MS Access 2000 - 2003 Introduction

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					MS Access 2000 - 2003 Introduction

Introduction to Access is designed for those new to relational databases. Students learn about
what databases are and how they are useful, specifically Access databases. Students will
examine a simple working Access database to learn about the features available within Access
and how they can be utilized. Students also learn to create simple queries, forms, and reports
using Access wizards.

Part I Database And Access Basics              Part IV Search Functions

   Understanding databases                        Finding data
   Understanding Access databases                 Sorting data
   Starting & exiting Access                      Applying filters to data
   A tour of the screen
   Opening an existing database
   Creating a new database
   Closing a database
   Opening & closing objects in a database

Part II Tables & Relationships                 Part V Queries

   Understanding tables                           Understanding queries
   Table Analyzer Wizard                          Creating & saving a simple query
   Understanding relationships in                 Creating a parameter query

Part III Forms                                 Part VI Reports

   Understanding forms                            Understanding reports
   Entering data with forms                       Working with reports
   Creating simple forms                          Creating simple reports
                                                  Creating mailing labels

Prerequisites: Completion of ARC’s Introduction to Windows, Windows Upgrade, or
equivalent experience. Students should also have taken at least one other class in a Windows
application before taking this class.
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