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									                                                                                  123 Elm Street  Miami, FL 33183
Jesse Kendall                                                                 305-555-5555 

Performance-driven educator and former Miami Teaching Fellow with a commitment to student growth,
development, and academic success seeking a position as Program Operations Manager with the Miami Teaching
Fellows, The New Teacher Project. Dynamic leader with expertise spearheading the Middle School Gifted
Mathematics Program. Background in business administration with strengths in sales, marketing, communications,
and technology. Pioneered the seventh grade advanced mathematics handheld/pocket PC course.
 Notable success in communications, special event coordination, and execution.
 Energize group fund-raising, recruit parties to provide key project support, and attend special events.

 Mathematic Instruction                   Program Management                  Activities Director
 Technology Lab Management                Student Tutor and Mentor            Dance Club Sponsor
 Curriculum/Lesson Development            Raising Financial Support           Interpersonal Communications

ABC SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, Miami, FL, 20xx-Present
Adult Education Instructor
Thoroughly prepare students enrolled to take the GED examination. Design engaging lesson plans and instruct
students in the concepts of Algebra I. Evaluate and monitor all students’ progress. Attend staff development
activities during the year to enhance quality of instruction. Supervised volunteer tutors concerning instructional
techniques and course content information.
•   Kept abreast of current and emerging technology trends to ensure up-to-date instruction.
•   Utilized technical expertise; managed technology lab for computer-simulated learning in 16 different

Adult Education Instructor
Tutored/taught all aspects of class, including math and science.
Prepared and submitted lesson plans, attendance record, and student contact logs for all classes.
Administered assessments to students as necessary.
Made appropriate assignments for tutors to work with students.
•   Ensured academic goals were met by carefully and personally counseling each student.

Bachelor of Science in Education, 20xx

North ABC Middle School, Activities Director, 20xx-20xx  Dance Club, Sponsor, 20xx-20xx  End of the
Year Faculty and Staff Luncheon, Committee Member, 20xx  North BCD Middle School, Memory Day
Celebration Organizer, 20xx  North BCD Middle School, Junior Achievement Day, Coordinator, 20xx  Tiger
Community Clean-Up Project, Organizer, 20xx  Great American Teach-A-Thon, Participant, 20xx and 20xx 
United Way Student and Employee Campaign, Ambassador, 20xx and 20xx
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