Chapter 16 Informative Speeches by hmv21438


									                           Chapter 16: Informative Speeches

Six Cs of Informative Speaking:

   1. Be Clear- define important words or phrases, keep big terms to a minimum, make
   2. Be Concise- don’t be repetitive, get to the point, don’t be too wordy
   3. Be Complete- raise certain expectations and satisfy them
   4. Be Correct- have accurate information!!!
   5. Be Concrete- focus on the immediate and the actual; give concrete examples to
      Help listeners understand.
   6. Connect- analyze the people who will be in your audience; see from others’ point
      Of views.

Where Can I Look For Speech Topics?

*Personal Experience- use personal knowledge!!!
*Observations-look in your immediate environment!
*Do a Survey- consider your audience’s opinions and points of view!

What Could Be a Good Visual Aid?


Things to Remember for Visual Aids:

-Be sure it is large enough to be seen
-If you are using print outs, mount them to something!
-Don’t stand in front of the aid
-Talk to your listeners, not the visual aid
-Keep any visual aid out of sight until you are ready to use it, then put it away again when
you have finished
-PRACTICE with it!

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