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     THIS AGREEMENT OF PARTNER EXPLUSION (the “Agreement), is made as of the
____ day of __________, 2_____.

B E T W E E N:

                     (hereinafter called "Partner A")

                                                                             OF THE FIRST PART,


                     (hereinafter referred to as "Partner B)

                                                                          OF THE SECOND PART,


                     (hereinafter referred to as “Partner C”)

                                                                             OF THE THIRD PART

              WHEREAS Partner A, Partner B and Partner C commenced doing business in a
partnership (the “Partnership”) under the business name ____________________ (the
“Business”) pursuant to a Partnership Agreement dated the ___ day of ___________, 2____ (the
“Partnership Agreement”);

               AND WHEREAS Partner A and Partner B are desirous of expelling Partner C
from the Partnership;

                AND WHEREAS the Partnership Agreement fails to provide for provisions
relating to the expulsion of a partner;

               AND WHEREAS Partner A and Partner B have mutually agreed to expel Partner
C from
Description: This Agreement of Partner Expulsion is entered into among the partners of a partnership whereby the majority of the partners agree to expel and existing partner of the partnership. This agreement is used to set out the terms and conditions of the partners expulsion in the event the original partnership agreement does not provide for terms relating to the expulsion of a partner.
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