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Presented to the
Aviation Supply Chain
Business Conference
June 6 & 7, 2006
Gabrielle Zimmerman
DOD EMALL System Integration Manager
       DOD EMALL Mission

The DOD EMALL strives to be the single
entry point for purchasers to find and
acquire off-the-shelf, finished goods and
services from the commercial
marketplace and government
          DOD EMALL Background
   The DoD EMALL was launched by the Defense Logistics Agency
    (DLA) in 1998 as the DLA EMALL.
   The FY99 DoD Authorization Act stated, “… the Joint
    Electronic Commerce Program Office of the Department
    of Defense shall develop a single, defense-wide
    electronic mall system, which shall provide a single,
    defense-wide electronic point of entry and a single view,
    access, and ordering capability for all Department of
    Defense electronic catalogs.”
   DLA was named the executive agent for DoD EMALL which
    remains dedicated to its DoD-wide mission
   The DoD EMALL was created to leverage purchasing power
    across agencies to provide the warfighter and other Federal
    Government Agencies with volume discounts from Military and
    Commercial suppliers
    The Government’s Business Case

   Administrative Cost Avoidance
   Lower Investment in Inventory
  Cost Avoidance Opportunity

 DOD  EMALL reduces transaction costs
 DLA Specific Data
   Cost Manual Purchase ($) (1)                                    $146.00*
   Cost EMALL Purchase ($) (2)                                     $11.31
   Cost Avoidance ($) (3) = [(1) – (2)]                            $134.69
 Credit   Card Data
   Baseline Credit Card Purchase                                     $25.62
   EMALL Purchase                                                    $11.31
   Savings per Transaction                                           $14.31
           *Note: Morgan Stanley study of commercial industry shows manual purchases $125 – $175.
           Lower Inventory Costs
Newark Electronics Catalog (~200K SKUs)
Unique NSNs          11,499
With Stock           11,316                98% Stock on Hand
For 11,499 NSNs 8,341 In DLA Stock         73% Stock on Hand
Annual Demand ordered from DLA (Baseline Cost) = $13,173,731

 Apply rule:
 Buy Annual Demand from the cheapest source having stock:
 • Cost = $10,843,713
Customer Benefits
• $2.3M Cost Savings
• Stock Availability up 25% (73% to 98%)
             DOD EMALL FACTS
    − 28,000+ user accounts on the DOD EMALL
    − Adding 500 new users a week
    − Users are DOD (All Services, National Guard, Reserves)
      and other Federal Agencies (DHS, FBI, etc.)
• Small Business Friendly
    − 1400+ Commercial Catalogs hosted on DOD EMALL
    − Over half are Small Businesses
    − Additional Catalogs added weekly
• Content includes:
    • 4.5M DLA/GSA managed NSNs
    • 5M commercial items under DOD contracts
    • 5M commercial items under GSA FSS contracts
    • 4M commercial items under Open Market catalogs
DOD EMALL Growth Pattern
   Started in FY02, selling $ 14 million
   FY03, $ 233 million
   FY04, $ 267 million
   FY05, $ 550 million
   Be a part of the FY06 growth!
   Participation on the DoD EMALL is free of charge
    to all vendors.
                                 Cumulative FY05 Order Value
$600                                  Through Sep = $549M
$500         FY04 Actual
             FY05 DORRA Projected
             FY05 Actual



       OCT     NOV   DEC   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP
                     DOD EMALL SALES FY05 Actual
             CLS                                   Other
            $126.5                                 $12.2
                                                    2%     DHS



                                                                   AIR FORCE
 FY06 Cumulative Projection vs
ACTUAL vs FY05 (non-MNSTC-I)
                                               Top 20 NSNs in FY06
FSC    Name                                            Dollars          FSC    Name                                                  Orders
2840   Gas Turbines and Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime   $38,083,879.57   5310   Nuts and Washers                                        683607
       Moving; and Components
                                                                        8405   Outerwear, Men's                                        658007
8470   Armor, Personal                                 $14,532,517.96
                                                                        2840   Gas Turbines and Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime           448872
8405   Outerwear, Men's                                $10,625,508.10          Moving; and Components
1560   Airframe Structural Components                   $8,675,216.10   5306   Bolts                                                   328670
8430   Footwear, Men's                                  $6,418,808.46   8465   Individual Equipment                                    290941
2915   Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft and      $5,182,922.28
                                                                        8455   Badges and Insignia                                     276712
       Missile Prime Movers

8415   Clothing, Special Purpose                        $4,737,791.24   9150   Oils and Greases: Cutting, Lubricating, and             235007
3020   Gears, Pulleys, Sprockets, and Transmission      $3,495,764.12
                                                                        8415   Clothing, Special Purpose                               228791

8465   Individual Equipment                             $3,003,345.40   5305   Screws                                                  221649

3110   Bearings, Antifriction, Unmounted                $2,960,973.54   5340   Hardware, Commercial                                    199743

5180   Sets, Kits, and Outfits of Hand Tools            $2,540,122.22   6145   Wire and Cable, Electrical                              136050

4720   Hose and Flexible Tubing                         $1,728,251.99   8430   Footwear, Men's                                         130666

5965   Headsets, Handsets, Microphones and Speakers     $1,648,649.64   5330   Packing and Gasket Materials                            102021

8340   Tents and Tarpaulins                             $1,487,298.92   5325   Fastening Devices                                       101289
3040   Miscellaneous Power Transmission Equipment       $1,352,334.03   8470   Armor, Personal                                          99723
6650   Optical Instruments, Test Equipment,             $1,286,208.82
                                                                        4730   Hose, Pipe, Tube, Lubrication, and Railing Fittings      95385
       Components and Accessories

9150   Oils and Greases: Cutting, Lubricating, and      $1,186,263.53   5935   Connectors, Electrical                                   91642
                                                                        5320   Rivets                                                   84510
6685   Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity Measuring    $1,154,948.28
       and Controlling Instruments                                      5331   O-Ring                                                   83100

5310   Nuts and Washers                                 $1,058,671.39   8440   Hoisery, Handwear, and Clothing Accessories,             74987
7210   Household Furnishings                            $1,009,300.62
                                 Top 20 Commercial Items in FY06
Product Name                                        Dollars            Product Name                                                 Orders
GUNNERS BLAST KIT                                      $2,050,574.61   Mowing, Trimming, and Edging                                 1700000
Pioneer Tool Kit, Platoon General Labor                $1,319,913.54   Unwanted Growth Removal                                       769750
Pioneer Tool Kit, Squad Land Clearing                  $1,167,570.60   Brush Clearing                                                648602
Mason/Concrete finisher's tool kit                       $575,889.30   Nuisance Pest Control Services                                172090
Routine Service Call for Utility Scoping                 $573,138.00
                                                                       Emptying Waste Containers                                     151319
Pioneer Tool Kit, Platoon Manual Labor                   $551,395.44
                                                                       Red River Beige Paint                                         138016
Carpenter's tool kits, Platoon                           $356,727.00
                                                                       9757800,                                                       92250
Shelter, Base-X, 305, 18'x25', OD                        $335,839.15
                                                                       Plant and Bed Cultivating (4.2.05)                             90993
FAX PHONE, MULTIFUNCTION, COPY, PRINT, 19-               $291,317.50
/ 10"X22-4/5"X12-4/5"                                                  Cut Grass/Vegetation, Rake and Remove                          70610

Carpenter's tool kits, Squad                             $288,760.32   Interior Painting                                              68864

TOOL SET, AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE, AVIATION                 $247,632.00   Replace sod per Para C.17.k                                    62236
                                                                       Georgia-Pacific - Paper Towels - 85, 11" x 8-4/5"              61201
Office Depot Recycled Copy Paper                         $221,786.41   Sheets/Roll, White, 2-Ply
COOLING WATER HOSE                                       $210,059.84   Pressure Washing                                               47804
Boise - Aspen Recycled Copy Paper - 8-1/2" x 11",        $209,282.25   Interior Painting - Vacant Quarters                            46062
White, 84, 20 Lb.
                                                                       Towel, Shop                                                    45930
Suunto ADVIZOR                                           $166,965.47
                                                                       Restroom Cleaning                                              45718
Lighting Kit                                             $164,498.40
                                                                       Georgia-Pacific - Paper Towels - 85, 11" x 9" Sheets/Roll,     44033
Boise - Aspen Recycled Copy Paper - 8-1/2" x 11",        $154,723.06
                                                                       White, 2-Ply, 30 Rolls/Carton
White, 92, 20 Lb.
CYLINDER                                                 $151,895.00   Vacuuming Carpet and Rugs                                      40617

COPY PAPER 8 1/2 X 11 WHITE                              $151,481.41   Vacuum                                                         37853

RADIO                                                    $143,852.86   Trash Collection                                               37840
                Site Capabilities
   User Profiles
   Searching for Products
   Shopping Carts
   Rule Engine
   Contract Terms & Conditions
   User Order Management
   DLA Order Status
   Customer Care
   Niche Capabilities
   The Vendor Process
    User Profiles – Types of Users
   Shoppers
       Browse Catalogs
                                  Vendors
       Build Shopping Carts          Browse Catalogs
       Send Shopping Carts           Build Shopping Carts
   Orderers                          Send Shopping Carts
       All that and…..               Report Shipment
       Place Orders                  Manage Orders
       Manage Orders
   Administrators
       All that and….
       Grant Access
       Assist Users
       Make Adjustments
       Set Up Vendors
    User Profiles – Special Permission
                                    SPCs in Use
                                        Payment
                                             MILSTRIP Fund Code
   Additional Capabilities                  Long Line of Accounting
                                             Corporate Credit Card
   Credential Required                 Contracting Officer
                                         Delayed Billing
   Used to                          

                                        Vendor Corporate View
       Control Access                  Manual Order Entry System
       Allow specific actions          Contracts
                                             NAVFAC (+ DODAAC)
                                             DHS Corporate (+
                                             DLA ODM
                                             NAF Army
                                             Epaulets
    User Profiles – Service Based
   Users register with:
       Department
            Service or Agency
                 Major Command
                    Unit or Office Symbol
                    DOD Activity Address Code

   Used to
       Determine initial page
       Display Service Policy
       Limit Access
       Enforce Business Rules
       Report
           Searching for Products
   Filters
       Environmentally Friendly
       JWOD
       Small Business
       Subgroups of catalogs
   Regional Catalogs
       Pricing for delivered location
       Access by location or organization
            Searching for Products –
               Information Icons
   Environmentally Friendly
   Material Safety Data Sheet applies
   Picture Available
   JWOD item
   UNICOR Item
   NSN Cross Referenced
       Government Certified
       Contractor Certified
   Payment Forms Accepted
      Fund Code
      Credit Card

      Long Line of Accounting

   Small Business
           Searching for Products
   Multiple Keys to Search On
       NSN, NIIN, Manufacturer’s part number,
        manufacturer's name, catalog number, UPC, UNSPSC
   Cross Catalog Shopping
       Instant comparison of price, delivery and
   Punchout
       Customization, Detailed Specs, Workflow
         Searching for Products –
             Power Shopping
   Simultaneous Search for 2 – 200 Items
   NSN, NIIN, Manufacturer’s Part Number, UPC
   Search Results show:
       Exact Matches (only one)
       Multiple Matches (a group at a time for comparison
        and selection)
       No Match
   Import a Preformatted Spreadsheet
               Shopping Carts
   Save Carts              Cart Areas
   Create Quick Lists          Current Cart
   Send Carts                  Orders Pending
                                Orders Placed
   Cart Level Memo
                            Group Cart by
   Line Item Level
                            Use Express Stores
   Search by Memo
                     Rule Engine
   Step between Checking Out and Finalizing
   Two Rules in Place
       Air Force
          Check cart for Weapons System Coded NSNs
          Allow user to delete, return for substitute, buy

          Report to HQ

       Navy
            Block purchase of condemned NSNs
    Contract Terms & Conditions
   Order minimums and maximums
   Ceiling Tracking
   Different Order Limits for Contracting Officers
   Order Formats and Payment Forms Accepted
       Encrypted e-mail, EDI, xml. .pdf
       Government Purchase Card, MILSTRIP Fund Code,
        Long Line of Accounting
   Contractor and Contracting Officer Contact
         User Order Management
   Save with a Meaningful Name
   Use Material Receipt Acknowledgement to
       Close out
       Report problems
   Query Orders by
       Date Range
       Order Number, Supplier Order Number or Document
       Supplier Name or Contract Number
   Obtain on-line status
                  DLA Order Status
   Direct Access to BSM for DLA Data
       Requisitions
       NSNs
   Mimics WebCATS insofar as BSM Provides the Data
   Filtered Data
       DLA Personnel see 100%
       Customers see data for pre-registered DODAAC(s)
   Future
       More robust queries to BSM
       Stock Out Report
                Customer Care
   Help Desk
   Automatic E-mails
       Account Authorization or Modification
       Credit Card Denials
       Order Confirmation (with cc)
   Material Receipt Acknowledgement with
    Problem Reports
   Upcoming: Link to WebSDR
               Niche Capabilities
   Existing
       On Demand Manufacturing
       Electronic Task Ordering
       P3 Propeller Repair
       Manual Order Entry System (MOES)
       DHS Corporate Contracts with Oracle and DELL
       DELL and NAVICPMart Punchout
       Single Sign Ons: Navy One Touch, BSM and (coming)
        Army Knowledge On-Line
   On hold
       SCAN, Generator Sets, Custom bushings
         Web Site TOUR

Go to:
to see what your competitors and your
customers can see.
   As a potential
supplier, click here
 for tips on how to
  come on board.

                        Notice that you do
                       NOT have to log in to
                          review tips for
                         interested new
 Let’s select this
link to begin our
Here are some of the
“signing up” tips that
  we have already
  This covers, in
effect, who will be
your “web master.”
 Here we get into the
nitty gritty of logging in
  the data regarding
 your product and its
This covers the “good
 stuff” – how you get
Your customers will log
 in with “User name”
   and “Password”

                          Welcome to the new
                             DOD EMALL
                            Shopping Cart
Customers will go
here to find your
                          Let’s track a simple

 We will type the word
“Bolts” in Keywords and
     click “Search”
                  To assist your search, we
                  offer you Frequent Match
                  If you need to refine your
                    search, click on one of

 Here are the
results of your
 Notice that you can
 search the site w/o
being a member, but
   you will see no
    Why Sell through the EMALL?
   Small Business Friendly
      1400+ Commercial Contracts hosted on DoD
      Over 505 of those are Small businesses

      Additional Catalogs added weekly

   DOD EMALL Users
      38,000+ user accounts on the DOD EMALL;
       adding 300 new users a week
      Users are DOD (All Services, National Guard,
       Reserves) and other Federal Agencies (DHS, FBI,
      Why Sell Through the EMALL,
   The DOD EMALL offers you the potential to
    increase your sales while reducing your
    administrative costs.
   You will enjoy worldwide exposure for your
    products targeted directly to Military and
    Federal end-use customers, 24 hours a day,
    and 7 days a week.
   The DOD EMALL sells tangible goods, not
                 To become a Supplier
   All that is required is
       Registration in the Contractor Central Registry
       a DOD EMALL accepted vehicle
            GSA Federal Supply Schedule
            Blanket Purchase Agreement
            Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity
            Open Market
       the ability to participate in the DOD EMALL e-
        commerce architecture.
      DOD Supplier Application

   Contact the DOD EMALL by phone at 877-352-
    2255 (option 3, option 3, option 3) and state
    you want to be a Supplier on the DOD EMALL
    and ask for a Supplier Account Manager (SAM)
   You may also go to www.emall.dla.mil and go
    into Supplier Support and click on How to
    Become A Supplier to obtain more
DOD Supplier Application, cont.
   The SAM will send to you:
       Supplier Information Worksheet
            A one page form asking for basic information about
             the company.
       Business Rules
             A three page document outlining all the rules of
             being a Supplier on the DOD EMALL.
       Welcome Page Requirements
            The supplier is required to create a one page
             document about their company, allowing buyers to
             see more information on the company and obtain
             contact information to have questions answered.
     DOD Supplier Application,
•  The SAM will also send to you:
   – Receipt of orders Options
       • Information on the various ways (PGP, EDI, cXML)
         you can set up your company to receive orders.
• Abbreviations:
   – IDIQ = Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity
    (contract type)
    – PGP = Pretty Good Privacy (encryption program)
    – EDI = Electronic Data Interface (standard I/F
    – cXML = protocol for consistent exchange of business
                 Supplier Process
   Do your Business Case Analysis
       Contact DOD EMALL for data/statistics
       Weigh Start up costs versus Opportunity
   Decide on your Contract/Catalog Vehicle
       Type of contract affects forms of payment
        users can employ
          DLA: GPC and MISLTRIP Fund Code
          Others: GPC Only

          Some Navy: Long Line of Accounting
    Supplier Process Continued
   Catalog Considerations
        Where to host it
             Self Hosted
             Government Hosted
             Punch Out
        Richness of the Information
   Chooses an Order format
      Encrypted e-mail
      EDI 850
      Xml transaction
      .pdf
           Contracting with DLA
   IDIQ or BPA is the contract vehicle
   A new DOD EMALL Solicitation will be issued soon.
    Please provide your name, email, and phone
    number to: DoD.emall@dscc.dla.mil . You will be
    added to the EMALL e-mailing list.
   Once contracted, you will have up to 45 days to
    begin shipping product.
   Orders can go up to $150,000 at the contracting
    officer’s discretion
   Both credit card and fund code customers
          Building Your Catalog
   The way you describe your product will
    determine how easily your customers can
    find you; this field is basically a free-text
   No matter how your potential customer
    describes your product, you want to have
    those relevant words in your description.
   Your SAM will work with you to create an
    effective description.
       Building Your Catalog, cont.
   Complete a Catalog Template (an excel document for
    suppliers to list items they will sell on DOD EMALL).
    There are nine mandatory data elements:
          Vendor Part Number
          Product Name
          Product Description
          Price
          Unit of Issue
          Quantity Per Unit of Issue
          Manufacturer Name
          Manufacturer Part Number
          Days After Receipt of Order (ARO)
               Getting On Line
   Determine the contract vehicle/contracting office
   Determine where the eCatalog will be hosted
   Determine the format for receiving orders
   Get a SAM
   Get the contract
   Complete your Supplier Enablement Worksheet
   Get the eCatalog hooked to an ePort
   Test with your SAM
   Go Live
DOD EMALL Is Proud to Serve
Ms. Debra Fryar
DOD EMALL Program Manager
(269) 961-5710

               Ms. Gabrielle Zimmerman
               DOD EMALL System Integration Manager
               (804) 279-3646

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