Ohio State Board of Cosmetology Accomplishments Report 2005-2007 by ikt86531


									           The mission of the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology is to protect and
         support the public through regulation and education while promoting the
                                 integrity of the industry.

                    Ohio State Board of Cosmetology
                       Accomplishments Report

Board Members
Valerie Studer, Chairman
Dr. Marilyn Huheey
Charles Penzone
Jim Rogers
Donna Froelich
Bernadine Neal
Steve Thompson
Linda Watkins
Thomas Taneff

                                                         Kevin L. Miller, Executive Director
The following initiatives could not have been completed without the support of the
Ohio State Board of Cosmetology (OSBC) Board Members. In addition, these
improvements were all made with the intent of increasing efficiencies and improving
service to our over 130,000 customers. The staff at OSBC has worked very hard to
improve their image as conscientious, courteous and dedicated servants to the public.

  A Commitment to Customer Service            Implemented monthly customer service
trainings at all staff day meeting. Employees were instructed on differing techniques on
how to deal with customers face-to-face and on the phone; how to improve corporate
image and respecting the differences among co-workers.

 Exam Center Expansion for New Central Office              Received approval through
Controlling Board in May of 2006, to adjust fees to begin expansion of testing center.
The additional funds will allow Board Examiners to administer tests to 50 (fifty)
cosmetologists daily, up from 32 (thirty-two). In addition, two more examiners will be
added to accommodate this increase in numbers. The new Central Office will be
completed in the spring of 2007 and will be located in Grove City, Ohio.

 Licenses available in 1 hour instead of 14 days Candidates who take their exams at
the Board office and receive a passing grade, began receiving there license on the same
day. Staff at the State Board of Cosmetology developed a printing system that reduced
the turnaround time for a licensee to receive their license from 10 -14 days to one hour
after completing their exam. This allows the licensee to enter the work force
immediately and begin contributing to the economy of Ohio.

 1st Ever Open House for both Career Vocational and Private Schools Held first ever
Cosmetology open house on two separate days for all private and vocational schools
across Ohio. This event allowed owners and instructors to see first hand how Board
Examiners grade tests and what is looked for in the area of sanitation to improve the
success rate of students passing the Board exam. Over 150 Cosmetology professionals
attended this two day event.

  Upgraded Office Computer Systems to Increase Security and Efficiency             An
assessment was completed by an outside vendor on developing a strategy to update
and improve the office technology. Two new servers, increased security hardware and
software and new Hewlett-Packard personal computers were purchased for all office
staff. This plan drastically improved response time with the statewide license system
that allowed staff to quickly update information and retrieve data for licensees who
contact the Board office by telephone.
  Improved Testing Center Environment         Relaxed atmosphere for candidates with
music to ease test anxiety. The changes implemented were done at the suggestion of
staff examiners and students who had previously experienced the testing environment.
Improvements included implementing an extensive Question and Answer period
before each section of exam; instructors from schools are brought into the testing center
at the end of the day for feedback to improve instruction and we allow questions from
candidates before, during and after testing segments.

  Office Restructuring for Efficiency     Streamlined office structure and table of
organization by revamping and consolidating duties. Began cross training of staff to
increase efficiency and customer service. Reduced the number of section supervisors
from five to three.

 Inspector Territory Redistricting Analyzed number of businesses throughout Ohio
and developed more concise and equitable territories for inspectors. Territories were
based on geographical area instead of the strict number of businesses. This allowed for
reduced travel time by field staff that translates into more time in cosmetology

  Simplified Renewal Procedures      Revamped instructions for licensees to renew
licenses using the internet and standard mail. The new simplified instructions are
numbered and provide step-by-step instructions with easy to read, follow along
procedures to ensure completion.

  More Secure License Design        More professional design with new colors being
introduced to the various licenses issued. Greater security features are applied in the
paper to reduce fraudulent activity.

  Web Site Redesign New and improved design allows for easier navigation by
licensees and the general public. Color coded sections and a database to allow the
search of continuing education classes highlight this innovative approach. The Board
staff has received many positive responses as a result.

 Instituted Employee Recognition Program The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology
held it s first ever employee recognition ceremony in October of 2005. The ceremony
celebrated team efforts and recognized an employee from both the field and the office
for employee of the year. Nominations were submitted by employees and selections
were made by a panel of Board Members who reviewed the nominations. This is now
an annual event as the second employee recognition ceremony was held in October of
 Saturday Exams Established to Alleviate Delays            Began testing on Saturday s
between October 2005 and August of 2006 to help alleviate the overwhelming amount
of career vocational schools that complete their course of instruction in the spring. This
allowed vocational schools to pre-schedule dates to allow the entire class to take their
exams without a lengthy delay as experienced in previous years.

  Upgraded Testing Equipment to Industry Standards Updated and modernized salon
equipment in testing center to more accurately reflect today s standards in the
cosmetology industry. The new equipment gives candidates the added comfort of
reduced test anxiety by having modern equipment that mirrors those that the student
learned in at their cosmetology school.

  First Ever Ohio State Fair Marketing Campaign Staff from the Board worked during
the Ohio State fair at an information booth to answer questions regarding the
Cosmetology industry. Licensees were able to update information and gather the latest
information on how to renew their license for 2007. At the conclusion of the fair, over
200 visitors had stopped to receive information.

  First Ever Office Retreat All field and office staff came together for a two-day retreat
to develop agency mission and vision statements. A trained facilitator applied
Continuous Improvement Processes (CIP) to identify customers and key constituents.
This enabled staff to more accurately define who we are and what we are trying to

 Courier Service Costs Reduction A cost analysis was completed to assess the twice a
week trips to downtown Columbus to two locations done by finance staff for financial
deposits. A comparison detailed that by using a courier delivery service the Board
saved $2,400 annually. When factoring opportunity costs associated with these travel
obligations the cost savings increases to $7,000 annually.

  Over 35,000 Inactive Licenses Purged from Records A review of personal files was
undertaken to purge all records of individuals who are no longer have a Cosmetologist
license since the first issuance in 1933. This six month effort reduced the amount of file
space needed and resulted in approximately 35,197 files being removed.

 200% increase in on-line renewals as result of 1st ever Call Center for Renewal of
Licensing   A toll free hotline to answer questions that licensees may have when
completing their renewal application meant the largest number of licensees renewing
on-line in the history of OCBC. Over 24,000 people renewed on-line, up from
approximately 12,000 from the previous renewal.

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