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					   Portal Design

OSU Federal Credit Union
   Corvallis, Oregon
                   About Us
• OSU Federal Credit Union
  – Original charter: Oregon State University
    faculty and staff
  – Converted to community charter in 1998
     • 5 counties in the Willamette Valley
     • 45,000 members
     • $375 MM
• Initial portal implementation:
  – Installation took place on October 12-13
  – Portal release took place on December 13
• Phase II of the portal implementation is
  currently in progress
  – Coming soon:
     • Online submission of forms
     • Expense Tracking, Assigned Tasks, Products &
       Services module
• Increased efficiency
  – One place where employees could get all of the
    information that they need
  – Organizing information into manageable blocks
    for employees
  – Making a user-friendly interface
• Committee for portal knew that the design
  of the OSU Federal workgroup would be
  crucial in the effectiveness of the portal
  launch and the long-term adoption of the
  new technology
• Placed great emphasis in the planning of the
  organizational workgroup
       OSU Federal Workgroup
•   OSU Federal Home Page
•   General Instructions
•   Employee Survival Guide
•   Classifieds
•   Promotions
•   Document Pages
•   Best Practices
•   Board of Directors
       OSU Federal Home Page
• Made OSU Federal workgroup home page first
  viewed page upon login instead of the
  “Headquarters” page
• “Quick Links” have made the page a launch point
  for all information
   – Still allows us to know how many people log in
   – Dynamic content
      • Tip of the Day
      • Corporate Calendar
   – Quick Links
      • Various programs and systems commonly used by employees
Corporate Calendar   Quick Links

                        Tip of the Day
       General Instructions Page
•   General portal vocabulary
•   Structure of portal for review purposes
•   Search tips
•   Archive of “Tip of the Day”
      Employee Survival Guide
• Links to:
  –   Main document center
  –   Phone list, references
  –   Commonly used organizational documents
  –   Description of where employees can find
      documents from where they were formerly
• Popular section
• Divided into non-profits (organizational
  fund raisers, etc.) and private (items for
• Current and past promotions listings
• PDFs and JPGs of current promotional
  – Allows front line staff to answer member
    questions about current specials and rates
        Document Placement
• Committee felt that placement of
  organizational documents was crucial as
  – Employees were already used to seeing
    employee handbook, job descriptions and
    policies in their own separate directories
     • “Culture shock” could be reduced by maintaining
       the integrity of these directories
     • Pages designed for each of the three directories,
       using document linking islands
       Other Document Pages
• Organizational documents divided
  – Benefits information
  – Finance & Accounting forms
  – Safety & Security forms
• Each major section has its own page
           Additional Pages
• Best Practices Page
  – To encourage the continued development of the
    portal, we created a discussion page where
    people can post various ideas and applications
    of the portal that have worked well for them
• Board of Directors
  – Bios, pictures of each Board & Supervisory
    Committee member for front line staff
• Initially, the transition to a portal
  environment was a challenge because of the
  cultural change that it would require
  – Transition was made successful because of
     • Executive support
     • Logical organization
     • Constant feedback and improvement

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