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Free Contract for Deed Form by xvq19903

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Free Contract for Deed Form document sample

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									Filed for Record at Request of &
When Recorded Return To
Grantee's Name
Grantee's Mailing Address
Grantee's City, State, & ZIP

                                   (Upon Distribution of Real Property
                                      Subject to a Land Contract)

Abbreviated Legal Descr.:
Parcel No.:

   1. Grantor. I, GRANTOR'S NAME, am the duly appointed, qualified, and acting Personal
Representative of the Estate of DECEDENT'S NAME, Deceased, King County, Washington,
Superior Court Case No. 04-4-12345-6 SEA.

      2. Grantee. The Grantee is GRANTEE'S NAME.

    3. Decedent’s Estate. Decedent DECEDENT'S NAME died on date of death. On date of
admission, Decedent’s Will was admitted to probate and Grantor was appointed Personal
Representative of Decedent’s estate and granted Nonintervention Powers for the administration
of Decedent’s estate.

    4. Will Provision. Article            of Decedent’s Will provides that the residue of Decedent’s
estate shall pass to Grantee's Name.

   5. Real Property. Among the assets of the residue of Decedent’s estate is the following
described real property located in King County, Washington (the “Real Property”):

Lot         , Block         , of      .
Parcel No.

More commonly known as: Street address of real property.

Assessor's Property Tax Parcel/Account Number: 123-456-789.
    6. Real Estate Contract. The Real Property is subject to that certain Real Estate Contract
dated January 2, 2000, executed by Decedent's Name, as Seller, and Buyer's Name, as Buyer,
and recorded on January 2, 2000, under Auditor's File No. 98765, Records of King County,
Washington, for the purchase and sale of the Real Property (the “Real Estate Contract”). On the
date of recordation, excise tax in the amount of $ 123.45 was paid under Receipt No. 56789.

   7. Consideration. This conveyance is made in consideration of Decedent’s gift in his/her

    8. Conveyance & Assignment. Grantor assigns, conveys, grants, quitclaims, and transfers
to GRANTEE'S NAME all of the interest of Decedent’s estate in:
        a. The Real Property (together with all after-acquired title of the Grantor to the Real
           Property), which interest represents Decedent’s interest in the Real Property at
           his/her death., and
        b. The Real Estate Contract.
Grantee assumes and agrees to fulfill all the terms and conditions of the Real Estate Contract,
and Grantor covenants that its current unpaid principal balance is $ 9999.99.

DATED: ______________________

                                     Estate of DECEDENT'S NAME, Deceased

                                     By: ________________________________
                                         Grantor's Name,
                                         Personal Representative
                    ) ss.

        On this day personally appeared before me Grantor's Name, known or proved to me to be
the individual described in and who executed the within and foregoing Personal
Representative’s Deed & Assignment of Real Estate Contract, and acknowledged that he/she
signed the same as his/her free and voluntary act and deed, for the uses and purposes therein

       GIVEN under my hand and official seal on: _____________________________

                                   Printed Name

                                   NOTARY PUBLIC for Washington

                                   Residing at: _____________________________________

                                   My appointment expires on: ________________________

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