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1202 RIDGE DR.

February 16, 2005

I am responding to the advertisement placed on the website for the
Central Market General Manager position. In reaching 100 years in business and 11
billion dollars in revenue, HEB/Central Market is a thriving supermarket chain in the
central and southern parts of Texas. Now, with the advent of Central Market, HEB has
tapped into the specialty market where customers can experience international shopping
in their local Central Market.

Over the past 20 years I have had the opportunity to manage multi-unit operations and
develop several organizations. I executed many management and employee training
programs, managed several stores and multi-unit operations, experienced excellent sales
growth and profited from low employee turnover. I developed great training tools such
as: trouble shooting guides for daily paperwork, tracking forms, job assessments,
communication models, and management daily guides.

For Mr. Gatti's and El Fenix, I have exercised my training skills with developing and
executing upper level management, manager, assistant manager and employee training
workshops. These workshops focused on communication styles, hiring, firing, discipline
procedures, laws, productivity, delegation, reducing employee turnover, procedures and
their manuals, professionalism and programs designed specifically for their organization.
Furthermore, for El Fenix, I designed and implemented a physical inventory control
system. This saved the company thousands of dollars, due to finding overstock of many
items, and eliminated the guesswork of using a perpetual inventory system.

Thank you for reviewing my resume, and I look forward to meeting you and discussing
any further questions you may have.

Mario Reyes
John Smith
920 Tennis Villa, Ft. Worth, TX 76000 ▪ (817) 123-4567 ▪ Email:


Develop counsel, advise and guide students with their educational and career goals. Develop a
college and career center and provide support for students, faculty and staff.


· Texas Certified Teaching Certificate - All level teaching; develop and implement seminars, staff
  training and curriculum. Maintain records of development, progression and data history.
· Masters student in higher education counseling program with emphasis in career counseling.
· Counselor - recruiting and academic advisement, evaluate transcripts and career counseling.
· Business Entrepreneur - Founded private school, development of programs K-12, staff
  interviewing, hiring, training, maintaining records, accounts receivable/payable, marketing,
  advertising and fund-raising.
· Technical Applications - Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Money), Quick Books and Email.
· Administrator - Assure compliance of developed programs, state codes and regulations of
  private school.
· Adult Learning Programs - Apply principles of adult learning through curriculum development,
  institution of adult leaning programs for GED, SAT and ACT; develop testing centers for
  administration of tests.


2003 - 2005 Master's Degree - Education, College Counseling and LPC
University of North Texas, Denton, TX; GPA 4.0
1993 -1995 Bachelor’s of Science - Major in Education, Minor in Exercise Physiology
Texas Wesleyan University, Fort Worth, TX; GPA 3.48/4.0
1991-1993 Associates Degree - Tarrant County College, Hurst, TX


2004 - Transfer/Undecided Student Liaison and Career Advisor, Texas Wesleyan University,
Fort Worth, TX
Career Counselor - counsel students about career options, assessment testing, job placement,
networking with alumni, faculty and employers; build, develop and promote career center.
Transfer Advisor – Advise students on available courses, choosing a major and personal

1997-Present Owner/Operator, Academia Christian Academy, Arlington, TX
Counselor – College, career, academic and personal counseling
Human Resource - Interview, hire, and develop staff members.
Director of Secondary Education - Teach entire high school curriculum 9-12, administer
standardized tests, coach JV level.
Director of Adult Education - Develop and implement GED and SAT testing, provide training of
staff to administer tests, developed community resources for funding of program.
Director of Scholarship and Financial Assistance - Develop and implement scholarship and
financial aid programs, community awareness programs and fund-raising.
Accountant - Accounts receivable and payable.
Marketing and Advertising Representative - Develop programs to create community

2002-2004 Senior Secretary, Tarrant County College, Arlington TX
Student Services – academic advisement, registration and program information.
Instructor, Continuing Education; TASP Math Prep and College for Kids.
Address, City, State Zip ▪ (Area Code) Phone # ▪ Email address

In 1 – 3 brief sentences, concisely say what your main career goals are/position you would like to

QUALIFICATIONS Summarize your skills by grouping them into headings such as “Business”,
“Management”, “Personal characteristics”. Use key words from job posting/job description.

       Heading -
       Heading -
       Heading -
       Heading -
       Technical Applications - Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Money),
        Internet/email. (List any other software/hardware specific to your field)
       Personal Characteristics - Efficient, organized, excellent verbal and written
        communications skills, and professional.

From - To Degree earned - Major, Minor or certifications
University Name, City, State; GPA if 3.0 or above
From - To Degree earned - Major, Minor or certifications
University Name, City, State; GPA if 3.0 or above

EMPLOYMENT In many positions, you function in a different capacity. Example: Your job title
may be Administrative Assistant, and you function as a receptionist, file clerk, secretary,
researcher, accounts receivable, shipping & receiving, and marketing/communications.
Communicating your ability to function in different capacities is important. See example below.

Month/Year to Month/Year - Administrative Assistant, Company/organization, City, State
Receptionist - Greet clients by phone and in person, guide clients to appropriate department, and
provide information to clients as needed.
File Clerk - Created an organized filing system, maintained confidential files, and distributed files
as necessary.
Secretary - Created official office forms, typed correspondence for departmental managers, and
maintained spreadsheets of services provided, clients served, and annual income.
Accounting - Processed accounts receivables, maintained spreadsheet of daily ledger, billed
clients for services rendered, and processed banking deposits.

Month/Year to Month/Year – Position Title, Company/organization, City, State
Function - Job responsibility, achievements.
Function - Job responsibility, achievements.

Month/Year to Month/Year – Position Title, Company/organization, City, State
Function - Job responsibility, achievements.
Function - Job responsibility, achievements.

Optional section. List any skills, volunteer work, or interests that are related to the position you
are applying for.
     Optional 1
     Optional 2
     Optional 3

REFERENCES        Available upon request.

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