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                                                  LAW 5.0 PreDiscovery™
                                                           Licensing Guide

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Table of Contents

System Requirements .............................................................. 2
LAW 5.0 Installation ................................................................ 4
LAW 5.0 License Profile Manager ........................................... 12

System Requirements

   Hardware and
                                    Minimum                   Recommended
Processor Speed (CPU)
 (Not specifically written
  to support Dual-CPU
                                      1.7 GHz                       3.0 GHz
systems so performance
  increase may not be
    Memory (RAM)                      512 MB                        1.0 GB
                                                                   100 MB
                                                           Extra hard drive space is
      Hard Drive
                                       60 MB                   needed for case
                                                            databases, documents,
  Support Operating
       Systems                Windows 2000 Pro SP 4
 (Windows 2000 Server,                                         Windows XP SP 2
  Windows Server 2003            Windows XP SP 2
  NOT recommended)

                                                            LAW cases stored on a
                             Single PC with LAW cases
                                                           network server and allows
     Case Storage             stored on the local hard
                                                             LAW client stations to
                                                               access the cases

                               LAW 5.0 supports the following back end databases:
                                SQL Server 2000/2005, SQL Express 2005, Access
    Case Databases
                             2000, and ADS 8.0. SQL is the recommended database
                              10/100 network required           Gigabit network
        Network              for production into shared     recommended if working
                                       cases                    across network
                             A scanner supporting ISIS drivers, for a list of
  Scanner Hardware           supported scanners see
                             LAWtsi supports TWAIN devices.
                             Office Professional (with current service packs): 2000,
                             2002 (XP), or 2003 (2003 recommended)

                             Internet Explorer 6.1 Service Pack 1
 Software Required for
   Proper Operation          Quick View Plus Version 8
  (Native File Printing)
                             Volo View Express Version 2.1 (download can be
                             provided from

                             Adobe Standard or Professional 7.0 or higher (Adobe

                            Reader supported but not recommended)

                            Lotus Notes Version 6.5 or higher

                            Up-to-date anti-virus software
                                 Network based USB hardware key. At least one
       Registration          available USB port located on a machine accessible by
                             all LAW 5.0 client stations via the network is required.
                                Depending on workload and number of cases, it is
                             strongly recommended that LAW cases are backed up.
                               The backups become extremely valuable in case of
                              hardware failure or other unforeseen circumstances.

Additional Notes:

LAW 5.0 requires that the source application be installed for all native document
types to be printed to paper or converted to TIFF. For example, Microsoft Word must
be installed to print Word documents and WordPerfect documents. Microsoft Excel
must be installed to print Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, and Quattro Pro worksheets. Microsoft
PowerPoint must be installed to print PowerPoint slideshows/presentations, and so

Although anti-virus software is not required, we highly recommended having up-to-
date anti-virus software installed (and running) on the LAW 5.0 machines during
processing. Image Capture Engineering is not liable for any damage caused by
viruses embedded within processed documents.

LAW 5.0 Installation

When installing LAW 5.0 for the first time on a PC, users will need to download and
execute the latest full installation file for the software. Once this has been
completed, future releases may be applied by downloading and running the smaller
updates on each machine, unless otherwise specified at that time.

Use the steps provided in this guide to install LAW 5.0 on each station. Note: Be
sure that all 4.0 and 5.0 dongles (hardware keys) have been removed from the
stations prior to the installation.

   1. Download the full installation file for LAW 5.0 using the link provided by
      Image Capture Engineering.

   2. Double-click to run the installation file. The Installation Password dialog will
      appear. Enter the password provided by ICE, then click <OK> to continue.
      LAW will create a Setup.ini file in the same location as the full installation file
      containing this password. When the installer is executed again, and this file is
      present, the password will be automatically read from the .INI file and the
      Installation Password dialog will not appear.

   3. The LAW 5.0 “Welcome” dialog will appear, stating the version of LAW that
      will be installed. Click <Next> to continue.

4. The Legal Access Ware License Agreement dialog appears next. Read through
   the terms, then choose the “I accept the licensing terms” radio button to
   accept. Click <Next> to continue.

5. The Select Components dialog will appear. Read the descriptions of the three
   available options below, then choose the necessary items and click <Next>
   to continue.

       a. Legal Access Ware 5.0 – Installs the full version of LAW 5.0 on the
          current PC. The exact version (i.e. 5.0.25) was listed on the
          “Welcome…” dialog (see step 3).
       b. Informatik Image Driver 4.0 – Installs the Informatik driver, used
          to convert native files to tiff images in LAW, using the Tiff Conversion
          batch process.
       c. Sentinel Server 7.3 – Installs the Sentinel driver for the license key
          (dongle). This must be installed on the machine to which the key is
          physically attached (referred to as “License Server”), but should not be
          installed on any other machine. The PC housing the key does not need
          to be an actual “server”; however, other LAW stations will need to be
          able to “see” it across the network.

6. The next LAW 5.0 Installation dialog prompts the user to select a destination
   directory. The default path is listed as C:\Program Files\Law50. If necessary,
   make changes to the path. Click <Next> to continue.

7. The next dialog allows users to choose whether or not to create backups of
   any files replaced during installation. If “Yes” is chosen, the dialog discussed
   in step 8 will appear. If “No” is selected, move to step 9. Click <Next> to

8. If the user selects “Yes” to backup replaced files (see step 7), the “Select
   Backup Directory” dialog will appear. The directory for the backup files will
   default to the Law50\BACKUP.

9. The Select Programs Folder dialog appears. The default selection is LAW 5.0
   (Start->Programs->LAW 5.0). Make changes if needed, then click <Next> to

10. The LAW 5.0 Installation “Ready to Install” dialog appears. Click <Back> to
    make any changes to the previously selected options. If no changes are
    needed, click <Next> to begin the installation process.

11. If only the “Legal Access Ware 5.0” component was selected, the necessary
    files will be installed, then the user will just need to click <Finish> when the
    final dialog appears. After clicking <Finish>, restart the PC (will likely be
    prompted to do so). If additional components were selected, move on to step

12. If the Informatik component was selected, the Print Driver Assistant dialog
    will appear. Click the “Informatik Image Driver 4.00” entry, then click

                                     - 10 -
13. Choose <Yes> (or <No> if desired) when prompted to set Informatik as the
    default printer.

14. Click <OK> on the message box that indicates the Informatik driver was
    installed successfully.

15. If the “Sentinel Server 7.3” component was selected, it will be installed at this
    time. This install should run automatically and require no interaction from the

16. Click <Finish> when the “Installation Completed” dialog appears. Restart the
    PC when prompted.

                                      - 11 -
LAW 5.0 License Profile Manager

LAW 5.0 uses a server-based licensing scheme, making it easier for the tracking and
assignment of licenses. All licenses are maintained on one hardware dongle that is
installed on a host computer, referred to as the license server. Each workstation is
then able to access the License Server via the network to “check out” available
licenses for use on that individual workstation.

The LAW 5.0 License Profile Manager enables users to quickly select licenses, create
profiles, and identify the licenses in use and which licenses are currently available.

Initially Launching LAW 5.0 or LAW 5.0 Profile Manager

There are two ways to establish or change the hostname (computer name) of the
machine hosting the 5.0 hardware key using the LAW 5.0 License Profile Manager.

   •   Launching LAW 5.0 executable
   •   Launching the LAW 5.0 Profile Manager (standalone)

Upon the initial launch of the LAW 5.0 executable or the LAW 5.0 Profile Manager, an
Enter Admin Password dialog will appear. Enter a password, which will be later
needed in order to perform administrative functions contained within the LAW 5.0
License Profile Manager. The password must be a minimum of six characters. Click
<OK> after specifying a password.

Next, a Change License Server dialog will appear.

                                         - 12 -
Enter the hostname of the PC to which the LAW 5.0 dongle is physically attached. In
this example, ICESQL was used.

   •   NOTE: If LAW is installed on a network and the Law50.exe is shared, a user
       will only have to enter the hostname once. If LAW is executed locally, LAW
       5.0 will have to be launched on each workstation and the hostname will have
       to be identified for each.

   •   NOTE: If a hardware key is not found on the specified machine, a message
       will appear stating that the “Hardware key is not found” and will ask to try
       another server.

       If <Yes> is chosen, the Change License Server will appear once again and a
       new hostname will need to be specified.

Click <OK> after entering the hostname. The LAW 5.0 License Profile Manager will
appear. The License Server name will display the hostname entered by the user in
the Change License Server dialog.

                                        - 13 -
   •   The     located to the right of the License Server name will allow users to
       change the license server hostname at any time.

   •   There are two default entries: <Any Available Licenses> and <Custom>.

              •   <Any Available Licenses> will “check out” one of each available
                  license. Those licenses will then be unavailable to any other
                  workstations utilizing the same key. Highlight <Any Available
                  Licenses> then click <OK> to use this method. If the Profile
                  Manager was launched via the Law50.exe, LAW 5.0 will launch
                  after clicking <OK>.

              •   <Custom> allows the user to select specific licenses based on the
                  function(s) the user will be performing in LAW. For example, if the
                  user will be scanning, they may only choose the Scan license. To
                  pull a custom selection, highlight <Custom>, then click <OK>.

                     o   The Select License(s)… dialog will appear, showing a list of
                         license modules.

                     o   Check the box to the left of the license(s) that are needed
                         for the session. Click <OK>. Only the selected licenses will
                         be checked out and ready for use on that workstation.

Checking License Availability

Click on the           button. A prompt will appear asking for an administrative
password. Enter the password specified when the Profile Manager was first launched.
The LAW 5.0 License Profile Manager (Administrative Mode) will appear.

                                        - 14 -
In this mode, all Profiles will be displayed, as well as the availability of licenses,
including the total number of licenses, licenses in use, and available licenses. The
Administrative Mode dialog enables users to Add New Profiles, Change Password, and
Refresh the key to ensure the proper amount of licenses is shown.

Creating Custom Profiles

Click            on the initial LAW 5.0 License Profile Manager dialog to create a
custom profile. Enter the administrative password. The Add New Profile dialog
appears. Enter the name of the profile and, if desired, a description. The “Default
Profile” option is available if you wish the user to default to the assigned profile.
Select the licenses to include in the profile. Click <OK>.

                                          - 15 -
The new profile will now be available for selection in the Profile Manager. To use the
profile, ensure it is highlighted in the list, then click <OK>. If the Default Profile
option was selected, the profile will be automatically highlighted when the License
Profile Manager dialog is launched by the user. If the “Prompt for Profile when
starting LAW” option is disabled, LAW will automatically “check out” the licenses that
were assigned as the Default Profile, bypassing the LAW 5.0 License Profile Manager

                                        - 16 -

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