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                                    Stream Update History*
                                    Stream V – Integrated Business Software

       07/31/08: (Build 2229) System: Fixed report template handling to properly handle user
       templates and avoid dup error. Note: R_T templates are left by user aborts and should
       be deleted at end of day.

       07/30/08: OC: Modifided code to only add shipping charges to COD tag if the flag
       Viaterms.Charge_Shipping = “Y”. This corrects overcharge on COD tag for FOB Dest
       orders. Pending: Fixed order source and order header/line control fields when creating
       Invoice & RTV sales order from pending. System: Completed rename of
       oLongCodeDialog to oLongCodeDetail. Web: New “Related Items” web service.
       Returns array of Price&AvailExtended items. Enhanced Price&AvailExtended to include
       list of images associate with the item number.

       07/29/08: Web: Added UpdateRecord webservice to allow updating of contact and
       company record via webservices. ● Added related items web service. PO: Added
       warning on zero price. RA: Fixed addess default on adding invoice to RA. Now uses
       shipto address from Invoice if shipto record is present, if not customer address.

       07/28/08: Catalog: Cleaned up product label printing from catalog manager. ● Added
       internal parameter to allow StreamII pick lists to be processed by ST5. AP: Added
       Zoom option to AP Fastpath. Docs: Finished updating document properties in
       AppNotes to make them visible in website search.

       07/11/08: Pending: Added security to Pending writeoff. To disable writeoff set
       F248:PNDWRFOF to “N”. OC: Fixed sales tax on shipping calculation. INV: Cleaned
       up inventory adjustment view to retain location and position cursor better. ● Set
       Catalog.item_no to Autofind instead of Autofind_GE SOE: Set Catalog item number in
       SOE item entry to autofind_GE.

       07/10/08: SYSTEM: Added support in FastPath SQL queries to Zoom into record detail.
       Calling program passes handle of Zoom object.

       07/09/08: (Build:2206) Web: Added WebService ContactList which returns an array of
       contact records for a customer account. PO: Added lead days to Vendor file. In PO
       Entry, Lookup, and PO Requisition Create, lead days defaults to vendor lead days,
       catalog PoLeadDays, or QVL lead days if present. AR: Added option in AR Invoice
       Print to print in company sequence.

       07/08/08: Shop: Added button to print pull ticket, enabled tool bar button to print Shop
       Order. Both still available on Context Menu. ● Fixed Shop Order Pull ticket and Shop
       Order print routine to print correct Sales Order information. Shipping: Added code to
       Update Shipping View to correctly calculate and store Sales Tax on shipping.

       07/07/07 (Build 2196) : WEB & CRM/AR: Changed textdata records names containing
       the carrier website links from xxx_LINK to TRACK_yy. Where xxx was UPS, FED,.. and
       yy is now the shipper number in the Freight records. Updated DemoData. AP: Added
       FastPath button to AP Invoice Lookup.

         Sysop Action: Edit Textdata records to new format if using shipping tracking.

       07/05/08: Pending: Cleaned up index handling on Ticket Billing. AP: Fixed index
       selection error on AP EDI Management. This is a single index browse and should not
       have index button available. CRM: Added option to create Incident & RA from Invoice
       Lookup, carries customer, rep and selected item number to incident. Warns if an
       incident already exists. ● Added incidentg drill down to Invoice Lookup View and
       Customer Invoice Lookup.

       07/03/08: AR: Added zoom button to view catalog item from Invoice Detail. CRM:
       Widened sales/aging fields in Customer Detail. Removed pennies. INV: Added zoom
       buttons to inventory transaction detail.

       07/02/08: SOE: F248:SORELOWB ="Y" then only sales orders from the Web (source =
       WB) can have inventory released and the location changed.

       07/01/08: Minor Update 27: Added invoice number index to Incident file to support drill
       down from invoice lookup to see all incidents for an invoice.

         Sysop Action: System will perform minor update 27 for Native or server files.

       RA: Added code to move RA Line fields Code1-3 to Soline Option 1-3 and into Pending
       Code 1-3 fields. Renamed Pending Unit_Status to Code3.

       06/30/08: AR: Exposed pSaleAccount in invocie and shipper routines for L&L. This is
       loaded with the account number of the sale company. CRM: Added option to create RA
       from Incident Lookup View context menu.

       06/27/08: Web: Added order header comment support to checkout. Catalog: Added
       End_of_Life field to purchasing panel. System: Added Alt-key option to switch indices
       in browse. Keys Alt-1 through Alt-0 switch to index identified in pulldown menu. Unable
       to use alpha keys as shortcuts to panels use them.

       06/26/08: Serial: Opened PO# and PO Date fields in panel. Pending: Fixed move of
       pending PO# to invtran PO# to convert to numeric. SO: Added F248:SODEFLOC to
       default warehouse location.

       06/25/08: SYSTEM: Added properties ps1-ps5 to Generic SQLLookup (Fastpath) to
       allow values to be passed that can be used by the SQL statement. INV: Passed

       location and item number to Fastpath as ps1 and ps2. These can be accessed within
       the SQL statement as {(ps1(self))}, etc.. RA: Added Shipto_Id to rahead to carry
       through to any sales ordered created. Pending: Added code to load shipto id when
       creating sales order from pending. Changed logic when invoicing pending to use the
       company name from pending if available. Added F248:DEFSUBRV to load
       Sohead.subtype on RTV orders. Removed support for invoicing Return to Vendor
       customer directly out of Pending and RTV management since pending records can now
       be pointed directly to vendor records.

       Receiving: Added option to turn off dimension prompt during receiving:
       Cove_Control("PORECSIZ") ="N").

       06/24/08: RA: Modified Credit Received and Create RTV to support entering return
       value for RTV sales order and fees on Credit Panel. Added code to store RTV sales
       order number in Serial records for RTV.

       06/23/08: Pending: Added code to automatically tag serial numbers when line it taged
       to all Pending views. Adde Textdatat record to contain comment to be written to sales
       order internal pick list record. Stored in F240:MSG:RTV:SOHEAD. Added code to write
       pending serial numbers to sales order picklist comment and pending invoice number to
       sales order line comment. RA: Modified code to close RA lines when quantity is edited
       to equal disposed quantity. Modified code to write vendor RA# into RTV sales order
       PO# field and house RA# into Ref# field. Credit value field is used for RTV sales order
       price. IFT: Added code to untag all lines after invoicing customer.

       06/19/08: Pending: Removed code to default price into value when item tagged in
       Pending Management. Use Pending.last_value when creating RTV sales order. INV:
       Cleaned up code to create depreciated item to correctly update costs in all locations
       when no stock of depreciated item on hand. RA: Fixed code to not carry over rebate &
       other fields to fee lines when disposing an RA.

       06/18/08: RA: Changed “Credit and Assign” option on “Credit Received” panel to be
       “Credit and Create RTV Sales Order”. Option will create a credit for the goods, return
       them to inventory and create a return to vendor sales order for the “Return to Vendor”
       customer. The user is prompted for which vendor to return the goods to with the Shipto
       list from the Cove-RTV customer account.

       06/17/08: RA: Added invoice drill down option to RA Line Credit Dialogs. CRM: Added
       option to skip inactive accounts on Customer Lookup. AP/PO: Added option to skip
       inactive accounts in Vendor Lookup. Added warning if inactive vendor selected in PO &
       AP Entry. Pending: Modified Return to Vendor to use list of ship to addresses for
       COVE-RTV account to select vendor. ● Added code to automatically tag all serial
       numbers assigned to a Pending line when the line is tagged in Pending Management.

       06/16/08 – RA: Fixed receiving to not test lines with no quantity to receive. IN:
       Coordinated “usage” context menu item with expand key on Demand Lookup.

       SYSTEM: Added support for Allow_Zoom and Allow Expand properties in cCoveGrid
       object to control display of Zoom and Expand on Grid context menus.

       06/11/08 - (Build: 2166 ) RA: Fixed Create unit count test on disposition to for correct
       number of serial numbers to be processed. WEB: Created invoice detail Web Service.
       RTV: Fixed RTV management startup error.

       06/08/08 – Serial: created oSerialLabelPrint.vw to print a label for a serial record.
       Accessible off Serial Management. AR: Add context menu access to deposit image
       and deposit comment from AR Check Lookup.

       06/06/08 – Serial: Updated Serial Master save code to not prompt for bin if running in
       DeSync mode. Modified delete code to not prompt for bin and adjustment code whrn in
       DeSync mode. IN: Added comment support to inventory transaction detail panel.

       06/05/08 – (Build: 2163) RA: Added comment support to RA Print routine. Comment
       buffer is loaded during header and line print sections. ● Added support for RA customer
       comment attached top the Catalog record as F164:IN:item#:1202. This is a stored
       comment that can print for the item in the RA print routine. Value is stored in the
       property psRaCatalogComment which is loaded as each RA line is available to print. ●
       Modified code in invoicing to save pending records for RETURN TO VENDOR customer
       as type “V” to put them into the correct pending area. Other pending records are
       created as type “R”. ● OC: Fixed serial number output on invoice form. Was not
       selecting on SerHist type. IN: Fixed inventory lookup to properly display inventory
       transfer comments (was looking for type IA, hanged to type IT).

       06/04/08 – (Build:2156) AP Entry: Fixed incorrect value being returned on Escape from
       Vendor Submitted Invoices Lookup. ● Modified code to uncheck “assign” checkbox on
       loading a submitted invoice. Disabled PO prompt once an invoice is loaded. RA:
       Added RA HTML (F240:HPR:RA:xxxx codes) print routine off of print tool bar button on
       RA Management.

       06/03/08 – (Build: 2151 ) Fixed Order Invoicing code that was not loading the shipment
       attributes into the invoicing screen. This was also causing the 2005 comment to be
       cleared during invoicing. WebAp: added Order Detail and Serial Numbers web

       06/02/08 – Release PDF data dictionary and XLS file index. Available on

       05/30/08 – (Build:2150 ) Pending: Added code to refresh screen after re-assigning
       customer or Vendor name. Added options to re-assign to context menu. GL: Modified
       AP invoice entry to allow expense autopost numbers in range of 180-199. IFT:
       Enhanced receiving code to only consider open Pending records.

       05/29/08 – (Build: 2146) Fixed psBrokerDescription in Invoice Print View.

       05/28/08 – Reviewed and updated code to print picklists to confirm the correct Order
       Header record is in the buffer when printing with L&L.

       05/27/08 – (Build: 2143) Removed extra prompt on creation of AP checks /wire
       transfers ● Exposed psBrokerDescription in Invoice Print Routine at the line level. This
       contains the first line after the [BROKER_D] keyword in the invoice line AIC comment
       and is used to print the description of the broker item on the invoice.

       05/23/08 (Build 2142) – Added Zoom support in Pending Detail Panel for Company and
       Catalog ● Fixed display of original sales price in RA Line Detail Panel when invoice line
       is not found. Modified code to require tagging items in Pending Views.

       05/22/08 - Modified Credit button on RACreditRecevied (in Ra Management) to create
       records in Pending with goods assigned to the house company (F248:HouseCo) ●
       Modified code to not show insert button on Gencode Lookup if not a sysop.

       05/16/08 – Added build number to Login WebService. Added WebService to return
       current WebStat record.

       05/15/08 – (Build 2135) Added code to limit Order Invoicing and On Demand Picklist
       printing to only those locations listed in F248:OCLOCS, no limit if parameter is
       blank/missing. ● Fixed code to load the correct account number into the invoice record
       on flooring invoices.

       (Build 2132) Added new view to lookup operator history – oOpHistLookup. ● Added
       Logout WebService to eCommerce. Added code to WebServices to write opHist

           Sysop Action – Add oOpHistLookup to System Admin menu.

       05/14/08 – Modified Invoice Serial Lookup which display SerHist records to filter on
       OI,DI,OS,DS,VS type ● Add additional search index on RA Serial Number Selector to allow
       searching all sold serial numbers for an item to allow selecting an item not sold to RA

       05/12/08 – Started adding WebServices to eCommerce. See appnote:

       05/06/08 – Posted new rev:1238 Faircom driver & change history in
       Download\FaircomDriver directory on website.

       05/05/08 – (Build: 2125)Added option at save of new item in catalog. If non-stock item it
       will prompt/allow operator to enter a UnitCost which will be carried to any warehouse
       locations created. Note – if the operator does not create any warehouse locations duing
       the catalog save process any future inventory locations created will have a zero (0)
       UnitCost for the item. Prompt is only on initial create of the catalog item. Use Average
       Cost Adjustment procedure to adjust cost in inventory items as required ● Added
       additional comment types to inventory transaction activity lookup ● Corrected formating
       of Open Orders field in Hold Review Panel ● Named fields in Pending: UNIT_STATUS,
       CODE1, and CODE2 (F166:46,47,48) with Gencode Support

       05/01/08 (Build: 2122) Fixed index selections in IFT Management ● Made sure that
       buffers are loaded properly going into PACS in SOE ● Fixed reversing JE in Shipping
       Utilites on re-posting an invoice.

       04/30/08 (Build:2121) Created oPendingLookup as an administrative lookup, using
       additional indicies on Pending file. Indices are 11 (Inv#),12 (Company),13 (Ship
       Company) without type/status. Corrected Pending browses to use unqiue browse par
       records ● Removed BOL Entry from compile, remove from menu. Now on shipping
       utilities ● Added support to allow editing shipping on invoices when batch posint sales.
       ● Fixed security on AR Utilities re-posting of Invoices ● Updated Open Pending Aging to
       current index

       04/29/08 (Build:2108 ) Added parameter to control the ability to create and immdediate
       credit memo of an RA. Set F248:RADIRCRD to “Y” to make option appear on MORE
       menu ● Fixed search logic in Pending Browses ● Added code to IRA to update the
       PoLine.Inv and inv_line fields.

       04/28/07 (Build: 2106) Modified RA Credit creation to identify records going into
       pending with as Doc_Type “P” ● Updated receiving code to use new type field in

       04/27/08 (Build: 2100 ) – Minor Update 26 – Re-organized indices on Pending file to
       allow scoping by type.

                    End of compatibility with character mode Stream II

       Pending: Split Pending into 5 screens for better visibility and to allow better menu
       control. The new views, type and object are:

             View                           Type           Object Name
             IFT                            I              oIFTManagement
             Loaners                        R              oLoanerManagement
             Pending (RAs in-house)         P              oPendingManagement
             Vendor Returns                 V              oRTVManagement
             Ticket Billing                 T              oTicketBillingManagement

       Expanded Vendor_RTV_Field to 30 characters in RaLine file and expanded PO Number
       in Pending to 30 characters.

         Sysop Action: Stream V will update server and native files – Backup First.

       04/25/08 (Build 2093) – Added option to Credit Review Panel to convert order to quote.
       This releases inventory allocation. Added “exposure” field to display current AR +
       released orders.

       04/23/08 (Build 2092) - Added option to AR lookup to credit and AR Invoice and move
       the goods into pending, controlled by F248:ARINVMVP. Process creates and applies a
       credit memo in the current period and creates a shipper invoice to move the goods to
       Pending ● Fixed item description display in Pending Detail ● Added Serial Master
       lookup from Serial Number List (in invoicing) to allow creation/editing or serial numbers.
       Access can be turned of by setting the system parameter F248:OCSERMAS = “N” ●
       Created document describing all HTML print routines in Appnotes. Search for HPR ●
       Fixed default of Reseller Tax Certificate in Shipto Dialog when exiting country field with
       default TaxType = Resale ● Removed support for “Attached” items in Order Entry ●

       04/22/08 (Build 2091) – Fixed incident invoice assignment ● Added Print Vendor Return
       sheet to Pending

       Build 2092 – Create new RF program RFPICK to verify items and capture serial
       numbers (normal and kits). Updated Order Completion to support serialized kitting.
       See Appnote (Kit_Serial_Capture). Updated reset pick list to release pre-assigned
       serial numbers.

       04/21/08 Build 2090 – Fixed index positioning on Browse. When changing index
       browse now moves current record to top of browse.

       RA: Added original sales price & Doc Type to RA Line Detail Panel ● Added comment &
       image access in Ra Line Disposition Panel.

       04/20/08 Build 2089 – Assorted updates

              CRM: Added invoice number to incident record, added support to select invoice
              in Incident Dialog to load company into incident.

              OC: Speeded up location of fulfillment address in manifesting

              IN: Added Company_Type field to Pending record to track if company or a
              vendor or customer. Added option to Pending Management print customer or
              vendor address labels. Created LL Templates for labels

               Report View                         Default Template         F248 Printer Route
               oCustomerAddressLabel               llclbl1                  llp-clbl
               oVendorAddressLabel                 llvlbl1                  llp-vlbl

              PMS: Named code fields in Manufacture Master (32–code1, 33-code2,36-
              code3,37-code4,38-code5) ● Fixed contact record not being found in actions
              detail zoom

              RA: Added popup when creating an RA for an invoice that already has RAs for it.
              Popup prompts to continue, view RAs or cancel ● Added code to load AP Vendor
              RA number into AP invoice description when creating debit memo from Pending.

              SA: Widened SOAP field in Shipvia Manager.

              Sysop Actions:        Load Pending file, field Company_Type, with “C”
                                    Download, and modify LL Templates

       04/19/08 – Resumption of normal update notes.

       03/01/08 – 04/18/0– EG In-Service – Major changes to RA system, Sales Order
       processing enhancements and numerous small bug fixes.

       IN: Added support in Pending file to have company point to a Vendor or Customer.
       Added option to change company name in pending records (updates serial numbers).

       02/28/08 – Adding ZIPCALC file for freight rate calculation. This file is loaded from
       external data provided by the LTL carriers. Editor is oZipCalcManager ● Added print
       sheet to output on RA Work cell transfers.

       02/27/08 – Modified Order Completion to popup Bill of Lading form if Shipvia carrier
       type is LTL ● Added Voided & Deleted radio buttons to RA Management ● Cleaned up
       RA disposition and RA Receipt print forms

       02/20/08 – Improved speed on Monthly Statements report. Code was using wrong
       index. Factor of 20 increase. ● Added code in on-demand pick list manual print to block
       printing orders being edited ● Added Restock/Disp Fee to Ra Disposition. See RA
       Materials Tracking Appnote Disposition Section.

       02/19/08 – Added Sohead SQL Query to new tab on Rep Dashboard ● Fixed “Invoices
       Through” selection on statement printing ● Fixed Credit Card List return value in Hold
       Review Screen ● Added print routines to RA Receiving and Disposition

       02/13/08 – Added button to SOE to edit current Shipto address ● Added Edit order
       button to SoHold Management 3 ● Added indices to RA Management. Created RA

       Receiving View (oRAReceiving). ● If F248:SOESHPOR is set to “Y” SOE will allow
       editing of the Shipto Address – to allow changing of Tax info by Credit

       RA Workflow enhancements – Addition of Work cell and Return_Loc to ra line. The
       process of receiving the RA loads the loc and work cell fields and switches the RA
       header and line(s) to “I” (in process). Receiving can be done with either RA
       Management or RA Receiving views. Receiving staff can be limited to only receiving
       into one work cell by below parameter. Users, i.e. RA Staff can use the Work cell
       lookup to see what is in each work cell (i.e. Loading dock) and move the goods to
       another work cell. New field Return_Loc is used to determine where goods are returned

       Open Issues:
             Inter-facility transfer
             Moving partial receipt out of a work cell/location – here I plan to require split prior
             to moving goods.

       02/12/08 – Added Location and Workcell support to RA. Added screen fields: RA
       Receiving records Loc and WorkCell into RALine. Disposition can filter on these fields.
       Added index 6 to RA line, in upcomming Minor Update. Added Type filter selection to
       RA Management and button to call RAWorkcellsLookup.

              F248: RARECWCR – Force RA Workcell on receipt.
              F19: RAWKCELL – Workcell table
              F19: RATYPE – RA Type Table

       02/10/08 – Added exit routines to Catalog and SOE to execute a VDF program. System
       looks for F240:SCR:EXITROUT:CATALOG/SOE. Format of Textdata.text is:

              Line 2 – Command line to execute

       The contents of Textdata.text are processed by the Token Replacement function so
       values like [catalog.item_no] can be passed on the command line. The exit routine can
       pass a value back to StreamV by setting the keyword EXITROUTINERETURN in the
       CoveWin DLL to 1 (one) to stop the save (supported on in SOE).
       Added SQL based audit to SOE. On save, after the exit routine runs the system
       executes the SQL query stored in F240:SQL:SPECIAL:SOE. This query is expected to
       return a result set of Textdata record recnums. The contents of the textdata records will
       be displayed to the operator. If the textdata record text field contains STOPSAVE the
       order save will be stopped. Site specific messages should be stored in Textdata
       records with Doc_Type = ZZ

       01/28/07 – Added option to create extended detail records for all Catalog and Customer
       records to Managers. Sysop user goes into extended detail and and right clicks on
       Extended Detail item ● Added support to load JE from XML into JE Entry ●

       01/25/08 – MU24 added indicies to Serial and Register file ● Added code to block
       manual allocation/deallocation if order is being edited. Checks if order is in SoTemp ●
       Added import of TotalShippingCharge on EDI freight invoices ● Created AP Shipping
       Autopost control record: APSHPAUT. Used to determin where shipping from EDI
       invoices is charged ● Cleaned up serial number management in RA file.

       01/22/08 – Fixed creation of new Accounts ● Update Gencode System to store field
       descriptions in CoveText records F174:GEN:FIELDNAM:{Gencode table name} ●
       Added ASB browse to AcceptEDI Invoice ● Added code to SOE to validate hold records
       on save to eliminate any orphan hold records.

       01/18/08 – Added Credit comment to Hold Review Panel ● Add option to print labels for
       individual receiving lines to Inventory Transaction Lookup.

       01/14/08 – RA Disposition Gencode: RADISPSS, data_1 contains the extension to add
       to the item number being returned as. Data_N1 contains the discount factor (ie. .80 for
       a 20% discount) and Data_n2 contains the autotpost where the expense should be

       01/13/08 – Update Receipts file with additional indicies and named fields. ● Added
       oReceiptsManagement ● Add List&Label receiving label printing support to receiving.
       Printing labels based on Invtran, one label for each unit. Template: LLRECLB1.

       01/08/08 – Named field 61 in File 82 (Register) to Received. Used to store the amount
       of goods received on ASNs against this AP invoice ● New Receiving program ● New
       AP EDI Management view (oAPEDIManagement) to manage submitted AP Invoices
       and ASNs (Advanced Shipment Notifications) ●

       12/24/07 – Created Generic SQL Lookup. Added to Manual Allocation to allow locating
       catalog items that have orders waiting for allocation ● Created Customer Incident
       Report using new enhanced CoveBasicReport wit SQL support. ● Finished testing Trail

       12/20/07 – Allowed access to REP field in Rep Dashboard ● Updated Batch Sales
       Posting to current code ● Converted Trial Balance to XML output ● Fixed margin hold
       calculation in sales order entry hold ●

       12/19/07 – Added code to AP Paydate Management to display value anf number of
       taged invoices ● Changed Buying Group Import file format to expect Account#,
       Company Name (company name is ignored on load). Added button to delete all
       members of buying group ● Added additional columns to the Inventory Browse on the
       catalog inquiry to show available ● Uploaded new covewin.dll (version 2.18) to

       downloads.dll directory. This dll fixes the multi-user acces problems of versions 2.09-
       2.16. Includes Shift-F4 print screen support. ● Fixed Shift-F4 print screen to work
       properly on all objects. Generates a JPG image and displays the image, at which point
       user can email or print the image. Optionally, it can save the image as a BMP ● Added
       code to Sales Order Entry to warn operator that item cannot be freight rated if cartons =
       negative one (-1). Also added warning to the Freight Rating code.

       12/18/07 – Added code to AP EDI import to warn of missing “<?xml” tag. ● Cleaned up
       AP Entry/Po Lookup. ● Added Import option to JE Entry to allow importing a JE from
       and ASCII/CSV file (i.e. ADP Payroll). Each line in the CSV file must be comma
       delimited in the format: je.dpt, je.acct, je.sub, je.project, je.debit, je.credit followed by a
       carriage return/line feed. ● Added code to copy the comments and images attached to a
       JE to the reversing JE (if reverse checkbox checked in JE Entry). Reversing JE has
       code field set to REV, and the originating JE number in the je.orig_je_no field. The
       original JE has code field set to RVD and the ref_no field set to the reversing JE

       12/17/07 – Minor Update 23 – Added new file: RECEIPTS (File 90). This file is the
       header file for the upcoming new receiving code. Line items will be the file 91 receipt
       lines. File change 23 creates file in both native and Faircom environments, and adds to
       the filelist and ds_drv.cfg as appropriate. Un-did file change 23 as not needed.

       12/14/07 – Temporarily removed workstation update from StreamV until ftp timeout
       issue can be resolved ● Improved label printing in Bill Of Lading Panel ● Converted
       Credit Dashboard SQL query selector to TextData list ● Added TITLE section support to
       TextData browses. Note first element in TextdataLookup and TextdataLookupUser
       Browses should be 700,50,L to display the [TITLE] section in TextData record. ●
       Reworked the VDFShipper panel, added options. Added customer specific address
       label, packing list and invoice to VDFShipper and Order Invoicing.

       12/13/07 – Removed call to display news from Cove Website on system startup until
       timeout can be reduced to 2 seconds in case Cove site is down ● Created a Bill of
       Lading Dialog to popup from Order Completion if shipper number is in F248:OCLTLBOL
       ● Added BOL and document reprint to Shipping Utilities.

       12/12/07 MU23 – Added indices 18/19 to Sohead file for Hold Management ● Created
       SQL based SoHoldManager3 for better performance and to allow workflow
       management of holds. Deprecated SoHoldManager2.

       12/09/07 – Added oSoHoldManager2 view to allow order centric view of holds ● Add
       support for Credit Comment (SO:{OrderNo}:1220) to allow credit and order entry
       departments to communicate. Updated Comment Doc in Appnotes ● Updated Order
       Completion to renumber manifest boxes if box deleted ● Added code to Serial Number
       list to check if serial number selected/scanned is already on the list. Enhanced Serial
       Number List to better support scanners, allow deleting captured serial number. Added

       serial number entry window. Made serial number list multi-column and added ability to
       sort serial numbers.

       12/08/07 – Added toolbar to Jobs Detail. Made Jobs Browse multi-index ● Updated
       Price Protection.

       12/07/07 – Added code to update Box records in manifest file when Shipvia is changed
       in order completion. User may only change shipping method if F248:OCCHGSHP is set
       to Y. Updated the shipment attributes in order completion to current methodology. ●
       Enhanced oGencodeLookup to accept to arguments to limit list based on Code or

       12/06/07 – Enhanced Price Protection ● Created Jobs Management View
       (oJobsManagement) and Detail panel ● Release Compile of VDF Job Processor

       12/4/07 – Updated Order Entry Freight Rating to correctly rate shipment attributes ●
       Updated VDF Job Processor to current code and added support for selection whether to
       run executables as WAIT or SPAWN, based on if description contains the word WAIT.

       12/3/07 – Added Catalog and Contact XML import options to appropriate maintenance
       utility panels, removed ASCII import (use Generic Utilities if required) ● Added
       Import_Control field to Cove Data Dictionary to allow control of how fields data can be
       imported with XML Import routines. “N” means no import, “C” means allow import on
       create only. Note: If the field name in the file is not found in the Cove Data Dictionary
       the field is not imported.● Converted Data Dictionary Lookup view to browse with multi-
       index search ● Added option to audit Shipto Address sales tax certificates to Marketing
       Manager utilities

       11/29/07 – Added code to load shipment attributes description into the text block of Bill
       of Lading. Release Version 1.14 of VDFShipper ● Created ST5 Shipment Attributes
       appnote ● Added fields to Zipcode and Taxcode files (State, County, Country) ●●●

       11/28/07 – Named Service_Level field to Freight file to track what type of freight service
       it is, ie. OverNight, 2ndDay, etc. Added to ShipVia editor.

       11/26/07 – Cleaned up vdfsort.pkg, eliminated fvdfsort.pkg. Cleaned up Vendor

       11/24/07 – Added Open&Close_Html_Reprt to xmlout.pkg to standardize print sheet
       output. Added support for Cove.css. Updated all pritn sheet output routines to use new
       messages. Added additional header sections as required. First pass of print sheet
       textdata records avaiulable in demodata ● Added drill down capability to Credit Memos
       against an Invocie Lookup

       11/22/07 – Consolidated Vendor PO Lookups ● Removed actions browse from StreamV
       startup (an inclusion in StreamV.src) to reduce package size ● Fixed code that creates

       the warranty item in SOE to create warranty item in same location as the line it is
       created for.

       11/21/07 – Added duplicate record to warranty offers maintenance ● Cleaned up prit
       sheets for customer and catalog ● Fixed “home” on RepDashboard orders browse ●
       Fixed field errors on Tax Register Report ● Cleaned up Warranty Offers lookup ● Added
       option to edit closed orders based on F248:SOREOPEN set to “Y” ● Added Field
       Help/View Context Menu to check boxes ● Added Faircom_Server_Support_Guide to
       Appnotes on Cove Website

       11/20/07 – Added Batch Sales Posting code (oSalesPostingLoader & oSalesPosting) to
       allow batch sales posting in ST5. Added PRODMAN Gencode Table to allow separate
       validation for Buyer and Prodmanager fields in Catalog Management programs.
       Modified Warranty Offers Maintenance program to load item into CODE4 field in
       Longcode to prevent dupe records error on index 1 when adding 2 items with same
       from, to price range. ● Enabled Frightrating to respect Auto_Rate flag in Shipvia record
       to only rate when set to Yes. ● Fixed Field Help to allow scrolling in text.

       11/17/07 – Added Generic XMLExport view (oXMLExport for menu). Output an SQL
       query to an XML file with a Schema. Basis for export, modify in excel and import
       process. Added editing title capability to SQL prompt.

       11/16/07 – Added “Warranty Offers Maintenance” on Product Management Utilities. ●
       Added timeout control to FTPTransfer Dialog ● Converted code to check amount
       already credited against an invoice to us the new index on Invoices File (I14). Created
       AR_Object on AR.pkg to hold new function. ● Fixed field access to Shipvia & Shipto in
       Direct Invoicing and assignment of ticket number ●

       11/15/07 – Added code allow reopening a sales order off of Sales Order Management ●
       Added support for offering warranty items based on price range. Requires records in
       LongCode table to point to Catalog items for price range of item being sold. Added
       checkbox to catalog file “Offer_Warranty”. Added right mouse menu item in SOE
       browse. See LongCode_Field_Usage document in appnotes.

       11/14/07 – Exposed AIC comment in SO, Invoice and PO print routines. AIC comment
       is loaded in to properties psAIC_1 through psAIC_30. Exposed in variable and field
       sections for header and lines. ● Updated all XSLT reports with new standard code.

       11/13/07 – Fixed behaviour of special pricing comments ● Added sticky behavior to
       Special Pricing Lookup radio buttons. Modified CoveRadioGroup to suport sticky ●
       Added CoveWin DLL revision to login view (Current Rev=2.16) ● Shop Floor Manager:
       Added HTML output to print Shop Order and Shop Pull Ticket

       11/12/07 – Added “All “ index back to PoManagement and fixed jump in logic on PO
       Lookup ● Update AR Deposit Report, AP without JE, and AP Tax Report to current
       XSLT code ●

       11/11/07 – Added Ar_OP company index to Credit Dashboard ● Added Screen Capture
       option (Shift-F4) option to StreamV. This will capture the whole desktop into a JPG file
       and then open the file (usually in IE) for emailing or printing. ● Added support for
       additional shipment attributes for LTL – TwoMan and White Glove (WHTGLV). Added
       to Shipvia Manager and LTLFlatRate Freight Rating.

       11/08/07 – Changed SOE item entry panel to eliminate Edit Button, modified code to
       recalc price on entering any of the bottom fields when editing a line ● Cleaned up PO
       Management Browse for better performance. ● Added code to ST2 and ST5 RA Create
       to load the Rep field in the RA Header so that the Rep Dashboard RA Display would be
       faster. ● Fixed update of soline dates when editing in SoHead in SOE ● Enhanced
       PACS to respect restricted field in catalog. The resticted field is used to determine if a
       product is saleable if not specific customer control information is found.

       11/07/07 – Changed SOE code to not default company Shipvia/Viaterms on selection of
       a Shipto without defaults. Also added code to warn operator that a Shipto address
       elected has a default Shipvia, and prompt them to use it ● Added original holds display
       to Order Review Panel ● Added company and account to top of Credit Dash Board
       statement. ● Added Index to look up ArChecks by amount to AR Check Lookup ●
       Enhanced XSLT output to support comments ● Added PO and RefNo to CDB

       11/06/07 – Minor Update 21 – Added indicies to Invoices to enable Batch Sales Posting
       in VDF and one index on ARCheck to search by check amount, added index 16 to
       Company (AR_OP/Company) ● Added Panel resizing to Credit Dashboard ● New XSLT
       control files with support for commas in numbers, definable CSS and logo files ●
       Updated CoveWin.DLL with support for screen capture to JPEG file (doc in appnotes) ●
       Updated DS_DRV.DLL/SO drivers fixing loading of numeric fields on constrained find
       seed procedure ● Fixed Department in JE line on application of credit memo during
       Cancel AR Invoice

       11/05/07 – Added code to Credit Hold browses to highlight records that have “priority”
       freight terms. F240:SCR:CREDIT:FRTALERT will contain the list of the freight codes
       that are "priority" ● Enhanced online field help to support local (house) help. When
       clicked the Data Dictionary Field Help Panel will be displayed. The system checks if a
       local help file is available, if so it enables the House Help button. House help
       documents are stored in the directory pointed to by F248:HOUSEDOC. Documents are
       named {logical filename (ie. COMPANY)}-{Fieldname}.xxx, where xxx is the extension
       stored in data 1 of the F248 record ● Fixed display of Ras in rep dashboard ● Fixed
       retention of weight and cubic in Order entry when freight rating. ● Add Hold Release
       Tab to Credit Dashboard.

       11/04/07 – Added export options (buttons) to Credit Dashboard SQL query grid and
       customer statement grid. ● Modified XSL file creation code in XMLOUT to use

       F248:LL_TEMPL if present. ● Modified XML output to not pause and display file name
       unless in debug mode as file name can be read from IE address line. ●

       Note: This document is now real time with changes appearing immediately as we have
       web exposed the Appnotes directory.

       11/03/07 – Added feature to allow direct access to web based info from catalog records.
       F248:CAT-HTML contains base path which house item number is appended to. This is
       passed to IE to open link. Added to Context menu on Catalog Management, Lookup,
       Inquiry, More Menu on catalog manager. In order entry off Context menu on browse and
       more menu on item panel. ● Added code to highlight items on catalog browses if the
       restricted flag is set in the catalog master. Suggest setting up a “restrictions” comment
       that sales people can look at if the item is highlighted. ● We have added support to the
       Cove Grid Classes (CoveSQLGrid and CoveGrid) to support exporting the data via XML
       to IE. In IE you can right click in the document and transfer it to Excel with one click.
       Look for this in the Credit Dashboard and SQL Test View. Since it is now built in the
       class it is available wherever there the CoveGrid objects are used. Press F4 in grid to

       11/02/07 – Added confirmation prompt on hitting ESC key in text editors to avoid loosing
       entered data.

       11/01/07 – Enhanced CoveSQLGrid to close connection upon receiving an error
       message ● Exposed Catalog in Pick list LL print routine ● Fixed Cancel invoice routine
       to calc sales tax on shipping

       10/31/07 – Enhanced class CovedbTextEdit to allow changing of Font/Size as a user
       preference. Key Crtl-F7 prompts for font name and size. Stored as a user preference.

       10/30/07 – Added print option to Static Item panels. Customer, Vendor, Catalog,
       Inventory, APINVoice. Generates HTML code using stored control information in
       TextData file. The formats are stored as F240:HPR:{Code}:{Section}

       Customer, Vendor, Catalog, Inventory only use the Header record.
       AP Invoices use the Header/Footer/JeLine records.

       See the Cove WebAp implementation guide for Token conversion information.

       10/28/08 – Added button to allow loading a PO when entering AP Invoice to load
       vendor, terms. Etc.

       10/27/07 – Enhanced Item Demand panel to allow viewing across all locations. Added
       Demand and Usage to multiple inventory and catalog panels.

       10/22/07 – Re-activated “Make Current Index Default” on Browse index menu ●

       10/13/07 – Improved CoveSQLGrid to set column sizes and convert dates from Mil to
       Local. Also fixed processing of SQL queries without recnum being returned. Released
       application SQLTEXT.EXE for sql testing. Modified Browse to not allow selection of
       indices over 15 on Native databases.

       10/11/07 – Added Credit Dash Board with new CoveSQLGrid support.

       . Sysop Action: Add oCreditDashBoard Menu.

       10/03/07 – Added Buying Group support to PACS (Product Availability).

       09/27/07 – Added support to Browse Object for indices up to 30. Updated file change
       code MU15-19 to properly handle Faircom & other Servers.

       FS278.3.19 Minor Update 09/20/26 – Added indices to Catalog file with Status on front
       for better performance. Added indices to Sohead for better Rep lookups (on server
       files only).

       09/25/07 – Added Global String gsBrokerItem which is loaded from F248:~BRKITEM
       and defaulted to “-BROKER_ITEM”. This allows site specific broker item naming. ●
       Updated Cove Class Definitions to use Ctrl-Tab to jump to first tab of any Tab Dialog on
       the page. When in the Tab Dialog Ctrl-Tab moves to the next tab. ● Added BOL
       counters to BOL Entry. Counter is stored in

       F18:COUNTERS:BOL#:Shipper_No:Location (optional)

       Data1 – Prefix, Data2 – Suffix, Data4 – Counter, Data6 – Upper limit of counter, warning
       will come up 500 before upper limit.

       Counter will be loaded into screen field on Enter if nothing in field.

       09/24/07 – Added Entry of Broker Item to Order Entry, still in Beta. ● Added DESIGN
       option to AP Check printing view to allow edit of template. Only accessible by Sysops.
       Removed AP Check printing from Page Form Manager.

       FS278.3.18 Minor Update 09/20/07 - Added fields to RALine file for Freight Claim
       System ● Added support for comments F54:TX:1500-1599 to store Bill of Lading
       shipping instructions. If comment 1500 is present it is defaulted. If it is not present and
       other comments in the range are present then they are displayed for selection. List of
       comments can be popped up from the instructions window on the BOL Entry Panel with
       F3. F4 in this field will popup a list of standard stored instructions from the TextData
       file. F240:BOL:STOREDIN:{unique identifier}.

       09/19/07 – Fixed BOL printing code ● Added code to email dialog to default to the
       correct contact list based on where the dialog is being called from.

       09/17/07 – Added Rep and operator lists to email address selection ● Worked on
       standardizing accelerator key in POReq and inventory lookups.

       09/15/07 – Added HelpInfo panel which is accessed with the question mark (?) off the
       Cove Toolbar. Added Shift-F1 for File Help ● Cleaned up Browse refresh logic to not
       show so much screen activity for better performance on Citrix stations. ● Fixed insert of
       spurious characters on comment creation with Faircom databases ● Added Monthly
       Demand History to Requisition Management ● Added shortcut keys to Inventory
       Management, Requisition Management and Inventory Lookup. ● Removed “Me As
       Orep” check boxes from RepDashboard due to slow performance.

       09/12/07 – Changed Rep Dashboard security to use REPTEAM, REPOPEN, and
       REPONLY instead of TM parameters to allow better control
       ● Add code to PO requisition screen to load Additional Column 0 with a string
       containingg letters indicating there s a comment present. Sales Orders Header/Line
       (Ss), Po (Pp) and A for AIC comment on PO
       ● Added prompt to Recall JE to copy comments and images to JE. Added code to
       write original JE# into field ORIG_JE_NO on recall ● Added VOID_DATE to Bank and
       ARCheck files.
       ● Added BillOfLading support – BOL Entry screen allows entry of Bol information, which
       is written to the invoice header, comment # 1290 and the manifest file. New LL
       template LLBoL001. Added printer routing to System Properties.
       ● Added new Manifest Lookup view with drill down to invoice header and lines.
       ● Enhanced CoveTooBar help (?) button to popup HelpInfo dialog. This gives the user
       a message about help availability and allows them to pick a company specific
       document. Path is in F248:HOUSEDOC, extension is in Data1 of aforementioned. This
       allows you to use DOC or PDF files.
       ● Added BOL and Manifest Inquiry to VDFShipper Application.

       . Sysop Action: Add oBillofLadingEntry to OC Menu and download new
         LL template LLBoL001.* from download site Downoads\ll_templ. Add
         oManifestLookup to OC Menu.

       FS278.3.17 – 09/10/07 - Minor update to add indicies to Weekly/Monthly files. Added
       total sales fields and Monthly lookup to Catalog Management. ● Cleaned up
       comment/image security. Added No Edit check box to comment dialog. Added
       F248:SIP-SECS to contain list of comment sources that should use security

       09/08/07 – Added Journal Entry Review – Browse of all Jes ● Added MEONLY support
       to comment/images security.

       . Sysop Action: Add oJeReview to GL Menu.

       09/07/07 – Added ability to track how much credit has been applied to an invoice.
       When a credit is issued the invoice number of the original invoice is stored in the
       JE:memo field. The new lookup “InvoiceCreditsLookup”, which is available off the AR
       Lookup View, shows the credits applied against the invoice highlighted. User can drill
       down to the credit memo detail. Added code to “Create Credit Memo” off of AR Lookup
       to total up amount of credits. If not zero it notifies the operator that credits have been
       applied. If the credits applied are >= the invoice it blocks the operator from applying
       more credits ● Fixed RA error on disposition of lines added without invoice. ● Fixed
       error in adding lines during order invoicing ● Added AIC comments to PO/AR lookups.

       09/06/07 – Added option to create an output file for printing AP Checks using a third party
       check printing machine. Checkbox on Print AP Checks. F248:APCTFILE contains full
       filename and path of file to create with record numbers of checks to print. F248:APCTRUN is
       the full name of the program to run after creating the file ● Added “Check Competitors” option
       on Catalog Inquiry to link to web sites. Looks for F240:SCR:CATINQRY:URLS record which
       contains list of URLS. @@@MANUITEM@@@ is replaced in the URLs with the catalog
       manu_item number and one or more browsers opened ● Add link to carrier website option to
       Freight Rating. If the ShipVia description has (WEB) in it the prompt button is enabled in the
       ShipVia code field and the user can link to the carrier website. Code searches for
       F240:SCR:SHIPPERWEB:{Shipper_no} and opens a browser with textdata.text as the URL. ●
       RepDashBoard – moved contact buttons to right mouse menu. ● Cleaned up comment and
       image sources on Rep DashBoard. Added code to RDB to scope Order Review panel to set of
       order displayed on SoHead browse on first page.

       09/05/07 – Added REP security to RepDashBoard ● Fixed error in Cancel Invoice from AR
       lookup ● Updated Price Protection to write to newly named field in F91:TRAN_CODE which is
       30 characters long. Field rename handled by ST5.

       FS278.3.16 09/04/07 – Added Order Review tab to RepDashboard ● Added user selectable
       security to comments and images. Security groups are setup in F19:SIP-SEC table. Table
       entries are a maximum of 6 characters long. Users can set images and comment records to
       one of the security groups and only those uses that have access (F248 code = Y) can access
       them. F248 records are setup as I-xxxxxx where xxxxxx is the security group. Comments and
       images both use the same control information. System warns if you are selecting an image or
       comment security code that you cannot view after you save it ● Enhanced images lookup list
       to allow direct access to display image with double click on browse.

       Sysop Action: Automated for Native, must be done manually for server systems.
       Set F248:COVEMU16 to DONE : Comment change

       Set_Attribute DF_FIELD_LENGTH of file 164 field 13 to 8

       09/02/07 Enhanced Salesrep Dashboard. Added Contact and Customer Browses to
       third tab.

       09/01/07- Enhanced Salesrep Dashboard. Added index 4 on RaHead. Improved Rep
       DashBoard with receipt report , opportunities and contacts.

       . Sysop Action: Delete COVEMU15 record in F248 to cuase MU15
         to run again to make index F165:4 Rep> <Status> <RaNo>.
         Modifying Rep/Order# index in SoManagement to put status after
         Rep so users see sequence better.

       08/31/07– Added Salesrep Dashboard. Changed index 6 in SoHead. Set
       F248:REPTEAMS to “Y” to enable additional screen features.

       . Sysop Action: Delete COVEMU15 record in F248 to cuase MU15
         to run again to make index F60:6 - <Rep><Status><OrderNo>. Add
         oRepDashBoard to menu.
       08/29/07 – Added Catalog Inquiry ● Reorganized Customer Detail, Catalog Manager
       and Special Pricing panels.

       . Sysop Action: Add oCatalogInquiry to menu

       08/27/07 – Added option to API EDI Invoice Import to insert outer element into XML file
       selected to import. This is required when the software creating the XML file does not
       put an outer element in place. Set F248:APEDIWRP to “Y”. ● Added report output to
       Price Protection ● Fixed AP Check print report to not print old JEs ● Added Cross
       Reference Management View – Lookup Only at this point. Added code to default
       catalog description into CrosRef alt_description. ● Added new View – ZipCode
       Management to manage ZipCode file.

       . Sysop Action: Add oCrossRefManagement &
         oZipCodeManagement to appropriate menus.
       08/26/07 – Update print tool button behavior. If the LLP-xxxx parameter has DISPLAY
       in it the output will go to the Previewer

       08/25/07 – Updated Price Protection – Added support for 0 quantity which only does
       cost change and optionally PO update. Added code to automatically add first line when
       entering the Grid. Added USER_CODE column which gets written to the USER_CODE
       field in file 91 ● Fixed display of ShipTo Tax information on Willcall address selection.

       08/24/07 – Added Shipmet Attributtes to Parcel (ShipRush) Freight Rating ● Added
       support to EDI850A1 to use F240:EDI:SHIPVIA:CONVERT to translate ShipVias and

       set residential flag in Shipto address being created. Text of record contains one line for
       each conversion pair consisting of: {EDIShipvia},{NewShipVia} cr lf ●

       08/23/07 – Fixed Browse Copy Field function ● Fixed display of tax info when selecting
       a Shipto address.

       08/21/07 – Added Beta code to Freight Rating Panel make SOAP requests to ShipRush
       Shipping software for rate quotes during order entry. This is enabled if
       F248:ZFIRM_SN parameter contains the ShipRush license code and ShipRush is
       installed. To support this two fields are named in the Freight table – SOAP_Service_ID
       and DEST_COUNTRY. The SOAP_Service_ID contains the service id to pass to the
       SOAP process which runs on the ShipRush master PC. The path tot his PC is set in
       F248:ZFIRM_SP , the DEST_COUNTRY field is blank for freight services to the US,
       CAN for services to Canada and INT for all international services. Currently UPS and
       FedEx are supported. USPS and DHL to come ● The ShipVia (Freight) Manager has
       been enhanced with a “Skip Inactives on Scroll” checkbox. It will also move the cursor
       to the Code field on Save and NOT clear the panel to allow faster entry/editing

       08/13/07 – Made changes to RALine file to support Freight claim and advanced
       disposition. Added changes to MU15 ● Modified PoRequisition Management code to
       copy all SO commenst to PO (Header, Lines and AIC)

       . Sysop Action: Delete COVEMU15 record in F248 to cuase
         MU15 to run again.

       08/09/07 – Added support for converting Submitted invoices to More Menu on AP
       Invoice Entry. Created Vendor Submitted Invoices Lookup

       08/08/07 – Modified Customer Order Lookup to display orders in reverse order on
       idicies based on order number ● Verified code in AP Entry that disallows duplicate AP
       invoices within one Vendor ● Fixed sales tax calculation in Order Entry ● Took
       catalog.dim_size out of box volumn calculation – it uses catalog.cubic. ●

       08/07/07 – Modified AP Check creation to not re-include partially paid invoices (which
       had the result of paying them off) ● Added create of index 4 on ASN file to MU15. ●
       Added fulfillment address support to ShipRush interface.

       . Sysop Action: Delete COVEMU15 record in F248 and MU15
         will run again and create index on ASN file

       08/06/07 – Widened fields in RA Line file for Freight Claims System. Added these
       changes to File Change 15. Named fields in the AP Register file to store Bill of Lading,
       Date Received, Carrier and weight. ● Added new fields to AP Detail Panel

         Sysop Action: Set Field Length of fields 25 & 26 to 8 in file 166
         RALINE. Action only required in server systems. Native systems
         will be automatically updated. To force update of native system
         delete the COVEMU15 record from F248 and start StremV.

       08/03/07 – Added AP Utilities menu to AP Module. Added Import Expense Invoices
       from XML to AP Utilities Menu. This routine allows user to select an XML file and import
       the AP invocies.
          Sysop Action: Add AP Utilities View – oAPUtilities

       08/03/07 – Enhanced DataDictionary Class with property piLastRecordSaved to allow
       tracking the last record after Request_Save in the ModalDialog which does a
       Clear/Close in the Cove subclass ● Added checkbox to Coontact Lookup to close
       immediately after inserting a new contact to cut keystrokes. Added Alt-insert to
       autoselect UnAssigned Contact Company on insert to speed up situations where a lot of
       unassigned contacts are being entered.

       08/02/07 – Added third party and consignee billing support to ShipRush interface. If
       Shipto address has Bill_account it is use, if not then extended detail
       F054DETL:LongCode is checked ● Modified Stuff number code to append a 9 to the
       end of the decimal portin to trap the trailing zero ● Released XSL files for new XML
       output reporting. Do not modify these files yet.

               Sysop Action: Download XSL files in
               www.covesys.com\Downloads\ll_templ into the LL_TEMPL directory
               under the shared COVE dir on your system. Do not modify these files

       Comments after this point are not in reverse order.

       Version 278.3.0       Last Alphanumeric file system release (FS278C)

       FS278.3.1 Minor Update 01 – Added support for “Inactive” Status in table files
       (Terms, Viaterms, etc). Coded to respect the STATUS field. MU02 code loads
       STATUS field in appropriate files with “A” where blank.

       FS278.3.2 Minor Update 02 – Named SHIP_SERVICE_ID for use with ShipRush
       shipping interface. Shiprush shipping interface for UPS from ZFIRM allows fully
       automated UPS shipping directly from the VDF Invoicing process. This update only
       provides the field name requirement. Actual code will be included in future update.

       08/09/05 - Modified code in CoveFunc to user Operator Division when Cove_Counter
       function is passed 0 for division.

       FS278.3.3 Minor Update 03 – Named and added GRP (Group) field (F109:19) to end of
       index 1 to support more granularity in Manufacturer pricing. Modified ProdAuth maintenance
       to support new field. Added CustomerManufacturerPricingLookup to Customer manager with
       detail panel. Updated F109 Data Dictionary.

       09/10/05 - Modified AccDes_DD to allow Sort field up to 89.999 Modified Generic views to not
       use GlobalAllEntry and any Cove specific code for system startup. Added Open Workspace to
       Cove_Util EXE

       09/11/05 – Modified Generic Utilities to check field type when testing records to do correct type
       of comparison (date, numeric, ASCII)

       09/12/05 – Eliminated Offline Editor EXE, included Offline editors now in ST5 (oLaunchOffline).
       Eliminated Data Check EXE, included in ST5.

       Added option to contact master to allow company change.
       Converted REGISTER field in F108 (catalog) from check box to Gencode controlled dbForm

       09/15/05 – Added SQL Submitter for ODBC to allow direct submission of online and stored
       SQL queries with optional automatic processing of the result set by stored Excel spreadsheets.
       See SQLExporter documentation.

       09/18/05 – Added create RA to AR Invoice Lookup. Added “View RAs for invoice” to AR
       Invoice Lookup. Cleaned up RALine Dialog. Create RA warns if RAs have already been
       issued for the invoice. RA Dialog restricts quantity to invoice line quantity if associated with an
       invoice line.

       FS278.3.4     09/21/05 - Minor Update 4 – Related RaLine item number to catalog.

       09/22/05 – Modified Generic Exporter and Importer to default to Military dates. Removed
       Dump and Load from Menu Management Grid.

       FS278.3.5 09/30/05 – Minor Update 5 – Widened Manufacturer Item Number field in PoLine
       (F101) and PoTemp (F102) to 30 characters and the Prodline field in F210,211,212 to 8
       characters. Updated screen window sizes in PoLine and PoTemp panels.

       FS278.3.6 10/04/05 – Minor Update 6 – Combined Serial Receipt flag with Serial Flag.
       Serial flag now Y/S/N with S = Sales Tracking Only. Un-named Serial_Receipt flag in F108
       and F70. Update runs through F70 and set flag in F108 properly.

       FS278.3.7 11/03/05 – Minor Update 07 – Named 3x 3character code fields in Shipto File.
       Removed Offline editors from StreamV into separate program that will be licensed on a named
       seat basis to qualified sysops. Offline editors cost 5 seconds system start time.

       11/06/05 Added Operator Access check for CoveDbViews. Control is available to Sysops via
       the Alt_F12 key. This allows use access control by Panel, based on UserID, Group, Branch or

       11/15/05 – Hard coded update site to use update.covesys.com to allow us to change when
       powweb changes ftp server.

       11/16/05 – Removed security from menu as Panels are now secured.

       11/19/05 – Cleaned up global variables and CoveVDF packages.

       11/28/05 – fv – Added code to Order Invoice View to post VS receipts and created new
       Invtran_Object to hold the code that is called from multiple places to create JE for invtran.

       Updated Data dictionaries - Instead of using the ERROR command in the DD validation code
       we use Send Field_Error which routes the error though the DD error handler instead of the
       normal one. Also modified Datacheck to rename the file to {file#}.err if there are any errors.
       This way you look in c:\temp for *.err instead of having to scan the log.

       01/03/06 – Added support for Product Authorization to Stream II to match StreamV.

       01/05/06 – Added code to prompt for Post Date on invoice void.

       01/25/06 - Updated Gencode validation logic to support VDF 11.1. This consisted of re-
       augmenting the procedures in the gencoder classes and modifying CovedbForm to call the
       Gencode selection list on Prompt. This support allows the addition of records to the Gencode
       table for a field.

       01/28/06 – Added direct invoicing view (oDirectInvoicing) to StreamV. Added code in
       CoveBrowse to fade and darken the gridline to give a visual clue is the user enters the Browse.
       Added code to CoveCheckBox to support making checked state sticky.

       FS278.3.8 02/04/06 – Minor Update 08 – Named Field 33 in ShopHead to Source to support
       new capability to create sub-assembly shop orders out of shop order line lookup. Added
       Lookups to look at sub-assembly shop orders from Shop Order Management and Line panels.

       02/16/06 – Corrected check printing routine to properly print discounts from JE file. Updated
       LL templates. Added Batch Inventory routine (oAllocateInventory) to run through a location
       and allocate all available inventory to orders and shop orders.

       02/21/06 – Added lengthening of fields in Longcode to support security on long object names.
       Lengthened fields in index 1 to 50 characters, expect last field due to index length limit.

       03/14/06 – Released first version of Rep DashBoard WepAp.

       03/15/06 – Updated to new Text Editor for text fields.

       03/29/06 – Added code to eCommRep to show either gross or net invoice/order values. If
       WEBREPGV = Y then the gross value is used.

       04/06/06 - Eliminates Field Settings view and replaced with new Views to maintain Defaults,
       Masks, Display Names and Security.

       FS278.3.9 04/06/06 - Named F99:30 to Rep to support defaulting sales rep based on Shipto
       Address. Minor Update 9. Added support to code
       to default the sales rep during order entry based on the rep in the Shipto address. Enhanced
       both StreamII and StreamV

       04/19/06 - Removed capability to change case on name change programs. This avoids loops
       in change routine. Case changes of Company Names, or Vendor Names require processing
       with loaders.

       05/09/06 – Added code to translate labels on TabDialogs and

       05/22/06 – Added code to help system to allow display of HTML help from a URL (ie.
       www.covesys.com). If the htlphelp property is set in the object the system looks for the URL
       instead of popping up the StreamV help.

       Created WebManager executable to manage website stuff.

       05/23/06 – Added timestamp button to Comment Dialog. Updated LLFormManager to use
       F248 parameters. Cleaned up PO print form and Invoice print form.

       06/02/06 – Added code to eCommerce Rep interface to record usage in Operator History File.
       This allows the creation of reports to track web site usage.

       06/03/06 – Added code in Rep eCommerce to update the Stafile to track rep utilization of web
       interface. Records in statfile start with “WEB”.

       06/07/06 – Released KeyWord Manager View to load and maintain the keyword file. Added
       KeywordResultDialog to order entry and catalog manager to perform keyword inquires.
       Enhanced Keyword system by adding support for parsing Catalog comments into the keyword

       06/09/06 – Modified Browse to display complete contents of Text fields when running as a

       Updated the logic for reading and writing TRN files to record date fields as Integers so that
       they are date format independent for international use. Writing and reading Longcode,
       Textdata, Gencode and CoveText use new format. Generic import and export routines allow
       operator to select to write/read data in local format for export to spreadsheets, etc…

       06/15/06 – Added Language Translation support to labels of CovedbView,
       CovedbModalPanel, CoveCheckBox, CoveTextBox, CoveButton.

       Added first pass of German and Spanish translation to DemoData Longcode file. Cleaned up
       Contact and Company panels to support longer field labels.

       06/21/06 – Added code to use House Language to translate when user is not logged in. This
       effects top menu bar, login panel and programs that do not use login.

       06/22/06 – Added Inventory Maintenance view with buttons to create records in an inventory
       location from the catalog and a routine to normalize inventory from the catalog.

       Enhanced Browse to translate column headings and added translation to title and file name of
       Data Dictionary panel.

       06/25/06 – Added Tab Dialog to Special Pricing Detail to show more fields (all Code fields now
       displayed). Added Item Sales History browse to order entry item panel to show sales history
       for the current item.

       06/27/06 – Added Translation of data columns in Browse when segment 6 is set to "T" in par
       record. This is required for translating descriptions on Gencode tables. Also added translation
       support to Radio and Radio buttons.

       06/29/06 – Added support in Keyword loader (comment load) for YEARS: range to allow
       adding keys words based on year.

       07/04/06 – Add TLC support for pull down menus, (more and config). Add code to make
       company name unique by adding account number to end of company name. Operator is
       prompted when creating new company with duplicate name.

       FS278.3.10 7/05/06 – Named and widened extra fields (18 & 19) in the Company file to
       support COMPANY_NAME1 and COMPANY_NAME2 fields. File change routine copies
       company.company to company.company_name1

       See the application note: http://www.covesys.com/docs/appnotes\CompanyNames.doc

       Added prompt to make company name unique on customer creation.

       Added status Sentinel with progress reporting to file change procedures.

       07/07/06 – Restricted operator table to not allow users named AUT & SYS as these users
       areas reserved for system use.

       Accounts Payable Debit Memo counter added - F248:#APDBMEM counter. If this counter is
       present, the AP invoice number field is loaded with the value of this counter if it is blank when
       the AP invoice is saved. This allows for sequential tracking of AP Debit Memos.

       07/08/06 – Upgraded List and Label Form Manager to display default template name from
       F248 and allow entry of template name to edit/display.

       Updated language translation to not return a blank value if the TLC record is empty or not
       found. The system retains the original source value and displays it.

       07/14/06 – Enhanced Generic Content Counter to count blanks and return result as _blank_.

       Modified Ar_Handling_Charge logic to use customer handling code = “F” to charge a single fee
       per shipment to allow blank to be used as “charge nothing” which does the same as “N”

       Add code to limit order entry use of special pricing and rebate records to the Max_Qty in the
       special pricing record. Update F72:Ordered_Qty on sales order save and F72:Invoiced_Qty
       on invoicing. Note: Quotes and Pending shipments are treated the same as normal sales to
       reserve the special price/rebates for later sale.

       07/25/06 – Added Windows pull down menu to ST5.

       FS278.3.11 07/27/06 Minor Update 11 – Renamed field across system for consistency.
       Primarily PO number fields for in-house POs, Customer POs, and Fulfillment POs. Continued
       enhancing code to carry PO information through the system. Fixed PO comment code.

       Also cleaned up field names for Credit Card processing for upcoming support of ZFRIM credit
       card module. Added separate field for CC expiration date and card security code number.

       Added support for a second index on Keywords to support future rebuilding of the keyword
       data as catalog items are edited to avid the batch processing run. Cleaned up uppercase logic
       to eliminate duplicate key words.

       Fixed the language translation code for View and Dialog titles to correctly translate and not to
       translate the data tacked on the end of the title label. Note labels will only translate up to the
       first “[“ in the label.

       Enhanced Data Dictionary lookup to allow scoping of file number.

       Modified un-used index 7 on contact file to allow search on Contact Addressname field to
       search on contact company name when contact is assigned to “Un-Assigned Contact” before
       company has been created.

       Minor Update 11 - Short processing time unless customer has been using the
       invoices.authorization field in which case one pass through the invoices file is required.

       07/28/06 – Updated links in StreamV to point to new website for search and documents

       07/31/06 – Added Catalog Item Label Set support to Catalog Master and Catalog Dialog. See
       Appnote: http://www.covesys.com\docs\appnotes\labelsets.doc

       08/08/06 – Added Related Items / Sell With support to StreamV and Stream II to provide order
       entry staff with a list of related items to sell. Items are setup using the VDF Catalog Master on
       the Related Items Tab. See SellWith application note for details.

       Modified ST5 login panel to check for faircom driver version if required. Modified to display
       minor update version on bottom of login panel.

       08/09/06 – Updated Faircom driver to .28 release to fix bug in Linux version that was
       generating errors on saving numbers with decimal components to an integer database field.
       Windows release .28 is same as .27. Updated ST5 to check for .28 driver revision. Note: This
       driver is the only version supported for Faircom8 as it contains numerous fixed from versions
       .14 through .26 that resolve issues with file management, overlap fields and related files.

       0810-081606 Minor cleanup and bug fixes from update installation at BC-AUS. Cleaned up

       08/13/09 – Updated Minor Update 11 to allow being run multiple times. Added index changes
       to contact and vcontact files to better support using the unassigned_contact option to store
       contacts in file that are not assigned to a company record. Added Web_Site field to contact

       Note: Source to minor updates now published at

       08/15/06 – Add tab to Sales Order Entry to show po history for current item.

       08/16/06 – Added copy top clipboard to browse.

       08/25/06 – Added checkbox option to print a packing slip at the end of Order Invoicing.

       Added Email Invoices Report View to send invoices to customers at the end of the day. See
       Emailing Invoices Appnote.

       08/26/06 – Added code to use Extended Detail Control to specify customer specific invoice
       template used by AR Invoice Lookup – print invoice and whenever an invoice is printer. Added
       code to prompt FV/WPB if there is not a record in the EID master table to allow adding of
       description during testing. Updated all instanced where Extended Detail is used to use new
       code to prompt if not in table.

       FS278.3.12 08/27/06 – Minor Update 12 - Added support for specifying which documents are
       printed at the end of Order Invoicing. System defaults to printing a standard packing list but
       can be set to print an invoice (default or custom template) or both an invoice and packing list.
       This is set using the new named field 233 in Company file (Company.Ship_Doc_Code).
       Added field to company master and company dialog, added field usage to Order Invoicing
       View. Table of valid entries is in the Company_DD to match the code.

                      Code            Description
                      blank           Default – print packing slip.
                      I               Invoice only
                      B               Both – Invoice and Packing Slip
                                      Future use to print other stuff.

       08/30/06 – Enhanced List and Label Form Manager View to support File Open Dialog.

       Changed logic on Minor updates to not prompt for field name change only updates as they do
       not require the file system to be locked. Starting with MU12 Build 601 field “rename only” file
       changes will just execute without pausing.

       Added option to Catalog Master to print a label for an item. Uses default template

       Updated Comment handling – see comment application note. Updated order entry, and
       picklist printing to print all comments properly. Added invoice and picklist only comments.

       Converted shipto address dbList in Company Detail to browse.

       09/11/06 – Enhanced Catalog master to allow selecting multiple items when adding items to
       the Related Items List.

       09/12/06 – Added code to Order Entry to display related item list after entering a new item.
       List will redisplay till exited without selecting an item to add to the order.

       09/20/06 – Named Credit Card Contact field in Sales Order header file (F60 – SoHead) to
       store a contact number associated with a credit card. This allows an order to be placed where
       the credit card is not in the company name.

       09/22/06 – Improved help system access to use panel name instead of numeric help topic.

       09/24/06 – Enhanced help system to use HTM files inside of CHM help file. This reduces
       development maintenance. Also add Ctrl-F1 key to load help file and jump to the top of it as a
       general documentation access method versus normal F1 context sensitive help. Added Alt-F1
       key to popup translated help pages using the Google online translation feature. The pages
       displayed are the HTM filed from the www.covesys.com StreamV documentation, not out of
       the CHM. Translation defaults to operator language unless sysop in which case the operator
       is prompted from language to display. Options are de – German, it – Italian, es – Spanish, en
       – English. If needed we can add Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. Some of the translated
       text is funny in German but gives the user a feel of what they are reading. Combined all the
       Cove help processing code into CoveHelp.Inc that is included in the Cove class definitions.

       10/03/06 – Updated Faircom driver for Win32 and Linux ES2 to revision .29 to remove extra
       Null at the end of strings being read in from text fields.

       Added support for SQL in VDF to application library. VDF programs support accessing Cove
       and third-party ODBC compliant databases directly with SQL code and returning a result set
       that is processable in VDF.

       Added multi-language support to House Help in Cove Data dictionary dialog.

       10/05/06 – Added support in ST2 and ST5 to default location in order entry from the Shipto

       10/16/06 – Added System Properties View. Allows setting of F248 properties and Counters
       with a user friendly interface. Sysop only panel.

       Added option on L&L Form Manager View to update F248 with default template name.

       10/20/06 – Enhanced ST5 logging to write container object number into the log record program

       Added Cove_Object_Array to keep track of objects in ST5. Added option to Sysop Panel to
       display the Cove_Object_Array. Added lookup off the Sysop panel to show logging activity.
       Cleaned up display of security array and removed writing of it to showln window on Sysop
       Panel activation.

       10/23/06 – Added Status bar to bottom of MDI Panel (outer StreamV panel) in addition to the
       status bars in each view. New Status bar shows current operator, division and system date.
       Also shows system status (from F248:SYS-STAT) and PC date and time – updated every 5
       seconds. Also shows logging status on right hand site of status bar.

       10/25/06 – Added clickable icons to status bar for logging information. Added clickable icon to
       Views for sysop menu.

       10/26/06 – Converted template manager lists to browses for file and field selection. New BCI
       control records FILESLST & FIELDLST. Fixed add selection option.

       Fixed email invoices contact.ap_flag code to “Y” from “X”.
       Note: Report template for Print Invoice Report BCI:AR00005 should have following line added:
       54,146,EDI_INVOICES,NE,"E","","","" to suppress printing of invoices sent by Email.

       Added code to Order Invoicing View to print address labels at the end of invoicing if “print
       shipping docs “ is checked. One address label is printed for each box shipped (based on the
       boxes created by the order invoicing program). Label prints directly to printer without preview.

       10/28/06 - Moved code for site specific field masks from the CovedbForm class to the
       CoveDataDictionary class. Provides better performance as the code is only run through once
       per DD instead of for each field.

       10/29/06 – Added language translation support to Selection Lists (CovedbList). Cleaned up
       screens for translation per Patrick Haas list.

       10/31/06 – Added Invoice Lines and Sales Order Lines Lookup from Customer Master and
       Customer Management.

       Added operator access security by Company_Type to Customer Manager and Customer
       Management views.

       Converted Longcode table dump and load from F18 file type to standard TN. Dumps table
       with date fields as Julian integers for international portability.

       Added option on Browse Context menu to write browse display to clipboard or showln window.

       Added option (context menu) in Customer Invoices Lookup to write shipment information to
       showln window.

       FS278.3.13 11/01/06 - Added Indices.
       Sales Order Header file – added index to be able to jump to quotes faster. Images File –
       added index to be able to move images between directories. Shop Order Header file – added
       index to allow jumping in by location. Shipto file – replaced recnum in indices with Shipto_Id
       (house keeping)

       11/04/06 – Added support for storing multiple credit cards in Customer Comment # 1600
       (changed to 4010) . Added oCreditCardList Dialog to maintain credit cards for customer.
       Dialog is called from Customer Manager and from Order Entry to edit/add/select a credit card.
       Edit/add permission is denied by F248:CCLISTED = “N”.

       11/06/06 – Added button to location field in order entry item panel to expand to Warehouse
       lookup to see quantities on hand and select warehouse. Added available qty and price GPMs
       to SOE item panel. Cleaned up credit card fields in SOE.

       11/08/06 – Added extended detail option to Catalog Lookup to show other locations and
       related items (Sell_With).

       Added option to browse menu to reduce current column size by 10 pixels to handle situations
       where a field is the exact width of the browse and there is no handle to grab to size the

       Cleaned up Operator Manager edit sequence and stopped clearing on error during save.

       Added serial number lookup to Invoice Lines for a Sales Order.

       Added support for new index on Customer Quote Lookup to jump in and out faster. Split
       Customer Quote Lookup off of Customer Order Lookup. Added code to switch titles on
       Sohead and Soline detail.

       11/11/02 – Converted Imaging Dialog from EZTwain dll to the EZTwain ActiveX object. Added
       following enhancements:

              Improved import from file           Option to pick scanner
              Options to use ADF                  Multi-Page scanning
              Image rotation & Zoom               Cut to clipboard
              Improve contrast                    Sizable preview
              Direct Printing                     Duplex Scanning

       Above requires the ActiveX component to be available and registered on each PC.

       Added CoveHttpTransfer class to support downloads (and uploads) from web servers using
       Http instead of ftp. We needed this since our web server does not have ftp for security
       reasons. This works fast and simple. See the HTTPTransfer appnote. This is also useful for
       automated transfers of data between companies and for Web Services access.

       Created the concept of “Workstation Revision” to support adding clients and components after
       a system has been installed. This is required to handle situations where a system is installed
       (full and clients), and an update requires additional components, or registry settings, on the
       clients. Example is the update from DLL to ActiveX components for imaging. We need to get
       the ActiveX components onto the workstation and registered.

       We now have in addition to “Minor Updates” the concept of “Workstation Minor Updates” which
       are included in the file: WorkstationMinorUpdates.pkg. Each time ST5 is run the program
       checks if the required components are on the workstation. The information is stored under

       Added support for automatic download of required ActiveX components. This uses the
       CoveHttpTransfer to download and register the ActiveX components using the windows utility

       ActiveX components are now stored in the c:\cove\ActiveX directory. They are downloaded
       from the cove web server at: www.covesys.com\downloads\ActiveX

       Tech notes:

       Manual Installation: Look at the current Workstations Minor Update.pkg file. Download the ocx
       file(s) required into c:\cove\ActiveX. Register them with regsrv32. Update the registry key with
       the version from the .pkg file.

       Error Messages: If the process cannot connect to the server it tells you so. If the file is not
       downloaded we display the standard web error 404. Normally, if an error occurs the registry is
       not updated and ST5 continues to load. You will get errors trying to use the components. If
       the component is marked as “required” then ST% will not load until the problem is resolved.
       Note: Setting the registry entry will allow ST5 to load but can cause undesirable results.

       11/14/06 - Improved display of list from Sysop Panel. Serialized the EZTwain for production

       Added default inbound image directory in F248:SIP-IDIR. This may be set using the System
       Properties View.

       Enhanced File delivery system to support non-activeX files to delivery to any C:\cove\...
       directory. Included DLLs for Twain components (now ver 1.03).

       Changed Credit Card comment to 4010. Modified comment lists to exclude comments over

       Enhanced IRA.bp to copy comments 2005, 3000-3999, and 4010 to invoice and lines.

       11/15/06 – Fixed search on Shiptolookup. Added delete, and load buttons to menu manager.

       Filtered > 9000000# invoices in AR lookups.

       Fixed statement printing and PORecommendations reports. F240 Templates need to point to
       the fields in the main files.

       Added option to set default tab in order entry.

       11/17/06 – Added message to display when entering order entry. Added View
       oMarketingManager for use by Marketing manager to set marketing control information and

       messages, including the order entry message, and keyword search result message. Added
       option in System Properties to set System Login message.

       Modified Order Entry/Quote system to place holds on quotes, and carry them through to sales
       order when the quote is converted.

       Added code to Menu Manager to delete menu records, except for MyCove menu records, and
       to load the menu from a TRN file.

       Added special pricing tab to Catalog Manager and Catalog Detail.

       11/18/06 – Added Startup View to display site message, Cove News, button for Update History
       and option to not show the startup view for 30 days. Flag is stored in local user registry
       setting. Created new Web Browser Object to download a single page into a cTextEdit.

       Added security and Cove Status Bar to CoveReportViews. Subclasses CoveReportView from

       Modified Imaging Dialog to not auto display files other than TIF, but to display using the O/S
       assigned program. This avoids error message on types EZTwain does not know.

       Fixed Panel Security by option level – code was reversed.

       11/19/06 – Enhanced CoveDbForm class with property to ignore field security. Use of this is
       for situations like the Catalog Description field. Field should be blocked in Catalog Master but
       not in Order Entry for search purposes. Removed delete from images lookup, moved to
       images detail panel with confirmation. Fixed Warehouse Lookup search when called from
       Order Entry.

       11/20/06 – Added checkbox on Sales Order Entry to prompt for images when saving order.
       Added preference option to allow setting if the imaging list or dialog should come up.

       Allowed change of shipto address in order entry if still a temp order. Fixed loosing text of
       purchasing comment in order entry item panel on tab change. Fixed images counter on import

       Added Logging support/fingerprinting to TextData and Gencode files. Added My Actions
       display on program startup.

       11/21/06 – Created SpecialPricingManagement view. Unblocked ship to address selection on
       PO Entry until PO is saved.

       Minor enhancements on Hold Review screen – added checkbox to filter quotes on Hold

       11/24/06 – Added Product Label printing – allows printing product labels based on catalog,
       product line, group, manufacturer or global. See ProductLabelPrinting application note.
       Added Comment and Image type code PX to support Product Label Printing. Uses Inventory
       comment IN:Item_no:1050-99 to store additional information needed on the label.

       11/25/06 – Added “MoreMenu” support to Catalog Management View with options from
       Catalog Manager. Added Product Label Printing to

       11/27/06 – Released Cove/Faircom .31 driver to fix to problem with Faircom driver that was
       cutting last character off of order entry and PO comments. Download driver from

       Also, modified PO and SOE comments to delete themselves when blank and to not remember
       comment from prior order. Increase speed of Hold Management Screen and fixed blocking of
       scrolling by quote records. Cleaned up screen text. Fixed Send Invoices By Email bug that
       we not putting up error message properly.

       Faircom Driver .31 is now current, solves problem with loosing last character of comment
       Updated ST5 to only warn sysops of newer Faircom version being available.

       11/28/06 – Added gencode table ODBCDATA to hold list of available ODBC databases that we
       can get to with SQL out of the ActionsBuilder Prototype in StreamTest exe. The DNS string is
       stored in data_1.

       Highlighted tabs in CompanyManager to see if increased visibility helps. Changed “Start” to
       Main Menu as it was causing confusion with MS-Start Button. Added a checkbox (sticky) to
       Login to allow operator to default startup Actions when Logging in.

       11/29/06 – Fixed catalog detail display not showing data. Added code to allow comments in
       SOE with leading spaces or starting with a blank line. Added view shipping and payments to
       “invoices against a sales order”. Added access to sales order PO comments (header and Line)
       from the Requisition Management view.

       11/30/06 – Contact Manager – added open/closed radio buttons to actions and opportunities
       lists. Fixed labels on phone numbers. Added Gencode support to salutations field. Fixed
       comment save on SOE Header and Lines. Removed tab highlight in CompanyManager.

       Character Mode: Added ability to view all comments on a sales order to FV710S10.

       Changed sales order management comment button display list of all comments attached to an
       order instead of just the header.

       Sysop Action: Comments over line 3000, should be secured as the comment list now
       displays all comments, not just under line 3000.

       12/1/06 - Fixed option to Clear MyCove to not clear everyone‟s MyCove. Fixed product label
       printing to correctly use template from Longcode record and not default. Fixed updating of
       vendor ship lines on delete of order line.

       12/08/06 – Cleaned up Freight code manager, added new shipping codes to support Zfirm
       FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS services.

       12/10/06 – Cleaned up status bars. Added Dim weight to character picklist (HxWxL/192),
       turn on with F248:PLBODY3 = Y.

       12/11/06 – Fixed delete line in Security setup panel.

       12/12/06 – Added expand to order header from “Order Lines for Customer” lookup. Added
       code to Print Product Label to load first twenty lines of the Print Label comment into the
       properties PCL1-20. Updated order entry line item panel to calculate sales tax as price and
       quantity are entered instead of one line save. Also fixed code to re-calculate sales tax on
       quantity edit.

       12/13/06 – Added ShippingCharged to St2&St5 order entry screen.

       12/17/06 – Added/Confirmed duplicate record function on – Gencode Manager, LongCode
       Manager, TextData manager, FVPar. Fixed timestamp insert on Comment Dialog. Fixed bug
       in emailing invoices that was not jumping out of find A/R contact loop.

       12/19/06 – Added code to Catalog master to display warehouse list on save of new record if
       F248:PMSADDWH = Y. This allows manual creation of warehouse records. ● Added code to
       use counter for item number when duplicating item if no item number is manually entered. ●
       Fixed timestamp on order entry and PO comment entry. ● Added Scan checkbox to PO
       Receipt ● Added SoHead ShippingCharged to Order Invoicing View.

       12/20/06 – Fixed Cashap not correctly handling changing the discount autopost and deleting
       temp records ● Modified Order Invoicing to write “V” to manifest.doc_type on a vendor
       shipment. Only invoice mode = “INVOICE” are manifested.

       12/31/06 – Added Zfirm Shipping support to Order Invoicing. Added new Freight terms to
       freight file and set old freight terms inactive for UPS, USPS, DHL and FedEx. ● Fixed Vendor
       Ship code in order completion for non-stocks.

       01/01/07 – Added Invoice Item Sales History to Catalog Manager and Catalog Management.
       New par record BCI:ITEMSALE:PAR for this new Lookup – ItemSalesLookup.

       01/03/07 – Cleaned up SQL Exporter view, added support for using ODBCDATA gencode
       table for Datasources. Added Duplicate record to SQL job list. ● Modified Picklist, invoice and
       label print routines to default to printer output. Added F248 codes to point to a windows printer
       name i.e. FV_PSC1500. If this code exists output is sent to this printer and no preview is
       provided (PrintDirect mode). Codes are: F248: LLP-PICK, PACK, INV, ORDR, PO, SLBL,

       INCD,CATL● Add DirectPrint column to the Page Form Manager View. ● Modified AP Check
       printing to not preview.

       01/04/07 – Modified Ap Check printing to send each check as a separate print job to L&L. This
       allows the use of multiple bins/printers for the check and the overflow stub. ● Cleaned up AP
       Check lookup views ● Modified Sales Order Entry to use F248:CATCROK to control if system
       will auto create items in inventory and if user can create items from inventory lookup. Ignored
       for sysops. Note this flag will control manual creation of items from Catalog Manager● Added
       code to Order Invoicing to automatically print one shipping label for each box record. Printing
       can be suppressed by putting the Shipper Number in F248:OCLBLSUP ● Added code to
       Order Invoicing to default value into box records if F248:UPSINUSE = Y ● Added DirectPrint
       parameters and shipping label suppression to System Properties View.

       01/06/07 – Updated track shipment code to support shipper numbers 5&6 ● Added item
       number to title of Item Sales Lookup ● Modified IRA to close zero dollar invoices ● Added “are
       you sure” to A/R Lookup Cancel, Credit and Issue RA ● Fixed account default in Cashap ●
       Fixed account selection in AR Deposit Management

       01/07/07 – Added support for Shipment Attributes to Order Invoicing – support added for

                    Code (in data1)       Description
                    RES:                  Residential Delivery
                    SAT:                  Saturday Delivery
                    ADULT:                Adult Signature Required (UPS/FedEx)
                    SIG:                  Signature Required (UPS)
                    NAME:                 Delivery Confirmation Required (UPS)
                    DIRECT:               FedEx Delivery Confirmation 1 (FedEx)
                    INDIRECT:             FedEx Delivery Confirmation 2 (FedEx)

       The above codes must be setup in a Gencode table that is pointed to from the Freight table
       records. Each carrier my support some or all of the attributes so separate tables may have to
       be set up.

       Note: Check the UPS, FedEx and ShipRush documentation for rules and surcharges on
       delivery confirmations and other options. Also, some attributes conflict. Conflicts will be tested
       and shown by ShipRush. If the operator does not request the Shipping Panel and there is an
       error the panel will be displayed to allow the operator to correct the problem and complete the
       shipment. If the operator exits the shipping panel without making a shipment the system will
       warn the operator that no shipment was done.

       ● New View – Shipping Utilities, add to Order Fulfillment Menu - oShippingUtilities. Home of
       assorting shipping functions – first one is “Manifest and Invoice” ● New View – AR Utilities, add
       to A/R menu - oARUtilities. Home of assorting invoice and AR functions – first one is “Post an
       Invoice to the G/L”

       01/08/07 Midday release – Fixed general problem in Browse when writing browse that is less
       than screen full to clipboard or output window ● Zoom, insert and Duplicate in Gencode
       Lookup now sysop only ● Must now be sysop to edit warehouse shipto locations (-COVELOC)
       ● Added code to Changes tracking to write object name on new line following of new value to
       allow better tracking where changes are being made in VDF● Made Shipvia, Terms and Rep
       managers sysop only ● Allow box creation for non-stock in Order Invoicing.

       Afternoon release – Modified code in box creation routine, when default single box created, to
       set value to total of shippable goods

       01/09/07 – Added Additional Information Capture (AIC Extension) to order entry. This allows
       small sets of order related data to be prompted for and collected during order entry. Example:
       End user address information. ● Fixed sales display on Rep Dashboard ● Convert Order
       Invoicing to use temp number instead of order number for loading the manifest file before
       invoice is completed.

       01/10/07 – Named fields 62,63,64 in Incident master to Contact2/3/4 to allow emailing
       additional contacts on incident activity. Added Zoom buttons to Incident Detail. Added code to
       send email to contact(s) when incident is created, closed ● Added pbPromprtOnly to
       CovedbForm to disable keyboard input in a field ●

       01/11/07 – Renamed Field Invoices.other_charges to invoices.shipping_tax. ● Modified
       Shipping Utility to only remanifest an invoice and not to unpost invoice ● Added Shipping
       Utilities option to change shipping on an invoice which reverses and reposts invoice.

       01/12/07 – Changed ShipRush manifesting to only tag first box to include COD charges in
       shipping field ● Added test to Order Completion on COD shipments to require all boxes have
       value (if insured) and COD (if COD)● Widened JE field in GL Posting Template ● Fixed Cancel
       invoice off AR lookup not including shipping since recent change to IRA removed shipping

       01/13/07 – Fixed bug in browse when it hit a tagged item and there was a Browse_onChange
       procedure in effect (display would repeat it self) ● Found language bug in VDF where “!” was
       not evaluating correctly on comparisons (created “bang” global variable = ! and replaced < “!”
       with < bang) ● Added code to send a copy of incident emails to F248:INCDCZAR.

       01/15/07 – Updated Incident Detail Panel – added double click zoom to actions list, converted
       to browse contact and catalog lookups, added check box to send emails ● Added code to
       Sales Order Entry Item Panel to automatically popup the AIC comment section GSAINFO if
       order line contract number contains GSA ● Fixed selection of Standby price in SOE Line entry
       – when cursor moved back to tab dialog previous data was being redisplayed ● Changed
       Deposit Management to print to screen to allow capture since it cannot be reprinted ● Modified
       code to ignore Non-Stock, Special and Vendor ships when checking backorder flag in
       inventory during order entry ● Added option to add buying group cross-reference to cross-
       reference lookup off of catalog master ● Modified AP Check form to print *** before and after
       amount and text amount and added output of company and check number to top of sub sheet

       01/16/07 – Added code to optionally send email to person an incident is assigned to ● Fixed
       Paydate always setting to current date in AP Entry ● Fixed problem in invoice panel with
       shipping not carrying through ● Added code to Action Detail to send emails to incident email
       addresses and who the incident is assigned to.

       01/18/07 – Added option to issue a check to AR Invoice Lookup. Option is on More Menu and
       can be turned off with F248:ARLUCHK = “N”. Option creates a Bank record, closes the credit
       memos or OP/PP, posts the JE and offers to pint the check. Added LL_Template ARCheck.

       01/20/07 – Added checkbox on Images Dialog to suppress displaying image when importing
       an image from file ● Added F248:ARLUCHKP option to suppress print of AR Refund check. ●
       Added code to handle AR Refund checks in Bank Management ● F248:llarchk contains AR
       Check template name ● AR Checks can be printed from AP CheckLookup

       01/22/07 – Added Open/Closed option to Item Po Lookup ● Added system wide totals (per
       F248: SoLocs) to Warehouse lookup ● Fixed location drop down to be in alpha order on
       Inventory Management ● Enhanced Requisition Management – when PO is created the
       EDI_STATUS field is set to “N” to avoid automated EDI transmission of purchase orders and
       added an option to edit the PO just created ●

       01/23/07 – Reorganized customer contact demographic flags to better represent the
       relationship with the customer the contact is linked to. Renamed AR_Flag to AP_Flag – this is
       the contact who we send AR invoices to – the contact is in the customers AP department.
       Renamed AR Flag to Management_Flag to allow flagging of contacts as part of the customers
       management team ● Added code to order entry to disallow setting the No Backorder flag (bo =
       N) on special and vendor ship lines ● Added code to Order Invoicing to close lines that were
       not on the Picklist if the backorder flag on the line is set to “N” ●

       01/24/07 – Removed Accounts Payable flag from Vendor Contact to reduce confusion ●
       Added support for defaults and Gencode table validation to the AIC comment capture during
       order entry – format of the lines in F240:AIC:{name} is first line = title, following lines are field
       label, default value, Gencode Table Name

       01/25/07 – Tested Planar touch screen monitor with Stream5 – no problems.

       01/27/07 – Cleaned up incident and actions. Changed incident create from Incident lookup to
       bring up Contact List to select contact/company. Added Save&Email button and modified to
       not auto generate an email on new incident creation or edit. See Known Bugs Appnote for into
       on canceling during an email.

       01/29/07 – Fixed totaling of discounts on AP Proposed Disbursements report ● Enhanced
       rounding to 4 digits on PO Receipt supplemental costs ● Fixed display of newly created
       Actions on Incidents Dialog ● Eliminated Status bars on View for Windows consistency.
       Status help is displayed on the outer StreamV Status Bar ● Added option to Imaging Dialog to
       delete original (sticky checkbox) when importing documents into the imaging system. ● Added

       Gencode Table: IMGTYPES to allow sysop to restrict the types of images imported into the
       imaging system. This can be maintained from the System Properties View

       01/30/07 – Enabled access to Manu Item Number field In PoLine entry dialog. ● Named fields
       63& 64 in Special Pricing file to CODE_D1/2 to allow storing site specific information ● Named
       field 48 in Journal Entry file to BRANCH ● named Catalog field 15 to UNSPSC ● Updated
       Gencode Header/Detail dialogs to allow suppression of additional field labels by placing a dash
       in the header data fields ● Removed Sysop_Only from Salesman, Terms, Shipvia and
       Viaterms Managers.

       Sysop Action: security on these should be set to control access

       ● Updated Catalog extended lookup ● Enabled help comment support on Gencode
       Management to access help information in CoveText file

       01/31/07 – Modified Gencode Manager to use Gencode Edit List object to edit table entries.
       Modified Gencode Lookup to only all Insert function to sysops. Delete and Edit are only
       available from the Gencode Manager ● Updated AP Invoice entry to block duplicate invoice
       numbers better. Will not allow exiting field with duplicate except if dup number is entered and
       SAVE pressed (on known bug list) ● Fixed prompt and autofind on Account Autopost in AP
       Payment Manager ● Added F248:OEMAILAD if set to “N” will hide the Outlook address book
       button in the email dialog ● Updated index descriptions on SoHold Management ●

       02/01/07 – Named Catalog field F108:183 to AIC_CODE (See AIC_Extension.doc and
       WarrantySales.doc Appnotes). Updated Catalog Manager and Catalog Detail ● Added dump
       menu button to the Menu Maintenance Grid ● Modified comment security that if you block
       comment 3000 it blocks 3000-3999 which are all the AIC comments.

       02/02/07 – Added code to Hold release screens to record where a hold is released from in the
       program field of the SoHold record. Codes are: SOHMB/SOHMHR for Sales Order Hole
       Management Browse/Hold Review Panel, HFSOL for Holds for Sales Order Lookup, and SOE
       for releases when a soline is canceled ● Character code: updated clear hold procedure in
       Holds.pkg to write the program name into the program field of SoHold on clear.

       02/07/07 – Added CoveDirectory Registry entry to track where on a PC the local cove directory
       is. Updated ST5Setup single file installation to create this entry (Local_Machine \ Cove
       Systems, Inc \ Stream \ V \ CoveDirectory) based on where the user selects to install Cove.
       Default value is c:\cove. Also, modified the WorkstationMinorUpdate package to use this entry
       when installing updates. Corrected the name of the ActiveX component directory in installation
       program. ● Cleaned up buttons returning focus to browse on LongCode Management

       02/09/07 – Added F248:SOATTACH (“Y” to enable) to control the Attach item option.
       Restricted attachment of items to non-stocks only ● Removed autocreate item in inventory
       from SOE Item panel. If item is needed in a location the operator can insert from the
       Warehouse lookup, if F248:CATCROK = “Y” ● Updated ST5 menu system to allow access to

       Help menu before logging in ● Added code to warn operator that a line is being shipped from a
       location different from the order header.

       02/11/07 – Added code to SOE to allow attaching a non-stock item to a sales order line. The
       attached item is automatically added to the order at invoicing

       02/12/07 – Added “Display Scanned Image” checkbox to scanning dialog. This allows
       enabling or suppressing of the display of the scanned image. Only available when scanning
       TIF images as they can display in the scanning window. When scanning other image types
       the checkbox is not accessible as we force display of the scanned image for validation of a
       good scan. Added image type that will be scanned to label of Scan Image button. Fixed bug
       in code restricting image types for import ● Fixed Customer Management pull down call to
       BuyingGroupsLookup ● Fixed bug in Cashap – code was using the company name and type
       from the current company instead of the invoice when checking if cash could be applied from
       parent or factor type company ● Fixed code in Account Setup program to allow creation of a
       new account – DD was flagged as “Find Required” ● Added “Additional Columns” to Catalog
       Management to allow display of Available (OH-RSV and OH-TOTRSV) and a generated string
       to show what special pricing records are available. Special pricing string contains the
       character of the special pricing type if an instance of that type is available for the item. This is
       turned on with F248:CATLUSPS = “Y”

       02/13/07 – Added “Additional Columns” to Catalog Management to allow display of Quantities
       across all warehouses (limited by F248:SoLocs if present). Values available are Qty_OH,
       Qty_RSV, Qty_TotRsv and Qty_OnOrd, OH-RSV, OH-TOTRSV. Data is loaded into these
       columns based on F248:CATLUAIQ = “Y” ● Added checkbox on Email Invoices Report to
       allow sending the email with attached invoice to all AP Contacts for a customer instead of just
       the first one found ● Added Additional columns to Catalog Lookup too.

       02/14/07 – Uploaded new StreamV Help file (StreamV.CHM) to website. Download from
       www.covesys.com\downloads\Current StreamV Help Doc and placed in c:\cove\help on each
       workstation ● Modified sales order entry item panel to use the Inventory Data Dictionary for the
       location field to assure that the location on the screen matches the data dictionary record used
       when saving the sales order line. ●

       Action Item: Changed Par record name for Catalog Lookup to CATLOGLU (was using same
       as Catalog Management). Sysops should create appropriate par information for Catalog

       02/15/07 – Build 1016 – Fixed error in Cove Checkbox class that was writing the label of the
       checkbox to the registry instead of the checked state. This caused an error when the
       checkbox object was activating.

       02/19/07 – Updated and tested Mail Merge feature out of Contact Dialog. Added Mail Merge
       button to Contact Manager and Contact Action builder (of Marketing Manager View).
       Documented as appnote: MailMerge.doc. ● Added code to Sales Order Entry to support
       attaching items to sales order lines to support the sale of Warranties. See appnote:

       WarrantySales.doc. Note: Invoicing part of warranty sales not released yet. ● Added buttons
       to Contact Management Browse to access the same lookup and order entry options available
       in the Contact Managar ● Added Item Orders Lookup to Catalog Manager and Catalog
       Management Views –

       Sysop Action: Sysops need to create browse par records

       ● Added Current Operator Location to Main Status Bar

       02/21/07 – Added Support for invoicing “Attached” items to Order Invoicing (code in
       invoice.pkg) ● Added code to check HELPFILE registry setting in Local
       Machine\Cove\Stream\V for current version of help file. Also check
       www.covesys.com\downloads\help for current version in CurrentVersion.txt. If newer version
       available ST5 will download the file into the workstation {Cove Home}\help directory. Modified
       the code that delivers files to show activity in the output window every 1000 packets received.
       ● Changed ComboBox pulldown location list in Inventory Price Adjustment to call the Location
       Lookup browse ● Added Purchase Orders Tab to Item Demand Panel.

       Sysop Action: Manual download of current help files no longer need.

       Sysop Action: Sysops, go into this browse and setup par information.

       ● Added actions lookup off of the Contact Management browse ● Anchored buttons on
       Contact Management ● Enhanced catalog manager and dialog to allow default of UserField
       labels by GROUP ● Enhanced Related Items code (SELLWITH) to support displaying related
       items in a defined sequence. This was done by moving the data in the SELLWITH Control
       Records in Longcode down one field and using Code1 for the sequence number, which
       defaults to 9. Updated code in Catalog Manager, Catalog Detail and Order Entry.

       Sysop Action: Control information in related item browse must be adjusted to reflect change.

       02/22/07 – Added warning when line is placed on margin hold during order entry ● Added
       “Opens Only” check box to actions browse on Incident Detail ● Added code to Holds.pkg to
       assign holds to the RM or SM rep from the sales order header during sales order entry hold
       processing. This is enabled by having SM or RM in the data_2 field of the SoHold-x fvpar
       record that assigns the hold ● Cleaned up Actions browse on Incident Detail panel.
       Upcomming index change will remove “line” field from Index 1 on file 162 do make actions
       display better. This can be done ahead of time for sites extensively using actions. Use
       character mode runtime: dfrun fvidxmod 162 1 6 7 9 to set index. End of day build # 1049 ●

       Info: Windows Vista – StreamV is not released on Windows Vista. StreamV is written
       primarily in Visual DataFlex (VDF) which has not been approved for operation under Vista. For
       more information on this topic please see: www.covesys.com\docs\appnotes\dac_vista.pdf

       Once Visual Dataflex is approved for operation under Vista Cove will run through a test cycle
       of the new VDF and the non-VDF code used in and with StreamV.

       02/23/07 – Cleaned up inventory adjustment view. Now retaining values after save. Autofind
       on item number. PageUp/Down or Uparrow/DownArrow work in Code field. Cleaned up
       cursor movement. ● Enhanced Shop Order print routine to support auto routing using
       F248:LLP-SHOP ●

       02/25/07 – Fixed Actions dialog so sysops can edit actions after they are closed. Allow
       Contacts 2-3 in Incdent to be pointed to any contacts (not just current company). Added “AllC”
       button to call All Contact Lookup ● Fixed Incident Dialog to clear comment after save ● Added
       Shop Order printer default to System Properties with capability to set up default printers
       system wide or by user/group ● Build 1053

       02/26/07 – Added code to ST5 and ST2 invoicing to better control fix shipping charges. If a
       shipping amount is entered during irder entry it specifies the total amount of shipping to be
       charged for the order. The full amount for shipping will be charged on the first shipment and
       zero shipping charge on subsequent shipments. To avoid errors the shipping amount field in
       invoicing is disabled when a shipping amount is present in the order header and, at the same
       time, the order header last invoice number is non-zero (a shipment has been made).

       Sysop Action: This is a change from the existing behavior which clears the shipping amount
       in the order header to avoid charges on subsequent shipments. Care should be taken on
       handling shipments during transition from the current ot the new methodology.

       02/28/07 – Enhanced Browse to execute pre_index code when loading default index. This
       causes program to correctly set things like radio groups when a default index is setup by the
       operator ● Added support for Default_Value to CoveRadioGroup class. This should not be
       used when the RadioGroup is associated with a browse index ●

       03/05/07 – Rewrote AP Check printing. Added APCheck to LL Page Form Manager. Reduced
       code to single program. Removed Advanced reporting and intermediary textdata record.
       Added support to print a check from AP Check Lookup by Account (Print button). Added
       support for direct printing by setting F248:LLP-APCK to printer. Added F248:LLAPCHCK to
       set template name. No sysop action required, same object name in menu ● Added direct
       print support to SO and PO printing ● Assorted printing cleanup items.

       03/06/07 – Named field 76 in Manufest file (F69) to SSCC_NO to track the SSCC number
       generated for the SSCC label. See the SSCC application note for more information on SSCC
       numbers. These are labels placed on shipments with unique identifiers to facilitate prcoessing
       of advanced shipment notices. Added to Manifest detail panel. ● Added Manifest Lookup to
       Shipping Utilities View ● Added option to Sales Order Hold Management to only display holds
       that only have filter field holds ● Added code to check if the holds an operator can release
       have been assigned or are dispabled based on F248:SOHOLD-x ●

       03/08/07 – Fixed code in Shipper Tracking lookup. System was using shipper number field in
       Manifest which should contain the shipper account number. It should have been using the
       Carrier number to determine what carrier the shipment was with ●

       03/11/07 – Added “View RA Lines” from RA header Detail ● Fixed code to retain default index
       on “Customer Invoice Lines Lookup” ● Added option (checkbox) to Catalog Management to
       skip inactive items ● Added F248:APPRCHK to control print checks from AP Lookup. Default
       is disabled ● Updated Report Panel – added capability to add a field selection to a template.
       Removed support for running executables from the Report Panel – non longer need to have
       .exe at the end of the object name in the tmeplate.

       03/12/07 – Added cod to “Delete PO” to re-create requisition lines if required ● Improved AP
       check printing – converted “Unprinted AP Checks Lookup” to a browse for better performance,
       added option to “Print Checks” to see how many checks will print before printing.

       Sysop Action: Run “Unprint AP Checks Lookup” to create new par record and select fields to

       03/13/07 – Continued cleanup of AP check print and “Checks to be printed” lookup. Added
       zoom and option to print a single check from lookup. Added code to check for gaps in check
       numbers ● Created new ApNote – StreamV Workstation Config containing registry information
       ● Added checkbox option to scan on save during JE entry ● Fixed extended detail off of
       Customer Detail.

       03/14/07 – Fixed enabling of PriceGroup section in Order Entry Item Panel when selecting a
       warehouse that was not the default when the item was not in the default warehouse ● Added
       Contract Field to Cross Reference Detail panel. This field is used in situations where a
       customer cannot pass a contract number through EDI for use with Special Pricing but has to
       identify a special price using a special part number

       03/15/07 – Added option to pulldown menu on PO Management to reopen a purchase order ●
       Changed PO Header comment access in PO Entry from a popup detai panel to a tab in the tab
       dialog. Moved the PO lines to a tab and the header information out of the first tab to be
       consistant with other panels ● Modified AP check printing to skip checks greater than 7000000

       03/16/07 – Fixed code to invoice “Attached” items to use the correct quantity when operator
       edits the “to ship” quantity. Added option to Value and COD prompts to update first box to
       bring total inline with order totals● Widened account number field in Vendor panel ● Cleaned
       up selections on AP Check printing to filter out wire transfers, voids, etc… Removed option to
       print check from AP Checks to Print lookup as it caused a recursive probem.

       03/21/07 – Moved fields around on Special Pricing Detail panel

       03/22/07 – Replaced Location Combo Box in Inventroy Adjustment with Location Lookup.

       03/23/07 – Updated code in Customer Manager and Shipto Lookup to return cursor to the
       newly created shipto address in the list after a new address is added.

       03/25/07 – Added option to Marketing Manager View to allow import of Customers from an
       ASCII file using the defaults and validation from the Customer Data Dictionary. This included
       Gencode tables set up for the Customer Master.

       03/26/07 – Fixed code in SalesOrderHoldForAnOrder panel that was not displaying the holds
       that the operator can release ● Improved code to block selecting an invalid Cash Clearing
       Account in Cash Application

       03/29/07 – Fixed bug in logging code that was not updating the fingerprint when duplicating a
       record by deactivating the buffer.

       April 2007

       04/02/07 – Enhanced PayDate Management by adding filter controls for Holds and Currency.
       Added code to not display status “S” (submitted) AP Invoices and to only display invoices in
       the operators Division. This allows the display to better represent which invoices are ready for
       payment ● Rewrote the Payment Management (Create AP Checks and Wire Transfers) View
       using the current Basic Report object ● Added control Paramter “Cove-CWS”. If this is set to
       the current system date the system will not check the Cove website. This allows the system
       administrator to turn off checking the Cove site in situations where the sites Internet is down or
       www.covesys.com is not available.

       04/06/07 – New View – The SystemStartupUtilities View contains code that is used to initialize
       a system and import data. The first option available on the view is “Create XML Schemas for
       Data Files”. This option prompts for a directory and creates XML Schema files that can be
       used with Excel to load data into STV. The first XML import routines will be for Customer and
       Catalog Data. These routines will use the DataDictionary to validate the imported data.

       Sysop Action: Add this item to the menu. The object name is oSystemStartupUtilties

       04/11/07 – Modified PO Requisition Management to be able to view all SO comments. ●
       Added options to look at AIC comments off of Sales Order Management and SoLine Lookup ●

       04/12/07 – Added release all holds on an order to SoHold management with F5 key as a

       04/26/07 – Created new class for L&L generated forms (CoveLLReportView) which combine
       multiple include files. Print behavior is improved. Logic is - code checks the F248 printer
       routing for the form being printerd i.e. LLP-PICK.
              1. If the parameter is blank the system prints to the printer defined in the LL Template
                  (in the case of AP checks this is used to route the first and following pages to the
                  appropriate bins).

              2. If the parameter contains the word “DEFAULT” output is sent ot the workstation
                 default printer.
              3. If the parameter contains a valid printer name the output is routed to that printer.
              4. If the parameter and/or template contain invalid printer names the output is sent to
                 preview and the operator prompted.

       05/07/07 – eCommerce UpDate – added F248:WEBMAXSL to contron how many lines web
       queries return ● Added new code to PACS (Product Availability Ctonrol - see appnotes) to
       support “In Stock/Call for Availablity” option. Added “Related Items” display to Catalog detail on
       web. ● Reporting update: Updated all forms output to use LLP-xxxx F248 parameters to
       control output routing. Output may be routed to a specific printer, workstation default printer,
       or to the printer in the template (see doc). ●

       05/09/07 – Modified spacing in default List & Label purchase order template. When outputting
       to PDF the address fields were bleeding into poline area ● Released Keyword Search on

       05/11/07 – Cleaned up code for emailing invoices to print invoices to a PDF file first and then
       prompt where to send them. Enhanced the email contact lookup to default to the contacts for
       the current company ● Added support for Edit and Insert of contact informatio in email address
       lookup ● Fixed manuaul relate from Related Items to Catalog in Catalog Management and
       Catalog Detail

       05/13/07 – Added option to add a line to an RA without linking it to an invoice ●

       05/14/07 – Added Fingerprint/logging support to eCommerce ● Added code to load Soline
       Contract Number field with contract number from a selected Standby Rebate. This allows
       popup of GSAINFO AIC comment for rebates.

       05/15/07 – Added Product Management Utilities View – this view is used to add new functions
       without having to update the menu system .

       Sysop Action: Add oProductManagementUtilities to the ProductManagement Menu.

       05/21/07 – Modified code in Action Dialog to not allow operator to key Assigned_To but to
       force them to select from the prompt button (operator) or the Queue button.

       05/22/07 – Enhanced inventory lookup with additional columns, the same as catalog
       management, to show calculated quantities and availablility of special prices. The flags F248:
       INVLUSPS and INVLUAIQ turn this on. Added special pricing lookup.

       05/23/07 – Fixed add invoice in RA Entry.

       05/23/07 – Changed Customer Incident Lookup to display highest Incident first ● Added option
       to access credit cards from Customer Management browse

       05/25/07 – Modified Actions Detail to allow setting who closed the action (Completed_By) ●
       Changed name of Product Management Utilities View to Catalog Maintenance.

       Sysop Action: Change name of View in Menu.

       05/29/07 – Fixed save logic in Actions Dialog to not exit if there is a validation error ● Fixed
       code in Add RA Line to use Price Level price when returning an item without an invoice.

       06/01/07 – Named Min_Charge field in Freight file for LTL module.

       06/10/07 – Added Rate Shopping and LTL support to Order Entry. Named multiple fields in
       Freight (ShipVia) file to support LTL rating. Modified Shipping panel in Order Entry. See
       RateShopping & LTLRating Application note.

       Sysop Action: Load field 36 in Freight file (Auto_Shop_Rate) with Y or N to control rate

       06/11/07 – Updated Cove Data Dictionary with Freight field changes.

       06/12/07 - Updated LTL cost calc with shipping attribute costs ● Cleanedup Shipment
       attributes lookup.

       06/13/07 – Change shipment attributes to use a single master gencode list (F19:SHIPATTR).
       Textdata records point to Freight records an contain list of available attribues which can be
       edited from the Freight record (F240:SCR:SHIPATTR:{freight code})

       FS278.3.14 – Widened fields in TextData and CoveText.

       Sysop Action: Automated for Native, must be done manually for server systems.
       Set F248:COVEMU14 to DONE : Textdata Update
       Set_Attribute DF_FIELD_LENGTH of file 240 field 7 to 10
       Set_Attribute DF_FIELD_LENGTH of file 240 field 8 to 10
       Set_Attribute DF_FIELD_LENGTH of file 174 field 7 to 10
       Set_Attribute DF_FIELD_LENGTH of file 174 field 8 to 10

       Release beta version of Freight rating.

       06/21/07 – Cleaned up tab sequence in action dialog ● Added button to “Create Item in
       Location” dialog to allow editing of the system parameter that controles automatically creating
       items on creation of a catalog record. If sysop the global control record is edited, otherwise the
       user verison of the record is edited. ● Fixed contact name display on Advanced tab of Incident
       Dialog ● Enhanced Order Entry to set Vendor Ship flag in order header to indicate if there are
       any vendor ship lines on the order. This is set during the save process and the Vendor_Ship

       field in the order header can be displayed on the browses to show if there are any vendor ship
       lines on an order.

       06/27/07 – Fixed Page Form Manager View to correctly allow Design of Picklist ● Changed
       picklist barcode from 2of5 to Code128 to correctly handle the dash between the order number
       and ticket number.

       06/28/07 – Release Price Protection with onscreen grid and file import ● Added Online posting
       to direct invoicing and fixed code to allow delete of box record. ● Release under construction
       view for future product management utilities.

       Sysop Action: Add items to Product Management Menu menu. View objects
       oPriceProtection and oProductManagementUtilities

       06/29/07 – Add Sales Tax Certificate tracking to Company Master off of the Sales Tab. New
       Comment and Images Type = “ST”. Tied the tax number field in the Shipto Master to the tax
       Certificate table for each customer. Prompt on Tax Number field in Shipto Panel displays list
       setup in customer record. If customer is set to TaxType = RESALE the tax certificate number
       is required during entry/edit of customer record. Modified Order Entry to not default the
       company information into the order header shipto fields if there is no default shipto address.
       This will force the selection/creation of a properly formed shipto record for the order header to
       load from and point to. This can be defaulted by setting F248: SOEDEFST to “Y” which will
       return to the original behavior but will not assure that a corect Shipto address is selected. If
       the Shipto TaxType is RESALE Order entry requires that the shipto tax_date has not expired.

       Named Field F60:79 to Tax_Date. This allows stroing when the tax certificate expires in the
       order header.

                Sysop Action: Utility program FV018T04 is used to load the TaxCertificate table
                out of existing Shipto Records (available on Cove download site, ST2 compiles).

                Note: The Tax Date is now important as the system checks for expiration.

                Hint: Use the Generic Field loader to load a date in the Shipto.Tax_Date field
                before running FV018T04.

                Business Process Improvement: The reseller tax certificate can now be stored
                as an image attached to the Tax Certificate record, which is attached to the
                customer record.

       06/30/07 – Created StreamVNightly.Exe Application. This program contains the nightly
       processing routine. When the program is started it can be passed the workspace name and
       BATCH on the command line to automatically start the processing. If BATCH is passed to the
       program it looks in F240:SCR:NIGHTLY:LIST for a list of the routines it should run. The text

       field in this record contains the token. The first are ACCOUNTHOLDER and ORDERHOLDER
       which auto launch the following Report Views:

         oAccountHolderNightlyJob – This report places customer accoutns on hold if they have NET
       terms invoices than F248: ACCTHLD1 days overdue. Only open invoices over F248:
       ACCTHLD2 are tested. The code respects the Skip_Holds company flag as well as the normal
       hold processing controls (assignment etc.) As accounts are put on hold any open sales orders
       for the account are put on hold too (A hold).

         oNightlyOrderAudit - This report checks if the tax certificate has expired for the order. If so
       the order is placed on „N‟ hold.

       Notes: There is no login process in the nightly program. Logs are written to F248:sys-log
       directory as XML files.

       07/02/07 – Added date selection to Customer Incident Lookup to allow filtering by opened or
       closed since a specific date ● Added code to tax Certificate audit in DD to check if the state the
       shipto addresss is in accepts foreign state tax certificates. See tax Certificate Apnote for
       details and table definition ● Added option to import buying group members from a list off
       Company Names (name CF/LF, etc…). Select option from Browse More Menu in Buying
       Group Master ● Added code to Shipto.DD to only check for resale tax certificates if the shipto
       is for a state that the company has Nexus in. Code checks F240:SCR:NEXUS:STATES. If
       the state initials are in the list a tax certificate is require. List is formated: AK,NY,CA,etc…

       07/03/07 – Added option to edit sales order from PO Requisition screen ● Added code in PO
       Requisition View to check if Vendor has Nexus in a state when creating a PO for a vedor
       shipment. List of states where vendor has Nexus is stored in
       F240:SCR:NEXUSVEN:{account} ● Added reserved comment number TX:1400 to stroe
       account hold history. ● Added code to SOE to limit loaners to wearhouses listed in TextData
       Record: "SCR" "LOANERS" "WHSLIST", if it exists. Also if F248: SOHOLDLO is set to Y the
       system will place all Loaner orders on “H” hold.

       07/04/07 – Added option to email purchasers out of sales order entry. Selection on More
       Menu generates an email to all purchasers who have POs outstanding for lines on the sales
       order, with contents of the sales order broken down. Operator can then delete what they don‟t
       want and send email. ● Added order contact to Order Entry contact Order Info Tab with
       prompt for list of contacts for customer. Added same prompt to Ship Contact on shipping tab
       in SOE. Added option in SOE to email order to customer. Defaults to contact in order header

       FS278.3.15 – 07/07/07 - Added two indicies on SoHead file to support Customer Order Lookup
       searchs by Po and Ref#. Modified Customer Order Lookup to use new indicies.

       Sysop note: MU 15 changes index F60:9 to <company><po_no><order_no> and creates
       F60:14 as <company><ref_no><order_no>

       Sysop Action: MU 15 is automated for Native, must be done manually for server systems.
       Set F248:COVEMU15 to DONE : SoHead indicies

         07/05/07 – Created following procedures for eCommerce.

            oCatalogDetail.Call "msg_Output_Related_Items", sItem, "XXX"
            oCatalogDetail.Call "msg_Output_Warehouse_Lines", sItem
            oCoveSession.Call "msg_Output_CoveTextDataContent", "TST", "TEST", "TEST"
            oCoveSession.Call "msg_Output_CoveCommentContent", "XX", "XX", 0

           oCoveSession.Call ("get_Return_CoveCommentContent", "XX", "XX", 0 )

       Updated Catalog Detail in eCommerce to use new functions ● Updated Related Item to
       expose Data_1 as Type field for use with eCommerce

         07/06/07 – Fixed search on shipto browse in Company Master and Company Detail.

      07/13/07 – Fields named.
                    Catalog – Cost_type (F108:76)
                    Serial - CommCost (F26:82), Target_Price (F26:83), Condition (F26:60)
                    PoHead – Tax_Date (F100:109)
                    InvTran – Cost_Type (F91:52)

      Added “no inactives” selection to Catalog Lookup (in order entry).

      07/16/07 – Added Allocated Orders amount to OrderCreit Review Panel ● Added code to make
      special prices radio on Catalog Master and Detail sticky ●

      07/17/07 – Added option to Deposit Management to attach comments and images to a deposit
      batch. Image and Comment Source are DM, the Ident is the batch number. Attachments can
      be made to the deposits in the grid using the command and image buttons. The More Menu
      selections can be used to look at images/comments attached to deposited batches ● Added
      switch to control the insert of tax codes – F248:TAXCRTIA

      07/19/07 – Added support to import payment (ACA) files to Cash Application.

      02/20/07 – Add support for Dim Weight in Freight Rating. Named field (DIMFACTOR) in
      Freight File (F24) which contains the dim factor by service. Added cubic calculation to order
      entry. Logic is: if catalog.cubic <> 0 use it, if not, if catalog.dim_wieght loaded use it, if not then
      calculate size using dimensions. Modified AIT, Pilot and Mach1 to use greater of actual weught
      or dim weight

      07/22/07 – Started converting reports to XSLT output – first one AR Deposit Report

      07/24/07 – Removed “Place Overdue Accounts on Hold” selection from AR menu. Now part of
      nightly process, which can be run on demand.

      07/26/07 – Named COD_TYPE field in Terms file to hold the type of funds to be collected by
      the carrier for COD shipments. Added validation table (allows blanks) to Terms_DD

      07/29/07 – Converted Aps_Without_Jes and AP_Tax_Register reports to XML ●

      07/31/07 – Switch to updating this doc on the top.


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