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									                 EMPLOYEE CELL PHONE POLICY

              THIS EMPLOYEE CELL PHONE POLICY (the “Policy”) made the
_____ day of __________, 2_______, by ___________________________ (the

               This Policy affects any employee who is provided with and authorized to
use a cell phone and/or associated wireless services for the transaction of Company
business and for all employees in respect to the use of cell phones and/or associated
wireless services while at the Company’s place of business.


1.01           Any of the employee of the Company who is supplied a cellular phone
(the “Phone”) by the Company are at all times prohibited from using the Phone, including
but not limited, to placing or receiving phone calls, text messaging, internet use or email
use, while such employee is operating a motor vehicle regardless of whether the business
being conducted by the employee is business related or personal.

1.02           Should any employee who is using a 
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