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A Child Care Services Agreement is an agreement between a child care provider and a parent. The agreement provides for the nature of the child care services to be provided to the parent as well as the dates and times the services are offered and fees for services.

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									                  CHILD CARE SERVICES AGREEMENT

               THIS CHILD CARE SERVICES AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) is made
the ____ day of _________________, 2_______, by and between ______________________
(the “Provider”) and _______________________ (the “Parent”).

               The Provider and the Parent hereby agrees as follows:

1.00           CHILD CARE SERVICES

1.01            The Contractor shall perform child care services (the “Services”) for the Parent in
respect of the child(ren), namely ______________________ (the “Child”).

1.02           The Provider hereby acknowledges and agrees that the following Services shall be
provided to the Child:

               (a) nutritious meals, including a healthy snacks;

               (b) provide continuous supervision to the Child and shall at all times ensure the
                   health and safety of the Child;

               (c) maintain the child care center including all rooms and play areas for the Child
                   and ensure that play areas are clean, orderly and in safe condition for meals
                   and naps;

               (d) provide educational activities for the Child which are age appropriate and are
                   geared to stimulate the Child’s cognitive skills, abilities and development;

               (e) maintain written and accurate daily observations of the Child’s behaviour and
                   activities for the Parent’s review;

               (f) provide a nurturing environment to the Child;

               (g) maintain up-t
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