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									 Guidelines: Design &
  Technology Student
Production Assignments
 UCF Department of Theatre

       Dan Jones
        Bert Scott
      Vandy Wood
    Kristina Tollefson
   Faculty assumptions about student
    understanding of their responsibilities
    when given leadership assignments as
    part of our production season has resulted
    in otherwise quite capable students not
    fulfilling all of their responsibilities.
    Specific guidelines that students could
    follow would allow us to more fairly assess
    them based upon predetermined
   Establish clear guidelines for each production
    position which will empower students to:
     be better able to demonstrate attitudes and values
      necessary for theatrical production
     be better able to demonstrate their ability to
     perform better by knowing the specific requirements
      and criteria assessed
   We drew upon our professional and educational theatre
   We researched production handbooks from other Universities.
   We reviewed published books on organizational charts and job
   We created an visual representation of the organization of the
    production process as it relates to our department.
   We created a document of Standard Operating Procedures.
   We will use this document in assessing student successes both for
    grading purposes and for our assessment process.
   We will distribute these guidelines as part of our Fall 2007
    production season so that we can collect more accurate data for our
    2007-2008 assessment data collection period.
Assessment Plan
   Through our programmatic assessment plan we
    evaluate our student's ability to collaborate and
    participate in realized theatrical productions.
   The work from this conference will give the
    students the expectations at the beginning and
    give the diverse faculty who evaluate in this area
    a common guide from which to make
   We will be able to assess the effectiveness of
    our intervention through the quality of
    performance by our students in these situations
    when compared to results of past assessment
Strata of Responsibility
Samples of Materials
Developed During Conference
   Table of Contents
   Strata of Responsibilities
   Introduction
   Sample of General Production Position
   Production Calendar Template
   Production Calendar Definitions
   Sample Responsibilities Agreement
Implementation & Assessment Plan
   Compile remaining details, append rubric, finish editing
   Present to department faculty for discussion, revision,
    and approval
   Post on departmental web site
   Conduct student meeting to introduce the document and
    new procedures Fall 2007
   Revisit document for needed revisions
   Compile assessment data (rubrics)
   Compare assessment data from 2007-2008 with
    assessment data from 2006-2007
   Discuss successes and failures and revise document

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