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									                                                                                                                        SPRING 2007


                                                                                                            > Members tell us “Where to go!”
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           Connecting members of the St. Paul Federal Credit Union

Top 10 Reasons to Join St. Paul Federal Credit Union if
you are in High School
                                                                                                            MEMBER QUOTES
St. Paul Federal Credit Union is a not for profit financial cooperative.
Wonder how this affects you as a student? Take a look at 10 reasons that
make St. Paul Federal Credit Union unique.
                                                                                                            “It is really nice and convenient
                                                                                                            to have all of my loans, checking,
1. The focus is on YOU, not profits. All it takes is a $10 minimum balance
                                                                                                            savings and safe deposit box in
to get started. Also, fees are much lower than those charged by most banks.
                                                                                                            one place.”
2. Interested in opening a checking account? Getting a car loan? Maybe                                      – Carrie, member since 1996
a loan for college? St. Paul Federal Credit Union offers free checking
                        accounts with cash or check cards and some of the
                              lowest loan rates in the city.                                                “I have a very good relationship
                                                                                                            with the credit union. They have
                                                          3. You get back more with St. Paul                helped me out whenever I have
                                                            Federal Credit Union. Because we are            needed them. I will never go
                                                              member owned, profits go right back            anywhere else.”
                                                              to you in the form of higher rates
                                                               on your savings and lower rates on           – Eugene, member since 1967
                                                               your loans.

                                                              4. FREE financial education is                 “I really like the drive-thru in the
                                                              another great reason to join St. Paul         new office. It is very convenient
                                                             Federal Credit Union. We have                  to hop off the freeway on my way
                                                            the resources to teach teens how to             home from work and make my
                                                           budget their money, manage a checking            deposit and get cash. The staff is
                                                         account and establish credit.                      very friendly.”

                            5. Easy Access. Convenient. St. Paul Federal                                    – Beth, member since 1990
                      Credit Union is part of a nation-wide shared branching
network. Even when you’re away at school, accessing your accounts with us
may be as easy as crossing the street.

6. FREE ATM transactions (about 25,000 ATM's nation wide).
                                                       —continued inside

home-equity loans                         IRA rates                                    car loans
BELOW PRIME                               BEST         IN THE      CITY                LOW-COST, LOW-RATE
Rates and terms are based on an individual’s credit worthiness. All loans are subject to credit approval.
    THE LIGHTER SIDE                       WAT T ’ S N E W

   The winner of a 27" TV                 Credit Union Services
   during our “Use your VISA
   promotion” in November                 Our Members tell us
                                          “Where to go!”
   and December was:
   Robert L. Sorenson.                    First our members wanted
                                          more and better services
                                          – we delivered.

                                          Next, our members wanted
                                          the best rates in town
                                          – again we delivered.

                                          And all along our members have wanted more convenience – we are

                                          St. Paul Federal Credit Union has added the following services for our
                                          member’s convenience:

                                             > VISA Credit Cards in 1993 plus ATM and Debit Cards in 1994 giving
                                               our members access to cash without coming into the Credit Union.

    St. Paul Saints                          > Members Audio Response System (MARS) in 1996 and Internet
                                               Banking in 2002. These solutions gave our members the ability to
    With the 2007 baseball season just         access their accounts from home, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
    around the corner, St. Paul Federal
    Credit Union is gearing up to take       > Larger office space with drive-thru tellers in 2003 allowing
    part in all the fun.                       easier and faster service for our members.

    St. Paul Federal Credit Union will       > Shared Branching service centers in 2006 giving our members
    be sponsoring every Wednesday              more branches to conduct transactions. With 2,444 branches in
    home game during the 2007                  44 states it makes St. Paul Federal Credit Union more convenient
    season. Great ticket packages will         than TCF, with 445 branches in 6 states. The Shared Branch
    be available to our members.               network currently has 14 Minnesota Branches with more
                                               being planned everyday.
    So don’t let the middle of the week
    get you down – come on out – let      In 2007, we plan to open the first of many branches in neighborhoods
    loose and have some fun with St.      convenient to where you live and work. Our members can take great pride
    Paul Federal Credit Union and the     knowing their credit union can make a difference in their community by
    Saint Paul Saints.                    bringing the same level of service and competitive rates that
                                          St. Paul Federal Credit Union members have enjoyed for more than 50 years.
    Wednesday Game Schedule
                                          This credit union works for you and
    May 16         Sioux City    7:05
                                          will always be looking for better ways
    June 13        Lincoln       7:05
                                          to serve you, your friends and family.
    June 27        Pensacola     7:05
    July 18        Sioux City    7:05     Just tell us where you want us to go!
    August 1       St. Joe       1:05
    August 8       El Paso       1:05
    August 22      Lincoln       7:05

The Wire | SPRING 2007

It’s on the house                                                                  Top 10 Reasons to Join
                                                                                   St. Paul Federal Credit Union
Home Equity Loans are a winner                                                     if you are in High School

Not long ago, most consumers turned to                                             —continued from front page
home equity loans only to fund                                                     7. St. Paul Federal Credit Union
such projects as remodeling                                                        is a member-owned financial
the kitchen or building a                                                          cooperative. This means that once
deck.                                                                              you become a member of St. Paul
                                                                                   Federal Credit Union you become
Not anymore.                                                                       one of our owners, not just a
                                                                                   customer. You will have a vote in
Home equity loans have                                                             the annual election of our board
moved beyond home                                                                  members.
improvement. Today, people
borrow against their home equity
                                                                                   8. We give you an “A” for effort.
to consolidate debt, pay for
                                                                                   Show us you’re serious—by saving
medical bills, college tuition,                                                    money regularly, earning good
purchase cars, and even start-up                                                   grades, maybe holding a part-time
businesses.                                                                        job—and we’ll reward you with
                                                                                   financial products that most banks
A Home Equity line of credit                                                       only offer to adults.
is a revolving credit line that
can be accessed as needed, up to                                                   9. Student-friendly products. St.
a maximum amount, over a typical                                                   Paul Federal Credit Union looks
period of 5 to 15 years. The interest                                              out for the best interest of students.
rate is variable, tied to prime rate and is subject to change monthly. St. Paul    Want to study abroad? Buy a
Federal Credit Union offers two great ways to use your home’s equity to            computer? We’re happy to help you
borrow.                                                                            out with any of your financial goals,
                                                                                   including Guaranteed Student
Another option, a second mortgage allows you to borrow a fixed dollar               Loans. Join the Youth Advisory
amount with a fixed rate and repayment term. This is a great option for             Group and let us know how to meet
consolidating high interest debt. A home equity line of credit gives you           your financial needs — we’ll listen.
access to funds as you need them, up to a set maximum.
                                                                                   10. We give you extra attention.
Low rates are a great reason to consider a home equity loan. An added plus         St. Paul Federal Credit Union is
— the interest paid usually is tax deductible.                                     here to serve you! Our employees
                                                                                   provide great personal service.
Borrowing against your home’s equity is the fastest, easiest way to access         After all, for 21 years running,
funds. Once the initial paperwork is completed, drawing on your home equity        consumers have rated credit unions
loan is as easy as a phone call. Call or see one of our loan representatives for   No. 1 in service (American Banker
more information.                                                                  survey, 2005) and for over 50 years
                                                                                   our members have rated us high on
                                                                                   member service.

Dreams of owning a boat this summer?                                               Become a member of St. Paul
                                                                                   Federal Credit Union and let us
We will float you a loan for the boat of your dreams.
                                                                                   help you achieve a great future.
Rates as low as 5.75%.
Stop in today!

                                                                                                 The Wire | SPRING 2007
                                                    EVENT HIGHLIGHTS

                                                    ANNUAL MEETING,
                                                    February 2, 2007

                   Suite 200
                   1330 Conway St.
                   St. Paul MN 55106
                                                    Members line up at the registration table.                      Roger Lawrence, was the winner of the
                   651-772-8744 | phone                                                                             grand prize, a 27" flat screen digital TV.
                   888-439-4239 | toll-free
                   651-772-8787 | fax

     M, T, Th, F .............8 a.m. — 5 p.m.
     W ...........................9 a.m. — 5 p.m.

     Drive-thru                                     Over 250 members turned out to participate in the Annual Meeting.
     M—F ......................8 a.m. — 6 p.m.
     Sat...................... 9 a.m. — 12 p.m.

     24-hour drive-thru ATM

     Good Friday........................... Apr 6
          Lobby open until noon
          Drive thru open until 6 p.m.              Tim and Mary Boyd                                  The Volunteer Board of Directors recap the 2006
                                                                                                       financial information.
     Memorial Day ....................May 28
     Independence Day............... July 4
     Labor Day..............................Sep 3                                                   Brownie Troop #608 Tours the Credit Union
     Thanksgiving ................Nov 22-23
     Christmas......................Dec 24-25


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The Wire | SPRING 2007

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