DC4S-BASE Dismounted Close Combat Command Control System

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                   Dismounted Close Combat Command & Control System
                                 for Battalion and Below

                                                                    UNPARALLELED C2 FOR BATTALION AND BELOW…

                                                                    DC4S-BASE provides the most comprehensive and proven
                                                                    combination of integrated Decision Support and C2 tools.
                                                                    The system enables SOF commanders in the field to
                                                                    access vital information such as tactical mapping, imagery,
                                                                    weapons systems databases and logistics information.

                                                                    The Mission Planning tool not only enables COA analysis
                                                                    but automatically generates Op Orders, Fire Plans and
                                                                    Intelligence Briefs. Having prepared and disseminated the
                                                                    Mission Plan to sub-unit Commanders, the system allows
                                                                    the unfolding mission to be monitored and coordinated as
                                                                    troops come into contact with the enemy.
Heightened Situational Awareness for Command
• Blue Force Tracking of mounted and dismounted
teams in GPS and GPS denied environments:
        •   Buildings and Built-Up areas.
        •   Bunkers, Tunnels, Caves and Mines.
• Red Force and threat overlays.
• Enables team members to keep track of each
others’ locations on map display in real time , in GPS-
enabled and GPS-denied environments.
• Helps to reduce fratricide risk, provides casualty
location etc.

Increases the Operational Tempo with reduced
workload for Commanders
• Enables commanders to monitor dismounted teams
on map display in real time.
• Weapon/Target Pairing provides Rapid Target
Hand-off and Calls for Fire.
                                                                    Designed specifically for small-unit commanders and staff,
• Automates time consuming tasks such as sharing
                                                                    this system enables:
of perimeter sketches, spot report data, obstacle data,
overlays with deployed teams, in real time.                         • Comprehensive Mission Planning and Rehearsal.
                                                                    • Terrain and Mobility Analysis and Route Planning.
Enhances Mission Planning, Rehearsal and AAR
capabilities                                                        • Dynamic Situational Awareness and tasking.
                                                                    • Full COP with text and graphics annotation.
• Dynamic Mission Planning and retasking on the fly.
                                                                    • Use of almost every known mapping format.
• Terrain and Mobility Analysis.
                                                                    • Interfaces to FBCB2, FalconView and C2PC.
• Automated real-time collaboration between mission
planners.                                                           • Dynamic Blue Force Tracking of dismounted troops.
• Mission simulation with Course Of Action options
                                            p                       • Small Unmanned Vehicle tasking and C2.
and attrition/logistics modeling.                                   • Networked, collaborative Fires and Effects.
• Automatically records the location and movement                   • Combat Supplies logistics planning and tracking.
histories of each team member for playback, AAR                     • Weapon/Target pairing and Target Hand-Off.
and development of interior sketches of buildings,
caves, etc.                                                         • Complete logging and After-Action Review.

            This information has been approved by the U.S. DoD Office of Security Review for public release. Ref#: 09-S-1690
                      Dismounted Close Combat Command & Control System
                                    for Battalion and Below

 MAJOR DC4S-BASE COMPONENTS…                                    SITUATIONAL AWARENESS…
 •   Map Server                                                 The Situational Awareness (SA) component allows identical data
 •   Terrain Services                                           to be shared in real-time to all systems. This allows every user to
 •   C4I Database                                               work from the same up-to-date information about the operation.
 •   Weapon System Knowledge Base                               To facilitate individual needs, the SA component allows each
 •   MIL-STD-2525B and HLS Symbology                            user to tailor the data view using filtering schema corresponding
 •   Distributed Data Services (DDS)                            to specific functions – this allows a User-Defined Operational
 •   Database Replication/Sharing                               Picture to be presented, which significantly aids understanding of
 •   Fire Control                                               the local situation
 •   Communications Interface
 •   Simulation                                                 NETWORKED EFFECTS COMMAND & CONTROL…
 •   Logistics Monitoring
                                                                The Networked Effects C2 component supports Decide,
 •   Visual Representation
                                                                Detect, Deliver and Assess methodology for Effects-
 •   View Management
                                                                based operations. Users send effects requests from
 •   Backplane
                                                                their tactical display, automatically creating “cursor on
                                                                target                          target s location,
                                                                target” calls for fire with the target’s location size and
                                                                characteristics. This component features:
                                        NIMA, ADRG, CADRG
                                        Maps, All Scales        • Shared Attack Guidance to select the right munitions
                                                                  and weapons mix for single or large target arrays
                                                                • Shared, distributed mission status informing all users of
                                                                  exact status of all fire missions
                                                                • Total asset visibility on all available weapon systems
              NIMA 5 and 10 meter
              C     ll d
              Controlled Image Base
                                                                  and munitions, not just artillery
                                                                                 ,     j           y
                                                                • No client-server weaknesses. If a fire control node goes
                                                                  down, all functionality and data at that node is preserved
                                                                  by other nodes via shared synchronized databases

                                        NIMA V-MAP 0-2,
                                        Urban Vector Maps

              ArcViewTM Shape Files &
              AuotCadTM DXF Files

                                           Depth Rendered
                                           Elevation Maps

DC4S-BASE imports and displays digital map data
from multiple NGA, USGS, and commercial formats
• CADRG all scales       • SDTS DEM, DLG                          SYSTEM CONFIGURATION
• ADRG all scales        • GeoTiff                                Standard configuration comprises:
      5-meter 10 meter
• CIB 5 meter & 10-meter • DOQQ Imagery
                                                                  • CF-19 Ruggedized, Lightweight Laptop
• DTED 0-2               • ArcView™ Shape Files
                                                                  • Integrated, long-life rechargeable Battery Pack
• VMAP 0-2               • ArcInfo™ Exchange Files
                                                                  • Radio (Government Furnished Equipment)
• Urban Vector Map       • AutoCad™ DXF Files
• DTOP                                                            • Operates in Linux, Windows XP and Windows Mobile
                         • UK OS
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