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                                              A Publication of the Singapore Embassy in Manila • December 2005

                                                                                                                               What's On
Forum for East Asia Latin America                                                                                                               in       Singapore
COOPOratiOn Young Parliamentarians Forum                                                                                     JANUARY
                                                                                                                             Chinese New Year is welcomed with colourful
                                                                                                                             dragon dances and parades. The colour red is

       amba, soccer, bossa nova and some of the                                                                              rampantly displayed as the Chinese believe it
       best beef in the w o r l d . That is the extent                                                                       to be a lucky colour. "Ang Pows" (red packets
       of what many Asians know about Latin                                                                                  containing money) are given to children for
       America. But young parliamentarians from                                                                              good luck and bright lights add festivity to
the region, w h o attended the inaugural Forum for                                                                           the streets of Chinatown. Two big events to
East Asia - Latin America Cooperation (FEALAC)                                                                               celebrate the New Year are the Singapore River
Young Parliamentarians Forum in Singapore from                                                                               Hong Bao and the Chingay Parade.
22-24 August 2005 w i t h their Asian counterparts,
hope t o change this perception.                                                                                             FEBRUARY
      40 young parliamentarians from          Latin                                                                      Thaipusam is celebrated in honour of the
America and Asia attended the inaugural Forum                                                                            Hindu deity Subramaniam. This is a day of
where they exchanged ideas on developmental                                                                             atonement when devotees fulfil their vows
experiences, challenges facing East Asia and Latin                                                                      to
                                                         The young parliamentarians helping themselves to local Singapore the deity. Devotees carry 'kavadis' (ornate
America, and ways to strengthen regional ties and        cuisine at an open air food stall.                              bow-shaped frames with skewers) and make the
cooperation. The parliamentarians also called on                                                                         procession from Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple
Senior Minister Goh ChokTong, w h o first m o o t e d the idea of FEALAC during his visit to Chile in 1998.              in Serangoon Road to Sri Thandayudhapani
Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Tarmugi and Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo hosted dinners for the                   Temple in Tank Road.
delegates where they savoured popular Singaporean dishes. The parliamentarians also visited several
local constituencies to gain an insight into how Singapore parliamentarians conduct their work at the                    Hari Raya Haji commemorates the Haj
grassroots level.                                                                                                        pilgrimage to Mecca. Pilgrims are given the
      In his welcome speech, Speaker Abdullah highlighted the usefulness of the forum in gaining                             title of Haji (for men) or Hajjah (for women).
knowledge of the various legislative systems f o u n d in different FEALAC countries and also the rich                       Muslims spend the day in prayer, and ritually
histories and cultures from which they developed. He noted that such exchanges offered the o p p o r t u n i t y             slaughter sheep and distribute the meat to the
to build up trans-Pacific relations at the people-to-people level. Deputy Prime Minister S Jayakumar urged                   poor as a form of charity.
the t w o regions to foster closer economic ties by pointing to the significant increase in Latin America-Asia
trade caused by g r o w i n g demand for basic commodities. DPM Jayakumar noted that China's imports                         MARCH
from Latin America have increased by more than 600% over the last five years to reach US$21.7 billion. To                                      is celebrated on the fifteenth
deepen the process of interaction, DPM Jayakumar suggested that the t w o regions could negotiate more                       day of the second lunar month. Taoists flock
bilateral air services agreements as a start. On Singapore's part, the second Latin American Trade Office                    to elaborately decorated temples to offer
(after Mexico City) in the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo was opened by International Enterprise Singapore                      blessings and prayers to their deity.
(IES) in September 2005. IES also organised the annual Latin America-Asia Biz Forum to facilitate greater
trans-regional business interaction.                                                                                         Singapore International  Festival for Children
     Besides the discussions, the parliamentarians from the 22 participating countries agreed t o take                       awakens the artistic instincts of children
concrete measures t o enhance the links between Latin America and Asia. One such measure is the setting                      through musical performances, circus theatre,
up of an internet weblog to be hosted by Singapore which w o u l d help the participants maintain contact                    mask play, puppetry, and storytelling.
              IH_                                        and exchange ideas on a regular basis. The
                                                         parliamentarians also agreed to make the
                                                         f o r u m an annual event. Mexico will host the                     APRIL
                                                         next session in 2006 while Malaysia will host                       Singapore Fashion Festival offers a preview
                                                         it in 2007.                                                         to the season's trendiest colours, fabrics, and
                                                                          FEALAC has come a long way since the               styles through a series of exciting fashion
                                                                    idea was conceived in 1998. In 2001, the                 shows and exhibitions, as well as product
                                                                    Foreign Ministers'inaugural meeting was held             launches.
                                                                    in Santiago. Since then, FEALAC's membership
                                                                    has increased from 27 to 32 countries. Most              For more information, visit
Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong (front, sixth from left) with young   recently, the Dominican Republic indicated its
parliamentarians from Latin America and Asia.                       interest t o join the Forum.

                                                        Forum for East Asia Latin America Cooperation • Asean 100 Leadership Forum 2005 • Hurricane Katrina Relief Operation
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                                                        Regional Cooperation To Tackle Avian Influenza • Asean Network On Environmentally Sustainable Cities-Visit To Novaliches
                                                        By Mt Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church Singapore • The Asean Scholarship • TheTemasek Scholarship
ASEAN 100 Leadership                                                                                                 ASEANIOC

Forum 2005                                                                                                           LEADERSHIP FORUM

                                                                                                      Southeast Asia in TransitiotvWhere tofromHere?

                                                                                                              2* * 29 S » M » » * » * r 30«5   81M-C*tUoi> Mill«nl» Singapore

       he ASEAN 100 Leadership Forum 2005, with the theme" Southeast Asia
       in Transition: Where to From Here?" was held on 28-29 September 2005
       in Singapore. Attended by top businessmen, parliamentarians and civil
society leaders from Southeast Asia, the Forum focused on the theme of
future leadership, where the participants themselves are expected to play
                                   key leadership roles in their respective nations.
                                   The participants discussed a variety of measures
                                   which they felt the region had to undertake in
                                                                                        Debating the topic of ASEAN's competitiveness are Senator Manuel Roxas II (left) and
                                   order for ASEAN to become a stronger regional
                                                                                        Dr Victor Fung (right) (Photo courtesy of Asia Inc Forum).
                                        Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong opened the forum and stressed that ASEAN's potential could be enhanced
                                   by: (a) having an outward-looking approach and building network of ties through Free Trade Agreements; (b)
                                   encouraging faster economic integration within ASEAN; (c) building a greater sense of community and looking
                                   out for its interests; and (d) connecting the whole of the region's 550 million citizens and sensitising them to
                                   their common destiny.
                                        Among the participants from the Philippines were Senators Manuel Roxas II and Francis Pangilinan.
                                   Pangilinan stressed that the challenges brought about by globalization had taught the Philippines the valuable
                                   lesson that "no man is an island" and argued that his country should do more to integrate itself with the rest
Senator Francis Pangilinan during  of ASEAN to reap the benefits of regional integration. Roxas took part in a lively debate with Dr Victor Fung,
the Forum discussions.             Group Chairman of Li & Fung, on the topic of India and China's economic resurgence and its impact on ASEAN's
(Photo courtesy of Asia Inc Forum) economic integration.

President Nathan Re-Elected
                             President S R Nathan, 81 years old, was re-elected as Singapore's president on 1 September 2005. President
                             Nathan, who assumed the presidency in 1999, was returned to office unopposed. A former senior civil
                             servant who served as Singapore's ambassador to the United States, President Nathan has endeared himself
                             to Singaporeans during his tenure with his close involvement in charity and grassroots activities. He has
                             indicated that he will continue to ensure that the presidency remains a people-friendly institution during
                             his second term in office.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Operation
The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)
contingent     which    deployed four     Chinook
helicopters and 41 personnel to Louisiana to
assist in relief operations for Hurricane Katrina
victims successfully completed their mission on
10 September 2005. The RSAF contingent worked
closely with the Texas Army National Guard from                                       ,
their base at Grand Prairie, Texas. The contingent
flew more than 80 sorties and transported over
800 evacuees and security personnel as well as
more than 540 tonnes of equipment, humanitarian
supplies, and sand for the relief effort.

An RSAF crew looks out over a flooded area in Louisiana during the relief operation
(Photo courtesy of MINDEF)

Filipina Graduates                                                                                           Filipinos in Singapore
with Employers' Help
      WHEN Filipina Jourgina Dagoplo came                                                                         The Ngs'encouragement did not stop
to Singapore as a maid 13 years ago, she                                                                     at academic qualifications. In 1999, when
thought that would be her job forever.                                                                       the family moved to Shanghai where Dr Ng
      But her employers soon made her re-                                                                    was posted, they asked Miss Dagoplo to at-
alise that should not be the case and they                                                                   tend the children's Mandarin lessons.
enrolled her in a part-time course at the In-                                                                     Said Ms Dagoplo: The people in China
stitute of Technical Education (ITE).                                                                        spoke only Mandarin so I had to as well.
      In 1997, Miss Dagoplo got the Worker                                                                   You should see how surprised the hawkers
Improvement through Secondary Educa-                                                                         in the market were when I answered them
tion (WISE) certificate, her first since she                                                                 in Mandarin.'
completed primary school in the Philip-                                                                           She started her second ITE course
pines.                                                                                                       when the family returned here in 2001 and,
      The 32-year-old recently graduated                                                                     for the past few years, has spent most of
with a National ITE Certificate in electron-                                                                 her Sundays attending full-day classes.
ics, specialising in computers and network-                                                                       'I don't have days off but it's okay. Edu-
ing.                                                                                                         cation is more important,'she said.
      Her proud employers - Dr Richard Ng,                                                                        Dr Ng is now looking for a better-pay-
a 57-year-old general manager at General                                                                     ing job at a factory for her, so she can use
Electric, and Madam Miriam Chan, 50, a                                                                       what she has learnt.
former university lecturer in Manila attend-          Jourgina with Dr Ng and Madame Chan                         If she gets another job, she will con-
ed her graduation ceremony.                                                                                  tinue to live with the Ngs. They will employ
                                                          Juggling her homework with house-
      The couple, who firmly believe in good                                                                 another maid, whom she will supervise.
                                                      work for the family of six in a two-storey
education, have paid her fees and, on occa-                                                                       Today, Miss Dagoplo, who learnt to
                                                      house was not easy but Jourgina never
sion, driven her to her night classes, which                                                                 use basic computer programs from Dr Ng's
                                                      thought of giving up.
she took three times a week.                                                                                 sons, doubles as a governess, helping the
                                                          'My Sir and Madam were so encour-
      On the days she had lessons, they and                                                                  Ngs' youngest daughter, Mairin, with her
                                                      aging, I wanted to do my best,' said Miss
their four children, whose ages range from                                                                   Powerpoint presentations for school.
                                                      Dagoplo, whose salary supports her farm-
12 to 28, had dinner at 5pm so she could
                                                      er parents and seven younger siblings in
make it to class on time. She would do her                                                                   (Adapted from the Straits Times)
homework after class. If she had problems
                                                          'They say I can't work forever as a maid,
with her lessons, Dr Ng, an engineer by
                                                      and I have to find a better life and future.'
training, helped her.

2005 Outstanding Filipinos in Singapore
      The 107th Philippine Independence Day celebrations in Singapore
organised by the Philippine Embassy on 12 June 2005 saw five outstanding
 Filipinos recognised for their exemplary contributions.            Philippine
Ambassador Belen Anota gave the"2005 Outstanding Filipino in Singapore"
awards to:
      Ms Jennifer Alejandro for her achievements in the field of broadcast
journalism which has enhanced the image of Filipinos in Singapore as a
competent professional and community builder;
      Mr Danilo Casio for devoting his time and effort in supporting
community projects for the benefit of Filipinos in Singapore and for
promoting friendship and camaraderie among Filipinos across the region
by institutionalizing the Annual Bowling Invitational for OFWs;
      Mr Rico Hizon for his excellence as a professional broadcaster as well as
for his commitment to the promotion of Philippine arts and culture and his
pursuit of community projects for the benefit of Filipinos in Singapore;
      Ms Rozanna Lichnock for her volunteer work in charity projects for the
                                                                                The 2005 Outstanding Filipinos in Singapore with Ambassador Belen Anota (third
benefit of Filipinos in Singapore and for being committed to pursuing skills
                                                                                from left)
upgrading by Filipino workers for better employment opportunities;
      Ms Encarnacion Montales for being a consistent model worker and
a passionate community leader involved in various charity and training
projects for Filipinos in Singapore in the last 17 years.
    Diverse Training                                                              THE SINGAPORE

                                                               The Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP) was established in i 992 and is managed by
    The SCP covers a diversity of
                                                        the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is Singapore's way of sharing with our neighbours
    training fields. These include:
                                                        the technical competency and skills that we have developed over the years. When Singapore
    • Civil aviation                                   became independent                 in 1965, we benefited         from developed countries'      investments in our
    • Port management                                  human resources development                      through   technical assistance.    To the best of our ability     and
      Environmental management                          within the limits of our resources, Singapore has been passing the knowledge gained,                            value-
                                                       added with our own                  practical.
    • Telecommunications
                                                       experience,           to     developing        *'
      Community policing
                                                       countries       both in the          region
    • Productivity                                     and beyond.
    • Information technology                                  The SCP offers training            in
    • Banking and finance                              areas such as Communications                     and Transport, Economic Development and Trade            Promotion,

    • Waste management                                 Environment, Healthcare and Humanitarian                      Assistance, Information    Technology,   Management
                                                       and Productivity,          Public Administration           and Law, Tourism and Urban Development.         To date,
    • Healthcare
                                                       more than 1,200 Filipinos have undergone training                      courses under the SCP.
    • City planning

    The Philippine Alumni

MRS JOCELYN G. ACOP, RN, MPA                           home visit. We especially enjoyed our "Night                       MR JEFFREY OCAYA
Assistant Professor                                    Safari" tour and the delicious meal hosted by                      Computer Programmer
College of Nursing                                     MFA.                                                               National Statistics Office
University of the Philippines                               We would continue to value the friendship
                                                       that was established during our course. Indeed,                    Internet Application, Analysis, Design and
Short Course on Nursing Management                     I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the                       Development
                                                       Singapore government and its people for this
    "The course aptly provided us with a               wonderful and unique experience!                                     "Singapore uniquely shines internation-
    broad perspective of the healthcare                                                                                     ally as it distinctly continues to enjoy en-
    delivery system of an advanced country                                                                                  viable success in governance, information
    like Singapore."                                                                                                        technology and quality of people."
                          - Mrs Jocelyn Acop                                                                                                           - Mr Jeffrey Ocaya

     The course, sponsored as part of the                                                                                       Impressively dynamic - that's how I would
Singapore      Cooperation    Programme         and                                                                       describe the country of Singapore in general.
organised bytheAlice Lee Institute of Advanced                                                                                  I visited Singapore a few years ago on a
Nursing of the Singapore General Hospital, was                                                                            holiday tour. I was awed at the impeccable
attended by 25 participants from 12 different                                                                             cleanliness of the city-state and its good
countries. We are mostly nurse managers at                                                                                infrastructure. I did not know whether to feel
various positions of the nursing care delivery                                                                           jealous or be encouragingly inspired. More of an
industry.                                                                                                                optimist, I decided to share this experience back
     The course provided a broad and                                                                                      home to relatives and friends.
comprehensive perspective of Singapore's                                                                                        Luckily, 2005 gave me an opportunity to
advanced healthcare delivery system, which                                                                                revisit Singapore. In July, I attended a two-week
could be adopted by any country and was thus                                                                             course on Internet Application, Analysis, Design
relevant for the Philippines. It is very efficiently                                                                     and Development at the Institute of Systems
run and the lecturers are experts in their fields.                                                                       Sciences under the Singapore Cooperation
Besides the daily lectures, the course included                                                                           Programme.
site visits and clinical attachments that are                                                                                  The course was professionally handled by a
useful in helping us bridge the gap between                                                                              group of competent resource speakers in a very
theory and practice. The programme allowed                                                                               relaxed and fun environment. They ensured that
us to know our counterparts and their best                                                                               we had a meaningful experience. I found the
country practices through sharing sessions.                                                                              discussions satisfyingly straightforward and easily
     The friendly staff from the Ministry of                                                                             comprehensible. Most of our resource speakers
Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Alice Lee Institute                                                                        were women and discussions reflected on real-life
spent some time to orientate us to the local                                                                             scenarios, at times tackling gender-related issues
culture and lifestyle. The programme included                                                                            in the information technology sector. I found this
a brief city tour of Singapore and a modified          Mrs Acop in front of the Merlion                                  method to be interesting and lively.

                                               ON OF SINGAPORE COOPERATION PROGRAMME
                                                  Training Courses • January - March 2006
  Course                        Regional Judicial Symposium
                                10-14 Jan 2006
  Course                        Modern Tilapia Culture Training Course
                                15-21 Feb 2006
  Course                        Aircraft Accident Investigation- Organisational Factors and Major Issues
                                20-24 Feb 2006
  Course                        Airport Certification
                                20-24 Feb 2006
  Course                        Checkpoint Competencies- Goods Clearance in Singapore
                                21-27 Feb 2006
 Course                         Checkpoint Competencies- Passenger Clearance in Singapore
                                28 Feb-6 Mar 2006
 Course                         Asean Senior Cooperative Management Programme
                                28 Feb- 6 Mar 2006
      These SCP Training Courses are open to Filipino civil servants. For more information on application procedures and terms of awards,
               please contact the Singapore Embassy. Tel: (02) 751-2345 Fax: (02) 751-2346 Email:

                                                        ATTY GRACE LU-SANTOS                                  All were very friendly. We openly shared our
                                                        Legal Affairs Attorney                                insights and experiences in the application
                                                        Office of the President                               of Effective Dispute Management in our own
                                                                                                              countries. Our mentors, from the Singapore
                                                        Effective Dispute Management                          Mediation Centre, had full-grasp of the subject
                                                                                                              matter and were effective communicators.
                                                          "Apart from the management skills, I                     As a lawyer, I find the course very relevant.
                                                          learned a lot about the basic principles           The legal system around the world, including
                                                          of effective mediation     and   negotiation       the Philippines, has evolved into one that
                                                          useful for public service."                        encourages open settlement, negotiation and
                                                                               - Atty Grace Lu-Santos        agreement between parties to resolve conflict
                                                                                                             faster and with least cost to both parties. At the
Mr Ocaya with his host family                                I am privileged to be one of the participants    Legal Affairs Office, part of our mandate is to
      My fellow participants, who came from             who attended the course on Executive                  provide assistance in resolving administrative
diverse industrial backgrounds, were equally            Programme on Mediation and Negotiation:              cases brought to the Office of the President. It
impressive. Aside from networking, Internet             Effective Dispute Management in a Changing           would be advantageous for our Office to use
and software development experts, we also had           Worldon 8-14 June 2005 in Singapore.                 alternative modes of resolving disputes such as
participants from the broadcasting industry.                 20 other participants from Asia, Africa and     mediation to expedite the resolution process.
All of us had an enjoyable and meaningful               Latin America attended the training course.                Apart from the management skills,
stay in Singapore, and shared happy moments                                                                  I learned a lot about the basic principles
together inside and outside the classroom.                                                                   of effective mediation and negotiation for the
      One of the most memorable experiences                                                                  public service.       The values of fairness and
for me was the site visit to the office of                                                                   integrity were emphasized in achieving success
Crimson Logic. They shared stories on how e-                                                                 in conflict resolution.
governance in Singapore was realised. This                                                                         Singapore is a successful nation because
is where I witnessed a fully cost-effective IT                                                               of its effective leadership and success in
infrastructure being implemented and utilised                                                                maintaining racial harmony. The government
by the government and the private sector to                                                                  has been successful in inculcating a sense of
reduce business costs.                                                                                       diligence and discipline among its people. I
     Singapore uniquely shines internationally                                                               was happy to tour the city on my own and still
as it distinctly continues to enjoy enviable                                                                 feel safe. Among the places I visited were the
success in governance, information technology                                                                Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, Chinatown and
and quality of people. I have observed, both                                                                 numerous shopping malls.
in class and outside the curriculum time, the                                                                      The nine days I spent studying and touring
effectiveness of the Singaporean way of life                                                                 Singapore was truly inspiring. I intend to pass
in promoting a responsible, respectable and                                                                  on to fellow Filipinos what I have learned from
disciplined citizenry.                                                                                       the SCP.

                                                     Atty Lu-Santos at the Singapore loo
    If K A ®                                                    ^Investments
Uniquely Singapore, Uniquely Podium
    Singapore - a city pulsating with life                            Uniquely Singapore, Uniquely Podium,
where tourists never seem to get enough                               which marked the launch of Singapore
of. The magical lure of the city state was                            Tourism Board-Philippine's series of fun
showcased in an exciting event dubbed                                 destination roadshows.
                                                                           The launch on 5 and 6 November
                                                                      was highlighted by a dance extravaganza
                                                                      featuring the cultural dances of Singapore's
                                                                      four major races - Chinese, Malay, Indian
                                                                                                                                             Gracing the event are (from left to right) Podium Mall Manager
                                                                      and Eurasian. Through the performances,
                                                                                                                                             Steven Tan; Ambassador Lim Kheng Hua; STB Area Director
                                                                      guests were given a glimpse of Singapore's
                                                                                                                                             Rocson Chang and Keppel Properties Senior Vice President Sin Wai
                                                                      rich and varied culture. The launch also                               Meng.
                                                                      featured fun activities where lucky guests
                                                                      took home giveaway items such as limited                               event, led by Singapore Ambassador Ms
                                                                      editions of Uniquely Singapore Monopoly                                Lim Kheng Hua and Keppel Properties
Joining in the fun are (from left to right) Deputy Chief of Mission
                                                                      sets and return airtickets to Singapore.                               Philippines Country Head Sin Wai Meng, as
Desmond Hg; Festival Supermall's Marketing Manager Cynthia                 Members      of    the     Singaporean                            well as representatives from the travel and
Esteban and First Secretary Adrian Chan.                              community turned up to support the                                     media industry.

C i c h MM Ci%                                                                                                                               Citylights
     Fish & Co. has opened two new outlets
at Greenbelt 3 and Shangri-La Mall Edsa
                                                                      Middle East, Australia, Indonesia and China.
                                                                      Now, Filipinos will finally get to savour the                          Gardens By Woh
since September 2005. The grand opening                               delectable delights of Fish & Co.
at Greenbelt 3 was a lavish affair as invited
guests were treated to a sumptuous                                                                                                           Hup Group
seafood experience amidst the ambience
of a rugged and hip fish warehouse.                                                                                                                  Singapore property developer Woh
      The food is served fresh and straight
                                                                                                                                             Hup Group launched the development
up in a pan much in the same way as the
Mediterranean fishermen who cook their                                                                                                       of its condominium project Citylights
seafood immediately upon returning from                                                                                                      Gardens at a lavish ceremony in Cebu City
the sea. Some of the favourites at Fish &                                                                                                    on 8 September 2005. The evening affair
Co. include Mussels, Calamari and Fish and
                                                                                                                                             was graced by Cebu Governor Gwendoline
Chips. The restaurant had its beginnings
in Singapore when its owners wanted to                                                                                                       Garcia and Singapore Ambassador Lim
establish a mid-level seafood restaurant                              Opening the first Fish & Greenbelt 3 are (L-R) William Stelton,
                                                                                                                                             Kheng Hua.             In his remarks, Chairman
with an international contemporary flair.                             Fish and Co Managing Director Ricky Chew, Tessa Prieto Valdes,         Eugene Yong articulated his confidence
From its beginnings in December 1998,                                 Singapore Ambassador Lim Kheng Hua, Vince Carlos and Tony
                                                                                                                                             in the success of the project by stressing
Fish & Co. has since expanded into Malaysia,                          Ruhno.
                                                                                                                                             that expatriates in Cebu who are looking
                                                                                                                                             for a premier residence in a prime location
Kopi Roti                                                                                                                                    would find their project very attractive.

    Kopi Roti, the"kopi tiam"(coffeeshop)                             same way as in Singapore's famed kopi
from Singapore, made a splash in Manila                               tiam stalls.
                         with the opening                                   One of the main attractions is the
                         of its first branch                          Kopi Bun which has a luscious crust of
                         in Quezon City                               caramelized coffee and a sweetish butter
                         on 18 September                              filling. Paired with the houseblend coffee
                         2005. Since its                              and tea, the Kopi Bun makes for a complete
                         opening,       Kopi                          meal in itself. Other must-trys on Kopi
                         Roti has earned                              Roti's menu include the popular Kaya Toast
                         a loyal following                            and French Toast.
                         for its irresistible                               Given its immense popularity with the
                         array of specialty                           working crowd, Kopi Roti is set to open
                         breads          and                          another branch in Katipunan Avenue                                     Launching the Citylights Gardens project are (from left to right)
                         coffee and tea                               across Quirino Medical Hospital. Kopi Roti                             Singapore Ambassador Lim Kheng Hua; Cebu Governor Gwendoline

                         prepared        the                                                                                                 Garcia; Ed Gal/ego; Margot Osmena and Chairman Eugene Yong.
                                                                      is open daily from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m.
                                                                                           Singapore in the Philippines
Regional Cooperation to
Ifltf it I If nMIull lIIIIlluIIZu
     Minister for National Development, Mr Mah Bow Tan,                                       \
led the Singapore delegation to the 27 th Meeting of the
ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry (AMAF) and                                                                       29 September 2005
        th                                                                                                                          and
the 5        Meeting of the AMAF+3 held on 29-30 September
                                                                                                                ai mil if i mi SKIS IJDBHIB m mm
2005 in Tagaytay City.                                                                                          30 September 2005 , Tagaytey City, PNiippiqes
    The main issue of discussion at the meeting was how
ASEAN should tackle the Avian Influenza (bird flu) threat.
AMAF endorsed several proposals for                             implementation
which included the proposal for an ASEAN Taskforce
to work closely w i t h the World Health Organisation to
formulate detailed action plans t o control and eradicate
bird flu in the region.

                                The ASEAN Agriculture Ministers posing for a group photo

                                                               ASEAN Network on Environmentally
                                                               Sustainable Cities
                                                                    Professsor Koo Tsai Kee, Senior              Cities" which is an ASEAN initiative by the
                                                               Parliamentary Secretary (SPS), Ministry of        ASEAN Working Group on Environmentally
                                                               the Environment and Water Resources,              Sustainable Cities led by Singapore. The
                                                               Singapore, visited Manila from 27-                Network serves as a platform for the
                                                               28 September 2005 to attend the 9th               exchange and sharing of environmental
                                                               Informal ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on             best practices and capacity development
SPS Koo sharing a light moment with HE Michael Defensor,
                                                               the Environment and the 4th ASEAN Plus            among participating ASEAN cities, ASEAN
Secretary for Department of Environment & Natural Resources,
                                                               Three Environment Ministers Meeting. At           dialogue partners and other international
Philippines and HE Pehin Data Haji Abdullah Data Haji Bakar,
Ministry of Development, Brunei Darussalam at the 9th IAMME.   the meeting, SPS Koo launched the'ASEAN           organisations.
                                                               Network on Environmentally Sustainable

Visit to Novaliches by Mt Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church Singapore
     A group of volunteers from Mt Carmel                      the village folks. In preparing for the visit,    and given medical attention. The mother
Bible Presbyterian Church Singapore visited                    the group worked closely with Canadian            cried in gratitude when she could not find
Manila from 21 to 28 May 2005. During                          missionary Reverend Myron Harrison who            the words to thank the group for saving
their stay, the group provided assistance                      has served in the Philippines for more than       her child.
to the Mt Carmel Bible Christian Fellowship                    30 years.
in Novaliches as part of its outreach and                            According to group leader Ho Khee
welfare ministry in partnership with Filipino                  Chang, a particular episode during the
missionary Flor Aristotle.                                     visit taught the group what it meant to be
     The Singapore church visits Novaliches                    serving God by touching the lives of the
twice a year to share the Gospel as well as                    poor in Novaliches. The group was visiting
carry out social welfare programs such as                      the home of an injured boy called Zyrou
medical treatment and food distribution.                       when they realised that his one-year old
During the visit, the volunteers conducted                     brother Airou was vomiting profusely. The
a three-day Bible Camp for children and                        volunteers brought Airou to a pediatrician
adults alike in discipleship teaching and                      and found out that he was suffering from
pastoral training. The group also organised                    severe dehydration. They quickly brought          Some of the Singapore volunteers providing medical treatment to
sports activities and a film screening for                     him to a hospital where he was warded             the residents of Novaliches
                                            THE ASEAN SCHOLARSHIP

     Nine     Filipino     scholars                                                               Examinations will continue,
have taken up the ASEAN                                                                           on scholarship, for two years
Scholarship        to     complete                                                                of pre-university studies in
their senior high school and                                                                      top junior  colleges, leading
pre-university      education    in                                                               to    the   CCE     (Advanced)
Singapore from 2006. These                                                                        Level Examinations.      These
scholars come from Luzon,                                                                         scholarships are        offered
Visayas and Mindanao. Before                                                                      by Singapore's Ministry       of
their departure, Ambassador                                                                       Education in line with the
Lim Kheng Hua personally                                                                          Singapore Government's long-
congratulated         the    young                                                                term objective of facilitating
scholars         and         junior                                                               human resource development
                                  (Left to right) Alon Mendez, Calvin Caleb Sy Damon Evan Garcia,
ambassadors at a scholarship Ambdassador Lim, Zipporah Clariz Duque, Candice Lauren Mete, in ASEAN countries.
award     ceremony    at    the and Leonard Kenneth Barro. (Absent from the ceremony were              Each award      covers a
Singapore Embassy on 17 Jixseylo Portacion, Rowland Anthony Imperial and Jessie James scholarship allowance                  with
October 2005. The scholars Dizon)                                                                 hostel         accommodation,
were accompanied by their                                                                         exemption from school fees,
proud parents and guardians.                                          return airfares, subsidised medical benefits and
     The ASEAN Scholarships are offered annually                      accident insurance cover. Scholars are selected on
to outstanding     students    in ASEAN member                        the basis of academic merit, leadership qualities
countries. They provide an opportunity for studies                    and their potential to contribute to community
in top secondary schools and junior colleges in                       development. The Singapore government does not

Singapore leading to the General Certificate of                       impose a bond on the scholars. Upon graduation,
Education (Advanced) Level Examinations. Scholars                     the scholars are encouraged to return to serve their
who perform well in the CCE (Ordinary) Level                          home countries.

     The Singapore Govern-
                                        THE TEMASEK SCHOLARSHIP

                                                                                                     2006. Prior to their depar-
                                                                                                                                 •        Singapore Newsletter
                                                                                                                                          is published by
                                                                                                                                          The Singapore Embassy
                                                                                                                                          35th Floor Tower I
                                                                                                                                           The Enterprise Center
                                                                                                                                          Ayala Avenue corner
                                                                                                                                          Paseo deflorasStreet
ment awarded the 2005/06                                                                              ture, Deputy Chief of Mis-          Makati City, Philippines
                                                                                                                                          Tel: (02)751-2345
Temasek Scholarship to six                                                                           sion Mr Desmond Ng hosted            Fax: (02) 751-2346
outstanding      Filipinos     to                                                                    a farewell reception at the          Email: singemb@singemb.

pursue the Master in Public                                                                          Embassy for the scholars.
Policy (MPP) Programme at                                                                                  The MPP        Programme
the Lee Kuan Yew School of                                                                           is designed to provide stu-
Public Policy. They are Ms                                                                           dents with the        knowledge
Chani Marie Solleza and                                                                              and training      necessary to
Ms Raquel Alvarez of the                                                                             adopt a         multi-disciplinary
Wallace Business Forum; Mr                                                                           approach     to the develop-
Patrick Wilson Lim of the                                                                            ment and         implementation
Bulacan Provincial       Govern-    The scholars at a farewell reception held at the Embassy. (Back, of public     policy     alterna-
ment; Ms Margarita       Lavides from L-R) Mr Bryan Bicencio, Singapore Defence Attache Col Puah tives. The Temasek Scholar-
of the Office of Congressman Lian Seng, First Secretary Mr Raymond Chow and Mr Patrick Lim; ship covers full tuition fees,
Edmund Reyes; LtJG WiItest-        (Front, from L-R) Ms Margarita Lavides, DCM Ng, LtJG Willester
                                                                                                     return airfare,    accommoda-
er Robles of the Department Robles and Scholarships Officer Ms JCAtienza. (Absent from the tion, living allowance, med-
                                   reception were Ms Chani Marie Solleza and Ms Raquel Alvarez)
of National Defence and Mr                                                                           ical benefits and insurance
Byron Bicencio of the National Economic Devel-                         cover. The candidates were selected on the basis
opment Authority.        The six scholars          departed            of their individual accomplishments and future
for Singapore in July 2005 and are scheduled                           potential as well as their academic and profes-
to complete their MPP programme in December                            sional        distinction.

For more information on various Singapore scholarships, please call the Singapore Embassy, Tel: (02) 751-2345

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