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									                                                  Public Health Preparedness Strategy
                    Public Health - Seattle & King County Mission, Goal 8: Anticipate and respond to the public health consequences of local emergencies.

    Day to Day Response Functions                                       +      Preparedness Planning                                  =      Surge Response Capacity

                                                                                                                           Epidemiology and Surveillance/
                                                                                                                                  Disease Control
                                                                                                                                EH Hazard Identification/
                                                                                  Staffing                                                                                                 
                                                                                                                                    Field Response
                                                                            Training & Exercises
                                                                                                                             Mass Vaccination/Dispensing                                   
                                                                        Community Partnerships
    Epidemiology and Surveillance
                                                                            Special Populations
                                                                                                                               Mass Isolation/Quarantine
EH Hazard Identification and Response                                                                                                                                                      
      Pharmacy/Immunizations                                                                                                       Social Distancing
         Individual Isolation                                                Alternate Facilities
           Medic One/EMS                                                                                                           Medic One/EMS Surge                                     
   Medical Examiner/Vital Statistics                                        Supplies/Stockpiles
         Laboratory Services
                                                                         Operational Readiness
             Patient Care
                                                                       Emergency Communications                              Mass Fatality/Vital Statistics                                
   Risk Communications/Education                                        Information Technology
  Day-to-Day Management/Finance
                                                                          Business Continuity                                         Laboratory Services                                  
                                                                        Non-Structural Mitigation
                                                                                                                                        Mass Patient Care
                                                                       Emergency Legal Authority                           (Hospitals, Community Health Clinics, Private Providers, Home   
                                                                         Policy Development                                         Health Care, Long Term Care, Public Health)

                                                                                                                          Risk Communications/Education                                    
 Diane Bonne, Assistant Manager
 Preparedness Section, Office of the Director                                                                                                         Emergency Management
 (206) 205-5154                                                                                                                                                                            
                                                                                                                                    ESF 8 Leadership
                                                                Public Health Preparedness Strategy
                            Public Health - Seattle & King County Mission, Goal 8: Anticipate and respond to the public health consequences of local emergencies.

                        Core Capability                                             Capability Components                                        Surge Response Teams

                                                                                Rapid Disease Outbreak Detection
       Detect, report, investigate and control an emergent                                                                                     Case/Contact Surveillance Team
                                                                                24/7/365 Surveillance Hotline                
                communicable disease outbreaks.                                                                                               Rapid EPI Field Assessment Team
                                                                              Systemwide Real Time Data Collection
                                                                              Zoonotic Disease Surveillance System
     Detect, report, and mitigate exposure to environmental                                                                                     County/City EH Liaison Team
                                                                           Rapid Food/Water Assessment System                
                             hazards.                                                                                                             EH Field Response Team
                                                                          Current and Complete HAZ MAT Facts Sheets
                                                                                   Medication Center Distribution
           Dispense medications/vaccinations quickly
                                                                               Postal Service Medication Delivery                         Medication Center Activation Team
                    and on a mass scale.
                                                                           First Responder Medication Pre-Deployment
                                                                                   Case Monitoring Call Center                            Case/Contact Monitoring Call Center Team
                 Quarantine/Isolate individuals;
                                                                                    Alternate I&Q Facility                                      I&Q Facility Care Team
                monitor their health status daily.
                                                                                   Legal I&Q Order Templates                                    Legal/Law Enforcement Team
                                                                                     Unit/Staff Mobilization                                            Triage Team
         Triage, transport and track mass casualties.                               Mutual Aid Protocols                                 Medical Support/Transportation Team
                                                                         Hospital Control Communications/Dispatch Plan                                 Morgue Team
                                                                        Mass Fatality Management/Cold Storage Capacity                            Site Investigation Team
           Collect, secure, store, identify, autopsy and
                                                                         Partnerships Hospitals and Funeral Homes                           Family Assistance Center Team
                       certify mass fatalities.
                                                                         Information Sheet: Handling a corpse at home                             Processing Surge Team

      Analyze hazardous substances and biological agents                Biological, Chemical and Radiological Analysis Tools
                                                                                                                                                 Analysis Surge Team
                   proficiently and quickly.                           Secure 24/7/365 Communication Links to Other Labs

       Stabilize and treat mass casualty incident victims for           Uniform Care/Surge Standards Among Hospitals                             Medical Reserve Corp Team
   infectious disease, hazardous exposure, burns, trauma or         Medical Supplies Management and Distribution System                      Uniform Credentialing System
                       radiological poisoning.                                    Alternate Field Hospital Plan                                 Alternate Site Staffing Team
                                                                                    Joint Information Center
    Disseminate information about health risks and protective                                                                                Public Information Call Center Team
                                                                               Public Information Call Center                
            behaviors to the public and key partners.                                                                                          Joint Information Center Team
                                                                           General/Special Populations Distribution List
                                                                            24/7/365 Duty Officer Notification System                             Public Health EOC Team
          Lead the regional response to health-related
                                                                             Fully Operational Public Health EOC                            County/City EOC Liaison Team
                  emergencies utilizing NIMS.
                                                                             Centralized Health System Control Plan                        Health Officer Line of Succession Team

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