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					Consignment Coverage and Your Dealership
 Do you have a consignment lot         handles financing for the sale to       the registration state, but will now
on your dealership? If you don’t       the new customer and has the            cover the unit while under
have one, here are a few reasons       advertising resources to reach a        consignment. It is as simple as
why     consignment      may    be     large group of potential buyers.        completing and signing an
beneficial to your bottom line.        The dealership removes all of the       application along with providing a
                                       hassles for the seller, by doing        copy     of     the     consignment
Work/Income        for      Service    what they do best – selling RV’s!       agreement.
Department                             The cost of the RV is increased a
                                       flat rate or percentage to              If you need a template for a
Having a consignment lot will          compensate the dealership for their     consignment agreement, Thum
provide an additional source of        role in the sale of the RV.             Insurance Agency, L.L.C. can
work and therefore income for the                                              provide that for you as well.
Service Department as many units       Beware of Insurance Exclusions
will need reconditioning or other                                              Some states require special
work done before they can be sold.     What many customers don’t know          licensing to have a consignment lot
The parts department and your          is that most insurance policies         at your dealership. Be sure to look
retail shop sales will also increase   have an exclusion that will not         into    your     specific    state’s
with the added foot traffic. This      cover loss to a vehicle that occurs     requirements as the regulations
also provides an additional source     while it is in the custody of           vary.
for extended service contract sales.   someone else for the purpose of
                                       selling it. Most customers don’t
Attract First-Time Buyers              read the fine print in their policies
                                       and assume their RV will be               If you have any questions or
A consignment lot also attracts        covered. Or, they assume that the       need assistance with obtaining RV
more first-time buyers. These are      dealership’s coverage will extend       Consignment Insurance Policies,
customers who might want to try        to their RV. This is important to       please contact Thum Insurance
the RVing lifestyle with a cheaper     address with your customers             Agency, L.L.C. at 800-866-0777 or
unit before making a large cash        placing their RV’s on your lot for      visit:
outlay on a brand new unit. If that    consignment.                            Office hours are 8:00 am to 6:00
customer is happy with the service                                             pm Eastern Time, Monday through
buying the consigned unit, they        There is now a solution available!      Friday. A licensed agent will be
will be back when they are in the      Thum Insurance Agency L.L.C.            happy to assist you and further
market for an upgrade.                 has worked with Recreation              discuss your options.
                                       Insurance Specialists, the program
Sales Commission                       administrator for an A rated              Thum Insurance Agency, L.L.C.
                                       insurance carrier to develop an RV      has provided personalized RV
To the average individual trying to    policy with consignment coverage        insurance packages for RVers
sell their RV, an RV dealership is a   included. This is an exciting new       since 1990.
great alternative to placing ads in    advancement        in     insurance
the paper and online because an        offerings that was previously           Coverage availability may vary by state.
RV dealership can streamline the       unavailable in the marketplace.         Coverages are controlled by the policies issued
sales process.      The dealership                                             and are not modified, extended or revised by the
                                                                               descriptions contained herein.
attracts    customers,    schedules    The policy will still be written in
appointments to view the RV,           the registered owner’s name and in

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