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					  Oklahoma Department Of Emergency

2007 Emergency Management Performance
            Grant (EMPG)

    Garrett W. Thornton, MS, CPM, OCEM, CFM
            Chief, Field Services Division
               Purpose & Objectives
               of the EMPG Program

The on-going purpose of the EMPG program is to encourage the
development of comprehensive disaster preparedness and assistance
plans, programs, capabilities, and organizations by the states and by
local governments.
          Sub-grant Purpose & Objectives

The purpose for sub-granting funds to local city and county
applicants is to assist them in building emergency management
capability at the local level.

The State and Local Assistance (SLA) Sub-Grant is intended to aid
local jurisdictions in filling key positions with trained and
experienced professionals and specialists and to contribute to the
operational costs of a viable emergency management capability.
         Sub-grant Purpose & Objectives
The objectives of this sub-grant are:

1.   To ensure that emergency management organizations are
     established and maintained to provide the basis for a
     capability to deal effectively with catastrophic disasters and

2.   To provide financial assistance for essential emergency
     management personnel and their associated administrative
       Funding Uses & Restrictions

Federal financial contributions for necessary and essential
emergency preparedness personnel and administrative expenses
may not exceed one-half of the total cost of such expenses.
EMPG funds used for the purchase of organizational equipment,
as defined in section 602 (a)(4) of the Stafford Act, must be
equally matched by the local jurisdiction from any source
determined by the State to be consistent with State laws.
       Funding Uses & Restrictions

Funds made available under authorities in Title VI of the
Stafford Act may be used for the purposes of preparing for
hazards and providing emergency assistance in response to
hazards. This use is authorized by Section 615 of the
Stafford Act and is limited to hazards as defined in section
602(a) of the Stafford Act.
                State Director’s
              Priorities / Emphasis

• This is a performance based sub-grant. Seventy percent
  (70%) of each SLA Sub-Grant award will be paid
  quarterly following receipt of the quarterly report. Each
  quarterly report will provide the status of the line items
  contained in Article V. Scope of Work of the SLA
  agreement. Thirty percent (30%) of each sub-grant will
  be contingent on the accomplishment of specified projects
  selected by the applicant and as contained in the Sub-
  Grant application.
                State Director’s
              Priorities / Emphasis

• SLA Sub-Grant recipients are required to conduct an
  exercise during the performance period of the Sub-Grant.
  They are strongly encouraged to work with their
  neighboring jurisdictions to improve and expand
  preparedness and response capability.
• Local governments are also encouraged to focus attention
  on improving their response capability to terrorism and
  hazardous materials incidents.
                    Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible a local jurisdiction must:

1. Have an emergency management agency established by law.
2. Have local funds allocated to cover the entire cost of the
   jurisdictions emergency management office, independent of any
   sub-grant money.
3. Have an Emergency Operations Plan that has been formally
   adopted by the jurisdiction on file with the State.
                     Eligibility Criteria
4.   Establish and maintain a reliable 24 hour point of contact.
5.   Employ a salaried full-time (40 hours a week) or part-time (20
     hours a week) Emergency Management Director whose
     duties/responsibilities fulfill tasks related to comprehensive
     emergency management; who shall serve as “Chief of Staff” during
     an emergency; and by virtue of authority of the chief
     executive/administrative officer, coordinate all functions of
     emergency management by the jurisdiction (i.e. mitigation,
     preparedness, response, and recovery).
                     Eligibility Criteria
6.   If personnel other than the Director are hired, they must be hired in
     accordance with the jurisdiction’s hiring procedures.

7.   Be in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

8.   Have adopted NIMS and have complied with the minimum
     compliance requirements as evidenced by the compliance
     certification found in Part 4 of the Application entitled Standard
                       Scope of Work
The following five (5) line items, together with the three (3)
projects contained in Part 3, “Project Narrative” of the SLA Sub-
Grant Application comprise the (required) scope of work of this

They are as follows:

   I.    Each jurisdiction is required to annually review and
         update its Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).
                 Scope of Work
II.   During the Sub-Grant’s performance period (October 1,
      2006 -September 20, 2007) each jurisdiction shall have
      the option of conducting two (2) un-graded tabletop
      exercises, or one (1) graded functional or one (1) graded
      full-scale emergency exercise. The exercise must
      adhere to FEMA’s Comprehensive Exercise Program
      (CEP) policies, guidance and practices.
      A jurisdiction that receives an unsatisfactory rating on
      their initial exercise will be allowed an additional
      opportunity to conduct a satisfactory exercise. The
      second exercise is a MUST PASS requirement.
                      Scope of Work
 Those jurisdictions that experience a major disaster that receives a
 Gubernatorial or Presidential Disaster Declaration prior to the date
 established for their exercise may petition the State Director for a
 waiver of the exercise requirement.

  The Petition package shall include the following items:

  A cover letter addressed to the director requesting the waiver.

  A completed HSEEP Reporting Form Checklist/Coversheet
     together with the supporting documentation as outlined in the
     bottom right block entitled “Actual Occurrence”.
                     Scope of Work
III. Each jurisdiction will establish and maintain a reliable 24-hour
     point of contact. This will be accomplished by a manned 24-
     hour telephone answering point, a cell phone number, or a
     combination of a land line telephone, cell phone and pager
     employing “roll-over” technology.
IV. Each Emergency Management Director will complete Twenty-
    one (21) hours of continuing education during the performance
    period of this agreement (October 1, 2006 through September
    30, 2007).
                 Scope of Work
In support of the national initiative for state and local
jurisdictions to become National Incident Management Systems
(NIMS) compliant, if requirements have not been met, the
following courses must be completed during FFY 2007:
  –    IS-100, Introduction to the Incident Command System
  –    IS-200, Basic Incident Command System
  –    IS-700, NIMS, An Introduction
  –    IS-800, National Response Plan, An Introduction

  –    ICS-300, Intermediate ICS
  –    ICS-400, Advance ICS
                    Scope of Work
V.   The Emergency Management Director for the political
     subdivision shall attend the entire Fall Emergency
     Management Conference.

VI. Each Jurisdiction will formulate three (3) performance
    based and funded projects. These will be enumerated in
    Part 3, Project Narrative, of the SLA Application which by
    reference is made a part of the SLA Agreement.
                    Scope of Work

1. During the 12 month performance period of the grant
   complete the Emergency Management Institute’s (EMI)
   Professional Development Series (PDS) and/or Advanced
   Professional Series. (PDS/APS Certificates dated prior to
   October 1, 2006 will not be accepted.

   Deliverable: A copy of the PDS or APS Certificate.
                   Scope of Work
2. Sponsor and participate in two (2) Public Awareness
   Campaigns during the performance period of the sub-grant,
   i.e., “Severe Weather Awareness Month” (March),
   “McReady” (May), etc.

   Deliverable: Resolutions, Proclamations, newspaper articles,
   news releases, photographs.
                     Scope of Work
3. Three (3) Emergency Management speaking engagement
   given during the performance period of the sub-grant.
   Deliverable: Meeting announcements, sign-in sheets,
   newspaper articles, or thank you letters.
4. Completion of the initial or refresher training in the use of
   OK-First weather software by a minimum of three of the
   jurisdictions emergency management personnel. Having
   three operators will facilitate 24 hour a day 7 day a week
   Deliverable: A copy of the training certificates.
                    Scope of Work
5. Attainment of initial Storm Ready Certification, or
   recertification during the performance period of the sub-grant.

   Deliverable: A copy of the certification.

6. Applicant formulated projects with an identified deliverable
   as approved by OEM.
           Sub-Grant Administration
a. Performance Period. The performance period for the EMPG is
   October 1, 2006 to September 30, 2007. Although the actual
   award date may be date other than October 1, the effective date
   of the grant is October 1.
b. Reports. Reports will be submitted quarterly beginning with the
   1st Quarter. Each Quarterly Report will be submitted using the
   “Quarterly Report Cover Sheet” and the report template
   provided in the forms section of the website. Quarterly reports
   will address every line item in Article 5, Scope of Work of the
   SLA Agreement, as well as the three projects. Each report is
   intended to be a standalone cumulative document. Reports must
   be received by OEM by close of business on the 15 th day of the
   month following the end of each quarter. Reports received after
   the 15th will place the jurisdiction out of compliance with the
   provisions of the sub-grant and subject to sub-grant termination.
          Sub-Grant Administration
c.   Other duties as assigned. During the grant period any
     tasking received by OEM from FEMA which requires local
     participation, shall become part of the sub-grant scope of

d.   Audit Letter. If a Political Subdivision receives
     $300,000.00 or more in Federal funds in Federal Fiscal Year
     2007, it will be responsible for compliance with the
     provisions of the Single Audit Act Amendments of 1996.
     That Political Subdivision shall submit a copy of their audit
     letter signed by the auditor for Federal Fiscal Year 2007 to
                Application Package
   To apply for funding, the political subdivision shall submit an
   application package consisting of:

1. Part 1 - Application for Sub-Grant.

2. Part 2 – Budget Information. An OEM provided SLA Sub-
   Grant Funding Worksheet, accompanied by a Certified copy of
   the approved budget for the emergency management program,
   must be provided. Note: If the budget has not been approved, a
   tentative budget may be submitted. The tentative budget must
   be clearly marked tentative and a Certified copy of the adopted
   budget must have an original Seal of the political subdivision
   affixed to the document by the Clerk of Record of their
                Application Package

3. Part 3 – Project Narrative reflects the required projects the
   jurisdiction will need to accomplish.

4. Part 4 – The Standard Assurances
         Application Package


           TO OEM BY CLOSE OF


              State/Local Agreement

Following the award of funds, OEM will prepare a State/Local
Agreement. This agreement will set forth the terms and conditions
under which a sub-grant will be made to the political subdivision.
Two copies of the agreement will be signed and notarized by the
Director and mailed to the SLA Sub-grant recipient, one copy with
original signatures, belonging to the governing body of the local
jurisdiction, must be returned to OEM by December 30, 2007.
                 Payment of Funds to
                The Local Jurisdiction
The State shall provide payment of the base award amount (70% of
the FFY 2006 award amount) on a quarterly basis. Those
jurisdictions, whose quarterly reports are not received by the date
indicated above will receive payment with the following quarterly
Should a SLA applicant or sub-grantee appeal an unfavorable action
taken by ODEM, the following procedure shall be used: Within 20
days of the receipt of the notice of the action, the political subdivision
shall submit to the Director, Oklahoma Department of Emergency
Management, written notice of appeal. This notice should contain the
exact action being appealed and the supporting facts, as the political
subdivision knows them, along with any justification to substantiate the
claim of the political subdivision. The Director, ODEM, shall provide
the political subdivision with a written response within 15 days of
receipt of the notice of appeal. This determination by the State
Director is final.
               What’s New/Different
                    FFY 2007
Changed: Each applicant will formulate three (3) performance
  based projects of its’ own choosing. Sub-Grant Guidance
  Page 3 & 8

New: Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP)
  Reporting Form replaces FEMA Form 95-44. Sub-Grant
  Guidance Page 5

Changed: List of National Incident Management Courses
  (NIMS) courses that must be completed during FFY 07, if not
  previously completed. Sub-Grant Guidance Page 8
               What’s New/Different
                    FFY 2007
Changed: The completion of the Professional Development
  Series (PDS) and for the Advanced Professional Series (APS)
  if selected project must be completed during the performance
  period of the grant (1 October 2006 – 30 September 2007).
  Sub-Gant Guidance Page 8
New: Summary Sheet for Assurances and Certifications FEMA
  Form 20-16. SLA Application Package & Sample Application
New: Assurances-Construction Programs FEMA Form 20-16B –
  front and back. SLA Application Package & Sample
  Application Package
               What’s New/Different
                    FFY 2007
New: The Application For Federal Assistance FEMA form 424
  and the SLA Sub-Grant Funding worksheet are now linked.
  Start with the worksheet and the blocks 15a and 15b will
  automatically be entered in the Form 424. SLA Application
  Package & Sample Application Package

New: The SLA Quarterly Report Coversheet and the Quarterly
  Report Template are now one document. The coversheet will
  automatically print when you print the quarterly report. SLA
  Forms Section



                PART 1

Application for State & Local Assistance

    (Note: Use the indexes in your
        application in the order
   presented in the sample package.)
Application Form
                 Part 2

          Budget Information

    (Note: Use the indexes in your
application in the order presented in the
           sample package.)
 SLA Sub-Grant
Funding Worksheet
                    INSERT A CERTIFIED
                           FOR THE

                    REMOVE THIS PAGE
(Important: Joint city/county emergency offices will need to submit
      a certified copy of the county and city budgets if the lead
jurisdiction’s budget does not provide a complete budget amount for
                the joint emergency management office.)
                 Part 3

           Project Narrative

    (Note: Use the indexes in your
application in the order presented in the
           sample package.)
Project Worksheet
                 Part 4

         Standard Assurances

    (Note: Use the indexes in your
application in the order presented in the
           sample package.)
Lobbying Activities
Quarterly Report Coversheet
Quarterly Report
Quarterly Report
Quarterly Report
HSEEP Checklist/Cover Sheet

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