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St. Lucia Tours


Touring St. Lucia with the island's leading adventure company.

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									                    Real St. Lucia Tours

Getting Started in St. Lucia
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Sightseeing St. Lucia with Real St. Lucia tours is the best decent holiday break one will ever encounter. One thing about us
is our ability to use local knowledge to create trips that will totally immerse you in places of interest in St. Lucia and the
fascinating people and culture.

St. Lucia is an island, compared to the rest of our Caribbean sisters a true gem, evident by the French and British Nations
fighting for over 150 years to claim this natural wonder.

If you're tired of the beach and hotels or relaxing villas in St. Lucia and want a holiday adventure which will engage your
kids, broaden their horizons and inspire the whole family then our St. Lucia family adventures are for you.

Each St. Lucia sightseeing trip is designed to take you to some of the island’s most amazing places, where you'll see the
main highlights and enjoy a host of unforgettable experiences which you may have only dreamed of doing before.

You'll follow a well planned, tried and tested, tour itinerary and be joined by two, three or four other families to share the
adventure with as well as having an experienced group leader on hand throughout to ensure everything runs smoothly
and safely.
St. Lucia Adventure Tours for Everyone

At Real St. Lucia Tours our expert tour guides provide guided St. Lucia trips to hundreds of
visitors year-round. All of our island discovery and day trips whether for cruise visitors or
hotel guests are designed by our team of local guides who know St. Lucia intimately. We
ensure that a St. Lucia tour is not simply a ride from one St. Lucia Attraction to the other;
our tours take you off the beaten path and into unfamiliar places in St. Lucia where we
know you are going to enjoy and connect with the cultural experiences.

 We make sure that your adventure experience with us includes all of St. Lucia’s Must See
  Attractions, our interactive and friendly guides will tell you all about the things you can
    do in St. Lucia. The only thing you have to do is show up; our St. Lucia tours are already
      organized, so there isn’t the hassle of trying to organize the adventure yourself.

        There is saying that a tour is only as good as your guide, this is simply the truth, our
        range of island trips includes tour packages such as our recently introduced Beach
Barbecue Bonanza, All Inclusive Day Tour Package, Rainforest Discovery and much more.

You can either choose to do your adventure with another group of like minded adventure
travelers or you can set out on your own private expedition with no extra cost.

All of our St. Lucia Trips come with local refreshments giving you the taste of a
true St. Lucian discovery. You will see St. Lucia through the eyes of real St.
Lucians and be given the chance to interact with the local community.
                                            St. Lucia Family Tours

Are you looking for an unforgettable family experience where almost any member of your family can enjoy? A hike up
our Gros Piton Mountain is that perfect adventure. The hike is a safe and exciting ascent up one of our island’s treasures
and a famous World Heritage Site. Our family adventure tours are a great way to enjoy quality time together and
experience St. Lucia. Take a look at our exciting range of St. Lucia Adventure expeditions for families

Real St. Lucia Tours family adventure trips each includes a range of walking, hiking and activities which all the family
members can take part in, most of the tours are done in the island tourist attraction capital of Soufriere. Before you get
started on your St. Lucia excursions, our professional guides will give you a full briefing and instruction on all the St.
Lucia activities as part of your trip.
            Choosing Your St. Lucia Adventure

We have many trips to choose from and we know it’s difficult to get everyone in the family
to agree so we have designed many packages to choose from.

A high rating means you’ll be on the go throughout your adventure. Itineraries are
sometimes busy and will include some degree of physical activity, from St. Lucia sightseeing
to trekking and may have some early starts but they do not require you to be super fit or
have any specific level of skill. All our holidays are suitable for active families, but please
 make sure you consider the abilities of you and your children.
Private Group Departures

If you’re looking for a St. Lucia trip for your club or prefer to travel with just your friends let us know. Janus & Winson,
our dedicated group managers have many years experience planning these trips, just tell them which trip you’re
interested in and they’ll check availability and provide a quote. The tour itineraries will be based on those you see on the
Real St. Lucia Tours Website, but the price may vary depending on the date, numbers in your party and any extras you
may require. They’ll arrange everything from expeditions to transfers and activities.
Real St. Lucia Professional Tour Guides – You’re in safe


You travel as part of a group or solo depending on your choosing, led by an experienced
St. Lucia Tour Guide. Our guides are from St. Lucia and they know the island, its people
and the language best and it benefits the local economy. Our tour guides are naturally
enthusiastic about St. Lucia and will make sure everything is looked after on your trip.
Combine this with their friendly nature and experience traveling with children and most
families recall their tour guides as one of the trip’s highlights.
                                       Excellent Value for Money
Our goal at Real St. Lucia tours is making travel affordable on almost every budget. Our travelers rated value for money
as excellent or good. We continually monitor our prices to make sure we offer the best around, so it’s worth checking
the website and inquiring for the latest prices as they could be lower than what is in the brochure.
Why we are St. Lucia’s Leading Adventure Company

We recognize the communities we visit are affected by our trips, so we ensure all our St.
Lucia trips are designed and operated responsibly. We maximize the positive effects on the
local economy, culture and the environment by employing locally, using local suppliers and
leaving as much money in-St. Lucia as possible, as well as contributing to sustainable
projects and partnerships. By traveling in small group we also help minimize the negative
Trekking St. Lucia Gros Piton
A St. Lucia Tour can range from gentle walking along Soufriere’s beautiful coastlines
to challenging trekking through our Gros Piton peak; Real St. Lucia Tours has
designed a range of Walking and hiking St. Lucia adventures to suit every adventure
traveler. Our hiking and Trekking adventures will take you off the beaten popular
tourist tracks to discover secluded places in St. Lucia where the scenery is
magnificent; you will be in awe of St. Lucia’s amazing wildlife and stunning
Real St. Lucia Tours

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