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                AUGUST 2005

Municipal Action Plan Development Brief
1. Municipal Capacity Assessments were conducted in the 14 Project Consolidate municipalities between 28 June 2005 and 1
July 2005.
2. Reports were compiled per municipality based on an analysis of the capacity assessments.
3. The Municipal Reports were provided to each municipality.
4. Each municipality is expected to develop a Municipal Action Plan based on the critical issues identified in each report as well
as reaffirming the existing municipal action plans. Some municipal actions plans that have been compiled do not provide
sufficient detail to track and report on progress.

5. A template has been provided for the purpose of developing the Consolidated Municipal Action Plan.
6. The template is based on the programming of interventions against the 8 Key Elements of Project Consolidate. The
Consolidated Municipal Action Plan Template captures the detail to enable reporting to be done at all levels.

7. The template requires the input of basic information on the programme of intervention, timeframes for implementation, project
process milestones, financial information and the responsible entity.

8.1. Project Registration Number: This is the project number captured in the IDP for this particular project. The project number
together with the project detail must be filled in under the appropriate Project Consolidate Element 1 to 8. If a project number
does not exist do not create a number.
8.2. Problem Statement: This is a description of the the critical issue/s identified in the municipal capacity assessment. The
critical issues are captured in each Municipal Report and may have been raised at an Imbizo. It also refers to the context which
exists. Example: "The municipality has established ward committees as provided for in Part 4 of the Local Government:
Municipal Structures Act (Act 117 of 1998). While there are 7 Ward Committees, only one is functioning. Ward Committees need
training in order to understand the complex environment in which municipalities operate. This programme is therefore intended
to strengthen the ward committes and empower them to function effeciently and effectively"

8.3. Description of the project / programme: The intervention which will address the achievement of the objective as identified
as a critical issue through the capacity assessment. This intervention could be a programme (group of projects) or single project
which may bring about the desired change. Example: Programme: Establishment and training of Ward Committees

8.4. Project Deliverables with measurable values / Key Performance Indicators:These are the quantitative and qualitative
performance measures that will show the extent of progress being achieved.
8.5. Baseline to measure progress: This is the status quo in respect of what is needed, backlog etc.
8.6.Targets to achieve the deliverable / objective / backlog: The target for the 2005 / 2006 financial year is required as well
as for the 2006 / 2007. The target for 2005 / 2006 is then broken down into the 4 quarters against which will be reported. This
target is based on the project implementation plan as detailed on page 2. Example: Baseline is 5000 sanitation units still
required. Target for providing sanitation is 1000 units in 2005 / 2006 and 1500 in 2006 / 2007. Q1 100, Q2 200, Q3 250, Q4 250

Page 2 of the Consolidated Municipal Action Plan Template :
8.7. Project Key Activity Milestones (process): These are the key activities (milestones) that must be completed to complete
the project successfully. Example 1. Project discription: supply 1000 households with basic sanitation. Project milestones may
include: Compile BP, Prepare ToT, Council approval, Call for tenders, Adjudicate tenders, recommend appointment to Council,
Council approval, appoint contractor, Contractor on site, implementation underway, commissioning certificate signed project
closed. Example 2. Project Distrciption: Appoint Technical Head. Project milestones may include: Approve organisational
structure, Compile job profile, Advertise post, conduct interviews, Submit to Council for approval, appoint candidate.

 7/19/2010                                        PROJECT CONSOLIDATE                                                           2

8.8. Responsible Person, Title & Section in Municipality: The entity in the Municipality who will take responsibility for driving
the programme/ project to completion.

8.9. Timeframes: The planned starting and completion date for the intervention, as well as the duration in months

8.10. Financial Resource Requirements:
8.10.1. Budget Required: The funds required to implement the intervention
8.10.2. Budget Available: The funds available in the present budget for the intervention. Yes, no, partically funded.
8.10.3. Budget Deficit: The difference between the required and available funds which needs to be sourced to fund the
intervention now. There may not have been a provision on the budget for this particular intervention.
8.11. Direct Support: This is support that may be provided by a line Department to the Municipality.
8.11.1. Line Department Supporting: This is the name of the line Department providing support to the Municipality.
8.11.2. Type of Support Being Provided: This support may be financial, technical, operational, materials, donor support etc.

 7/19/2010                                        PROJECT CONSOLIDATE                                                         3
                                                                                                                      Municipality Code                                             Date                               Page 1.
                                  Problem Statement                Description of             Project Deliverable              Baseline to                               Target to achieve desired deliverable
                     Project                                          Project                  with measurable                  measure              Target for the   Target for the Quarter 1.    Quarter 2.  Quarter 3.     Quarter 4.
                   Registration                                                                                                                                                       End Date      End Date    End Date      End Date
                                                                                                 values / KPI                   progress              2005 / 2006      2006 / 2007
                                                                                                                                                                                      (Sept 2005)  (Dec 2005) (March 2006)   (June 2006)
                   No. (in IDP)                                                                                                                    financial period financial period

                                  The Lebalelo bulk water       Provision of water          Construction of 4 reservoirs, 1   Raw bulk water       Application to the       Implementation of
                                  supply project has been       reticulation and portable   water treatment plant, 2 pump     supply from the      value of 77 Mil in       the first phase of the
                                  completed. 97 villages        water supply                stations and 23.3km supply        Olifants river       respect of the first     project to be rolled
                                  currently do not have         infrastructure to 161 000   line to enable the community      which cut across     phase of the project     out to cover 22
                                  access to the water.          people from Lebalelo        to access water from Lebalelo     22 villages          has been submitted       villages
                                                                Water User Association      bulk water supply.                already exists.      to DPLG for
                                                                Bulk Water supply main                                                             approval.
                                  30 000 households do not      Provision of electricity    Provision of electricity to 30
                                  have access to electricity.   infrastructure to 30 000    000 households to be
                                                                households.                 completed within the next two
                                                                                            years as per the IDP of the

                                  There is a backlog of         Provision of sanitation     Provision of sanitation facilities 41 334           2451 households to
                                  sanitation to 53 968          facilities to 53 968        to 53 968 households within        households have be provided with
                                  households. These             households.                 the next two years.                access to basic  sanitation facilities.
                                  households are below the                                                                     sanitation above
                                  RDP standard.                                                                                RDP standards.

                                  51 450 households do not      Provision of refuse         Acquire equipment and             currently refuse     Refuse compactor to
                                  have access to refuse         removal to the entire       personnel to render refuse        removal is           delivered and render
                                  removal.                      households.                 removal to all the wards in the   rendered at          service to Penge &
                                                                                            municipality within the next      Praktiseer,          Mecklenberg which
                                                                                            five years.                       Steelpoort,          are currently not
                                                                                                                              Mapodile,            receiving services.
                                                                                                                              Burgersfort and

                                  Incomplete PHP housing        Complete all unfinished     163 housing units to be           163 housing          163 outstanding
                                  projects at Bapedi-Ba-        PHP housing units .         completed in 2005/2006            units to be          housing units will be
                                  Dinkoanyana, Manoke &                                     financial year.                   completed in         completed from the
                                  Steelpoort Park.                                                                            2005/2006            additional funding of
                                                                                                                              financial year.      R2.9mil which has
                                                                                                                                                   been requested.

                                  Lack of Town & Regional       Complete and adopt the      The first phase of the project    Implement the        The first phase of the
                                  Planning capacity to          spatial development         to be completed during            spatial              spatial development
                                  address spatial               framework plan.             2005/2006 financial year.         development          framework to be
                                  developmental needs.          Establish Town and                                            plan at all the      adopted by council.
                                                                Regional Planning                                             proclaimed
                                                                department.                                                   towns.
                                                                                                                              Appoint 2x Town
                                                                                                                              & Regional

                                  Shortage of land for          Negotiate for the           Acquire adequate land in          Currently there is   Land has been
                                  housing developments.         purchase of land with the   Burgersfort and surrounding       no land available    identified for
                                                                Traditional Leaders and     areas within the next financial   for development      development of
                                                                Private land owners.        year.                             at the proclaimed    which funding will be
                                                                                                                              towns.               requested.

                                  Lack of socio-economic        Develop a serious           Finalise the LED strategy by      Draft Local          Municipal council to
                                  infrastructure to support     LED strategy.               30/06/2006.                       Economic             adopt the LED
                                  LED and currently 61.5%                                                                     Development          strategy and
                                  of the population is                                                                        Strategy has         implement.
                                  unemployed.                                                                                 been developed.

                                  Accumulation of               Implement credit control    Implement the credit control  Draft credit             Ensure that all
                                  outstanding debt which is     policy and other debt       policy by 30/06/2006. Conduct control policy           outstanding debts
                                  currently at R17 million.     recovery mechanisms         awareness campaign on         has been                 are handed over to
                                                                such as suspension of       payment of services.          developed and            the attorneys for
                                                                services.                                                 the tender for           collection. Conduct
                                                                                                                          debt collector           awareness on
                                                                                                                          advertised.              payment of services
                                                                                                                                                   by consumer.

                                  No indigent policy and        Finalize the approval of    Approved indigent policy and      Complete             Complete indigent
                                  register                      the indiget policy and      register.                         indigent register    register in all
                                                                compile the indigent                                          in all municipal     municipal wards.
                                                                register within the next                                      wards.
                                                                financial year.

                                  Lack of performance           Establish and maintain   Functional performance               No employment        Utilise MSIG grant of
                                  management system             performance              management processes and             contract nor         R734 000 to finalise
                                                                management systems.      systems by 01/07/2006                performance          the PMS of the
                                                                Develop performance                                           agreement for        municiplaity.
                                                                measures and indicators.                                      section 57
                                                                Performance evaluation                                        employees.
                                                                and monitoring.

                                  Unsatisfactory                Capacity building for 27 29 functional ward                   27 ward              Establish two
                                  performance of ward           ward committees.         Committees.                          committees in        remaining ward
                                  Committees. 2 ward            Establishment of the                                          place.               committees and
                                  committees remain             remaining two ward                                                                 capacitate them.
                                  unestablished.                committees. Develop and
                                                                implement community
                                                                participation strategy.

                                  Lack of municipal anti-       Develop & implement anti- Fraud prevention plan and           Internal auditor     Develop & implement
                                  corruption and prevention     corruption and fraud      systems.                            appointed. An        anti-corruption and
                                  plan and systems.             prevention plan.                                              advert has been      fraud prevention plan
                                                                                                                              made for             and finalise the
                                                                                                                              appointment of       appointment of the
                                                                                                                              members of the       audit committee
                                                                                                                              audit committee.     members.
Name of Municipality:

                 Project Key Activity Milestones Responsible Person,           Time-Frames                          Financial Resource Requirements
   Project                 (Process)              Title & Section in Start date End date Duration                    Budget      Budget      Budget
 Registration                                        Municipality                            (in                    Required    available    Deficit
 No. (in IDP)                                                                              months)                              (Yes, no,

                Capacitate Ward Committees                 Director: CS              01/10/2005   30/06/2007   24 2,5 Mil     No          2,5 Mil
                Implement Business reingeneering process Municipal Manager           01/10/2005   30/06/2007   24 10 Mil      No          10 Mil
                Establish anti Fraud & Corruption          CFO                       01/11/2005   30/06/2007   12 1 Mil       No          1 Mil
                prevention plan policy and systems
                Planning, budgeting and implementing for   CFO & Technical Manager
                FBS ( water, electricity, sanitation)                                01/10/2005   30/06/2010   96 500 Mil     500 000     499 500 000
                Establish Financial management system to CFO
                support FBS                                                          01/11/2005   30/06/2007   24
                Establish indigent register and policy   Director: CS                01/11/2005   30/10/2006   12
National Level Perspective

                                           Pre-Imbizo                    Imbizo
                LM Action Plan          Planning Process            Issues raised and
                                         Current Status                   noted

       Reinforces                                                      Review in terms of:
                                            Issues identified          What
                                              and captured             Where
                                                                       By whom
                                                                       What bottlenecks

                                                                Synergy in respect of:
     Reporting and               Provincial Action              5 KPA
       review at:                      Plan                     IDP Project alignment
        MINMEC                     National HL                  8 Project Consolidate Programme Elements
          PCC                      Action Plan                  Bottlenecks identified and allocated to be resolved
         MITTT                                                  Line Department Support identifed
                                                                Monitoring, Evaluating & Reporting

                                                     M&E & Reporting
                                                     Strategic Support
                        Post Imbizo
                        How do we
                        address the

                                Action Plan

                             Project Plans

Consolidate Programme Elements
ks identified and allocated to be resolved
rtment Support identifed
g, Evaluating & Reporting
Local Level Perspective                               Where Imizo is held

                                  Pre-Imbizo                   Imbizo                  Post Imbizo
                               Planning Process           Issues raised and            How do we
                                Current Status                  noted                  address the

IDP           LM Action Plan

                                                              Review in terms of:               Compile
                                                              What                            Consolidated
                                  Issues identified                                            Action Plan
                                    and captured              Where
      Reinforces                                              By whom                       Project Plans
                                                              What bottlenecks              Business Plans
                                                                                            Feasibility Studies

                                                      Synergy in respect of:
                                                      IDP Project alignment
                                                      5 KPA
                                                      8 Project Consolidate Programme Elements
                                                      Bottlenecks identified and allocated to be resolved
                                                      Line Department Support identifed
                                                      Monitoring, Evaluating & Reporting

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