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									                      CREATIVE WORKS AGREEMENT

THIS CREATIVE WOKRS AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made this ___________ day of
___________ 20 __, by and between _____________________________(hereinafter referred to
as the "Publisher"), a company organized, and existing under the laws of the State of
____________, with its principle place of business located at _____________________, and
___________________________, (hereinafter referred to as the "Writer"), an individual with his
or her principle place of residence at __________________________________________.

WHEREAS, the Writer is commissioned to write an article of approximately ____words, with a
working title of ____. This legal and written agreement represents services contracted by the
Publisher for the Writer to provide creative commercial services for the following project:
_________________________________________________________________ (“Project”).

The parties hereto agree as follows:

Writer agrees to perform the services (“Work”) as set forth in Annexure 1 attached and made a
part of the Agreement. The completion of the Manuscript shall follow the schedule (“Milestone
Deliverables”) as set forth in the Annexure 1 attached.

2.1 All rights, title and interest in the following shall be the sole and exclusive property of the
Publisher including:
(i) All materials, including but not limited to Word files, tapes, and completed manuscript, the
completed Project and/or other product resulting from this effort;
(ii) The content of the subject matter of the Project provided by the Publisher;
(iii) Any ideas, works, documentation or notes conceived related to the Project;
(iv) All writings and work product by the Writer related to or associated with the Project;
2.2 To the extent that ownership of the items stated above does not automatically vest in the
Writer, the Writer agrees to transfer and assign to the Publisher all right, title and interest in and
to the same, whether or not copyright applications are filed thereon.
2.3 If the Publisher is required to obtain the Writer’s consent to register any US and foreign
copyrights related to the Project, the Writer shall provide his/her consent and transfer and assign
any of his/her interest as stated herein.
2.4 Writer shall retain no rights whatsoever to its specific content, sales, marketing, distribution,
resale, reprinting, or use, except as specified within this agreement. The provisions of this
Section on “Ownership Rights” shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

2.5 Writer acknowledges that the Publisher reserves editorial rights as to grammar, spelling,
deletions, formatting, and other minor changes that do not affect the material content of the
piece. Should the Publisher ask the Writer to revisions, the Writer shall promptly make changes
to the Articles as requested. The Publisher may illustrate the Articles with photographs and/or
illustrations and if requested, Writer agrees to reasonably assist in writing of captions or
procuring photographs.

2.6 Writer agrees that Publisher may make any changes or additions to the Work prepared by
Writer, which Publisher in its sole discretion may consider necessary, and may engage others to
do any or all of the foregoing, with or without attribution to Writer. Writer further agrees to
waive any so-called moral rights in the Work.

2.7 Publisher may use the whole or a part of the Project generated as it fits wi
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