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Sustainable Food and Farming Systems by nzy12244

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                            Sustainable Food and Farming Systems
                                                                                        Newsletter of the
                                                                                         for Sustainable

Serving the Community of Sustainable Farmers, Consumers and Businesses Throughout Pennsylvania and Beyond
Number 59                                                                                 March/April 2006

                                         PASA’s signature event —
                                         the Farming for the Future
                                         conference was a grand
                                         success in early February.
                                         Widely regarded as the
                                         best sustainable agricul-
                                         ture gathering in the East,
                                         this diverse 3-day spectac-
                                         ular brought together an
                                         audience close to 1,600
                                         from 37 states.
     Pennsylvania Association
                                                          Mar/Apr 2006
    for Sustainable Agriculture

    114 West Main Street • P.O. Box 419
             Millheim PA 16854
 Phone: (814) 349-9856 • Fax: (814) 349-9840

         Passages STAFF & OFFICE                               2006 Farming for the Future
        Staff Editor: Michele Gauger                           Conference Review
              Layout: C Factor                                                                                                      Jean Downing was one of PASA’s
                                                               3    Sustainable Ag Awards
     Advertising Sales: Michele Gauger,
                                                                                                                                 134 smiling, knowledgeable presen-
    PASA office,                        4    PASA’s Conference Got a Little                                 ters. For more conference photos,
           BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                                                                                            see page 8.
                                                                    Conference Sponsors
 President: Kim Miller, Westmoreland County
   Vice President: Kim Tait, Centre County                          Friends of the Conference
    Secretary: Lyn Garling, Centre County                      5    Lovely Food and Living Bidding
Treasurer: Chris Fullerton, Huntingdon County
      Mary Barbercheck, Centre County
                                                                    Conference Food Donors
      David Bingaman, Dauphin County                           8    Conference Photos
       George DeVault, Lehigh County
     Jennifer Halpin, Cumberland County                        32 Conference Volunteers
         Mena Hautau, Berks County
       John Hopkins, Columbia County
    John Jamison, Westmoreland County
         Dave Johnson, Tioga County                        6       Director’s Corner
      Don Kretschmann, Beaver County
                                                           7       President’s Corner
          Brian Moyer, Berks County
        Anthony Rodale, Berks County                       12 2006 Fundraising Campaign                                23 Fostering the Food & Health
         Kim Seeley, Bradford County
                                                           14 Board of Directors Elections
                   PASA STAFF                                                                                          26 Classified Ads
                   Headquarters                            16 Regional Marketing
                  Brian Snyder                                                                                         29 Calendar
                                                           18 Educational Outreach
                Executive Director
                                                                                        30 Editor’s Corner: The Grapevine
                                                           20 Eat Fresh, Eat Local…Eat Free,
                  Jackie Bonomo
                Executive Assistant
                                                              Eat Wild…EAT WEEDS                                       31 Membership & Contribution Form
                  Lauren Smith
            Director of Development
            & Membership Programs
                                                       Passages March/April 2006 Contributors
                Heather House                            Contributors: Jackie Bonomo, George DeVault, Lyn Garling, Heather House, Phyllis Kipp, Suzy Meyer,
       Director of Educational Outreach                  Kim Miller, Eric Nordell, Kim Seeley, Allison Shauger, Julie Speicher, Lauren Smith, Brian Snyder, Cathy Thomas,
                                                         Jennifer Anne Tucker.

                                                         Conference photographs courtesy of: Pat Little Images
            Michele Gauger
      Membership & Research Assistant                                         PASA’s Mission is…                                          PASA in the News
                                                             Promoting profitable farms which produce                 Have you seen articles about PASA in your local news-
                Brandi Marks
                                                           healthy food for all people while respecting the          papers or other media? PASA is active across the state,
        Office Coordinator/Bookkeeper
                                                                       natural environment.                          and we’d love to know what coverage we are getting
                                                         PASA is an organization as diverse as the Pennsylvania      in your area. Please clip any articles you see on PASA
            Western Regional Office                       landscape. We are seasoned farmers who know that            and mail them to our Millheim headquarters to the
             Phone: 412-697-0411                         sustainability is not only a concept, but a way of life.    attention of Office Coordinator Brandi Marks.
                  David Eson                             We are new farmers looking for the fulfillment of land
         Director of Western Programs                    stewardship. We are students and other consumers,                       Do you have a great
                          anxious to understand our food systems and the
                                                                                                                              article idea for Passages?
                  Laurel Rush                            choices that must be made. We are families and chil-
                                                                                                                     Want to share a farming practice with members? We’d
        Buy Fresh Buy Local Coordinator                  dren, who hold the future of farming in our hands.This
                                                                                                                     love to hear from you. Please contact the newsletter
                         is an organization that is growing in its voice on behalf
                                                                                                                     staff at
                  Julie Speicher                         of farmers in Pennsylvania and beyond. Our mission is
               Marketing Manager                         achieved, one voice, one farm, one strengthened com-                 Deadline for May/June 2006 Issue:
                          munity at a time.                                                             April 21, 2006

                                                           PASA is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider and Employer. Some grant funding comes from the USDA and com-
                                                                  plaints of discrimination should be sent to: USDA Office of Civil Rights, Washington, DC 20250-9410.
  Passages is printed on recycled, chlorine-free paper

                   Awards Recognize PASA Community Leaders
                                                                                              FROM LEFT: Brian Snyder, PASA executive direc-
                                                                                              tor; Dennis Wolff, Pennsylvania secretary of agri-
                                                                                              culture; Tom Beddard, Lady Moon Farms; Lyn
                                                                                              Garling, PASA board secretary; Kim Tait, Tait Farm
                                                                                              Foods; and Kim Miller, PASA board president.

                                                                                              I Lady Moon Farms Honored
                                                                                              with the Sustainable Ag Business
                                                                                              Leadership Award
                                                                                                 The Sustainable Ag Business Leader-
                                                                                              ship Award was designed to recognize
                                                                                              businesses that have been leaders in link-
                                                                                              ing producers and consumers, while
                                                                                              offering services in the area of sustain-
                                                                                              able agriculture.
                                                                                                 As Lyn Garling announced this year’s
                                                                                              recipient, Lady Moon Farms, she deliv-
                                                                                              ered some inspiring words. “Each year
                                                                                              when we grant these awards, we must
The Friday Awards Banquet was the set-       saying to the organization just last week,       tease out of the fabric that is our sustain-
ting for the membership to honor two of      call me! Where will you need me most? I          able agriculture community, a single
our leaders. It was also an opportunity to                                                    thread that represents an individual or
                                             can’t imagine not being on duty, PASA
learn more about these two honorees, as                                                       business, which uniquely embodies or
                                             has been a part of my world for so long!”
PASA board president Kim Miller and                                                           personifies some fundamental aspects of
                                                 As Miller closed his remarks and             sustainability. This thread — it may be a
board secretary Lyn Garling made their
                                             invited Kim Tait to the stage, he added          smooth and satiny…or even itchy. We
eloquent introductions.
                                             “Kim, thanks for being the person that
I Kim Tait of Tait Farm Foods
                                                                                              love this diversity in our community as it
                                             you are and for including us in your             gives our fabric strength and resiliency.”
Honored with the Sustainable Ag              circle of friends. It is our privilege to love      Lyn continued, “This year’s recipient
Leadership Award                             you.”                                                                  continued on page 15
    As he took the stage to make the sur-
prise presentation, Kim Miller quipped,
“Like many of us in this sustainable ag               CONGRATULATIONS LADY MOON FARMS!
community, I am certain this year’s                                               By Lauren Smith
recipient had no idea she would one day
                                                    As I watched Tom accept his award on Friday evening, I could not help but to
farm.” Miller continued, “Kim Tait is
                                                stop and ponder how long Lady Moon Farms has been a leader in my world.
such a vivacious and upbeat woman, for
any of us it is a joy to be in her compa-       The audience at the conference was told earlier that evening I had just celebrated
ny. We know that she is a sharp business        a ten-year anniversary at PASA. What most in the room didn’t know, however, was
builder, the matriarch of Tait Farm             that prior to coming to PASA my occupation was Sales Manager at an organic
Foods (a local farm endeavor with glob-         produce wholesaler. During my tenure there I learned a lot about selling veggies,
al reach), the Harvest Shop (beloved by         and one lesson I quickly learned was that Lady Moon Farms was the produce to get
residents of the Happy Valley region and        on the dock. It’s quality and pack was the best, and lent real credibility to the
beyond), and manager of a thriving              company for which I was working.
CSA. She has opened her farm to a veri-
                                                    So began my looking to Lady Moon Farms for leadership. As I began my
table village of interns and numerous on
                                                career at PASA and the years that have followed, I have come to rely on the Bed-
farm research trials, and her advice on
agricultural issues is sought by farmers,       dard family and Lady Moon Farms again and again, as one that can be counted on
educators and politicians nationwide.”          when I need a leader. Tom and I were discussing a few years back, the ways in
    Kim has been a member of the PASA           which Lady Moon Farms would lend support and leadership to special PASA pro-
board of directors for the past nine years      grams and events, he conveyed “Lauren, when you need something, call me first.”
and vice president for the last five. In         Well Tom, I have been calling on you ever since, and I am very happy for Lady
fact, serving on the PASA board has             Moon Farms to be recognized as a Business Leader of PASA — for the whole mem-
meant so much to her that in her accept-        bership to celebrate.
ance speech she humbly noted, “I was

Conference Review

                    PASA’s Conference Got a Little Greener                                                                            FRIENDS OF THE
                                                                                                                                     CONFERENCE 2006
                        Though the 2006 PASA conference                    “Because of the ideals of PASA confer-             These “Friends of the Conference” have
                    registration numbers were higher than                  ence attendees, there seemed to be a               acknowledged their support for us in
                    ever, there were a few less cars in the                great deal of dialogue on the SpaceShare           assembling a top quality event with
                    Penn Stater’s parking lot. In an effort to             site, and I was able to get a door-to-door         affordable fees, by contributing $100
                    reduce the “ecological footprint” of our               ride all the way from Amherst, MA!”                each. In a very real sense, they are pay-
                    conference, PASA invested in an online                 Another user said, “I think I’ve made a            ing the “true cost” of maintaining this
                    ride share/room share program enabling                 new friend and saved fuel and money                valuable tradition, and we thank them.
                    conference goers to connect to make                    thanks to this board!” As can be expect-           Amsterdam Produce Enterprises, Inc.
                    travel arrangements., an                ed with a PASA crowd, not only are the             Elizabeth & William Anderson
                    environmental project “replacing cars                  values of economy and sustainability               Mary Barbercheck
                    with community,” is a website offering                 supported by this tool, but also a sense           Nancy & Bob Bernhardt
                    networking software that allowed PASA                  of community is cultivated.                        Linda & Tim Blakeley
                    conference goers to post their travel                      With attendees coming from over                Moie & Jim Kimball Crawford
                    plans and browse others’ plans in order                37 states, PASA is pleased to provide this         Melanie & George DeVault
                    to facilitate carpooling, sharing a hotel              service. PASA hopes our conference will            Helen & Bill Elkins
                    room, or even staying in a guest-room at               act as a seed, sprouting up greener con-           Gail & Ned Foley
                    a nearby PASA home.                                    ferences, festivals and college campuses           Nicoya & Henry Frey
                        For its inaugural launch, the Space-               across the country. The next time you              Chris Fullerton
                    Share site did well. Over 90 people took               register for a conference or buy an event          Lyn Garling
                    advantage of the online forum and the                  ticket, tell them you saw SpaceShare’s             Larry Geisler
                    site revealed a good balance of use. A                 “Green Travel” approach at the PASA                Meg Gleason
                    total of 135 offers or requests were                   conference and encourage other events              Paula Goetting-Minesky
                    made, with some users seeking carpool-                 you attend to be a bit greener.                       & Jim Minesky
                    ing and a roommate.                                                                                       Janet Goloub & Martin
                                                                                       For information about                     Boksenbaum
                        The feedback has been overwhelm-
                                                                                        SpaceShare’s services,                Gerri & Thomas Henwood
                    ingly positive in response to the ride
                                                                                     visit                Heather House
                    share/room share board. One user wrote,
                                                                                                                              Barbara Kline & Randa Shannon
                                                                                                                              Becky & Don Kretschmann
                                                                                                                              in memory of Les Lanyon from the
                                           2006 CONFERENCE SPONSORS                                                              Environmental Quality Initiative, Inc.
                       PAT R O N S O F S U S TA I N A B I L I T Y: Lady Moon Farms • Pennsylvania Certified Organic •          David Lembeck
                       The Rodale Institute
                                                                                                                              Mary Lynn & Alec Lipscomb
                       P L AT I N U M K E Y S P O N S O R S : Fertrell Company • Horizon Organic • Organic Valley/            Becky & Steve Marks
                       CROPP Cooperative • Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture • Pennsylvania State University, College         Beth & Ken Marshall
                       of Agricultural Sciences • Watershed Agricultural Council of New York • An Anonymous Sponsor           Dianne & Kim Miller
                       GOLD KEY SPONSORS: Eberly Poultry Farms • Flint Hill Farm • Lancaster Ag Products • McGeary            Martha Noble
                       Organics Inc. • Midlands Management • Moyer’s Chicks, Inc. • Munnell Run Farm Foundation Inc. •        Anne & Eric Nordell
                       Natural Dairy • Products Corp. • Natural Science Organics • Nature’s Best Organic Feed • Ocean-        Northern Tier Meat Cooperative
                       Grown, LLC • Organic Unlimited • Pennsylvania College of Technology, School of Hospitality •
                                                                                                                              Mary Ann & William Oyler
                       Restora-Life Minerals, LLC • SMart Supply & Services, LLC & Vibrante Bleu, LLC • Spiral Path Farm •
                                                                                                                              Bob Pierson
                       Whole Foods Market
                                                                                                                              Rita Resick
                       SILVER KEY SPONSORS: Agri-Service, LLC • Albert’s Organics • American Livestock Breeds
                                                                                                                              Laurel & Dale Rush
                       Conservancy • Animal Welfare Institute • Bakewell Reproductive Center, LLC • big Burrito Restaurant
                                                                                                                              Carolyn Sachs
                       Group • Center for Rural Pennsylvania • Dairyland Sales and Service • Delaware Valley College •
                                                                                                                              Susan & Don Sauter
                       OIC International • PennFuture • Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania • Seedway Inc. • Sustainable
                                                                                                                              Peggy & Joseph Schott
                       Growth • Tait Farm Foods • Tierra Farm • Tuscarora Organic Growers Coop. • Waterkeeper Alliance •
                       White Dog Café                                                                                         Nancy Shorsher
                                                                                                                              Lauren & Ian Smith
                       BRONZE KEY SPONSORS: Albert Lusk • BCS America, LLC • Chesapeake Bay Foundation •
                                                                                                                              Loanne Snavely & Gary Gyekis
                       Eastern Alliance Insurance • Environmental Decisions • Environmental Fund for Pennsylvania •
                       Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank • Homestead Nutrition Inc. • Johnny’s Selected Seeds •
                                                                                                                              Paula & Brian Snyder
                       LeRaysville Cheese Factory • Northeast SARE • Pennsylvania State University AgMap •                    Judy Styborski
                       Pennsylvania Natural Living Association • Plains Animal Hospital • Plant Health Alternatives •         Genelle Sweetser & Gene Chenoweth
                       Sierra Club Pennsylvania Chapter • Soil Secret Inc. • Sun Gro Horticulture • Weston A. Price           Barbara & Michael Wahler
                       Foundation • Wiscoy Pet Food Co.                                                                       Janna Weil

Conference Review

                             Lovely Food and Lively Bidding at the PASA Conference
                    I Food Glorious Food
                        The now famous meals served during
                    Farming for the Future are designed with
                    ingredients gathered from supportive
                    farmers, processors, and distributors —
                    much of it donated. With a goal of
                    assembling sustainably, organically and
                    regionally produced foods, we had the
                    good fortune of getting to work with
                    over fifty PASA members and new
                    friends. A detailed Menu Guide is pre-
                    pared and distributed to conference
                    attendees, listing each dish, ingredients
                    used and contributing farm or business.
                        Special thanks to Chef Ken Stout of
                    the Penn Stater Conference Center, for
                    his continued willingness to engage in
                    this unique farmer to chef relationship.            PASA’s Silent & Bag Auctions drew crowds of enthusiastic participants. Thanks to all of our generous
                    More special thanks go out to the                   donors, we had so many items this year we had to set-up more tables!
                    faculty and students of the Pennsylvania
                    College of Technology’s School of Hos-              I Charity Auctions Grows                             with conference attendees bidding with
                    pitality. They travel to the Penn Stater                The fundraising auctions held at the             their anonymous auction numbers. The
                    annually to help prepare our meals —                conference were a tremendous success.                momentum really built up to the Live
                    yet another example of the commitment               Auction Coordinator Bette Toth worked                Auction on Friday night and the happy
                    this school is making to support local              diligently with our members and friends              crowd illustrated their generosity by bid-
                    farmers and food systems.                           to secure over 130 items, and apparently             ding over $5,000 on 11 items. We are
                        Many incredible people are involved             our audience liked the offerings because             delighted to also report that the Live
                    in producing and presenting clean                   we brought in over $24,290 — a 35%                   Auction raised an additional $3,270 for
                    healthy food and PASA feels privileged              increase over last year! Special thanks to           the Arias M. Brownback Scholarship
                    to bring our regional members’ foods to             the on-site auction coordinator Michele              Fund and $4,150 for a PASA member
                    the conference table. We thank these                Gauger, and the energetic auctioneer                 who is battling cancer and was unable to
                    wonderful farms and businesses whose                Brian Magaro.                                        attend the conference.
                    contributions nourish us.                               Great fun was had by everyone get-                  All three auctions showcased beauti-
                                                                        ting into the raffle-style Bag Auction,               ful members’ crafts and talents in the
                    Chef Ken Stout (left) and PASA Conference Coordi-   and the Silent Auction had a new twist                                   continued on page 13
                    nator, Lauren Smith.
                                                                                                CONFERENCE FOOD DONORS
                                                                                               The ingredients for the meals served during the conference
                                                                                           are gathered from supportive farmers, processors and distributors.
                                                                           Albert’s Organics • Common Ground Organic Farm • Cow-a-Hen Farm • Deep Root Organic
                                                                           Coop • Eberly Poultry Farms • Forks Farm • Four Seasons Produce • Frankferd Farms Foods • Full
                                                                           Circle Farms • Furmano Foods • Green Haven Farm • Hares Valley Growers • Harrison’s Catering
                                                                           • Honest Tea • Horizon Organic • Inn to the Seasons • Jamison Farms • Journey’s End Farm •
                                                                           Keswick Creamery • Kettle Foods • Kretschmann Farm • Lady Moon Farms • Lambert Mountain
                                                                           Acres • LeRaysville Cheese Factory • Lost Hollow Honey • McGeary Organics Inc. • Milky Way
                                                                           Dairy Farm • Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms • Moyer’s Family Hog Farm • Mung Dynasty •
                                                                           Natural by Nature • New Morning Farm • Northern Tier Meat Cooperative • Old School Snacks
                                                                           • Organic Valley Family of Farms • Over the Moon Farm • Penn State Bakery • Penn Stater Con-
                                                                           ference Center • Phillips Mushroom Farms • Red Rose Trading Company • Sarver’s Hill Organ-
                                                                           ic Farm • Seven Stars Farm • Snyder’s of Hanover • Spiral Path Farm • Spring Bank Acres • Spring
                                                                           Creek Natural Foods • Stoltzfus Family Farm • Stone Meadow Farm • Sunny Ridge Farm • Tait
                                                                           Farm Foods • Tuscarora Organic Growers Cooperative • Village Acres • Wegman’s Food Mar-
                                                                           kets • WhiteWave Foods • Wil-Ar Farm

Director’s Corner

                                                      Tough Times Ahead

                                  By Brian Snyder                   least three quick examples of how this is      threat of terrorists or spread of disease,
                        We can be proud of all the work that        happening.                                     farmers may soon have USDA’s National
                    has been done here in Pennsylvania and              First, in legislation now before Con-      Animal Identification System (NAIS)
                    elsewhere to restore the vitality and acces-    gress (HR 4167), the food processing and       shoved down their throats.
                    sibility of local food systems. There is        marketing industry has asked for help in           Such a system would eventually
                    much work left to be done, of course. But       preempting regulation of food safety and       require all farm animals to carry an elec-
                    there is no doubt that consumer demand          labeling procedures sponsored by indi-         tronic tag that would report to the gov-
                    for fresh, locally grown food is consis-        vidual states, whenever such regulation        ernment or “industry groups” the
                    tently on the rise across the country, and      exceeds the dictates of the federal Food       whereabouts and movements of each ani-
                    that farmers are constantly finding new,         and Drug Administration (FDA). This            mal. Farmers with operations of all sizes
                    innovative ways to satisfy that demand          bill recently passed in the House of Rep-      are raising questions about the NAIS,
                    while also making a profit.                      resentatives and awaits a companion            especially regarding who will pay for it
                        However, I believe a time of reckoning      measure to be introduced in the Senate.        and who will control/use the information
                    is immediately ahead of us in the sustain-          In a letter sent to members of Con-        it generates. (Note: the PASA board of
                    able farming community, when it will be         gress and signed by over a hundred com-        directors is studying this issue, and a full
                    necessary to reassess our progress and the      panies and organizations supportive of         column will be devoted to it in a future
                    goals that underpin our work. This is           corporate interests, they argue for passage    edition of Passages.)
                    because, despite our progress in at least       of 4167 in that “it makes no sense to have         It is also important to reflect on our
                    partially restoring a sense of fair play and    a ‘patchwork quilt’ of different states        likely national response to the threat of
                    good value (high quality for a reasonable       adopting different regulatory require-         Avian Influenza in this context. I recent-
                    price) to food systems, our collective          ments on identical food products.”             ly heard a representative of PennAg
                    efforts so far may have succeeded prima-            Simply exchange the words “local           Industries Association testifying in a
                    rily in “waking the beast” represented by       municipalities” for “states,” and “farming     hearing sponsored by Senator Rick San-
                    the corporate status quo of agriculture.        practices” for “food products,” and this       torum to the effect that relying on “mod-
                        The question really is whether all the      becomes an exact replica of the principle      ern confinement production systems”
                    positive change we have experienced will        argument used to sway Pennsylvania leg-        would likely be our country’s best defense
                    end up being too little, too late. Already      islators in favor of ACRE. The aim, once       against the spread of the deadly poultry
                    there are policy initiatives gaining steam      again, is to disguise corporate interests in   disease once it gets here. Meanwhile,
                    across the country that may gravely affect      an oversimplified manner as something           other participants in the same hearing
                    the food system we “think” is coming as a       akin to common sense.                          worried about the potential need for the
                    result of our efforts.                              Truth be told, the corporatists feel       federal government to preempt local and
                        Here in Pennsylvania, it began last         they have sufficient lobbying control over      state efforts to control the disease should
                    year with passage of the so-called ACRE         FDA and do not want to have to run             it arrive on our shores – a move that
                    law that allows preemption of local com-        around the country making their case at        would no doubt be heavily encouraged
                    munity ordinances designed to curtail the       the local or regional level, where they        by the poultry processing industry.
                    scale or style of farming practices. Fact is,   may not have as much leverage.                     Does anyone really think efforts like
                    farmers do indeed need protection from              In a bitter irony, the National Associ-    this, to preempt local regulations or
                    tendencies at the local level to worry          ation of State Departments of Agriculture      authority at the statewide or even region-
                    more about preserving property values           has taken a strong stand against HR            al level, stop there? Indeed, efforts to
                    than securing a food source. But, as            4167, presumably because they have sud-        break down national identity and/or con-
                    everyone involved in crafting this legisla-     denly got religion with respect to what it     trol of food and other agricultural prod-
                    tion knew full well, larger corporate           means to be “local.” Did they really think     ucts are already well underway, and are
                    interests chose this strategy in order to       the weapon being used to marginalize           succeeding. A prime example is the way
                    pose themselves as “family farmers” and         local municipalities would not eventually      in the big meatpackers and others have
                    thereby gain the protections so richly          be turned back on the states themselves?       rallied to prevent implementation of the
                    deserved by true farm families.                     The other examples revolve around          Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)
                        Should we really be surprised to also       events on a global scale that are being        provision of the 2002 Farm Bill.
                    find some of the same corporate self-            used to foment public support for simi-            One begins to wonder what all this
                    interest working to standardize regula-         larly disguised corporate interests. For       talk of “preemption” is really about. To
                    tions on a national scale? I can give at        instance, in response to the perceived                               continued on page 19

President’s Corner

                                                    The Common Good

                                     By Kim Miller                ing about these themes while watching             And so it was wonderful to have Tom
                         Another year, another fabulous con-      the Super Bowl, I could not help but          share with us his asking himself “What
                     ference. This year’s celebration included    laugh when I heard the Rolling Stones         does PASA do for me?” only to conclude
                     about 1,600 of us talking together,          sing, “I can’t get no satisfaction” and       that this question was inappropriate.
                     working together, and learning together.     hear it as the pathetic whining of this       The work that we do together is to right
                     I always come home energized and             baby boomer’s generation. Selfishness as       the wrongs that have been done to our
                     inspired. It is a three-day celebration of   art. So pervasive is our sense of personal    earth, our food, our culture and our-
                     sustainable agriculture as it is and as it   entitlement that it is antithetical to not    selves by our collective greed as mani-
                     might be.                                    get your money’s worth.                       fested by corporatism and its negative
                         I suppose that each of us hears some-        So we forget that this organization is    effect on farming. We got into this mess
                     thing that might help us on our farm or      about an idea that doesn’t get much play      together and we will not find our way
                     inform our decisions about nutrition.        now a days; the idea that serving all of      out except as one. This much is clear.
                     Perhaps we get to meet one of our agri-      society is of primary importance. This is         I think it behooves us to consider this
                     cultural heroes. For some of us it can be    an idea that goes back to the founding of     as we think about our work together.
                     an opportunity to get away for the week-     this country, but that has seemingly been     The job that we have before us is enor-
                     end, or a chance to do something with                                                                 mous. We can ill afford to ask
                     the kids that is stimulating for everyone.                                                            “What’s in it for me?” Instead
                     I hope that there was some personal sat-     The job that we have                                     we need to ask the right ques-
                     isfaction for each of us.                                                                             tions: “How do we provide
                         As a PASA board member for the past
                     eight years, I know we have discussed
                                                                  before us is enormous.                                   nutritionally dense food while
                                                                                                                           increasing the tilth of the soil?”
                                                                                                                           “How can we produce food
                     repeatedly how we can make sure each
                     member is getting his money’s worth.         We can ill afford to ask                                 without fossil fuel?” “How can
                     And we have asked ourselves, “Wouldn’t                                                                we give everyone access to
                     we be better off taking the funding we       “What’s in it for me?”                                   nutritious food?” “What can
                     gather and divvy it up among sustain-                                                                 we do providentially for future
                     able farmers and call it a day?” Thank-      lost along the way. It is the idea most       generations?” These are some of the
                     you Tom Beddard for answering that           simply called “The Common Good.” It           questions that when answered will lead
                     question for us in the negative.             is a profoundly secular notion and is         us to an appropriate plan of action.
                         As I reflect on Tom’s comments dur-       extremely tolerant and quite generous.            I came away from this year’s confer-
                     ing his Sustainable Agriculture Business     And unlike religion it is all-inclusive. It   ence with a renewed enthusiasm for the
                     Leadership Award acceptance speech I         is an idea so profoundly worthy that          work of PASA in contributing to the
                     am enthused about the work of PASA           men of great insight founded a nation         common good. I think we have done a
                     and convinced of its vital importance. As    with it as a defining principle.               credible job so far, but there is so much
                     Tom correctly pointed out, our work is          But, as we learned to extract wealth       more to do. Many of us have benefited
                     for the common good. If your member-         from the earth we found that these            directly due to PASA’s endeavors. That
                     ship in PASA helps you to find a market       notions were counterproductive to con-        too is as it should be, but PASA must
                     for your product, locate a wonderful         sumerism. During the last century we          always have as its greater goal the cre-
                     food item, find a unique tool, or learn a     transitioned from a society that believed     ation of a better world. Here’s to the
                     new farming skill — that is a wonderful      in the Golden Rule to one that believed       common good. I
                     benefit. But, that is not our greatest        in the rule of gold and the apostasy of
                     work nor is it the criteria that should be   “Greed is Good.” And even though most
                     used to judge whether or not we ought        of us would disagree with the notion
                     to maintain our membership and con-          that “Greed is Good,” I will submit that
                                                                  the vast majority subscribe to its corol-
                     tribute financially to this work.
                         “What is in it for me?” we ask form      lary “Get your money’s worth.” So
                                                                  ingrained are the principles of greed and
                     earliest childhood. “Get it now” and                                                               Visit PASA online at
                     “You deserve a break today” are con-         personal entitlement in our society that
                     sumerist clichés. These are the truths of    we ask with all modesty “What can I
                     the religion of Consumerism. In think-       expect in return?”

New this year was The Art of Country Living pre-conference
track. These workshops were hands-on, as attendees learned
new skills to take home with them.
Art of Country Living afforded hands-on activities, like basket
weaving, woodworking, and felting, to participants who proudly
carried their finished wares home. Among the gorgeous crafts:
walking sticks, gathering baskets, felted panels, soap bars,
spun wool, and herbal tinctures.

For more conference photos, visit

John Ikerd gave a rousing closing address that left participants hopeful
and energized. Ikerd was well-received by the audience in his second
appearance at the conference.

                                                                               Sandra Steingraber delivered a thought-provoking keynote address
                                                                               during which she wove a compelling tale, of pieces both scientific
                                                                               and personal, about the effects of a chemical-laden world. During
                                                                               her book signing she listened intently as participants shared their
                                                                               personal stories.

                                                                                                          Now its third year, the Thursday evening
                                                                                                          picnic is becoming a mainstay of the PASA
                                                                                                          conference. After dinner, Brother David
                                                                                                          Andrews helped bring Thursday’s pre-
                                                                                                          conference to a close with an inspiring
                                                                                                          address about “Eating as a Moral Act.”

The second year of FarmArts
wove its way into every
corner of the conference,
from the photography
contest (top right), a chance
to help finish the PASA quilt,
and music through the
conference center.

                                                               Sue Ellen Ripley (right) of Family
                                                               Rock Fiber shows off some of the
                                                               hand-dyed wool available at the
                                                               Northern Tier Fiber Artists booth.

The Rodale Institute was a Grand Patron
Sponsor at the conference. Amanda Kimball-
Evans (left) and Greg Bowman discuss
Rodale’s “The New” website with a
conference attendee. Visit
for great articles and farmer-to-farmer know-
how from the Rodale Institute staff.

In an effort to bring even more wonderful food to our
conference, PASA invited the Turtle Lane Café to set up
a healthy food booth in the MarketPlace. Money raised
selling local food and goodies was donated to “Smile
Train,” an organization who provides free cleft palate
surgery for children who would otherwise never receive
it. (Thank you Turtle Lane, it was our pleasure to pro-
vide you the space to both feed our attendees and help
a worthwhile organization! — PASA)
                                                                                 Chevre, gouda, cheddar galore — many of our cheesemakers took
                                                                                 part in our first cheesetasting event during the Thursday evening’s
                                                                                 social hour. This was a unique opportunity for farmers to talk about
                                                                                 their cheeses to very eager consumers.

Mary Ellen Finger and David Vickery, of Horsemen’s Trail Farm, traveled
from Cold Springs, New York to attend the Link between Nutrition and
Agriculture pre-conference track. In total, the conference hosted partic-
ipants from 37 states and 3 countries, a diverse gathering indeed!

Mara and Spencer Welton, who first presented at the 2005
conference, returned this year to give participants in the
New and Beginning Farmers track an update on their goal
of grossing “$50,000 on One Acre.”

To order conference workshop tapes, visit
or call Cocalico Cassettes at 717-336-4179.

                                               2006 Fundraising Campaign Underway
                                                        By Mena Hautau, Fundraising Committee Chair

                             Our Goal
                      $150,000 —                                                I make tomato sauce the way my Italian grandmother made it.
                                                                            No written recipe needed; it’s intuitive. You can’t be in a hurry. It’s
                                                                            best done on a day at home, in between household chores.
                                                    —                           Garlic, onions and celery are sautéed in olive oil. Tomatoes,
                                                                            which have been picked, blanched and skinned, are put in the ket-
                                                                            tle. Later, add tomato paste to thicken and basil, oregano, salt and
                                                                            pepper to season the stew. Simmer over low heat for a few hours.
                                                    —                       Let the sauce sit a day in the frig to mellow. The result is like eat-
                                                                            ing sunshine.
                                                                                Fundraising is a bit like making tomato sauce. It takes time to
                                                    —                       develop a good fundraising program. One cannot get anxious over
                                                                            the result, but must start with great ingredients and cultivate ideas
                                                                            of value to potential donors. People respond out of gratitude and a
                                                    —                       sense of stewardship, resulting in personal growth and satisfaction,
                                                                            as well as a stronger organization.
                                                                                Now in its fourth year at the annual PASA conference, our series
                    $100,000 —                                              of fundraising auctions (live, bag and silent) raised a total of
                                                                            $16,808 for the Annual Fund, contributing to our goal of
                                                                            $150,000 for the whole year. Total contributions and pledges so far
                                                                            have us almost one-third of the way there!
                                                    —                                 Board members will begin to invite all of our members to
                                                                                       participate in the fund drive only after considering their
                                                                                          own individual pledges for the year, with a goal of
                                                    —                                     reaching $13,000. In this way, we can work together to
                                                                                        support YOUR organization and its good work.

                                                    —                                                 MEMBERS’ GOODWILL REMARKABLE
                                                                                                        The common good created when we
                                                                                                    choose to support causes other than ourselves
                                                    —                                               is heart warming, and the generous spirit of the
                                                                                                    PASA community has brought other riches to
                                                                                                    our community recently:

                        $50,000 —                                                                   • A full set of conference audiocassettes auc-
                                                                                                      tioned during the Live Auction raised over
                                                                                 March 17, 2006       $4,100 for a PASA member battling cancer.
                                                                                                      The tape set was donated back to the family
                                                    —                       $44, 772                  as well!
                                                                                                    • Auctioning of Spiral Path Farm products, also
                                                                                                      during the live auction, raised over $3,200 for

                                                    —                                                 the Arias M. Brownback Memorial Scholar-
                                                                                                      ship Fund — helping youth and other devel-
                                                                                                      oping farmers who demonstrate a financial
                                                                                                      need attend the conference.
                                                    —                                               • Thursday picnic dinner guests empowered
                                                                                                      by Brother David Andrews inspiring words,
                                                                                                      collectively contributed $260 to the Agribusi-
                                                    —                                                 ness Accountability Initiative, a program of
                                                                                                      the National Catholic Rural Life Conference.

                                                                                                          Many thanks to all who contributed

                                            0—                                                               in these very special ways.

            Illustration courtesy of Phyllis Kipp

                                                                          CHARITY AUCTION DONORS
continued from page 5                               Aaronsburg Pottery • Adams County Winery • All-Clad Metalcrafters Inc. • American Farmland
                                                    Trust • American Livestock Breeds Conservancy • Phylleri Ball • Jean Bentz • Nancy & Bob Bern-
form of dinners and trips, gift baskets
                                                    hardt • Wanda Boop • Roy Brubaker • Susan & Alan Bullock • Mike Byers • Sabine & Tom Carey
and farm tools, handmade crafts and
                                                    • Eda & Scott Case • Center for Food Safety • Gene Chenoweth • Mary Anna Chenoweth • Chilly
more. Our auctions would not exist if it
                                                    Philly Corp. • Christian W. Klay Winery • Cocalico Cassettes • Jim Cochran • Common Market
were not for the interest and generosity
of our donors. I                                    Natural Foods • Dairyland Sales & Service • Karen Daystar • Maureen Diaz • Chef Mike Ditch-
                                                    field • Jenny Drake • Dripworks • Dale & Jack Duff • East End Food Cooperative • Eating Fresh
Auctioneer Brian Magaro did a wonderful job         Publications • Eat ‘N Park Hospitality Group • Doug Elliott • Kathleen England • Essential Living
rousing the audience in some generous bidding.      Sprouted Baking Co. • Farm Aid • Fedco Seeds • Fertrell Company • Flint Hill Farm • Rebecca
                                                    Francis • Maryann Frazier • Lyn Garling • Gatski Metal • Lynne Gelston • Barbara & Charles
                                                    Gerlach • Jo-Ellen & Mike Greene • The Guano Company • Gary Gyekis • Harris Seeds • Ruth
                                                    Hockley • Chuck Hommey • Todd & John Hopkins • Carl Hursh • Institute for Innovations in
                                                    Local Farming • Jamison Farm • Jerry Jackson Fine Pewter • Johnny’s Selected Seeds • Joseph
                                                    Jenkins • Kitchen Kaboodle • Kencove Farm Fence • Barbara Knox • Lady Moon Farms • Grace
                                                    Lefever • Leona Meat Plant • Lost Nation Orchard • John Lozier • Marda & Michael Mattox •
                                                    Maryann & Dennis Mawhinney • McGeary Organics Inc. • McGinnis Sisters Special Food Stores
                                                    • Amos G. Miller • Dianne & Kim Miller • Moyer’s Chicks Inc. • Holley & Brian Moyer • Natural
                                                    Acres • Natural Science Organics • Nature’s Pantry • Neptune’s Harvest • OceanGrown, LLC •
                                                    Patti Olenick • Organic Unlimited • Organic Valley Family of Farms • Claire & Rusty Orner • Pat
                                                    Little Images • Pennsylvania Certified Organic • Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protec-
                                                    tion • Phillips Mushroom Farms, L.P. • Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens • Sue Ripley •
                                                    Rodale Inc. • Saddles Etc. • Sayre Mansion • Seedway Inc. • Nancy Shorsher • Gerald & Carol
                                                    Simcoe • Kate Singer • Slow Food Pittsburgh • Lauren & Ian Smith • Soil Secret Inc. • Spiral Path
                                                    Farm • Spoutwood Farm CSA • Karen Styborski • Tait Farm Foods • Theresa Shay Tri-Yoga •
                                                    Thorvin Inc. • Tierra Farm • Bette Toth • Townline Farm Poultry Reserve • Harvey Ussery • Ver-
                                                    mont Compost Company • Darlene Weener • Wegman’s Food Markets Inc. • White Dog Café •
                                                    Mary Whittam • Wild for Salmon • Wood Prairie Farm • W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery • Effie Zuck


                        Superior Performance from Superior Products
   You make the effort to feed your              Is your feed missing something?
   animals organically. Shouldn’t you            Quality: Consistent feed mixes using
   be feeding them an organic product            quality proven ingredients.
   that works for your farm too?                 Service: Custom blends, prompt bag or
   Increased egg production, healthier           bulk delivery.
   animals, better balanced feeds.               Expertise: We are organic farmers with
   We’ve got over 50 years of animal             experience in dairy, beef, lamb, goat, hog
   nutrition experience. Compare our             and poultry production; marketing and
   CERTIFIED ORGANIC FEEDS                       processing.
   to the others. You’ll know what               Products: Full line of feeds. From broilers
   you’ve been missing.                          to horses, game birds to calves. Complete
                                                 feeds or concentrates.

                                                                                      Corn, Soybean Meal, Oats, Barley, Hay and
    Compare quality & experience!                                                     Compost, Started Pullets available!

                          Manufactured by Kreamer Feed, Inc., Kreamer PA
         CALL Toll Free 1-800-767-4537 for a Dealer near you or visit


                                  Results of the Board of Directors Elections
               Elections for PASA’s Board of Direc-                                                              with a two-acre plot to produce vegeta-
            tors were recently held at the Annual                                                                bles and flowers for 35 CSA members.
            Meeting during the Farming for the                                                                   Together Jenn and Matt have over 20
            Future conference. The following board                                                               years experience in vegetable farming. For
            members were re-elected to the board:                                                                5 years they managed a 150-member
               Mary Barbercheck                                                                                  CSA at Wilson College. Grassroots’ first
               David Bingaman                                                                                    growing season was a success bringing
               Brian Moyer                                                                                       fresh, naturally grown food to Shippens-
               Kim Seeley                                                                                        burg and the surrounding area. Grass-
                                                                                                                 roots Farm uses compost, pasture-raised
               Newly elected to the board is Jennifer
                                                                                                                 dairy manure, cover crops, tractor &
            Halpin. Jennifer will be taking the seat
                                                                                                                 hand tillage, and also grows their own
            vacated by Kim Tait, who recently
            reached her term limit. Jenn has been        Newly elected to PASA’s Board of Directors, Jennifer    transplants organically.
            part of Dickinson College’s (Carlisle, PA)   Hapin.                                                      Jenn was born and raised in Germany
            Environmental Studies program as Stu-        outreach. Jenn and five to seven student                 by American parents and educated at
            dent Organic Garden Director since           workers maintain, expand and improve                    Providence College in Rhode Island. She
            2001. The garden provides work and           the garden, assisted by volunteers.                     developed her interest in sustainable agri-
            learning opportunities for Dickinson stu-       In spring of 2005, Jenn and her part-                culture after a stint in the Peace Corps,
            dents to learn about sustainable agricul-    ner Matt Steiman, started their own                     during which she traveled to West Africa
            ture, as well as a vehicle for community     Grassroots Farm venture in Newburg                      and worked with farmers there. I

                                                                                                                  Manufacturer of
                                                                                                                certified organic feed

                                                                                                                Certified by PCO
                                                                                                 Full line of pastured poultry and
                                                                                                       pastured livestock feed
                                                                                                using Fertrell minerals on request

                                                                                                Complete feeds and concentrates

                                                                                                NO quantity too large or too small
                                                                                                    Available bagged or bulk
                                                                                                         Will custom mix

                                                                                                  ORGANIC UNLIMITED
                                                                                                       P.O. Box 238
                                                                                                     Atglen, PA 19310
                                                                                          Phone: 610-593-2995 • Fax: 610-593-2155

                     May I Reflect On…                                                      continued from page 3
                 By Kim Seeley, Milky Way Farm & PASA Board Member

   How about a short quiz? Nothing too taxing, just a pleasurable brain exercise.
                                                                                           of the sustainable business award is a
                                                                                           family farm business. Perhaps more than
   1) What is mentally exhilarating?                                                       a ‘simple’ family business, a thriving
   2) What is physically exhausting?                                                       family farm business is in every way a
   3) What is wondrously successful! Aaaahhhhh…                                            reflection of the character of the family
   Conference-overload/meltdown occurred on the days following, while doing                itself. It reflects the vision, creativity, fol-
chores on a less than uplifting winter day in North Central Pennsylvania.                  low-through, tenacity and most of all,
The new knowledge acquired at the PASA conference was demanding to be                      love required to survive and thrive.”
                                                                                               Lyn added when she met Tom Bed-
released into my environment.
                                                                                           dard a few years ago, he told the story of
   However, the reality barriers were slowly depressing me. REALITY BARRIERS?
                                                                                           how Lady Moon Farms began with a
Yes, those things called government policy, financial constraints, and the corpo-
                                                                                           vague ideal and vision to change the
rate domination of the agriculture industry.                                               world for the better. She added, “They
   On the other hand my optimistic side brought visions to mind of Sandra Ste-             started on rented ground growing a few
ingraber, Brother David Andrews, and John Ikerd telling us how we got here, and            veggies, packed organic tomatoes under
what opportunities lay ahead if we continue to search for the truth.TRUTH. Fleet-          the shade of a tree, and then drove
ing but attainable. Elusive but sustainable. Truth is the food of a healthy spirit.        around in a station wagon trying to sell
   The PASA conference fills me with truth to continue a journey to produce and             to local stores. From these humble
process healthy food for the future children. Friends at the conference bring              beginnings, Lady Moon Farms now
smiles, knowledge, encouragement and the passion it takes to lift agriculture to           operates three organic vegetable farms in
the necessary level. Presenters bring educated and truthful knowledge that is
                                                                                           three states, covering in the neighbor-
                                                                                           hood of 1,400 acres and averaging 175
impossible to absorb in a weekend.
                                                                                           employees. Lady Moon Farms is success-
   How do our staff and volunteers pull it off every year? With all of your help.The
                                                                                           fully walking the fault line between
sustainable seeds from the first conference have been harvested and replanted
                                                                                           holding true to the ideals of sustainabil-
each year to produce food and fiber, the necessary essentials to weave a diverse            ity, while reaping the financial rewards of
landscape that promotes health. The new knowledge in my brain can now be                   good soil management, fair and caring
released into my environment with visions of a bountiful harvest. I                        employee relations and savvy business
                                                                                           decisions.” I

                        ADVERTISEMENT                                                     Stay
        Hungry Parasites,
       Predators on Patrol
       Use Biocontrol in the Field to Control:
   Corn Borer, Mexican Bean Beetle, Manure Flies
                                                                                        Visit PASA online at
    Use Biocontrol in the Greenhouse to Control:                            
 Aphids, Whiteflies, Spider Mites, Thrips, Fungus Gnats
                                                                                      Visit Buy Fresh, Buy Local
             IPM Laboratories, Inc.
                                                                                              online at
             Phone: (315) 497-2063                                          
             Healthy Beneficials Guaranteed

Regional Marketing
                     Take advantage of another great PASA                                                                                                        farm products.
                                                                                                                                                                     Please note that all products listed on
                     member benefit: Get in the Guide!                                                                                                            this website must be produced by a local
                                                                                                                                                                 farm and traceable back to that farm. In
                         Attention PASA members — you can            regions throughout the state. The guide                                                     order for any value-added product to be
                     now go to and                lists Pennsylvania family farms, farmers’                                                   listed on this site, the main ingredient
                     apply to have your farm or business             markets, community supported agricul-                                                       must be produced locally.
                     included in the “Local Food Guide”              ture farms (CSAs), u-pick farms, restau-                                                        Be sure to visit,
                     online searchable database. This guide          rants, grocers, caterers and bakers, bed &                                                  click on “Get in the Guide,” and fill in
                     allows PASA members to create a cus-            breakfasts, and other businesses that sell                                                  all the needed information about your
                     tom entry listing all products available        locally grown farm products.                                                                farm or business. Members not having
                     from the farm/business, hours of opera-             The searchable guide is designed to                                                     access to the Internet may contact PASA
                     tion and much more. You can even                help facilitate consumer connections                                                        headquarters and we will send you a
                     include your logo and a link to your            with healthy fresh food, neighbor farm-                                                     paper copy, which you can return for us
                     website (if applicable) with your listing.      ers who grow it and those markets, gro-                                                     to input for you.
                         PASA and our partners statewide will        cers and restaurants that are committed                                                         New entries are being added daily,
                     be promoting to              to using locally grown food in their                                                        so please check back often to find
                     consumers as part of the Buy Fresh, Buy         enterprises. We want consumers to be                                                        sources of fresh, local foods as we assem-
                     Local campaign, now underway in 7               able to find you and purchase your local                                                     ble our listings. I

                            WESTERN REGION

                        I Sukey Jamison of Jamison                                                                                                              gram,” says PASA Marketing Manager
                        Farm Wins Prestigious National                                                                                                          Julie Speicher.
                        Award from Women Chefs &                                                                                                                    “I like selling to restaurants,” says

                                                                                                                PHOTO COURTESY OF WOMEN CHEFS & RESTAURATEURS
                        Restaurateurs                                                                                                                           Gary Lambert of Lambert Mountain
                            The Women Chefs & Restaurateurs                                                                                                     Acres in Somerset County. “We have a
                        (WCR) group recently honored Sukey                                                                                                      good working relationship. The chef
                        Jamison, co-owner with her husband                                                                                                      submits an order and as long as I can
                        John, of Jamison Farm in Latrobe, Penn-                                                                                                 supply it, I immediately pick the pro-
                        sylvania. Formed in 1993 by eight of the                                                                                                duce. I like to supply good quality food
                        nation’s top women chefs and restaura-                                                                                                  to a restaurant for others to enjoy.”
                        teurs, WCR has grown to a membership                                                                                                        One of Gary’s clients is Executive
                        of over 2,000 members, offering a vari-      Sukey and John Jamison                                                                     Chef, Zeno Zimmer at Green Gables
                        ety of networking, professional and sup-                                                                                                Restaurant in Jennerstown. “What I like
                        port services.                               play a major role in what we eat,” said                                                    about buying from local farmers is a
                            WCR’s 2005 Women Who Inspire             Helene Kennan, president of WCR.                                                           guarantee of fresh produce at the best
                        Awards were used to recognize seven              Although the majority of those who                                                     quality. It is also important to me to help
                        women who have demonstrated excel-           work in the food service industry are                                                      out the community around me. Gary has
                        lence and innovation in: the dining          women, very few ever reach the upper                                                       organic greens for me at a reasonable
                        room, kitchen, baking and pastry arts,       echelons of management. WCR believes                                                       price,” says Zeno.
                        beverage profession, farming and food        that awards like these inspire and                                                             Continuing over the next three years
                        production, community affairs, as well as    encourage women to pursue and excel                                                        PASA will be hosting field days, work-
                        for a lifetime of culinary excellence. The   in culinary careers.                                                                       shops and local food dinners where
                        awards were presented November 6,                Visit for more                                                      farmers and chefs will have an opportu-
                        2005 at a gala held in conjunction with      information.                                                                               nity to meet and work together. These
                        WCR’s national conference in Seattle.                                                                                                   events will provide both farmers and
                            Jamison received the Golden Plow         I Farm to Chef Program Begins                                                              chefs with answers to questions about
                        Award, sponsored by the Bon Appetit             PASA will be working with farmers                                                       product availability, quality control,
                        Management Company. This award rec-          and chefs in western Pennsylvania                                                          ordering, delivery and billing. Project
                        ognized Jamsion’s excellence in grow-        over the next three years to establish                                                     participants will also receive on-going
                        ing or producing from nature’s bounty        new relationships between the two                                                          technical assistance.
                        and honored a woman whose skills in          groups, which may result in a significant                                                       If you are interested in selling your
                        farming or making artisanal products         increase in new product sales.                                                             products to a restaurant or buying food
                        results in food that graces our plates          “Expanding profitability of farmers                                                      from an area farm, please contact Julie
                        while respecting the environment.            and the distribution of healthy food is                                                    Speicher at 412-697-0411 or julie@pasa-
                            “From the field to the table, women       our focus with the Farm to Chef pro-                                              for more information.

Regional Marketing
                            WESTERN REGION                                                                   western Pennsylvania could be turned
                                                                                                             into locally branded artisan cheeses, ice
                     The West Looks to Rebuild a Regional                                                    cream, yogurt, and whey products. The
                                                                                                             Amish, with neither electricity nor
                     Food Infrastructure Network                                                             trucks, could benefit from dispatched
                                                                                                             transportation of produce to cold stor-
                                   By Suzy Meyer                  products that farms can produce and        age facilities. There is also a need by
                        Last year in western Pennsylvania,        businesses can process, market, distrib-   many producers of pastured beef, pork,
                     PASA’s Western regional office launched       ute, and sell to consumers in 19 counties  chicken, and geese, for USDA-certified
                     the second year of the Buy Fresh, Buy        of western Pennsylvania. To restore a      organic meat processing facilities. Ron
                     Local campaign. Over 10,000 consumer         functioning local food network, the        Gargasz, who has his organic beef
                     guides were printed and quickly              project will look at the whole system:     processed at a conventional facility near
                     absorbed in 19 counties and 39 new           Farmers > Dispatch > Transportation        his farm, says that even though he sells
                     partners signed on. Old relationships        from farms > Storage > Food processing     all that he produces, he’s missing out on
                     were strengthened, and new relation-         > Transportation to markets > Branding     one label that would help raise consumer
                     ships were formed with consumers,            > Marketing > Products on shelves.         awareness: “USDA certified organic.”
                     farmers’ markets, retailers, wholesalers                                                              We are open to ideas and
                     and chefs.                                   [This project] will identify value-                   information from new and
                        With Buy Fresh, Buy Local well                                                                  experienced farmers, especially
                     underway, David Eson, Director of            added food products farms can                         in western Pennsylvania.…Do
                     PASA Western regional programs, has                                                                you know about existing food
                     turned his attention to adding value to      produce and businesses can process, facilities that could be
                     farmers’ produce and products. In fall       market, distribute and sell to con-                   enhanced (such as auction
                     2005, PASA received a grant from Penn-                                                             houses), or upcoming food
                     sylvania’s First Industries Fund to fund     sumers in western Pennsylvania.                       kitchens and rinsing facilities,
                     research, feasibility, and business plan                                                           or new slaughterhouses in
                     development to re-build our regional             Adding value to raw materials can be   western Pennsylvania? What kind of
                     food production and distribution net-        as much about transportation and facili-   facilities do you need to add value to
                     work. We call it the Regional Food           ties, as it is about turning apples into   your products? Do you know people in
                     Infrastructure Network. This project         pies, or turning one cabbage into eight    the cold transport business? Or grocers
                     may result in millions of dollars in addi-   bags of coleslaw mix. From early infor-    that are buying local products? Your
                     tional agricultural output, create jobs,     mational meetings with farmers, there is   input is valuable, and we’re listening. It’s
                     develop new processing and distribution      diverse potential with value-added prod-   a big region, and we invite you to partic-
                     businesses and revitalize communities in     ucts. For example Organic Crop             ipate and help rebuild our local food
                     rural areas throughout 19 counties in        Improvement Association (OCIA) farm-       network. I
                     western Pennsylvania.                        ers, envision an organic line of spaghetti     For more information on this project,
                        The business plan resulting from the      sauce or flash frozen prepared meals        contact David Eson, Director of Western Pro-
                     Regional Food Infrastructure Network         made with pastured pork and organic        grams at 412-697-0411 or david@pasa-
                     project will identify value-added food       cornbread. The abundance of milk in

                                                                                          The Meadville Markethouse (left) and the Wilmington Auction House (below)
                                                                                          will be two important ties in the regional food infrastructure network to
                                                                                          market local products.

Educational Outreach
                                                                                                                Bob and Vi Omlor (far left) ask Greg Krwarzk
                                                                                                                (far right) of Penn State’s Biglerville Fruit Research
                          Results of Farm-Based                                                                 Station about managing pests in their organic

                          Education Survey                                                                      orchard. Don Kretschmann (center), field day
                                                                                                                host, also offered participants advice.

                                                                                                                while 31% are part-time farmers.
                                                                                                                Another significant population served,
                                                                                                                the home gardeners, represent about
                                                                                                                32% of our respondents. Educators
                                                                                                                (29%), homemakers (13%), environ-
                                                                                                                mental organization employees (12%)
                                                                                                                and researchers (9%) also make up a sig-
                                                                                                                nificant portion of our audience.
                                                                                                                    When we asked our FBE attendees,
                                                                                                                “What is the best thing about attending
                                                                                                                a PASA FBE program?” hands-down the
                                                                                                                most common answer was “learning
                                                                                                                directly from other farmers” (85%,) fol-
                                                                                                                lowed by “getting fresh ideas” (78%).
                                   By Heather House                What’s the number one                        But, a significant number of respondents
                          As a nonprofit organization that         reason people attend PASA’s                  cited “networking with other attendees”
                       receives financial support from founda-                                                   (72%) as the best reason for attending a
                       tions and government agencies, PASA         Farm-Based Education events?                 FBE event.
                       regularly reports to grantors on the        85% of those responding to                       PASA makes every effort to keep the
                       progress of our work. Naturally, most       a recent survey say “learning                costs of field days affordable, usually by
                       grantors want to know whether the proj-     directly from other farmers.”                pursuing grant funds or other sources of
                       ects they fund are having the desired                                                    underwriting to pay for the cost of pro-
                       impact. To that end, over the years,        thing that resulted in a change in their     gramming. However, as government
                       PASA has developed a number of evalu-       farming practice or personal lifestyle. Of   programs we typically turn to for fund-
                       ation tools used to measure the success     these, 46% said “my operation is more        ing are cut, we have found ourselves
                       of individual projects and the organiza-    environmentally friendly,” while 33%         offering programming at a price we hope
                       tion as a whole.                            said their farm operation was more prof-     will help us recoup the added expenses.
                          Recently, PASA decided to try a new      itable as a result of a change they imple-   Increasing the cost of Farm-Based Edu-
                       evaluation tool, our first-ever electronic   mented based on something they               cation programming was a big decision
                       survey to evaluate our Farm-Based Edu-      learned at the event.                        for us and we were concerned about how
                       cation (FBE) programming. The website          It is common on our exit surveys for      the change in fee structures might affect
                       link to the survey was sent to approxi-     attendees to indicate they intend to         attendance. We were pleased that overall
                       mately 2,400 emails, which included our     make a change, but that they cannot pre-     attendance is up and only 7.5% of sur-
                       members and anyone who has attended         dict the implications of this change.        vey respondents cited “programs are too
                       a PASA FBE event in the last four years.    Many people say, “I’ll apply what I          expensive” as a reason for NOT attend-
                       Within the 30-day response period allot-    learned next season.” There was a fasci-     ing a field day. As an aside, the number
                       ted for the survey, we received 437 com-    nating array of “other” answers, in which    one reason people do not attend field
                       pleted replies. What follows is a brief     respondents explain why they do/don’t        days is that they are “too busy” (41%).
                       summary of the 2005 FBE program and         apply what they learn at FBE events. We          We are very pleased with the 2005
                       the results of the electronic survey.       believe PASA is offering educational         season and owe a debt of gratitude to a
                          Overall, 2005 was a tremendous sea-      opportunities to directly benefit farmers     number of funders for making our pro-
                       son for FBE, with attendance up nearly      and consumers, who are in position to        gram possible. Moreover, we want to
                       50% compared to 2004! A total of 990        positively influence the farming commu-       thank you, our members who turn out,
                       people attended at least one of PASA’s 25   nity and environment.                        whether it is during a haymaking day or
                       events. Approximately 280 people               Although our FBE program is               hurricane rain.
                       attended two or more field days for a        designed primarily for growers, PASA             The 2006 FBE calendar is being
                       total attendance of 1,270.                  aims to attract attendees from a spec-       developed and will be announced in late
                          Of the 260 respondents to our elec-      trum of occupations. Similar to PASA’s       spring. We look forward to opportuni-
                       tronic survey who indicated they had        membership ratios, approximately 50%         ties to continue working with you to
                       attended a FBE program in the last five      of FBE participants are farmers; 22%         promote profitable, environmentally
                       years, 82% indicated they learned some-     indicated they are full-time farmers         sensitive farming in Pennsylvania. I

                     A New Tool for
                  Greenhouse Growers
       Now greenhouse growers can better manage their pest problems while
   reducing their pesticide use, thanks to a new manual produced by the
   Pennsylvania IPM Program.
       The manual, “Greenhouse IPM with an Emphasis on Biocontrols,” was
   developed in response to the need for practical information on green-
   house integrated pest management (IPM) and biological control also
   known as biocontrol. Biological control is the use of a beneficial organism
   to control pests. Since most pests have various parasites, diseases and
   predators that can kill them, these beneficial organisms can be purchased
   and released into greenhouses as a means of control.This results in good crop yield and
   quality and greatly reduces (and sometimes eliminates) the need for pesticides.               APPRENTICE AND
       “Greenhouse production is rapidly growing in Pennsylvania and surrounding
   states,” says Pennsylvania IPM Coordinator Cathy Thomas. Based on Thomas’ “Bug vs.             INTERN LISTING
   Bug”article series, the 108-page manual begins with an introduction to IPM and its prin-       Good help is hard to find. If your farm
   ciples and information on starting an IPM/biocontrol program. In addition, the manual      offers intern and apprentice opportuni-
   contains more than 90 full-color images, as well as descriptions of the most common        ties, let PASA help! We will post your clas-
   pests in the greenhouse industry, and biocontrols used to manage them.                     sified lisitng in our newsletter and on our
       For more information on greenhouse IPM and biocontrol programs, contact Cathy          web-based Intern Board. Last year, each
   Thomas at 717-772-5204 or by email at See the PA IPM Pro-          farm posting on PASA’s Intern Board
   gram’s Greenhouse IPM Web site at           received an average of over 500 hits!
   for additional resources.                                                                  Although anyone can search the Intern
       Greenhouse IPM with an Emphasis on Biocontrols (publication number AGRS-96) is         Board, posting services are free and limit-
   available for free as a PDF file at To obtain a      ed to members only.
   hard copy, send a check or money order payable to Penn State for $12.00 plus shipping          When submitting your posting, please
   and handling to the Publications Distribution Center,The Pennsylvania State University,    use the following format:
   College of Agricultural Sciences, 112 Agricultural Administration Building University          Farm Name, County, State
   Park, PA 16802-2602. Shipping and handling is $5.00 per order (regardless of the num-          Brief description of position,
   ber of copies shipped). Credit card orders will be accepted by calling 1-877-345-0691.           including time frame, compensa-
                                                                                                    tion, duties, & other details.
                                                                                                  Your contact information
Tough Times                                      is critically important that we recognize
                                                                                                  Submit your postings directly to
                                                 these trends and assumptions that are        Heather House at heather@pasafarm-
continued from page 6                            out there, especially if we hope to or via mail at PO Box 419, Mill-
                                                 achieve lasting success on behalf of our     heim, PA 16854.
my mind, it goes right back to the most          farmers and eaters alike.
basic building blocks of any rural com-                                                           We have already been hearing great
                                                     There are powerful forces out there      responses, here is an example:
munity, including common sense and               working hard to undue local food sys-
the relationships among its citizens,            tems as fast as we can assemble them.            “I’ve got to tell you how much we
commonly known as “neighbors.” It                                                             appreciate your putting our job ads on the
                                                 These forces unabashedly utilize the
would seem that something in the                                                              website! I cannot believe how many
                                                 weapons of fear and deliberate misinfor-
industrial psyche of our society depends                                                      responses they are generating! From all
                                                 mation to hide their greed and to ask all
heavily on the notion that, ultimately,                                                       over the country too! Just goes to show
                                                 of us to suspend, or preempt the good
neighbors cannot be trusted and we can-                                                       you the clout and attraction and fame of
not even trust our own individual judg-          judgment and common sense we share
                                                                                              our beloved PASA. We ran a whole bunch
ment when it comes to business matters.          with our colleagues, customers and           of job ads in several publications, costing
I suppose it is the “marketplace” that           neighbors, in favor of strategies that       a few hundred bucks all together, but that
must be trusted to make decisions on             favor corporate wealth and power.            good old free one you did for us was by far
our behalf.                                          In response to the aggressive self-      the most effective. I’ll let you know when
   When I suggest, then, that tough              interest of such corporations, and as        we’ve filled our openings so you can delete
times lay ahead, or that the sustainable         Franklin Roosevelt might have said, the      our entry. Thanks again. Love to all at
agriculture community must reassess its          only thing we have to preempt is pre-        PASA.”
goals and progress, I mean to say that it        emption itself. I                                 — Jim Crawford, New Morning Farm

           Eat Fresh, Eat Local…Eat Free, Eat Wild… EAT WEEDS
         By Jennifer Anne Tucker              slippery and fibrous, and need some get-            might overdose and do more harm than
    “Weed” in many communities is a           ting used to, but are well worth the ben-          good; frequently the body does not uti-
word used to categorize plants as villains    efits. We nurture innate body wisdom                lize the encapsulated item, because tast-
and too often we wage chemical war on         from the diversity of tastes in plants and         ing identifies diverse enzymes needed for
groups of common plants. As an herbal-        herbs. Sour, bitter, pungent, acrid and            digestion. Cheaper and more nourishing
ist and wild food enthusiast I know           astringent tastes can stimulate, activate,         is a thermos of your own homemade
weeds as medicinal partners, and more         cleanse and tone, calm or stimulate and            herbal weed infusions or soups!
often as nutrient-rich food plants. Yes, it   irritate. Naturally sweet and salty tastes             Here are some facts and information
takes time and effort to weed the garden,     nourish, regenerate and mineralize.                to inspire your desire to eat wild plants,
but change your intention — harvest the       Over-use of refined sugars, processed,              and protect their habitat — whether it
weeds in the garden! I encourage the lat-     fortified, and salty foods, jade or fool our        be your own vegetable or flower garden,
ter for better health.                        taste buds and cheat us of nutrients.              lawn or field. In my experience, observa-
    Where do the plants we know as                So-called “natural health” products            tion and careful tending will nurture
weeds, come from? In truth, many of           are getting more unnatural as processors           volunteer weed plants side by side with
our emigrant ancestors brought seeds to       bring herbal energy drinks and snack               desired crops to the benefit of all — the
grow as food and medicine plants to this      bars to market. Herbal compounds                   garden and gardener. Weed volunteers
continent, and as land became cultivated      extracted, isolated, and often ingested            are companionable in the garden
for food, the once valued herbs and food      inappropriately, negate the synergy that           because they are early and ready to har-
plants “jumped the garden fence,”             the whole plant provides. Encapsulated             vest before many of the vegetables. And
adapted to their new habitat and went         herbs bypass the first critical step in             many garden weeds make tasty partners
“wild.” Many weeds, in truth are “her-        engaging the body’s natural wisdom, the            at the meal table with the same garden
itage foods!” Worldwide, people have          taste of the herb. Without the taste, we           vegetables they grew beside. I
used plants growing in their environ-
ment as shelters, food, medicine and for
ceremonial purposes. The weeds we take               I How is the dandelion
for granted are held in high esteem in           (Taraxacum officinale) helpful? If
other traditions.                                your garden or lawn has healthy
    It was Evelyn Snook, an herbalist            soil, (no herbicides or non-organic
from Lewistown, PA, who taught me to             fertilizers) then harvesting them
value the plants in my own backyard.             for food and medicine is safe. Dan-
Wild plants can be powerful partners in          delions will grow on decalcified
healing conditions that challenge —              soils, and the deep taproot will
wounds, injury, digestion, respiratory,          bring up minerals and calcium to

                                                                                                                                                PHOTOGRAPHS BY JENNIFER TUCKER AND GERALD LANG (ORIGINALS IN COLOR)
circulation and allergies. Eating wild           the surface. That’s good for you
plants from my own locale helps me               and your soil!
adapt to living here; it places me in my             However, if the land has been
habitat. Eating or using these plants, I         treated with “weed-killers,” ironi-
am ingesting their successes — they have         cally, dandelions and other weeds
absorbed minerals and nutrients from             come in even more vigorously, to
soil, water, and air — they have sur-            help rebalance, and detoxify the
vived. Those minerals, nutrients and sur-        soil. Using these plants for food
vival successes are valuable to me as food       and medicine is harmful, since
or medicines, but just as important is the       they concentrate and absorb the                                                Dandelion
dimension of preparation, the symbols            toxins. If you are making the tran-
and history, the inspiration I receive           sition to more healthful garden soils, then part of the clean up is letting the “weeds” be
from my encounters with the plants. As           the “medicine” for the soil. Properly dispose of these plants, as it is important not to use
I become more familiar with intense fla-          them in your garden compost. Eating healthy dandelions is good medicine too…it will
vors and energy derived from wild                protect and detoxify our liver and gall bladder from harmful agricultural
plants, I am intuitively drawn to the            chemicals…the same used to kill weeds and dandelions!
plants my body wants to eat. I became a              Dandelion leaves harvested before the flower blooms can be used as daily greens,
“free ranging” human being! Foraging             prepared raw, sautéed, stir-fried, steamed and chopped as garnish in soups, hot cooked
for wild plants in season synchronizes our       foods, or salads. The mildly bitter leaves compliment the taste of winter-stored root
body’s transitions from season to season.        crops. I harvest the leaves by slicing off the top of the root holding the rosette of leaves
    Wild, weedy tastes are earthy, tangy,        together for ease of washing and preparation. Daily use of small amounts of the leaves
and often bitter. The textures are chewy,

in season will build up the blood and help to                                                                                                                             plant, harvest and dry for winter infusions.
prevent anemia. Impressively high in vita-          Violet                                                                                                                Small plant, big on health power!

                                                                                                    PHOTOGRAPHS BY JENNIFER TUCKER AND GERALD LANG (ORIGINALS IN COLOR)
min A, C and minerals iron, selenium, zinc,                                                                                                                                   Chickweed fresh poultice is cooling to
the leaves are a natural diuretic, a cleansing                                                                                                                            inflammations, bruises and pain. I have
tonic to the kidneys. Leaves can be dried and                                                                                                                             drawn out splinters, dirt and infections from
added to winter soups or teas or I make veg-                                                                                                                              wounds using poultices. (Not recommended
etable stock using fresh leaves with other                                                                                                                                if not experienced with this method of
seasonal garden surplus and freeze the                                                                                                                                    healing.) To make a poultice: Take several
strained, concentrated stock.                                                                                                                                             handfuls of fresh leaf and stems; rinse, and
     Dandelion flowers make honey-like                                                                                                                                    pulp in blender or food processor with small
syrups, white wine, and great fritters. The                                                                                                                               amounts of water to keep moist. Shape the
flower stems, 2 or 3 raw daily, in season, will                                                                                                                            pulped plant into a paddy; apply directly to
improve kidney and urinary tract functions.                                                                                                                               skin, or put pulp onto clean cotton bandage.
Flower buds add crunchy texture to salads,                                                                                                                                Wrap to hold in place. Discard used poultice
or stir-fried lightly with other tender spring    nal plants with my teachers and mentors.                                                                                outside. Warm compresses on closed eyelids
vegetables. Dandelion roots are best har-              Violet is a favorite raw “nibble” of mine                                                                          are soothing to irritated, itchy, or tired eyes.
vested in the fall and cooked fresh or dried      when walking on the farm. Many varieties                                                                                (Leave compresses in place for 5 minutes at
in soups, stews or a hearty infusion or dry-      grow here; white, yellow, pale and deep pur-                                                                            a time, no longer. Take a break and repeat as
roasted for a heartier tasting beverage. (An      ple. The flowers and leaves added to salads                                                                              needed using fresh sterile cloth compress
infusion is a term used to describe the           or chopped raw as garnish for soups or hot                                                                              for each application.)
method of extracting the plants’ properties       grains. (Caution: the roots are purgative,                                                                                  I Catnip (Nepeta cataria). I welcome this
into boiled water, strained and used as tea to    do not eat the roots.) As flowers become                                                                                 plant wherever it appears, wild near my pas-
drink, compress for injury, foot bath, skin or    abundant, I make a concentrated purple tea                                                                              ture gates, garden edges, and near the
hair rinse.) The sweet/bitter tastes of the       of the flowers and freeze as cubes to add to                                                                             manure compost pile. It is herbal entertain-
roots, when used as teas, are well document-      summer teas or make syrup, soothing for                                                                                 ment if you crush the fresh or dried leaves
ed for balancing stomach acids and lower-         coughs. The leaves, as herbal medicine tradi-                                                                           for your cats to smell or eat! Interestingly, the
ing blood sugar when transitioning from           tions, are used in relieving cancer pain and                                                                            smell of the fresh or dried herb will repel rats
processed sugars to a healthier diet. I have      slowing growth of tumors of breast and                                                                                  and mice. Internally I use the fresh or dried
relied on the dried root medicinally in my        uterus.1 Leaves are sweet and “slippery” in                                                                             leaves as infusions for nausea; colic in chil-
practice for regenerating jaw bone from a         texture when chewed raw, high in vitamins                                                                               dren; occasional restlessness and insomnia;
tooth abscess; liver health and function;         A and C, and calcium.                                                                                                   flu with fevers; mild indigestions. I like com-
breast health, before and after breast cancer          I Chickweed (Stellaria media) spreads                                                                              bining the leaves with chamomile flowers as
treatment; food allergies; cholesterol formu-     cheerful green carpets in gardens, green-                                                                               infusions for stomach and bowel problems,
las and to relieve indigestion and heartburn.     houses and lawns. Moist, sweet and cooling                                                                              or recovering from flu symptoms. Caution:
Type in “dandelion recipe” into your comput-      to the taste, it has a reputation for internal                                                                          do not use the root, and check catnip leaves
er’s Internet search engine, and find page         use (fresh or dried) as a remedy for rheumat-                                                                           when gathering in damp weather for
after page of recipes and “dandy facts.”          ic, gouty pains and is rich in C, A and B vita-
     I Wild violets (Viola papilionacea) on
                                                                                                                                                                          mildew spots.
                                                  mins, and high in minerals, calcium, iron,                                                                                  Weeds need to be respected, for their
my lawn bring Evelyn to mind each spring. It      silicon, potassium, magnesium and copper.
                                                                                                                                                                          survival traits of resilience, reproductive
was our springtime ritual to sit on her lawn      Fresh, I like to graze right in the garden on                                                                                                  continued on page 22
in Lewistown, share stories, harvesting violet    this tender herb; or make green juice when
flowers, then go into her kitchen and make         abundant enough to gather by the handfuls;                                                                               Catnip
ourselves a violet flower feast! Violet aspic,     or as fresh pesto with garlic and olive oil to
violet vinegars, violet flower jams, violet tea    spread on sandwiches. Chickweed offers
sipped from antique china tea cups and vio-       optimum nutritional benefits for those who
let syrup for winter “blues.” Violet flower        are anemic, malnourished, or weakened by
picking is on-your-knees work, and prepara-       illness, surgery or trauma, and nurtures
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              PHOTOGRAPHS BY JENNIFER TUCKER AND GERALD LANG (ORIGINALS IN COLOR)

tion a hands-on experience. The reward for        the thyroid gland; soothes liver, kidney, blad-
all this work is beauty, good food and sweet      der and lymph elimination overburdened
memories. Foraging for wild eatables is a         from over-eating rich, fattening foods. Regu-
walk-about tradition…best learned from            lar use of infusions checks excess fluid
enthusiastic and knowledgeable foragers           weight from the body. Internally it also is a
who also happen to be good cooks! My Mid-         restorative to the bronchial and lungs, treats
western diet of meat and potatoes, canned         sore throat and dry coughs. Externally I use
or frozen vegetables, iceberg lettuce and         the plant in salves for itchy “hot” skin patch-
Wonder Bread, was shaken to the core when         es; poultices for ulcers, bruises, and dissolv-
I started to eat wild flowers, wild leaves, wild   ing cysts; a warm compress for tired
mushrooms and identify and gather medici-         “burning” eyes. If you have an excess of this

Weeds                                              soils; roadsides, housing areas, golf courses,
                                                   campgrounds, playgrounds, check for un-
continued from page 21                             safe ground water run-off.
                                                       Know what parts of the plant are used
vigor, persistence, adaptability, and general
                                                   (root, flowers, leaves, seeds) and how to pre-
“die-hard” skills. Traits we admire in our-
                                                   pare the plant (raw, dried, cooked).
selves, I might add! These plants’ survival
                                                       Consult a practitioner if unsure about
activity includes mimicry of other plants

                                                                                                                                                      PHOTOGRAPH BY GERALD LANG
                                                   any use of weeds as medicine.
which may be dangerous to touch or ingest
(why we need 100% identification); some                  Other keys to successful foraging
have skin irritating oils or textures; and all         Introduce the new plants to your body in
plants have a complex self-produced chem-          small tasty nibbles (like grazing), in mild
istry of insect repellant, fungal resistant,       infusions, or as garnishes mixed with other
                                                   food until you understand how your body            able for private consultations on the use of
immunity to bacteria and viral diseases.
                                                   responds. Some plants are best used raw,           herbs as natural medicines and as a speaker
Simply stated, when we identify safe and
                                                   and others need to be cooked for digestion.        on herbal plant use. She is a PASA member
healthy wild plants to eat we absorb the
                                                                                                      and has been a presenter at two previous
beneficial immunity traits!                                 Books for further resources,               PASA conferences.
                                                               recipes, and research
              Safety guidelines                    1 Tis Mal Crow, Native Plants Native Healing.
                                                                                                          Jennifer lives and works at Hill Crystal
    Use one or two field guidebooks for                                                               Farm with her husband and photographic
                                                   Susun Weed, Healing Wise and Breast Cancer,
plant identification. If you are not 100% sure,                                                        collaborator, Gerald Lang. The hay fields are
                                                       Breast Health!
then don’t pick it, don’t touch it without                                                            certified organic and the pastures, pond
                                                   Euell Gibbons, Stalking the Wild Asparagus
gloves! (Some plants cause rashes.)                                                                   banks, streams, woodlands and wetlands
                                                       and Stalking the Healthful Herbs
    Practice ethical harvesting: know when                                                            produce an ever-changing tapestry of wild
to gather, leave some plants to mature and         Editor’s Note: Jennifer Tucker gives wild          plants for herbal partnership. The farm’s
re-seed, re-establish, protect, or transplant as   plant and “weed” walks and teaches herbal          fields, sky, woodlands and plants, in all sea-
sustainable plant communities.                     wisdom, salve-making, tinctures, infusions,        sons are the muses for her photography.
    Never gather plants from unsafe, toxic         poultices and flower essences. She is avail-        Contact her at 814-422-8257.

                                                                                 POULTRY MAN, LLC
                                                                                          Eli M. Reiff 570-966-0769
                                                                                    922 Conley Road • Mifflinburg, PA 17844

                                                                                Scalder — (above center) 42 gallon rotary, gas fired with auto control
                                                                                  temp timer. 60,000 BTU, all stainless steel.

                                                                                Mechanical Plucker (above right) — 3 ⁄4 HP motor, motor totally
                                                                                 enclosed. 10:1 Gear reduction, 27”diameter, stainless steel with show-

                                                                                                       ALSO AVAILABLE
                                                                                Manual Scalder — Hand dunk birds. 42 gallon, 45,000 btu.

     Fostering the
     Food & Health

Farmers’ market vendors, such as Mildreds’ Daughters Urban Farm, are important links in providing fresh, local foods to consumers.

    “Nothing is more important to peo-                eight to nine vendors at the market pro-   nects them are their three shared, guid-
ple’s health than what they eat everyday,”            vided a place for hospital visitors,       ing principles: first, the markets must
says Dr. Preston Maring, a physician for              patients, and employees to buy fresh       provide certified organic food; second,
34 years and the creator of the first                  produce, shop for food at a convenient     the food should not need refrigeration,
Kaiser Permanente hospital farmers’                   location, and enjoy a work environment     meaning no fish, chicken, meat, or
market. By developing a farmers’ market               that encourages them to breathe fresh air  dairy; third, the markets must serve as
at his hospital and inspiring the creation            as they buy locally grown strawberries,    healthy complements to the existing in-
of 25 others in just two years, Dr. Mar-                                                                      hospital cafeteria food, and
ing is helping hospitals around the coun-             From schools, to hospitals and prisons,                 not as competitive alterna-
try illustrate the connection between                 more public institutions are realizing the tives.
food, diet, and health.                                                                                          As a large company, Dr.
    Six years ago Dr. Maring noticed ven-             important connections between food,                     Maring believes Kaiser can
dors selling jewelry and handbags in the                                                                      help build demand for fresh
                                                      diet and health.
lobby of the Oakland, CA hospital                                                                             healthy food while it sup-
where he worked. As a longtime farmers’               apricots, or peaches outside the hospital. ports local farmers through its farmers
market shopper, he wondered if he could                   The first day felt like a block party   market programs. Hospitals are where
develop a market at his hospital that                 and was an immediate success — straw-      people go to regain their health, and Dr.
would serve large groups of people and                berry vendors alone made over $2,000.      Maring says there is “something to be
support the hospital’s mission. To get                Quickly Dr. Maring sent emails and         said for hospital leadership supporting
started he brought the idea of a farmers’             called peers at other Kaiser Hospitals. By these markets” — markets that can help
market to the CEO and hospital opera-                 the spring of 2004 six new farmers mar-    patients, visitors, and employees both
tors. Through them he connected with                  kets were providing fresh food at differ-  stay healthy and get better. For more
John Silviera at the Pacific Coast Farm-               ent hospital locations. The farmer-to-     info, contact Dr. Preston Maring, at pre-
ers’ Market Association (PCFMA) who                   hospital momentum continued building
immediately loved the idea.                           and by the summer of 2005, 25 markets
    In May 2003, with a contract from                 existed in five states, ranging from Geor-     Reprinted with permission from the
the PCFMA, the first Kaiser Permanente                 gia to Colorado to Hawaii.                 Project for Public Places (
market opened between the parking lot                     The markets are geographically         Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a non-
and the main entrance to Dr. Maring’s                 diverse and unique in that each hospital   profit organization dedicated to creating
Oakland hospital. Functioning as a sub-               works with local vendors and farmers to    and sustaining public places that build
tle form of preventative medicine, the                manage their own market. What con-         communities. I


                             Fertrell Company
                      P.O. Box 265 • Bainbridge, PA 17502
                                Dealer Inquiries Invited
                    “Where Quality Comes Naturally”

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  Balancing                                                         Recommendations
                                  • Layers
• Dairy, Poultry & Swine Pre-                                     • All Organic Ingredients
                                  • Broilers
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                                  • Turkeys
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  Health Care Costs

                                                            “Do the Easy Thing First,
                                                             Use Fertrell Minerals”
                                                                    — Joel Salatin
                                                                                                         unprecedented levels and result in profitable
SPIN-FARMING Is It For You?                                                                              income.”
                                                                                                            In 2003, its first year of operation,
It Makes Agriculture Accessible to Anyone, Anywhere                                                      Somerton Tanks Farm, located in northeast
                                                                                                         Philadelphia, the fifth largest city in the U.S,
                                                                                                         produced $26,100 in gross sales from a half
  Compiled from the workshop & handouts             urban growers. “People don’t believe you can         acre of growing space during a 9 month
at PASA’s Farming for the Future Conference         grow three crops a year in Saskatoon,”               growing season. In 2005 gross sales increased
                                                    observes Vandersteen. “They think it’s too                                   continued on page 29
    What does SPIN stand for? S-mall P-lot
                                                    much work, but the truth is, this is much
IN-tensive. But it also stands for new hope
                                                    less work than mechanized, large-scale farm-
and promise for independent farmers. SPIN
                                                    ing. We used to have a tractor to hill pota-
takes the challenges posed by urbanization
                                                    toes and cultivate, but we find it’s more
and turns them to the farmer’s advantage.
                                                    efficient to do things by hand. Other than a
    With this farming method, there is no
                                                    rototiller, all we need is a push-type seeder
                                                                                                                          R O E R’
need to own land, renting a small parcel or         and a few hand tools.”                                        2109876543210987654321
several back yard plots are adequate. The               “We are producing 10–15 different crops
multiple farm plots or parts of a single site                                                                       G

                                                    and sell thousands of bunches of radishes,                    2109876543210987654321
are then divided into different areas of pro-       green onions and thousands of bags of salad                   2109876543210987654321
duction intensity. The most intensive area is       greens and carrots each season. Our volumes
called the Intensive Relay Area and this is         are low compared to conventional farming,
where 3 or more crops are grown on a                                                                              2109876543210987654321

                                                    but we sell high-quality organic products at                  2109876543210987654321
sequential basis throughout the season. The         high end prices,” says Mr. Satzewich. The                     2109876543210987654321
Bi-Relay Area has sequential growing of two         SPIN method is based on their successful

crops throughout the season, and in the Sin-                                                                      2109876543210987654321
                                                    experiment in downsizing, which empha-

gle Crop Area only one crop is grown in the                                                                        O
                                                                                                                          UNT LA
                                                    sizes minimal mechanization and maximum                       2109876543210987654321
course of the season.                               fiscal discipline and planning.
    SPIN is becoming popular with a broad,              Roxanne Christensen, co-founder and
crossover market of aspiring urban farmers,         President of the Institute for Innovations in
conventional large-scale farmers who want           Local Farming, operates Somerton Tanks
or need to downsize, and part-time hobby            Farm, in partnership with the Philadelphia
                                                                                                                Reap profits
farmers. What unites them all is an ability to
approach farming in a radical new way.
                                                    Water Department. Somerton is a prototype
                                                    urban farm that serves as the U.S. test bed
                                                                                                                from direct
    SPIN farming has been developed at
Wally’s Urban Market Garden, a half-acre
                                                    for the SPIN-FARMING™ method. The                          marketing with
                                                    farm has received the support of the Penn-
multi-location farm in Saskatoon,                   sylvania Department Of Agriculture, the                      our labels!
Saskatchewan and Philadelphia’s Somerton            Philadelphia Workforce Department Corpo-
Tanks Farm, a single location half-acre farm.       ration, the City Commerce Department, the
    SPIN was created by Wally Satzewich,                                                                         We design and print labels
                                                    USDA Natural Resources Conservation Ser-
who operates Wally's Urban Market Garden,                                                                          for berries, vegetables,
                                                    vice, the Pennsylvania Department of Envi-
which is dispersed over 25 residential back-                                                                     sauerkraut, soap, lip balm,
                                                    ronmental Protection, and the Pennsylvania
yard garden plots in Saskatoon, that are rent-                                                                 yoghurt, cheese, meat, eggs,
                                                    Department of Community and Economic
ed from homeowners. The sites range in size                                                                          pastured poultry —
from 500 sq. ft. to 3000 sq. ft., and the               Ms. Christensen contends the separation                 labels for almost anythingg!
growing area totals a half-acre. The produce        of country and city is a bankrupt concept.
is sold at The Saskatoon Farmers’ Market.           “As development erodes the rural way of life,              SERVING GROWERS
    Wally Satzewich and Gail Vandersteen            agriculture is creeping closer to metropolitan
initially started farming on an acre-sized plot     areas. SPIN-FARMING™ leverages this
                                                                                                                  SINCE 1975
outside of Saskatoon 20 years ago. Thinking         trend in a positive way — by capitalizing on
that expanding acreage was critical to their        limited resources and space. Creating
success, they bought farmland adjacent to           Somerton Tanks Farm using the SPIN                           request a free catalog
the South Saskatchewan River 40 miles               method required minimal upfront invest-
north where they eventually grew vegetables         ment, and it keeps operating overhead low.”                1-800-693-1572
on about 20 acres of irrigated land.                    “For aspiring farmers, SPIN eliminates
    After six years farming their rural site, the   two big barriers — sizeable acreage and sub-
couple realized there was more money to be          stantial startup capital. At the same time, its    
made growing multiple crops intensively in          intensive relay growing techniques and rev-
the city, so they sold the farm and became          enue targeting formulas push yields to

                                                                                 PASA 1/4 hor. page Ad                1                             2/9/04, 2:09 PM
Classified Ads
                FOR SALE — Second cutting, ’05 organic alfalfa        WANTED — BCS (~850) w/ tiller & mower. Call          FOR SALE — Registered Haflinger mare for sale.
                hay. 3x3x8 med. sq. dairy & heifer quality. A few     Todd Wetzel (Somerset Co.), 814-926-3455 or          Started in harness, ready for saddle. Will be 3 in
                loads left, can deliver, MOSA certified. Contact                              April. Sound and good looking. Needs to be
                Jerry Nuytten, Hazel Run, MN, 507-829-5260                                                                 worked. Contact Joe Detelj at 570-523-1681.
                                                                      LAND WANTED — couple with 11 years com-
                FOR SALE — Purebred, shorthorn bull. Great            bined organic vegetable production experience        FARM FOR SALE — Towanda area, 50-acre
                bloodlines, 3 yrs. old. 814-667-3852.                 is looking for about 10 acres. Preferably within     working dairy. Cost $210,000 call 570-924-3216.
                                                                      about an hour of State College, but we are open
                WANTED — The Lands at Hillside Farms, located         to other possibilities. Looking for a farm to call   FOR SALE — Angus calves, from a small herd of
                on a 400-acre farm in Northeastern PA, our edu-       home. Contact Sara Ecket & Dave Sandy at 814-        grass-raised stock, ranging from 350 to 450 lbs.
                cational facility is looking for: Farmers for the     353-1329 or                 Would like to sell them to folks who are interest-
                2007-08 growing season (farm operations                                                                    ed in grassfed production & who might be look-
                include grass-based dairy, possible sheep, chick-     Do You Grow CUT FLOWERS near Philadel-               ing for some replacement heifers, he will run
                ens & other livestock, vegetable & produce oper-      phia? — Weaver’s Way Coop, a neighborhood            them through the local feeder sale before win-
                ation); Natural/Organic/Sustainable Food              grocery store seeks local, organic flowers by         ter. Contact Ron Barr 814-427-2584.
                Suppliers — eggs, cheese, butter, produce,            stem or bouquet & bedding plants too. Contact
                                                                                                                           FOR SALE — Sheep dairy and pasture-raised
                meats, etc. for on-site retail store (500,000+ pop-   Emily at 215-843-2350.
                                                                                                                           meat business: This is a turn-key operation,
                ulation base); Transitional/Organic/Grass-fed
                                                                      EGG INCUBATOR — electric, wooden cabinet,            including a successful brand and market for
                Milk Supply (bulk); Input/Experience/Guid-
                                                                      4 drawers approx. 24” x 24” each $75. Call Dan at    sheep milk yogurt, feta and cream cheese and
                ance from similar facilities, are you a farmer
                                                                      814-349-5814 & leave message.                        aged raw milk cheese, as well as grass fed and
                who has introduced AgTourism to your facility?
                                                                                                                           finished beef and lamb, humane pork, pastured
                Do you work at a sustainable education center?
                                                                      CERTIFIED ORGANIC GROWERS WANTED —                   eggs, pastured broiler chickens and turkeys.
                If you can help with any of the above, contact
                                                                      Tuscarora Organic Growers Cooperative needs          Tractor and necessary machinery also available
                Steve Franco at 570-332-1457, www.TheLand-                                                                 if desired. Serious inquiries only, please contact
                                       growers to fill shortages in the 2006-07 season
                                                                      production plant: we need more produce! Call         Keith at (315) 542-9484.
                COME GROW WITH US — Practical farm train-             Chris Fullerton at 814-448-2173, or
                                                                                                                           ORGANIC VEGETABLE FARM — 5 acres river
                ing program at Maggie’s Farm, visit
                                                                                                                           bottom, irrigation pond and underground 2”
                                                                                                      pipes and hydrants, 2 wells, barn and 2 hoop
                                                                      LOOKING FOR KINDER GOATS — Paradise
                                                                      Garden & Farm, 814-932-6761 or Paradise-             houses (12’X100’and 35 by 125’), house site, pas-
                FOR SALE — Farmhouse, outbuildings, fenced
                                                                                               ture, woods, total 12 acres Rappahannock coun-
                fields & mature beautiful woodlands in rural val-
                                                                                                                           ty, Virginia, 1 hr west of DC, needs experienced
                ley setting; in land trust. Located in Julian, PA
                                                                      HELP US STAY LOCAL — Takoma Park/Silver              market gardeners, locals hungry for fresh pro-
                (Centre Co.) Selling price $208,000 fro 65 acres.
                                                                      Spring Co-op is looking for small businesses         duce, owner financing to motivated couple with
                Contact Dorothy Blair, 814-466-7778 or                                                                     seed money, email
                                                interested in selling organic/natural products
                                                                      through our store. We are 2 community-owned
                                                                                                                           HERITAGE LIVESTOCK FOR SALE — Swissland
                GREENMARKET SEEKS FARMERS — market in                 natural food stores located outside Washington
                                                                                                                           Acres is currently selling their Black Welsh
                New York City, seeks farmers to sell directly to      DC. If you grow or produce organic/natural veg-
                                                                                                                           Mountain sheep & Belted Galloway herds. These
                New Yorkers. Call Kelly at 212-341-2321.              gies, fruits, cheeses, cut flowers, prepared foods,
                                                                                                                           animals are all grass-fed only. Willing to sell as
                                                                      dry goods or meat — we want you! Email gro-
                                                                                                                           individuals, small groups or as whole herds.
                SKIPPACK FARMERS MARKET/ VENDORS             or call Jessy at 301-891-2667.
                                                                                                                           There are discounts for multiple animal purchas-
                NEEDED — a producer-only market will be
                                                                      CUSTOM GRAZING CATTLE — stockers, finish-             es. If you have any questions or want to look at
                starting its 6th season in June. Located on Rt. 73
                                                                      ing & dairy heifers. Located in NW New Jersey,       the animal please feel free to contact Marc &
                east of Rt. 113 in Berks Co., PA. Open every Sun-                                                          Jenny Shearer, 10618 N. Main St. Ext., Glen Rock
                day, 10am–2pm. Contact Brian Moyer at 610-            call Matt Pearson, 908-459-4474.
                                                                                                                           — 717-227-9271 or
                944-9349 or for more
                information.                                          FOR SALE — 1991 Hino diesel cab over refrig-
                                                                                                                           FARMLAND FOR SALE — Several hundred
                                                                      erated truck. 14’ van body, manual transmission,
                                                                                                                           acres available in Cecil County, Md. on the
                SEEKING VENDORS & FARMERS — Eagleview                 220,084 miles, 22,300 GVW, Carrier refrigeration
                                                                                                                           Bohemia River in Warwick which was last in corn
                Farmers’ Market in Chester Co., PA. Wednesdays,       unit w/ electric standby. Refrigerator unit needs
                                                                                                                           and soy beans 15 or more years ago. Land has
                June–Nov. (2–6pm). Contact Louise Schorn              work. $11,500. Contact Karen Vollmecke, 610-
                                                                                                                           been in CRP & would be suitable for organic
                Smith at or 610-458-            883-0188,
                                                                                                                           crops. Most of the farm is in permanent Farm-
                1155.                                                                                                      land Preservation & the remainder in Ag District.
                                                                      ITEMS FOR SALE — 1967 Dodge 500 (oldie by
                                                                                                                           Contact Mary Garren at marygarren@sbcglob-
                VENDORS NEEDED FOR PHOENIXVILLE                       a goody!) — $1,200; International Cub Tractor —
                FARMERS’ MARKET — seeking producers of                $1,900; Brillion 6’ seeder (3-point Model GLP 64-
                lamb, beef, cut flowers & herbs, asparagus, straw-     01) — $575; Williams Tool System — $1,600;           FOR SALE — 26 fat cattle ready for slaughter
                berries, artisanal breads & cheese to sell at the     Stanhay Precision Seeder — $1,200; 8’ disk (no       between March 15 & May 30. Mostly Black
                market. Located in Phoenixville, 30 miles NW of       hydraulic cylinder, good shape) — $950; Two 8’       Angus. Will sell individually. Raised on grass &
                Philadelphia. Contact Liz Andersen, 610-933-          steel tool boxes — $125 each; 4” Wade rain alu-      finished on 95% homegrown hay, silage, grain &
                0486 or                minum irrigation pipe (approx. 60, 40’ sections &    all natural minerals. No antibiotics, drugs or hor-
                                                                      some 20’ sections). Contact Karen Vollmecke,         mones. All organic fertilizers & non-GMO feeds.
                BEEF CATTLE FOR SALE — 6 cows, 5 heifers, 3           610-883-0188,              Call between 7 & 7:15 pm — Wednesday
                bulls, 1 steer — will hold until spring. Call Pete                                                         evenings only. Henry Martin, 570-538-5471.
                Gatski for details 570-387-1761.                      FOR SALE — Berkshire & Berk Cross gilts. Natu-
                                                                      rally raised, no antibiotics or hormones,
                ORGANIC FARMERS — All natural insect repel-           humanely raised on straw pack bedding. $225
                lent from Sue Salves. Call 570-726-3028,              each. Call Steve Forman 570-649-5186 or email                 FULL LISTING NOW ONLINE
       or                                  Check out PASA’s website: www.pasafarm-
                                                                                                                    for new features including classified
                FOR SALE — car seat, open buggy & breast              FOR SALE — Peanut & corn roaster, 75 lb.
                strap harness available in the Williamsport area.     capacity, propane heated, portable — $2,500.           ads and employment opportunity listings.
                Call Peter Koch at 570-998-2616.                      Call Jeremy Jackson at 814-876-0282.

Classified Ads
                FARM MANAGER — needed for small start-up                 INTERN WANTED — Five Penny Farm, Floyd Co.,VA.            SUMMER INTERNSHIP AVAILABLE — The Mitchell
                organic farm as adjunct to day program for adults        Third year start-up operation seeks positive, hard        Program at St. Gabriel’s Hall is looking for a summer
                with disabilities. Seventeen-acre farm with five bed-     working individual to fill position from beginning         aid to the Program Director in planning outdoor
                room farmhouse and metal barn with chickens,             of April–October on a small, certified organic veg-        activities for court adjudicated males. Students are
                sheep, angora goats, rabbits. Located three miles        etable farm in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.           12-18 years old & are placed by the Juvenile Court
                from Hersheypark in Hershey, PA. Ideal for couple        Great opportunity to learn more of all aspects of         into our program. Located in King of Prussia, PA –
                with one partner working outside farm. Farmhouse         farming. Responsibilities may include some tractor        call Ms. Robyn Buseman at 610-666-7970, ext. 332.
                and all utilities included. See our website              work, field seeding, transplanting, cultivation, irriga-
       Respond to the website          tion, greenhouse work, harvesting, vending at farm-       APPRENTICE WANTED — at the community sup-
                or to Hope Springs Farm c/o Rovner 3321 Green            ers’ markets, & deliveries to area restaurants.           ported garden at Genesis Farm. Looking for enthu-
                Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110 tel. 717-233-7307.          Contact Brett or Johanna Nichols, 540-745-7335 or         siastic, passionate & responsible people. Call
                INTERN/CSA ASS’T – Spiral Path Farm, located in
                Perry Co., southcentral PA, is a 190-acre certified       APPRENTICEHSIPS OFFERED — The Collaborative               WANTED — Full-time, seasonal (Feb.–Nov.)
                organic produce farm with 60 + acres in intensive        Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (C.R.A.F.T.) is     employee for Patchwork Farm (Aaronsburg, PA). We
                production.The ideal candidate(s) would help facil-      an effort of local organizations & biodynamic farms       are a small, sustainable farm entering our 15th year
                itate the operations and administration of our 750-      organized to enhance educational opportunities            of business. Experience helpful, but not necessary.
                member CSA. Full season commitment is required:          for farm apprentices. Visit http://www.craftfarmap-       We’d like you to be energetic, committed, & hard
                March/April through November. Great opportunity for more information.                       working. Contact Eda or Scott Case, casefarm@hot-
                for a person or couple interested in eventually                                                           or 814-422-8735.
                developing a CSA. Wages offered based on time            OPPORTUNITY SOUGHT — Grass-based livestock
                commitment & experience. Contact Terra Brown-            farmer/naturalist seeking opportunity to manage           HELP WANTED — Orchard production/farmers’
                back, or 717-789-4433.          farm for wildlife habitat through grazing while           market retail sales help wanted full-time through
                                                                         direct marketing farm products. Experienced edu-          the end of November: Diversified retail fruit farm
                INTERSHIPS AVAILABLE — Greensrow Farm,                   cator ready to teach on-farm agricultural/natural         located in Chester Co. PA is seeking a full-time sea-
                Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia’s urban farm & nurs-      history programs. Proposal & resume available             sonal employee to start in late Spring of 2006.
                ery, Greensrow Farms reuses former brownfield             upon       request.     Contact     Jason      at         Some farm and market experience preferred, but
                space. Responsibilities include planting, cultivating, or 937-890-4691.              not required. For the right person this could devel-
                harvesting and marketing produce and plants at                                                                     op into a permanent, year-round position. For more
                our farm in Port Richmond/Kensington/Upper Fish-         BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY — Farming partner(s)                 information about the farm, please see www.north-
                town. Send letter and resume to Beth Kean-Wad-           sought for dairy/beef/crop operation in northcen- Minimum-starting pay is $10/hr,
                dell, Greensgrow Farm, 2503 E. Firth St.,                tral West Virginia. Vegetable production, horse log-      with higher pay possible based on experience.
                Philadelphia, PA to or 215-          ging/firewood business, other possibilities; in           Email
                427-2702.                                                organic transition. Call for details (Deborah/David)
                                                                         304-478-1037 or             INTERNS NEEDED — Cromwell Valley CSA, Stipend
                INTERNS SOUGHT — Maysie’s Farm Conservation                                                                        offered $485/mo. Housing (private room w/ shared
                Center, located in Glenmoore, Chester Co. Interns        CARETAKER NEEDED — One or two people want-                bath & kitchen) provided on-site. Food grown on
                will be involved in all aspects of organic vegetable     ed to live, rent free, on farm in Juniata Co., PA in      the farm is supplied to interns at no cost. Call 410-
                production for a 120-family CSA and weekly farm-         return for caring for 3 horses and 4 donkeys. Elec-       880-2428 or
                ers market. Housing, food from the garden and a          tricity and phone paid. Wood provided for stoves
                small stipend are provided. Contact sam@maysies-         for heating house. No drinking, no smoking. Please        INTERNS WANTED — Covered Bridge Produce.
                                                      call 11 a.m. to midnight only. Leave message. 907-        Internships of various lengths are available from
                                                                         543-5716.                                                 March into November & offer room, board & week-
                SMALL FARM WANTED — beginning farmer look-                                                                         ly $100 stipend. For more information visit
                ing for small farm within a 75 mile commute to           INTERNS SOUGHT — for Landisdale Farm. Located    or Joseph Griffin
                Pittsburgh, PA. Call or write Mark & Patty Pender,       in Lebanon Co. PA. A 111-acre family operated, cer-       at 610-689-0110.
                214 Moe Place, Pittsburgh, PA; 412-481-2374.             tified organic farm. We raise 7 acres of diversified
                                                                         produce, and market them wholesale and retail.            INTERN WANTED — Small certified organic beef &
                LOOKING FOR LAND TO LEASE — Young woman                  Contact Dan @ or 717-             hay farm as well as a small herd of milking goats.
                going into her 5th year farming is looking for           304-9386.                                                 Diverse farm tasks. Lots to learn & do. Located in
                approximately an acre to use/lease in 2007. Would                                                                  Perry Co. PA. A farm visit as well as reference
                like to be in Southeastern PA. Planning to start a       HARDWORKING FARMER/GARDNER — willing to                   required as part of the application process. Contact
                small, diverse, chemical free vegetable and herb         work with at-risk males; mentoring & guidance             Jonas & Judy Stoltzfus, JuJo Acres at 717-536-3618
                enterprise. Please contact me if you have land avail-    under experienced organic farmer. Plant, tend, har-       or
                able, know of anyone who does, or simply can offer       vest, sell crops from one acre. Project under devel-
                me any suggestions/advice. Contact Mira Kilpatrick       opment; intern would have creative input to               FIELD MANAGER & CREW LEADER POSITIONS —
                at 215-546-3563.                                         direction & implementation. Free room & board.            Two of the BEST JOBS in sustainable agriculture are
                                                                         140-acre farm, near Olney, MD. Contact Edwin              OPEN NOW! Work with a great team, the best
                ORGANIC FARM INTERNS — Fulton Center for                 Gould at 301-519-1019 or              equipment, excellent soils & incredible markets.
                Sustainable Living, Wilson College, Chambersburg                                                                   $35-40K to start, plus profit share. Long-term situa-
                PA, seeks 3-4 interns for sustainable vegetable pro-     HERDSPERSON — for start-up dairy. A great                 tion with bright future. Visit www.newmorning-
                duction and marketing on 7-acre farm. Duties             opportunity for someone who has experience & is , email or call
                include seeding, transplanting, weeding, watering,       ready to start a small operation, but is still looking    814-448-3904.
                harvesting, washing, packing and marketing. Late         for capital & the right setting. On farm housing is
                April – October, $125/week (for 50 work hrs.), hous-     provided. Experience in milking, birthing calves,         COOK WANTED — someone who is interested in
                ing, farm fresh produce & educational opportuni-         raising heifers, field work, pasture management,           farming & cuisine. Compensation commensurate
                ties. Visit (search Fulton Farm) or       daily chores & insight into daily management              with experience & talent. Lodging & benefits pro-
                contact Mary Cottone, Farm Manager at mcot-              responsibilities preferred. Contact Bill Andersen at      vided. In southeastern PA, call 610-360-6926 for
       or 717-709-1995.                or 610-291-9288.                   more information.

Classified Ads
                INTERN SOUGHT — Prescott’s Patch, an all-natural,          SEEKING MASTER FARMER — The Horn Farm                        INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY — There’ s a great
                no chemical input farm located along the Susque-           Center for Agricultural Education. Opportunity to            opportunity for you at our farm — a highly diversi-
                hanna River near the village of Bainbridge (Lancast-       develop & demonstrate a viable small farm enter-             fied organic 80-acre vegetable and fruit farm of 30
                er Co.). Includes working with all aspects of an           prise on approx. 50 acres in York Co., PA. Min. 5 yrs.       years, near Pittsburgh, PA. Large CSA plus green-
                organic fruit & veggie farm. Workweek will be              farming experience, knowledge of sustainable &               house & wholesale market. Get a peek at our farm
                40–50 hours. Stipend $500/month plus 1-2 meals             conservation farming practices, business & supervi-          at www:// Contact Don &
                on work days. Primitive housing available. Call Steve      sory skills. Contact Rob Wood, 717-235-6610.                 Becky at Kretschmann Farm, 257 Zeigler Rd.
                Prescott, 717-840-4080 or                                                                       Rochester, PA 15074,, or call
                                                                           INTERNS NEEDED — For the 2006 season we are                  724-452-7189.
                ASSISTANT MANAGER POSITION — Unique                        seeking two experience interns to start May–Octo-
                opportunity to work with two different certified            ber. Send a resume or brief description of your past         OPPORTUNITY — Seven Stars Farm is a 350-acre
                organic vegetable operations in central Maryland.          agricultural experiences, the role you would like            biodynamic dairy farm, located near Kimberton, PA.
                Opportunity to work with 2 full-time farmers to            agriculture to play in your future and 2–3 reference.        Our herd of 75 Jerseys, Guernseys and mixed-
                learn direct marketing production/sales tech-              Require a farm visit/trial workday sometime during           breeds supplies the milk for Seven Stars Yogurt,
                niques. 40/hr week position split between opera-           the hiring process. Stipend $700-$1,000/month,               which is distributed throughout much of the Unit-
                tions. Early April start date. Possibility of year round   based on experience. Housing provided. Contact               ed States. This position involves working in all
                employment. Pay commensurate with ability and              Sue Kilpatrick at,             aspects of the farm. It can be one fulltime position
                desire to learn. Contact Rick at 301-271-9399 or           610-917-0252,        www.charlestowncooperative-             or broken into part time work. For further details,
                                                                                please contact David Griffiths at Seven Stars Farm,
                                                                                                                                        501 West Seven Stars Rd, Phoenixville PA 19460;
                FARM MANAGER — Start-up organic farm in                    POSITIONS AVAILABLE — Position One — Dairy                   610-935-1949; fax 610-935-8292; e-mail: sven-
                Honesdale, PA (45 min. NE of Scranton) is looking          Person (Milking Goats) 5 days a week, to milk goats
                for a couple to live on site in a renovated farmhouse      in a comfortable parlor, will train to milk and handle
                and start-up and run a vegetable and lamb opera-           machine. All aspects of dairying can be taught. Posi-        INTERN SOUGHT — Natural Roots, Conway MA. A
                tion. Sixty-acre property has excellent long-term          tion is a split shift 3-4 hrs in AM and 3hrs. in PM. Full-   diversified small farm, presently with 7 acres under
                opportunity. Profit sharing and possible ownership          time, need a reliable person with a friendly                 cultivation, half in mixed vegetables & herbs, and
                stake in business for the right people. This is the        disposition who likes animals. Job entails milking,          half in green manure& forage crops. One intern is
                owner’s 5th business, and plans are to make “End-          feeding the animals, watering, and clean up. All             sought from April to Thanksgiving, and one from
                less Organics” a well-recognized brand over the            milking is done by machine. Position Two: Need a             mid May through mid October. Accommodations
                long-term. Contact                  person part-time to help set up the bookkeeping              include two small rustic cabins. All farm-raised pro-
                                                                           and management of the farm. Some aspects of                  duce plus staples are provided in addition to a
                INTERN — Farm Intern position at Phillies Bridge           farming would help to understand the business.               stipend of $400 per month plus $50 bonus per
                Farm, near New Paltz, NY. In-depth training in             Helping in coordination of workers jobs, making              month worked upon completion of season. Work-
                organic and CSA farming. Call 845-255-1478,                sure the animals records are in order, schedule of           er’s Compensation is also provided. Farm visit is
                                         animal’s maintenance schedules are in order. Small           required. Contact David Fisher & Anna Maclay, Nat-
                                                                           details of job will be clarified. Any questions can be        ural Roots, 888 Shelburne Falls Road, Conway, MA
                INTERNS NEEDED — 2006 Natural Farming                      directed to Elly Hushour at 610-570-1274. Positions          01341, phone 413-369-4269.
                Internship Program, Spoutwood Farm CSA, March–             are located in Nazareth, PA at 401 W High St.
                November growing season, two including room                                                                             SEEKING ORGANIC FARMER — I am looking for a
                plus stipend, two commuting or camping plus                GARDEN PROGRAM COORDINATOR — Urban                           farmer familiar with organic gardening, interested
                stipend. Couples welcome. Contact Rob Wood                 Nutrition Initiative (UNI) is a university-community         in working at a Westmoreland farm. Must be ward
                717-235-6610, and                   partnership that engages K-16+ learners in an                working, and committed to job. We have about 70
                                  active, real-world problem-solving curriculum that           acres of open fields available, and 70 acres of
                                                                           strives to improve community nutrition & wellness.           woods. Good area to raise sheep as well. Would
                INTERNSHIP AVAILABLE — at Kimberton CSA.                   Call UNI at 215-898-1600 or email Karen Whitacre at          request records of past experience in the field and
                Ten acres of vegetables, berries, herbs, flowers,                                       help in certifying the farm as organic. May reply to
                chickens & bees; 200 member-households. Excel-                                                                          e-mail and
                lent housing & stipends offered. Call Birgit & Erik        COMMUNITY GARDEN PROJECT — The Pennsyl-
                Landowne, 610-933-8339 or KimbertonCSA@hot-                vania Horticultural Society (PHS) motivates people           POSITIONS AVAILABLE — Two positions avail-
                                                        to improve the quality of life and create a sense of         able on organic farm near Pittsburgh, PA: (1) Care-
                                                                           community through horticulture. The Community                taker for property management, livestock care,
                INTERNSHIP/FARMER POSITION — available at                  Garden Project provides education, technical assis-          mowing, and equipment maintenance. (2) CSA
                Forks Farm, May–October 2006. Grass-based farm             tance and resources for neighborhood groups to               Manager for the development of a start-up CSA.
                — growing, processing, marketing & eating —                maintain and develop their community gardens. To             Lodging, equipment, and monthly medical stipend
                pasture poultry; grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, mush-         apply, mail or fax cover letter, resume and salary           included. Send resume and references to: Farm
                                                                           requirements to: The Pennsylvania Horticultural              Manager, Food Farm, Inc., 1357 Valleyview Road,
                rooms, & forest products. Room & board provided
                                                                           Society, c/o/ Human Resources, 100 N. 20th Street,           Bulger, PA 15019 or
                with a stipend. Contact Todd & John Hopkins, 570-
                683-5820,                                  Philadelphia Pa. 19103, FAX: 215-988-8810, Email:
                FARM OPPORTUNITY — for individual/couple.
                Carriage House available in exchange for caretak-          ASSISTANT FARMER — Hawthorne Valley Farm,
                ing responsibilities on a historic 70-acre farm in         Ghent NY. Responsibilities include seedling green-
                Upper Bucks County, PA. Responsibilities include:          house management, transplanting, cultivating, and
                sharing animal care (cows, horses, chickens); veg-         harvesting, as well as washing, packing, and deliver-
                etable garden and light maintenance. Opportunity           ing produce weekly for our CSA members in NYC.                        FULL LISTING NOW ONLINE
                for someone who wants to raise organic food for            Experience and interest in Biodynamics preferred,              Check out PASA’s website: www.pasafarm-
                CSA or retail market with our help. Potential for          but not required. Submit resume to                    for new features including classified
                organic certification. Contact Barbara for more   For information on HVF,               ads and employment opportunity listings.
                information at 610-346-7527 or          go to

                                                               Conference, Penn Stater Conference Center             plant & book sale, native plant merchandise.
           APRIL                                               Hotel, State College, PA. Learn more at               Contact Millersville University, Professional
                                                      or call 717-230-8560.            Training & Education, PO Box 1002, Millersville,
           Apr 3–22 4-H Tractor Safety Course,
                                                                                                                     PA 17551-0302; www.millersvillenativeplants.
           6:30–9:30pm. Berks Co. Ag Center, Leesport, PA.     Apr 28–29 4th Annual Pennsylvania Land
                                                                                                                     org; 717-872-3030.
           Contact Mena Hautau at 610-378-1327.                Conservation, Penn Stater Conference Center
                                                               Hotel, State College, PA, Learn more and down-        Jun 2–3 Organic Beekeeping Workshop, Pfeif-
           Apr 4–6 5th National IPM Symposium, St.
                                                               load registration materials at www.conserve-          fer Center, Chestnut Ridge, NY. A workshop for
           Louis, MO. Visit
                                                                                                  active beekeepers as well as for beginners
           Apr 5, 12, 19, 26 Living On A Few Acres, 7:30 –                                                           including a hands-on session. Lots of practical
           9:30pm, Neshaminy Manor Center,                                                                           advice & demonstrations. Tuition $165 for
           Doylestown, PA. Contact Scott Guiser at 215-
                                                               MAY                                                   workshop, $190 for workshop & beginner ses-
                                                                                                                     sion. Call 845-352-5020, ext. 20, email
                                                               May 3 Living On A Few Acres, 7:30 – 9:30pm,  or visit www.pfeiffer-
           Apr 7–9 Friends of Ohio Barns’ 2006 Barn Con-       Neshaminy Manor Center, Doylestown, PA.     
           ference, Holiday Inn Metroplex, Girard, OH. Fea-    Contact Scott Guiser at 215-345-3283.
           turing demonstrations, speakers, displays of                                                              Jun 9 PASA Field Day at Otterbien Acres Sheep
           antique tools and other items, the Barn Detec-      May 9 & 10 Sheep Shearing School, 5–9pm,              Dairy, 2–6pm. More details about this and
           tives and much more. PASA Executive Director        Delaware Valley College, Doylestown, PA. Con-         other PASA field days will be mailed to mem-
           Brian Snyder will be speaking at the confer-        tact Mike Fournier at 215-345-3283.                   bers mid-May. Also check for updates at
           ence. Visit for more details.     May 13 Wilson College is hosting an on-farm  or call 814-349-9856 for
                                                               composting workshop on Saturday May 13th,             more information.
           Apr 11 Sheep Educational Evening, 7pm, Berks
           Co. Contact Clyde Myers at 610-378-1327.            in conjunction with the PA Department of              Jun 10 The Pfeiffer Center presents — Our
                                                               Environmental Protection. Contact Matt                Daily Bread. A bread-breaking workshop with
           Apr 22 Farm Safety Day Camp,
                                                               Steiman at 717 264-4141 extn. 3247 or                 Paul Bantle, 9am–5pm, $85 fee includes mate-
           8:30am–2:00pm, Heidel Hollow Farm, Ger-
                                                                                       rials. The workshop will explore the basics of
           mansville, PA. Contact Bob Leiby at 610-391-
                                                                                                                     bread baking in theory and practice. Call 845-

           Apr 22 10th Annual Watershed Cleanup Day,           JUNE                                                  352-5020 or email

                                                                                                                     Jun 24–27 2007 Annual Conference of the
           sponsored by the ClearWater Conservancy,
                                                               Jun 1–3 Native Plants in the Landscape Con-           American Forage & Grassland Council (AFGC),
           9am–1pm. For more information contact
                                                               ference, Millersville University, Millersville, PA.   Penn State University. Contact Marvin Hall,
           Becky at 814-237-0400 or becky@clearwater-
                                                               Workshops, field trips, diverse topics, native         814-865-2543 for more information.

           Apr 22 Pastured Poultry Seminar, HLW Acres,
           LLC. 8am–5pm, with speakers Brian & Holley
           Moyer, PASA & APPPA members; also discus-              SPIN-FARMING™
           sion of the mandatory ID program, biosecurity
                                                                  continued from page 25
           & bird flu. Cost $60 per person, $100 per cou-
           ple by April 15. Lunch is provided; contact the        to $52,200. So in just three years of operation Somerton Tanks Farm achieved a
           Weber Family, 1727 Exchange Street Rd, Attica          level of productivity and financial success that many agricultural professionals
           NY 14011 or 585-591-0795 for more informa-             claimed was impossible. And it is providing a way for independent farmers to
           tion.                                                  once again have a viable role in the food production system that has tipped too
                                                                  much in favor of large-scale mass production agriculture.
           Apr 28–29 Organic Beekeeping Workshop, A
                                                                      Ms. Christensen’s role at the Institute is to attract and support new farming
           workshop for active beekeepers as well as for
                                                                  talent. "The farming profession has been on the decline — and for good reasons.
           beginners including a hands-on session. In this
                                                                  The global economy favors agribusinesses, the amount of available farmland is
           workshop we will look at the bee colony as an
                                                                  rapidly shrinking, and family farms are going out of business at an unprecedent-
           organism and what it needs in order to further
                                                                  ed rate. It is not an opportune time to become an independent farmer.”
           its health and vitality. Lots of practical advice
                                                                      But, Christensen contends, SPIN-FARMING™ is a method uniquely suited
           and demonstrations will give novices enough
                                                                  to entrepreneurs, and provides a new career path for those who have a calling to
           information to get started with their own hive,
                                                                  farm. It is enticing a new breed of farmer who is interested in matters of princi-
           and encourage experienced beekeepers to
                                                                  ple, but who understands that to have a significant positive impact, they have to
           adopt organic procedures. For detailed work-
                                                                  function within the existing system, pushing their cause while paying their bills.
           shop schedule and topics covered call 845-
                                                                      Learn more about SPIN-FARMING™ at
           352-5020, ext 20; email:
           or visit:                         Editor’s Note: PASA will be co-hosting a field day with PA WAg’N on July 24, 2006 at
                                                                  Somerton Tanks Farm on this topic. Watch for our field day calendar in mid-May.
           Apr 28–29 Pennsylvania Land Conservation

Editor’s Corner
                                                                                                                   beef from slaughtering to sales. To order call

                               The Grapevine                                                                       301-374-9696 ($14.09 + $5.05 s/h)

                                                                                                                   I Resources for Farm to
                                                    by Michele Gauger                                              Institution Programs

                  I Antibiotic Usage in Livestock
                                                                      If you are 18 years and older and own or
                                                                   manage a livestock operation, please con-       • Healthy Food, Healthy Hospitals,
                                                                   tact: Dr. Brenda Coe, 814-466-2710 or           Healthy Communities
                      Would you like to participate in a study
                                                          or Dr. Bhushan Jayarao at         Stories of Healthcare Leaders Bringing
                  on antibiotic usage in livestock operations?
                                                                   814-863-5939 or                   Fresher, Healthier Food Choices to their
                  The study is not restricted to livestock oper-
                                                                                                                   Patients, Staff & Communities. Published by
                                                                   I How To Direct Market Your Beef
                  ations that use antibiotics; it also includes
                                                                                                                   the Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy
                  livestock operations that use non-antibiotic
                                                                   Published by the Sustainable Agriculture        612-870-0453,
                  alternate approaches for prevention and
                                                                   Network (SAN) for the Sustainable Agricul-
                  control of disease in livestock.
                                                                   ture Research & Education (SARE) program.       • ATTRA Publications about Farm-to-
                      We are asking participants to complete a                                                     Institution Sales & Direct Marketing
                                                                   This guide includes sections on starting out,
                  questionnaire about antibiotic use or alter-                                                         Bringing Local Food to Local Institutions:
                                                                   selling product, growing profit, entrepre-
                  nate therapies on dairy, poultry, turkey,                                                        A Resource Guide for Farm-to-School and
                                                                   neur case studies — plus helpful references.
                  swine, beef, sheep and goat farms. The pur-                                                      Farm-to-Institution Programs. This 28-page
                                                                   It follows how one couple used their family’s
                  pose of this research project is to collect                                                                 publication looks at the benefits
                                                                   ranch to launch a prof-
                  information on:                                                                                             and problems: how to get started,
                                                                   itable, grass-based beef
                     1.   What types of antibiotic is used         operation focused on                                       find funding and assistance,
                     2.   Why and when they are used               direct-market sales. Jan                                   and create a success. Includes
                     3.   How much of the antibiotic is used       and Will Holders’ com-                                    resources and details about estab-
                     4.   Non-antibiotic alternatives used to      pelling real-life experi-                                 lished programs in many states.
                          treat and control disease.               ences, with numerous                                          This and more publications
                                                                   instructional guide-                                      on sustainable agriculture are avail-
                      The question answer session will take
                                                                   posts along the way,                                     able for free from ATTRA,
                  approx. 30–45 minutes and participants will
                                                                   provide valuable tips                                    www.attra.ncat. org or 800-346-
                  be paid $25 following completion of the
                                                                   for direct marketing                                     9140.

                                       Application Announcement for the
                                Compost Infrastructure Development Grant Program
                                                                                                                   WEB SITES:
                         Applications for the 2006 Compost Infrastructure Development Grant Program are
                                                                                                                   • Using School Gardens to Teach About
                     now available from the Department of Environmental Protection. Under the program,
                                                                                                                   Agriculture — Resources for curriculum
                     qualified existing and operating for-profit business entities and non-profit organiza-
                                                                                                                   Life Lab Science Program
                     tions in the Commonwealth will be awarded grants to increase the quantity of yard
                     and/or food wastes collected and processed in the Commonwealth. The goal of this
                     program is to increase the quantity of organic materials collected and composted to
                                                                                                                   • PaFarm
                     further increase the Commonwealth’s recycling rate. Additional consideration will be
                                                                                                                   The PaFarm web site helps consumers find
                     given to applications that are developed in consultation with the Pennsylvania Recy-          Farm Markets, provides direct com-
                     cling Markets Center (, telephone 717-948-6660). The Department will             munication to the association for members
                     accept applications for the grant program until 4:00 p.m. on May 4, 2006.                     and aids the search for products and servic-
                         The municipal waste stream consists of over 30% organic materials that could be           es important to our industry.
                     recycled and diverted from the waste stream and managed by composting. These            
                     organic waste streams, such as yard and food wastes, can become a resource to com-
                     post facilities that use these materials as feedstocks. Composting of organic wastes          • National Gardening Association’s Kids
                     helps to lessen the burden on landfill capacity and creates a beneficial soil conditioner       Gardening Program
                     that can be marketed.                                                                  
                         Applications for the 2006 Program may be obtained by contacting Patti Olenick of
                     the Bureau of Waste Management at 717-783-2388 or by e-mail at             • French Fries and the Food System:
                     us. Applications are also available electronically on the Department’s website at             A Year Round Curriculum Connecting
            (directLINK “Compost”).                                                   Youth with Farming & Food

PASA Membership                                                                                     Please clip this application and return with payment to:
                                                                                                    PASA Membership, PO Box 419, Millheim, PA 16854
& Contribution Form                                                                                 or join online at

           ASA is a nonprofit membership based organization working to enhance the positive social and economic impact of agriculture and food systems
           in Pennsylvania. We work with farmers, consumers, and those concerned with the ecological well-being of our environment and natural
           resources. PASA works to increase the number of farms and the economic viability of existing farms in Pennsylvania, maximize consumer aware-
    ness and access to safe and healthy food that is locally grown, and develop a strong constituency for preserving farms, farmers, and a thriving agrarian
    culture. Everyone is invited to be a member of PASA. We all have a stake in making sure agriculture has a healthy future — Be a part of PASA!
      About You

                                                                                                                             PASA Memberships
                  Name                                                                                                                                                                                                  $ 15

                  Company/Farm                                                                                                                       Individual                                                         $ 45

                                                                                                                                                     Family/Farm Please complete field below                             $ 60
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                  City                                                              State
                                                                                                                                                     Business        Please complete field below                      $ 150

                  ZIP+4                                                             County
                                                                                                                                                                                                  SUBTOTAL $
                  Home Phone                                           Work Phone
                                                                                                                                                   Family/Farm Membership
                                                                                                                                                   Please list all names for this Family/Farm membership. You may include
                  E-mail                                                                                                                           children between the ages of 14–22, and also multiple generations
                                                                                                                                                   directly involved in the farm.
                  Web Address

                  Are you farming:            NO       YES — how many acres:                                                                       Nonprofit or Business Membership
                                                                                                                                                   Please list up to two additional people associated with your business to
                  How did you learn about PASA:                                                                                                    receive individual membership privileges.


                     Consider lending extra support to these two PASA funds. The
                     Annual Fund supports PASA’s basic operations, and the Arias M.                                                                        Check Make check payable to PASA          Total amount due
                     Brownback Scholarship Fund helps those wishing to learn about                                                                         Credit Card Complete below                $
                     sustainable agriculture attend the annual conference regardless of
                     financial position.                                                                                                         Card No.

                     Annual Fund                                                                                                                                                        Exp. Date
                                                                                                                                                    VISA       MasterCard
                           One-time contribution
                                                                                                                                                Cardholder Name
                             $ 50        $ 100                   $ 250            $ 500              $ 1,000
                              Other $ ........................                                                                                  Signature

                           On-going contribution by credit card
                              PASA, Please bill my credit card $ .................... Monthly
                              PASA, Please bill my credit card $ .................... Quarterly
                           You will receive a statement on each billing cycle.

                     Arias M. Brownback Scholarship Fund                                         $ .......................
                              PASA is a registered 501 (C) 3 organization and contributions are tax exempt.

                                           Gift Membership                                                                                           Lifetime Membership
                                              In addition to your own membership, you may give PASA membership                                         All of us at PASA are proud of the growing roster of lifetime members.
                                              to a good friend, family member, business associate or other worthy                                      Contributions for lifetime membership will be managed with care as
                                              recipient on an annual or lifetime basis…a gift that keeps on giving!                                    part of the PASA Founder’s Fund, sustaining both ongoing member-
                                                                                                                                                       ship as well as the long-term future of PASA. There are few things a
                                                     Student                                                                     $ 15
                                                                                                                                                       member could do to symbolize their lifelong commitment to sustain-
   special                                           Individual                                                                  $ 45                  ability than to place such confidence in the value and viability of PASA
    extras                                           Family/Farm
                                                     Lifetime Sustaining Member
                                                                                                                                 $ 60
                                                                                                                             $ 900                           Sustaining Lifetime Member                                        $ 900
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                                                                                                              SUBTOTAL $                                                                              SUBTOTAL $
                                                                                                                                                       Sustaining Lifetime Membership
                                            Address                                                                                                    Please list all names for this membership. You may include children
                                                                                                                                                       between the ages of 14–22, and also multiple generations directly
                                            City                                                                                                       involved in the farm.

                                            State                               ZIP+4

                                            Telephone                                             E-mail
                                                PASA staff and board would like to thank our dedicated volunteers who helped make our
                                                recent conference and many other programs a success. A dedicated group volunteered over

                                                897 hours of their time, mostly during the conference. This also included 500 hours by the
   Thank You                                    Conference Planning Committee.

                                                Linda Aleci
                                                Rob Amsterdam
                                                                   Nicole Conzo
                                                                   Lisa Diefenbach
                                                                                           Pat Leary
                                                                                           Chris Lent
                                                                                                             Scot Paterson
                                                                                                             Lynn Prior
                                                                                                                                  Sarajane Snyder

                                                                                                                                  Amy Talarico
                                                Gretta Anderson    Melanie Dietrich-       Nick Maravell     Marina Rossow
                                                                   Cochran                                                        Holly Tyson
                                                Liz Anderson                               Julie Mason       Fritz Schroeder
                                                                   Liz Elmore                                                     Bob Vernon
                                                Caralea Arnold                             Alissa Meyer      Theresa Shay
                                                                   Rob Fix
                                                Laura Becker                                                 Ian Smith            Janna Weil
                                                                                           Sue Milshaw
                                                                   Lamonte Garber
                                                Beth Bee                                                     John Smith           Effie Zuck
                                                                                           Tim Mountz
                                                                   Carrie Hahn
                                                Amanda Birk
                                                                   Brad Halm               Claire Murray
                                                Joanna Bohlman
                                                                   Susan Haney             Melissa Piper-
                                                Mike Byers                                 Nelson
                                                                   Allyson Jacobs
                                                Emily Caffee                               Cindy Noel
                                                                   Moie Kimball
                                                Sam Cantrell       Crawford                Eric Noel
                                                Kevin Carducci     April Kocis             Susan Parry
                                                Tom Carey
                                                                   We especially thank Liz Elmore, who
                                                Claire Cheney
                                                                   volunteered for PASA two years ago.
                                                Eileen Clark       She had such a great experience she
                                                                   came back to Pennsylvania a few months
                                                Meghan Coil
                                                                   before the conference and helped the staff
                                                June Confer        with our many preparations.

                                                                                 A big thank you goes to the Penn State Equipment Facility,
                                                                                 Leslie Zuck, and Andy Martin for outfitting our Equipment
                                                                                    Operation Supplementary Course at the conference
                                                                                               with tractors and implements.

                                                                                                                                           Non Profit Org.
                    Pennsylvania                                                                                                             U.S. Postage
                    Association for                                                                                                                  PAID
                    Sustainable Agriculture                                                                                              State College, PA
                                                                                                                                           Permit No. 213
114 West Main Street • PO Box 419 • Millheim, PA 16854

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