Doing business in South East Asia by nzy12244


									                                                  Doing business
                                                  in South East Asia
Benefits                                          A vast region spanning all countries
This programme provides delegates with:           geographically south of China, east of
                                                  India and north of Australia, the countries
• An overview of the region                       of South East Asia comprise 560 million
• A framework for conducting business across      people and a gross domestic product of
  the region                                      more than $1,100 billion. With established
• An insight into South East Asian social and     South East Asia economies such as
  business culture                                Singapore and Malaysia combined with
• A better understanding of the commonalities     new emerging economies such as
  and contrasts between the ten countries         Vietnam and Laos, the region continues
  that comprise South East Asia                   to offer significant investment
• Practical strategies for doing business more    opportunities.
  effectively with South East Asian
  counterparts                                    This one day ‘Doing Business in South
                                                  East Asia’ programme has been specially
Who should attend?                                designed to help you understand the vast
Anyone considering or already:                    free trade area of the region.
• Working in or travelling to the region          Our leading expert will provide you with
• Considering doing business in any country       invaluable tools and techniques to make
  or countries of South East Asia                 your business venture in a specific
• Developing a network of suppliers from one      country or countries of South East Asia a
  or more South East Asian countries              success and will offer a platform to
• Experiencing the challenges of doing            discuss specific experiences and
  business across the region                      challenges that you have.
• Employing South East Asian nationals within
  your organisation

Programme content                                 Locations, Dates & Fees
• Historical, political and social overview of    London
  the ten countries that comprise South East      7 April & 7 October
  Asia                                            Individual Fee: £550 per delegate
• South East Asian culture: religion, language,   Group Booking: £495 per delegate
  beliefs and customs
• Shared cultural values and attitudes across
  the region: hierarchy, face and harmony         All sessions are from 10am - 5pm
• The regional business environment:              with one hour for lunch
  management and working styles; meetings
                                                  Lunch & refreshments included
  and decision making; building relationships
• South East Asian business communication         Please note that local taxes may apply
  and negotiation styles
• Challenges and solutions for doing business
  across South East Asia: developing practical

  T: +44 (0)203 370 8580 E: W:                  10

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