Acceptance Speech Incoming Chair, IAPA Board of Directors by ikt86531


                Acceptance Speech
       Incoming Chair, IAPA Board of Directors
                         AGM May 29, 2008
I would like start by thanking the Board, and the members of IAPA for their
support and confidence in allowing me to carry out the role and duties of
Chair of the IAPA Board of Directors.

I especially want to thank Jeff Mitchell for his contribution and leadership
during the last year and handing off the baton so smoothly.

And I’d like to acknowledge and thank my employer, Canadian Standards
Association in advance. Because…if my predecessors are to be believed,
CSA won’t be seeing a lot of me over next year.

My employment at Canadian Standards Association and my involvement
with the IAPA Board of Directors has led me down very similar paths,”

Both organizations have collaborated of many levels over the past several
years and that makes sense. They share similar mandates to enhance health
and safety and improve the quality of life for Canadians by keeping people
safe. It’s a purpose that I have always been proud of and therefore I am
honoured for the opportunity to contribute further in this role.”

I’d like to nominate the theme for the upcoming year as one of “Gaining

• It’s a year to build on the tremendous momentum created from the
  change implemented over the past few years:
      the move to the new centre,
      a new governance structure,
      and new internal structure and strategies.
• And these changes are truly paying off. For example:
      consistent reductions in the member firm lost time injury rates,
      the Healthy Workplace Strategy that was just recently updated to
      continue the charge for the next five years,
      the New Volunteer Council that is already demonstrating significant
      and IAPA’s reputation for excellence is shown by a myriad of awards
      and certifications from NQI, QMI and others.

So I think that it’s only fitting that we strive for continued innovation and
process efficiencies for IAPA both internally but also as a member of the
Ontario Health and Safety system.

IAPA is an expert at collaboration. This is a good thing because this
direction is:
• very much in sync with the new Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
   strategic plans, “The Road to Zero” and the new Strategic plan for 2008-
   2012. These plans include very bold and aggressive goals for
   improvement and success including the elimination of the barriers to zero
   workplace injuries and illnesses.

• The reputation IAPA has for excellence has been born from the
  experience, professionalism and passion you find within the hearts of
  every IAPA employee. IAPA is also gaining momentum as a place to
  take pride in:
        the work that is done,
        sharing that passion colleagues,
        taking personal pride in the rewards a career at IAPA provides,
        celebrating the difference being made in society.

   A lead needs to be taken from IAPA in this regard. We all know that
   raising awareness of the need to improve health and safety needs to be
   delivered at all levels;
          to individual workers and
          across businesses and
          within governments in the province

   At times that can be a very sobering and difficult task because we often
   take examples from tragedy and the suffering that comes along from
   them and the very difficult and painful lessons learned.
   • From the few times I’ve had the opportunity I’ve had to speak at
     various IAPA events I’ve noted that often within those venues, we are
     often preaching to the choir.
   • Those people that work in the field are often under resourced and have
     also learned their lessons the hard way…from experience.
   • We have an obligation to offer thanks and encouragement to those
     people working hard to make a difference and take time to celebrate
     the successes.

Finally, as Chair, I look forward to working with Maureen Shaw (IAPA’s
President and CEO) and her dedicated staff and volunteers. This is a
volunteer position and the learning I expect to gain from them over the next
year is one of the most valuable payments I am expecting in return.

I also look forward to working alongside my fellow Board members.
Collectively they bring an incredible cross section of knowledge and
expertise. They are your Health and Safety dream team!!

I know that I speak on their behalf when I commit to our collective
dedication to gain the momentum needed to advance the goals of IAPA and
remain on the forefront of the health and safety industry in Ontario, within
Canada and internationally.

Please allow me to thank you for your confidence and for this opportunity.

Thank you,

Lance Novak

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