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									February 23, 2007

Dear Provider:

ValueOptions NorthSTAR is releasing the attached request for proposal (RFP) for children’s in vivo crisis
assessment and intervention services for your consideration. Your organization is invited to respond to this

We are interested in contracting one vendor for 24 hour 7 day a week Child and Adolescent crisis
assessment and intervention crisis services for the seven (7) counties (Collin, Dallas, Ellis, Hunt, Kaufman,
Navarro, and Rockwall) in the NorthSTAR service delivery area. This program is intended to target
children before they arrive at a designated facility and/ or engage in crisis intervention with the family at the
designated facility. This program is intended to work with the designated front door facility for children
and adolescents and Parkland Hospital. Our desire is to create a contract that would enhance and serve the
NorthSTAR population for crisis services, including in-vivo crisis assessment services in an environment
that would deliver effective and efficient quality care for our members.

We desire all bidders of this proposal to respond with their ability to cover all of the NorthSTAR service
delivery area.

Please return eight (8) copies of your proposal by 5:00 pm March 16, 2007 to:

ValueOptions NorthSTAR
1199 S. Belt Line Road Suite 100
Coppell, TX 75019
Attn: Robin Cunningham

Timeline for RFP, Contract Award and Implementation
RFP Release Date                           2/23/07
Written Questions Due to ValueOptions      3/2/07
Response to Written Questions              3/8/07
Responses due to ValueOptions              3/16/07
Award date & Letter of Intent              3/23/07
Negotiation Completed                      3/28/07
Final Contract Executed                    3/28/07
Readiness Review                           4/25/07
Contract Fully Implemented                 5/1/07

We will be accepting written questions about the child and adolescent crisis assessment and intervention
Services RFP until March 2, 2007.          You may send your written questions via email to
robin.cunningham@valueoptions.com. Responses to the questions will be available March 8, 2007.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and response to this RFP.


Robin A. Cunningham
Director, Provider Relations

RFP VO022007-1                                                                                                 1
                          Table of Contents
         RFP for NorthSTAR Child and Adolescent Crisis Services
    1. Program Summary                              Page 4

    2. Structure Requirements                       Page 4

    3. Components of Service                        Page 4

    4. Service, Community and Collateral Linkage    Page 6

    5. Quality Management                           Page 7

    6. Treatment Planning and Documentation         Page 7

    7. Discharge Planning and Documentation         Page 8

    8. Submittal Information                        Page 10

    9. Proposal Check list                          Page 12
          a. Submittal Information                  Page 12
          b. Organizational Information             Page 12
          c. Plan to Deliver Required Services      Page 13
          d. Business Component                     Page 13
          e. Attachments                            Page 14
          f. Scoring                                Page 14

RFP VO022007-1                                                    2
                           Child and Adolescent Crisis Services
Program Summary: Child and Adolescent in vivo crisis assessment and intervention Team:
The C&A crisis assessment and intervention Team is an activity which provides 24/7 coverage to
Timberlawn Hospital and the NorthSTAR service delivery area for crisis assessment and
intervention services

Program Name:                 Child and Adolescent Mobile Psychiatry (CAMP)
Hours Of Operation:           24/7
Staff Qualifications:         Minimum QMHP-CS

Admission & Discharge

Admission: Any child or adolescent consumer in crisis who presented at Timberlawn Hospital
who does not meet the NorthSTAR inpatient hospitalization criteria

Discharge:      Consumers are discharged from service once all issues affecting crisis resolution or
the successful transfer and linkage to the appropriate level-of-care are resolved and completed.

Program Philosophy

Definition: The CAMP Team is the primary mechanism through which emergency and acute care
services are accessed. The CAMP Team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is
accessible directly for on-site or mobile emergency screenings and stabilization services at the
member’s home, Timberlawn and Parkland Hospitals.
Philosophy: Intervention, evaluation, and support that is available 24 hours a day to respond to
crisis situations, to intervene prior to crises to prevent further escalation, and to do level of care
assessments is a valuable service. This will ensure individuals receive the most appropriate and
least restrictive level of care. The CAMP Team will also:
        Give troubled teens in Dallas County immediate help and keep adolescent patients from co-
        mingling with adult patients at Parkland Hospital.
        Keep teens with family problems or mild behavior problems in the community or the least
        restrictive level of care.


A. Components of Service
     The provider ensures access to qualified clinicians able to meet the cultural, linguistic, and
     ethnic needs of all Members served within the local community. The provider has access to
     qualified interpreters/translators and translator services, experienced in behavioral
     healthcare, appropriate to the needs of the local population served. Clinical staff with
     linguistic capacity is preferable to interpreters. In the event that the program must go
     outside the agency for interpretation, there will be a list of qualified interpreters maintained
     to assist in providing this service.
        Program will provide regular in-service trainings on cultural competency issues that pertain
        directly to the client population they serve.

RFP VO022007-1                                                                                      3
        Any written information and documentation should be available in the Member’s primary
        The CAMP Team shall ensure that all in vivo crisis assessment and intervention services
        are made available to child and adolescent individuals who are referred by Timberlawn
        The CAMP Team will respond to a wide range of behavioral health crises and will have
        access to a full continuum of mental health and substance abuse resources and services
        ranging from least restrictive to most restrictive.
        The CAMP Team will proactively collaborate with community providers, schools, relevant
        agencies, residential settings, housing authorities, other resources, and consumers to offer
        consultation/education and support before crisis situations occur.
        For any denial of a request for in vivo crisis assessment and intervention services, an
        administrative review within the program must occur at the time of denial with a monthly
        report sent to ValueOptions.
        The CAMP Team will ensure that any adverse incident of a NorthSTAR covered individual
        is reported to the ValueOptions Quality Management department within 24 hours. The
        incident reports must be printed legibly or typed using the Incident Report Form. The
        Revised Incident Report Form is also made available electronically, and must be submitted
        via fax, not e-mail.
        The CAMP Team has a complaint procedure wherein complaints are resolved in a timely
        fashion. The complaint procedure provides for a thorough review of the complaint,
        corrective action when necessary, response to the individual initiating the complaint, and
        internal appeal.
        In the event a complaint is not resolved to the Member’s or program’s satisfaction, a formal
        complaint (in writing or over the telephone) may be made to the ValueOptions Quality
        The program complies with all applicable licenses and regulatory requirements. The
        program has written policies and procedures, which assure appropriate use of the least
        restrictive treatment options possible.
        The CAMP Team will bill for all available third party revenue prior to billing
        Evaluations and follow-up available from a CAMP Team will provide in-home follow-up
        for teens seen at Timberlawn Hospital and continual home support to ensurestabilization

B. Service, Community, and Collateral Linkage

        When necessary, the CAMP Team provides or arranges transportation for crisis evaluation
        and disposition into each level of care within the NorthSTAR continuum of care.
        The CAMP Team shall have arrangements or procedures to coordinate services with
        NorthSTAR providers, and any Continuing Care Service providers within the NorthSTAR
        Service area of the program that are used as a part of the crisis intervention.

RFP VO022007-1                                                                                    4
        The CAMP Team follows established internal procedures for the notification and
        involvement of significant others (i.e. parent, guardian, custodial agencies) when available
        and unless clinically contra-indicated.
        For children and adolescents the program must have policies and procedures to ensure
        affiliation agreements with the major provider’s of children's services in the surrounding
        When consent is given, consultations with current treatment providers are to be made as
        early as possible in the assessment and disposition formulation phase and are documented
        within the Member’s medical record, including notification to an outpatient provider of
        where a Member was hospitalized.
        The CAMP Team provides emergent substance abuse assessment either directly or by
        linkage with a substance abuse provider when requested and /or as indicated by the
        individual's clinical presentation.
        The CAMP Team establishes and maintains affiliation agreements and/or service linkages
        with crisis stabilization programs, mobile crisis, hospitals, police departments, clinics,
        residential programs, substance abuse facilities, other community provider agencies, and
        other professionals.
        The CAMP Team maintains a linkage and close working relationship with all Specialty
        Network Providers in order to provide children/adolescents and their families with
        seamless access to this level of care.
        The CAMP Team will coordinate scheduled “walk-in” appointments for consumers as part
        of their crisis resolution plan.
        The CAMP Team develops and maintains a comprehensive community resource directory
        that is updated on a continuing basis and is readily available to clinical staff and
        consumers. Reasonable provisions should be made to allow consumers to make copies of
        the directory. The directory should include, but not be limited to:
            o Name of resource,
            o Location/address,
            o Phone number,
            o Services available,
            o Hours of operation, and
            o Acceptable payment methods.

C. Quality Management
      The CAMP Team will develop quality improvement corrective actions and have the
      capacity for resolution of case specific problems.
        The in vivo crisis assessment and intervention will cooperate with NorthSTAR quality
        improvement activities and allow NorthSTAR access to medical records to the extent
        permitted by State and Federal laws.

RFP VO022007-1                                                                                    5
        The CAMP Team will ensure that its quality improvement plan contains improvement goal
        items in accordance with NorthSTAR ValueOptions’ overall statewide improvement goals
        for child and adolescent services.
        The CAMP Team will report any potential quality of care concerns or coordination of care
        issues they are aware of as they interface with other providers to the Quality Management


D. Treatment Planning and Documentation
      The CAMP Team has the ability to triage, assess and make appropriate level of care
      decisions and to facilitate recommended dispositions to all levels of care within the
      NorthSTAR network.
        The CAMP Team Clinician must initiate a comprehensive clinical risk assessment when
        clinically indicated within one hour of time of readiness (readiness indicates that the
        individual is able to be psychiatrically evaluated).
        The CAMP Team will ensure that an individualized written crisis assessment is completed
        for every client. The crisis assessment will result in a clinical/diagnostic formulation and
        should address and/or include the following elements: a skills-based inventory, history of
        treatment and medication compliance, collateral consult with family and/or support
        network (re: history, current situation, crisis precipitants, treatment planning, and capacity
        to handle crisis situation), previous crisis intervention(s), full mental status exam, history or
        present substance abuse/sobriety issues, community treatment alliances (primary), previous
        or ongoing traumas, crisis prevention plan, pending legal issues, medical co-morbidity,
        recent/significant losses, safety issues, history of suicidal ideation with past attempts,
        current intent and/or means, aggressiveness and violent behaviors, impulsiveness, and
        inability to care for self by means of impaired judgment and/or insight, as available and/or
        The CAMP Team shall document information gathering and/or sharing from/with the
        Member’s PCP, outpatient and/or SPN provider, residential program, or community service
        providers, school, family member/significant other, medical records, crisis plans, and other
        sources of information significant to the client’s life and current situation.
        Triage decisions are made in conformance with the NorthSTAR clinical criteria for
        authorization into each level of care within the continuum of care.
        All child and adolescent face-to-face evaluations should be done by a child-trained
        clinician or in consultation with a child-trained clinician at the time of evaluation.
        The CAMP Team will ensure that clinical staff is sensitive to the needs of the family
        member of a child or adolescent in crisis. The program will work with the family member,
        to the greatest extent possible, during the assessment and crisis intervention period.
        The CAMP Team will have written internal protocols for handling crises with special
        populations that take into account the strength of environmental supports.
        The CAMP Team will ensure that each encounter is documented in writing and that a
        intervention form is completed and maintained as a clinical record for review by
        ValueOptions within the agreed upon time frame.

RFP VO022007-1                                                                                         6
        When available, the record of each episode includes, but is not limited to: date and time of
        request; start time; presenting problem; mental status exam; involvement of other person(s)
        and agencies; action taken; clinical/diagnostic formulation, reason for rule-out of less
        restrictive alternatives; time of disposition; target problems to be addressed at the next level
        of care; name of consumer and identifying information, signature and title of staff person.
        in vivo crisis assessment and interventionTeam evaluations are reviewed on a scheduled
        basis for clinical appropriateness by the Program Director or designee and documented in
        the Member’s record within 48 hours of the intervention.
        Upon representation to the CAMP Team , the CAMP Team will question consumer,
        significant others, or community providers as to the existence of an established crisis plan.
        The evaluation includes short-term treatment planning with treatment goals focused on pre-
        crisis and crisis intervention, stabilization, and disposition(s), in accordance with written
        crisis plans when available.

E. Discharge Planning and Documentation
      The provider shall promote continuity of care for clients who are readmitted to inpatient
      mental health services as indicated.
        For adolescents with a crisis plan, the program must develop a protocol for obtaining
        information related to the crisis plan, communicating the status to CAMP Team Clinicians,
        and ValueOptions, and notifying relevant providers, family members, and significant
        others, as necessary and with the appropriate informed consent. A designated staff member
        should update the crisis plan on a continuous basis.
        The crisis/intervention plan should include the presenting problem, the specific problem to
        be addressed along with a treatment plan, appropriate disposition plan, and the involvement
        of the consumer and others, i.e., providers, agencies, significant others, and/or family
        members. The purpose of this plan is to expedite a client-focused disposition based on the
        experience gained from past treatment interventions.
        In the event that there is any question regarding what level of care is most appropriate, the
        disposition plan is reviewed and approved by a Crisis Team psychiatrist and a Team
        clinician prior to disposition.
        The program follows written protocols outlining procedures for follow-up with the Member
        to facilitate the disposition.
        The program will develop and adhere to written protocols for following-up with families of
        children and adolescents where the crisis has been resolved in the community. Follow-up
        will occur within six hours of discharge and will be documented as part of written
        disposition plan.

RFP VO022007-1                                                                                        7
        The program ensures that a written plan is available to the Member (family/others as
        applicable) when the crisis is resolved to a non-acute level of care. The plan given to the
        Member shall include, but not be limited to, the following: Names, phone numbers,
        addresses, dates, and times of all follow-up and/or referral appointments:
            o Current Medications prescribed,
            o Crisis Team phone number, and address
            o SPN, or Provider name, phone number and address, and appointment time if
            o Pertinent Crisis Plan information (include copy of the Crisis Plan),
            o Behavioral interventions, and
            o Approximate or exact date/time Member can expect to receive a follow-up call
              from the Crisis Team, if applicable.

RFP VO022007-1                                                                                   8
                                          APPENDIX A


The offeror’s proposal must include a Letter of Assurance that is:

        Typed on agency/company letterhead;
        Signed by a person authorized to commit the offeror to the following assurances;
        Submitted with the offeror’s proposal.


If a contract is awarded, the (Legal Name of

1. Certifies that the price submitted was independently arrived at without collusion;

2.   Agrees to comply with ValueOptions NorthSTAR:
•    Monitoring activities;
•    Auditing activities;
•    Contract provisions; and
•    Requirements regarding lobbying and disclosure

3. Agrees to provide services as submitted in the Program Description;

4. Submit, with the signed contract, a completed:

•    Certificate of Insurance form;
•    Certification and Disclosure Regarding Lobbying form;
•    Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form W-9;
•    Assurance of Compliance with title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended;
•    Assurance of Compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as
•    Certification and Disclosure Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and
     voluntary Exclusion – Lower Tier Covered Transactions;
•    Assurance of Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; and
•    Certification Regarding Environmental Tobacco Smoke.

Offeror Contact

Title:_______________________________________                                  Telephone

RFP VO022007-1                                                                             9
Organizational Structure (Select one):

   County Agency             Not-for-Profit Organization        Partnership
Indian Tribe
   For-profit Corporation    Sole Proprietorship                Individual
   State Agency             Educational Institution/District    Other

Person(s) authorized to sign a Contract and/or Contract Amendment on behalf of Offeror:

______________________________           ______________________ ________________
Name (Typed)                              Title                  Signature / Date

RFP VO022007-1                                                                            10
                                        Appendix B


A complete proposal will consist of all of the following items. Offerors are encouraged
to use this checklist to review their proposals for completeness prior to submission.


        Cover letter signed by a person authorized to bind the offeror
        Signed and dated Letter of Assurance (See Appendix A)

2. ORGANIZATIONAL INFORMATION: (Note: Maximum 5 pages, excluding
   Letters of Agreement and Licenses)

        Names and proposed relationships of Offeror and all other organizations which
        will provide services under a contract resulting from this RFP
        History/overview of offeror, including history and current provision of required
        Description of offeror’s current administrative infrastructure and functions,
        including MIS/data management, fiscal, and contract management of vendor
        Description of past contract performance, including timely submission of contract
        deliverables, identification of corrective actions initiated by major funding
        sources, and past and current sanctions or restrictions on practice implemented by
        funding sources or regulatory or credentialing entities
        Description of offeror’s current clinical/QM functions and oversight mechanisms,
        including referral/intake, utilization review and management, and performance

3. CURRENT ENROLLMENT, SERVICE                          DELIVERY,        AND     SERVICE
   COORDINATION (Maximum 3 pages)

        Unduplicated number of consumers served January 1, 2005 through December 31,
        Number of behavioral health services by type provided January 1, 2005 through
        Decenber 31, 2006;
        Identification of key stakeholders for current services and a description of specific
        coordination mechanisms for stakeholder and collateral agency involvement in
        planning and delivery of services

RFP VO022007-1                                                                            11
4. PLAN TO DELIVER REQUIRED SERVICES (Note: Maximum of 30 pages,
   plus attachments)

        Description of facilities, personnel, and technical resources to be committed to the
        implementation of a contract, if awarded.

        Detailed plan for the delivery and coordination of all services, including a
        description of how the offeror proposes to implement the program requirements in
        this RFP, including:
            o Availability and accessibility
            o Principles of care
            o Integration of treatment and case management services
            o Interagency collaboration and coordination of care
            o Specialized services
            o Cultural competence
            o Crisis intervention services
            o Customer Services

        Plan to provide administrative functions, including fiscal management, IS/data
        management (including centralized reporting of consumer and service data,
        interface with the VALUEOPTIONS NORTHSTAR IS system and contract
        Plan to provide clinical/quality management and oversight, including
        referral/intake, utilization review/management, performance improvement, and
        monitoring of performance against identified performance indicators
        Transition or service development plan, if necessary, for the implementation of all
        services required by this RFP.


        Proposed revenue and expense budget for FY2007-2008 which identifies all
        prospective funding sources and program costs and which includes a budget
        Two most recent Audited Financial Statements
        Description of current and recent historical data pertaining to state or federal
        government held liens due to failure to pay payroll tax liabilities
        Description of intended subcontractors including the financial reimbursement

RFP VO022007-1                                                                           12
        Plan to fund this program/service expansion including loans, advances, drawing
        upon reserves, etc
        Completed budget template and narrative
        Annual funding requested from ValueOptions NorthSTAR to deliver the services
        required by this RFP


        Letters of Agreement or other documents which define the legal and/or functional
        relationships between all entities involved in providing or managing the services
        Mission statement or other evidence of Offeror’s guiding principles or philosophy
        of service delivery (maximum 3 pages)
        Current Financial Information
        Current fiscal year revenue and expense budgets of all parties which identifies all
        funding sources for services currently provided
        Independent audit reports for FY 2005-2006.
        Letters of Support: Offerors may submit a maximum of 8 letters of support which
        reflect community support for their current and/or proposed services.

      1. Section    1      –     Organizational Points Available Points Scored
         Background (Weight 10%)                  – 76
                a. Provide the name, address             3
                   and phone number of all
                   parent, corporate or affiliate
                b. Please include the names,             5
                   phone      numbers,      email
                   addresses and resumes for
                   your corporate and local
                   management that will be
                   accountable to ValueOptions
                   for contracted services.
                c. Submit a list of all of your          5
                   payer sources (i.e. managed
                   care             organization,
                   government agencies, and
                   grants, etc.)
                d. Submit up to eight (8)                5
                   references, supplying the
                   following information for
                        i. Contact Name
                       ii. Company
                      iii. Address

RFP VO022007-1                                                                          13
                         iv. Phone number
                          v. Type       of     service
                 e.   Describe your headquarters          5
                      and local operations in terms
                      of organizational structure,
                      reporting     structure     and
                      decision making structure.
                 f.   Please provide ValueOptions         10
                      with evidence of liability
                      insurance             including
                      (coverage, limits, carrier
                      name, and effective dates of
                 g.   Please provide a certified          8
                      copy of your articles of
                 h.   Please certify that your            10
                      organization has not been
                      excluded from participation
                      in the Medicare Program or
                      any state Medicaid Program.
                 i.   Please provide your Texas           5
                      Provider     Identifier     and
                      National Provider Identifier
                 j.   Offeror           demonstrates      10
                      responsiveness to the needs
                      of its key stakeholders,
                      including local governments,
                      local    police      and     fire
                      departments, ValueOptions
                      NorthSTAR or other primary
                      funding      sources,       and
                      individuals presenting for
                      k. Offeror demonstrates             10
                      sufficient      organizational
                      capacity and infrastructure,
                      history of successful service
                      provision, and financial
                      viability to successfully
                      implement the clinical and
                      administrative          services
                      requested under this RFP,
                      including the ability to
                      comply with ValueOptions

RFP VO022007-1                                                 14
                    NorthSTAR data submission
                    requirements for enrollment,
                    disenrollment, assessment,
                    and claims.

        2. Section 2 – Program Description Points Available
           Questions                                  -139
        (Weight 50%)
                  a. Describe in detail how you            10
                     will handle a 24 hour day in
                     vivo crisis assessment and
                     intervention services. Please
                     provide        a       program
                     description as well as
                     specific      policies     and
                     procedures you have in place
                     that will guide this program.
                  b. Describe in general your              10
                     relationship               with
                     NorthSTAR          community
                     based providers and hospital
                     based       providers      (i.e.
                     Timberlawn and Parkland
                     Hospital). Detail how you
                     intend to interface with other
                     providers in assisting clients
                     with discharge and follow-up
                  c. Please provide a description          10
                     of how your organization
                     would interface with the
                     court system.
                  d. Please detail the staffing            5
                     requirement and credentials
                     of the staff you would hire to
                     perform the WRSP services.
                  e. Discuss how you would                 10
                     interface with ValueOptions
                     on admission referrals.
                  f. Describe       what      access       10
                     standards        would       be
                     implemented to assure that
                     timely responses to all
                     patients are guaranteed.
                  g. Would your company assign             3
                     specific staff to respond to

RFP VO022007-1                                                  15
                    ValueOptions requests?
                 h. Describe how services will              10
                    be provided for the following
                    ValueOptions enrollees:
                         i. Non-English
                        ii. Hearing impaired
                       iii. Visually impaired
                 i. In accordance with managed              10
                    care                 principles,
                    ValueOptions        has      an
                    expectation that our provider
                    partners      who       perform
                    outpatient services will work
                    with us on placing clients
                    into the most appropriate
                    levels of care for our
                         i. Please describe your       10
                            definition            of
                            diversion and what
                            your diversion rates
                            are for your existing
                        ii. Discuss how you            5
                            would      specifically
                            monitor and measure
                            diversion ratios
                       iii. Describe how you
                            measure timeframes
                                 1. Initial            5
                                 2. Evaluation by      5
                       iv. Discuss how you will        10
                            link with the referral
                            sources               or
                            ValueOptions when
                            you provide services
                            to a consumer, and
                            what is your process
                            of     communication
                            will be to “close the
                            loop” on referrals

RFP VO022007-1                                                   16
                 j. Describe         how       your 8
                     organization will comply
                     with Quality Management
                     initiatives and programs that
                     will include, but are not
                     limited to adverse incident,
                     appeals      and    complaint
                 k. Please provide a draft                   8
                     marketing/promotion plan of
                     how you would promote in
                     vivo crisis assessment and
                     intervention services.
                 l. Please describe your crisis              10
                     intervention method and
                     clinical philosophy.
               j. Please describe how your 10
              organization can facilitate working
              with a psychiatric residency
        3. Data Reporting (Weight 15 %)             Points Available
                 a. Describe your reporting                  10
                     capabilities and attach a set
                     of standard data reports you
                     would use to track all
                 b. Describe your ability to                 10
                     submit encounter data to
                     ValueOptions to allow our
                     production of encounter data
                     reporting to the Department
                     of State Health Services.
                 c. Describe       the    computer           9
                     hardware and software used
                     in the office that will serve
                     the NorthSTAR account,
                     including capacity, recent
                     updates and system changes
                     planned for the next 18
                 d. What current procedures                  10
                     ensure the security and
                     confidentiality    of     your
                     systems and data?
                 e. Please provide a copy of                 8

RFP VO022007-1                                                         17
                     your         business/disaster
                     recovery plan.
        4. Implementation (Weight 10%)              Points Available
                  a. Please provide a transition              10
                     plan from the award date to
                     include the date your
                     organization could start
                     offering 100% of the
                     services detailed in this RFP,
                     timeframes, work items and
                  b. Please provide information               8
                     regarding all key individuals
                     who will be providing
                     support        during      the
                     implementation        process.
                     Include names, positions and
        5. Pricing (Weight 15%)                     Points Available
                  a. Please      provide       your           10
                     proposed rate structure for
                     providing services described
                     in this RFP.
        6. Grand Total (Weight = 100%)              Total Points 290

RFP VO022007-1                                                         18

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