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									                                 DESIGN CONTRACT
      THIS DESIGN CONTRACT (the “Agreement”) made this ____ day of ______, 2____,
by and between _______________________ (the “Designer”) and ____________________ (the
“Client”) for design services at _______________________ (the “Location”) in the City of
_________________, in the State of ____________________.

      WHEREAS the Client is desirous to engage the services of the Designer and the Designer
is desirous to provide its/his/her services to the Client and to perform the work hereinafter set out
for the project.

       NOWTHEREFORE the Designer and the Client hereby acknowledge and agrees as


1.01 The Client shall obtain and engage the services of the Designer and the Designer shall
provide its/his/her services to the Client for the purposes of designing _____________________
(the “Project”).

1.02 The Designer shall perform the work for the Project at the Location specified in this
Agreement or at such other location as the Client in writing may direct.

1.03 The design services (the “Services”) to be provided by the Designer to the Client, shall
include and be limited to ________________________________________________ (enter
description/list of design services to be provided).

1.04 The Designer shall provide to the Client within ______ (___) days of the Commence
Date, a preliminary design plan for approval by the Client. The Client shall review the
preliminary design plan submitted by the Designer and shall within _____ (__) days of receipt of
the preliminary design plan, return same to the Designer indicating any changes or corrections.
Upon receipt by the Designer of the preliminary design plan, as amended by the Client, the
Designer shall deliver the final design plan to the Client for approval within _____ (___) days of
the Commencement Date.

1.05 The Client shall be solely responsible for all costs associated with any materials
purchased by the Designer for completion of the Project including but not limited to, paint,
painting supplies, wall coverings, window coverings, furniture and accessories.
2.00   TERM

2.01 The term of this Agreement shall commence on the ____ day of _______, 2_____ (the
“Commencement Date”) and the Designer shall complete the Project by the ____ day of
_________, 2___
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