• Info re roles, qualifications, and contact information for
  in-house and contract managers

• Project Management qualification level for the project
        Project Management and
        the Federal Government
•Project Management Training
    • Source: http://www.Golearn.gov

• Government Recognition of Project Managers
   •Interpretive Guidance for Project Manager Positions
       • Issued by OPM to help agencies properly identify and
       establish these important positions in their organizations
       • Also authorizes an official position title of IT Project
       Manager, GS-2210, for project manager positions covered by
       the Information Technology Management Series, GS-2210, in
       the Job Family Standard for Administrative Work in the
       Information Technology Group, GS-2200.
   • Source: http://www.opm.gov/fedclass/PM/CG03-0001.pdf
    Introduction to CAPM® Credential

CAPM® = Certified Associate in Project Management

   CAPM® Credential Program
       supports the international community’s Certified Associates in
        Project Management
       Is designed to objectively assess and measure professional
       Apply requirements and eligibility standards fairly, impartially,
        and consistently with applicable laws.
    Introduction to CAPM® Credential

   How do you get CAPM?
       Apply through Project Management Institute (PMI)
       Meet practical experience qualifications
       Meet educational requirements
       Pass Project Management Institute developed test
CAPM Eligibility Requirements
          Eligibility Requirements

 Option       1: Education + Experience
     Submit documentation to support education status
     Submit one set of complete Experience Verification
      Forms per project with application

 Option       2: Formal PM Education
     Complete Project Management Education Form
     Document all project management education hours
      regardless of when accrued
       – Credit only given for course work completed at the time of
     Eligibility Requirements - Education

 Contact hours = actual amount of time a candidate spends
receiving instruction in project management from following
    University/college   academic and continuing education program
    Courses   or programs offered by training companies or consultants
    Courses or programs offered by PMI component organizations (Chapter
    meetings and Self-Study (e.g. reading books) do not satisfy this requirement.)
    Courses   or programs offered by PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.)
    Courses   or programs offered by employer/company-sponsored program
    Courses   or programs offered by distance-learning companies ending with a
    tutorial segment
            Focus of CAPM® Exam

   The Guide to the Project Management Body of
    Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide or PMBOK®) Third
    Edition, provides the basis of exam questions

   Exam focuses on the nine knowledge areas.
       Scope, Integration, Human Resources, Time, Cost, Quality,
        Communications, Risk and Procurement Management.
          Focus of CAPM® Exam

   One hundred fifty multiple choice questions, selected
    randomly so each exam is different
   15 questions are considered pretest questions
   Four answer choices for each question
   Questions developed by CAPM® global work groups
   Three hours allowed to complete exam
   Can review and change answers before exiting exam
   Receive results immediately upon completion when
    using a computer-based test
     Introduction to PMP® Credential

   PMP® = Project Management Professional
   PMP® Credential Program
       supports the international community Project
        Management Professional
       is designed to objectively assess and measure
        professional knowledge
       Program requirements and eligibility standards are
        applied fairly, impartially, and consistently with
        applicable laws.
PMP - Eligibility Requirements
        PMP Eligibility Requirements
   Category 1
       Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent university degree
       Minimum of 4,500 hours of PM experience in the five PM process groups
         – 3 years of the total PM experience within the last 6 years (i.e., 36 unique,
           non-overlapping months)*
       Minimum of 35 contact hours           Not as difficult as you might think!
       Documentation – Educational background, Experience Verification Form
   Category 2
       High School diploma or equivalent
       Minimum of 7,500 hours of PM experience in the five PM process groups
         – 5 years of the total PM experience within the last 8 years (i.e., 60 unique,
           non-overlapping months)
       Minimum of 35 contact hours
       Documentation – Educational background, Experience Verification Form
       Both categories: Experience must be in a position of responsibility of
        leading and directing.
    PMP Experience Requirements
   Experience must have occurred within the last six years for
    Category 1 and eight years for Category 2.
   Experience must be categorized into the five process groups
      Initiating Process
          – Recognizing a project or phase should begin and committing to do so
        Planning Process
          – Devising and maintaining a workable scheme to accomplish the
            business need that the project was undertaken to address
        Executing Process
          – Coordinating people and other resources to carry out the plan
        Controlling Process
          – Ensuring that project objectives are met by monitoring and measuring
            progress and taking correction action when necessary
        Closing Process
          – Formalizing acceptance of the project or phase and bringing it to an
            orderly end

   May include content on project quality, scope, time, cost, human
    resources, communications, risk, procurement, and integration
    management)—no time limit
        Any class, seminar, online training, and distance teaching classes whose
         learning objectives include project management or any of its domains
        Use the checklist to examine the last 6 years of your work to find the projects
         you have managed or worked on:
          –   Was it a temporary endeavor that had a beginning and an end?
          –   Did it create a unique product, service, or result?
          –   Was it done for a purpose?
          –   Did it have interrelated activities?
          –   Was it progressively elaborated (developed through increments)*
        Need to account for experience in every process group; however, there is no
         minimum number of hours for any process group

   Retain proof of educational and training attainments in case you are
        Formal education: original official transcript or a copy of diploma
        Training: course syllabus and certificate of completion
   Application is subject to audit!
Project Management Credentials
      CAPM                  PMP
Length of            Length of
certification: 5 yrs certification: 3 yrs




Project Management Institute

                    PMI® Overview

   Established in 1969 – 39th anniversary in 2008

   Global Organization - in approx 161 countries

   Over 260,000 members world-wide

   Over 185,000 PMPs world-wide

   PMBOK published in multiple languages
       – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew
       – Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
    PMI Overview                - PMI® Local Chapters

   PMI® has more than 240 chartered and approximately
    40 potential chapters geographically dispersed over
    67 countries
    Phoenix, Arizona
      Sash Dhar
      P.O. Box 60395
      Phoenix, AZ 85082
      Tel: +1-602-712-1016

      Tucson, Arizona
      Phillip D. Ellis
      9322 E Placita Mimosa
      Tucson, AZ 85749-9214
      Tel: +1-520-390-0104
      *for a complete list of chapters:

     Contact information
         Jack M. Kenner
  Board Trustee, Academic &
     Community Outreach
FEW Foundation for Education &

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