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					                             Greg Scraper                                               Greg Scraper is seeking open job positions
                                                                                        and freelance opportunities in the fields of

                             is a Graphic
                                                                                        Graphic Design and Art Direction. He resides in
                                                                                        Winter Garden, FL. He has a portfolio website
                                                                                        ready for your perusal at His

                             Designer.                                                  e-mail address is, and
                                                                                        his phone number is (407) 276-4038.

                             Senior Graphic Designer, POiU  (december 2009 – present)
      education              job responsibilities: Front-end web design, user interface & experience design, logo design, 
  BFA in Graphic Design      collateral design, poster design, ad layout, pre-press, etc. 
        Graduated 2003       major projects*: Look and feel of, Full POiU collateral development
 Wichita State University,
         Wichita, Kansas     Freelance Designer, Self-Employed  (april 2009 – present)
                             job responsibilities: Logo design, collateral design, book design, front-end web design, 
                             e-mail template design, ad layout, pre-press, etc. 
                             major projects*: Palms Retro rebranding and collateral, 2009 Yankelovich/Ypartnership
                             Leisure Travel MONITOR sm, 2009 Yankelovich/Ypartnership Business Travel MONITOR sm, 
 professional                Active Gambler Profile
   Professional Member,      Graphic Designer, Ypartnership  (april 2006 – march 2009)
  AIGA, the professional     job responsibilities: Logo design, collateral design, book design, poster design, front-end web 
  association for design     design, RFP layout,  
                             ad layout, pre-press, etc. 
                             major projects*: Yankelovich/Ypartnership Business and Leisure Travel MONITOR sm Series, 
                             Ypartnership Affluent Travelersm Series, HIMAHealth corporate rebranding, Mozaiq & e|suites 
                             identities, Ypartnership rebranding
       2010 orlando          Freelance Designer, Aquent  (june 2005 – october 2006)
        addy awards:         positions held/responsibilities: Black Dot Group (typesetting), DMMI (direct-mail design), 
           HIMAHealth        Ypartnership – formerly YPB&R (book design & typesetting)
     Corporate Identity,     items of note: During Greg’s tenure at all three locations, attempts were made to hire him as a 
           2009 Active       full-time employee; however it wasn’t until his time at Ypartnership (a job that was supposed to last 
        Gambler Profile      only two weeks) that Greg decided to accept a full-time position.
         2009 gd usa
   american graphic
     design awards:          software †
           HIMAHealth        Fluent in:                                                 Familiar with:
     Corporate Identity,     adobe: InDesign cs4, Photoshop cs4,                        adobe: Flash cs4, Dreamweaver cs4
           2009 Active       Illustrator cs4, Acrobat Pro 9                             web programming languages: HTML, CSS
       Gambler Profile,      apple: Keynote, iMovie                                     microsoft: Excel
  2008 National Leisure      microsoft: Word, Powerpoint
       Travel MONITOR
   domtar awards of
2008 Portrait of Affluent
      Leisure Travelers,     Logo Design                  Illustration                  Font Design                  Ad Layout & Resize
  2008 National Leisure      Collateral Design            Writing                       Presentation Design          Prepress
       Travel MONITOR        Book Design                  Typography                    Web Design
                             Art Direction                Typesetting                   Ad Design

                         	 *	 please	feel	free	to	contact	greg	for	examples	of	work	not	listed	at
                         	 †	 greg	scraper	is	comfortable	on	both	macintosh	and	windows	operating	systems.

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