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					Connecting Data To Decisions

                                               The Assessment Profiling System (TAPS)
                                               TAPS is a metrics framework capability for enhanced
    for Command & Control                      decision support in any complex environment.

• A high-level visualization that provides
  relevant, near real-time assessment for
  decision support
• Collaborative situational awareness of
  plan implementation status and effects
• A process that numerically measures
  overall success and identifies problems by
• Customer-defined value assessments
• Near real-time results
• Self-briefing capability
• Consistent reporting format
• Web-based data reporting and processing
• Automatic or manual data collection
• Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI)
      for Command & Control

                                                                      AC T
The Solution Concept
The Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA) loop originally developed
by the military strategist Col. John Boyd theorizes that decision
making occurs within this continuing cycle. A military leadership
that can process this succession of steps quickly can get inside an       a logical framework for information and uses a multi-attribute-
opponent’s decision cycle and gain an advantage. TAPS provides            utility-based logic engine to consistently process incoming
the means to more quickly orient a decision maker by establishing         observations.

The Need                                         The Solution                                     The Benefit
Key requisites for today’s effects based         A decision-centric, web-based system:            TAPS is complementary to both deliberate
operations:                                      • Facilitates deliberative planning steps        and crisis action planning processes:
• Support a planning process that is             • Maintains Effects Based Operations             • Reduces recurrent staff work load by
  deliberative, effective and agile                 decision and information rate focus               providing an automated self-briefing and
• Provide an agent assisted capability                                                                reporting environment
                                                 • Accommodates strategic, operational
  where designated experts can contribute           and tactical decision tempos                  • Provides near real-time situation
  in a web-enabled network to support                                                                 awareness of task accomplishment or
                                                 • Implements information control
  decision makers with relevant                                                                       stagnation and resulting effects
                                                    solutions to the EBO problem
  information                                                                                     • Brings diverse elements together into
                                                 • Provides a self-briefing capability to
• Accelerate the ‘information rate,’ with                                                             one relevant view and establishes a well
                                                    optimize staff manning effectiveness
  appropriate pedigrees, to support the                                                               defined exit criteria or a given plan or
  warfighter’s decision making capabilities                                                           activity
  in a timely manner

 Connecting Data To Decisions
Access to Essential Information                                        Subject Matter Experts
TAPS provides rapid access to essential information for command        • Define the task as part of the TAPS process (Deliberate Planning)
decision making, most notably:                                         • Construct the TAPS metrics framework (detailed, hierarchical
1. Course of Action and Planning Development for plan choice and         description or “metric framework”)
  ongoing planning                                                     • Determine the relative “weight” of each metric as they
2. Current Operations for execution and management support               contribute to the environment being assessed
3. Time Critical Strike to enable opportune advantages                 • Establish the achievement / assessment criteria and numeric
4. Combat Assessment for clarity of action events with multiple          cardinal value assignments (relevancy)
  assessment profiles to further aid the commander in current and      • Pre-select assessments for measures of performance (MOP) on
  future decisions.                                                      which utility values are assigned

Importantly, TAPS accommodates the inherent
asynchronous characteristics of the different source
data refreshment rates and assessment cycles.

                                                                                Quantifiable Effects-based Assessments
                                                                                • Clear statements of the Commander’s intent and
                                                                                   Commander’s Critical Information Requirement status
                                                                                   that portray:
                                                                                   - Key enablers and objectives
                                                                                   - Effects on opponents
                                                                                   - Visibility of unintended consequences
                                                                                   - Assessment trends to build knowledge

One powerful feature of TAPS is to provide an immediate drilldown      • Shared situational awareness via:

of key relevant processed information to all decision makers in the      - Self-synchronization and self-briefing
organization, from any location that they can normally connect to        - Linkage of action contributions to effects
their network. Additionally this status or reporting can be provided     - Up/down Chain of Command visibility
to all participants, serving as an invaluable feedback mechanism.        - Agile re-organization capability
                                                                         - Speed of command and accountability
                                                                       • Planning support for:
                                                                         - “What if?” evaluation modeling
                                                                         - Establishing exercise/experiment data collection protocols
                                                                         - Focusing on “80/20” leverage points
   The Assessment Profiling System

   Applications                                                               Description and Functionality
   Command & Control Environments                                             • An advanced graphic visualization ideally suited for
                                                                                managing complex environments
   • Planning-to-Execution
                                                                              • Provides a web-based information service for near real-time
   • Network Centric Operations
   • Combat-to-Peacetime Transition
                                                                              • Logically fuses objective and subjective data inputs

   Readiness and Training                                                     • Hierarchical structure enables “drilldown” analysis of key
   • Ready for Tasking Status
                                                                              • Optional display formats
   • Skills Proficiency Measurement
                                                                                -   Radar charts (Kiviat)
   • Life-cycle Readiness                                                       -   Bar charts
                                                                                -   Column charts
   Program Management                                                           -   Line charts
   • High-level Integration                                                   • Accessible anywhere using Internet Explorer or Firefox
   • Status and Trends                                                          browsers
   • Risk Mitigation                                                          • Approved and used on Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI)

   • Information Security
                                                                              Technical Requirements
   Crisis Management                                                          Server
   • Resource Ready for Tasking Status                                        • Hardware
                                                                                - Minimum: P3, 800 MHz, 512 MB RAM, 100 MB HD
   • Plan Effectiveness
   • Crisis Response Effectiveness                                              - Recommend: P4, 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB HD space
                                                                              • Software
   TAPS is a system that numerically measures
   overall worth and identifies problems by priority.                           - Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2003 Server running
                                                                                  IIS web server
                                                                                - .Net framework v1.1
                                                                                - SQL Server 2000 or 2005 DBMS
About SYS Technologies
SYS Technologies provides information connectivity solutions that capture,
                                                                              • Internet Explorer v6.0+ or
analyze and present real-time information to decision makers. Using
interoperable communications software, sensors, wireless networks,            • Firefox v1.5+
decision-support tools and Net-centric technologies, our technical experts
enhance complex decision-making. We also provide solution lifecycle
support with program, financial, test and logistical services and training.

For additional TAPS information or a demonstration,
                                                                              SYS Technologies
Dr. Marco Fiorello, Mr. D.W. ‘Duck’ McSwain, Mr. Harvey McDonald or           Corporate Headquarters
Mr. Mike Welch at 858.715.5500.                                               5050 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92123
In the Eastern U.S., contact Mr. Thomas Vance at 410.295.9707.       •

Connecting Data To Decisions