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Broadcast Recording Agreement - DOC by PrestigeLegalDoc


This is an agreement between the Broadcaster and the Artist for the purpose of recording the Artist'sperformance and broadcasting the same.

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									              BROADCAST & RECORDING AGREEMENT

THIS BROADCAST & RECORDING AGREEMENT (herein referred to as the
“Agreement”) is made and entered into this _________ day of ___________, 20______, by and
between _____________________ (herein referred to as the "Broadcaster"), a company
organized, and existing under the laws of the State of ____________, with its principle place of
business located at ___________________________________, and ________________, (herein
referred      to      as      the      "Artist”),       an    individual,      residing       at

FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of mutual covenants made herein, Artist and Broadcaster
hereby agree as follows:


The Broadcaster produces and broadcasts over station (radio station/TV station name), a
program entitled: (name of program) (herein referred to as the “Program”), containing the
Artist’s performance as defined in Section 2 below. The Program is scheduled as follows:
(weekdays/weeknights, at (____ ) AM/PM TO (______ ) AM/PM (_____ standard time)


Artist hereby grants Broadcaster, its affiliates, successors, and assigns, the right to record,
broadcast, exhibit, transmit, replay and exploit the Artist's performance during the Term, within
the Territory.


The Broadcaster shall have the right to broadcast, exhibit, transmit and exploit the Program in
Worldwide on all of Broadcaster’s owned and affiliated (television networks and stations/radio
stations), via domestic or foreign (television/radio) signals, as well as through satellite
broadcast, terrestrial broadcast, simultaneous internet broadcast, and/or other modes of
broadcasting yet to be developed, but which may be utilized by Broadcaster in the future.

4.     TERM

Artist grants license to broadcast and re-broadcast Artist's performance stated herein for a period
of _____________ YEARS from the date of execution of this Agreement with an option for both
the Artist and the Broadcaster to extend this period for an additional ___________ YEARS.

Artist grants license for the recording of his performance as set forth in Schedule A to this
Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Performance”)

All Recordings and all cassettes and other reproductions made therefrom together with the
performances embodied therein, shall be entirely the property of the Broadcaster, free from any
claims whatsoever by Artist or any person deriving any rights or interests from the Artist.
Without limitation of the foregoing, Broadcaster shall have the right to make reproductions of
the Performances embodied in such recordings by any method now or hereafter known for the
purpose of broadcasting the performan
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