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1.00           RELATIONSHIP

       The Contractor hereby represents and warrants that it is a licensed and properly qualified
contractor to perform all contracting services and work as contemplated herein.

        The Contractor hereby further represents and warrants that any and all services or work
performed by and completed by the Contractor shall be done in a professional and workmanlike
manner and shall be performed and completed in accordance with all regulations and standards
of practice of the applicable jurisdiction.

       The Contractor warrants that it is and shall remain to operate as an independent
contractor and at no time or times shall be considered an employee of _________________ (the

2.00           INSURANCE

        Prior to the commencement of any services or work by the Contractor for the Company,
the Contractor shall ensure that it has obtained all necessary insurance coverage for the purposes
of the Contractor performing and carrying out the services and work for the Company.

       The Contractor shall provide to the Company certificates of insurance evidencing such
coverage in place, prior to the Contractor commencing any services or work.

       The Contractor shall ensure that the insurance coverage in place for the services and the
work to be performed by the Contractor for the Company, include the following coverage:

       (a) Comprehensive and
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