Tea Exchange Bharath Limited Outline of a Study Proposal by katiebelonga


									 Tea Exchange Bharath Limited – Outline of a Study Proposal for establishment of
         the exchange and meeting the various objectives stated therein


The TEA EXCHNAGE BHARATH LIMITED was incorporated under the Companies
Act 1956 on the 23rd of March 2006. The company has obtained the commencement of
business certificate on the 31st of May 2006 to fulfill the wide objects and to give a boost
to the economy of the Tea Market.

Presently, the Company is having its registered office at # 1, Shreeji Complex, Gray’s
Hill Road, Coonoor, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu and corporate office at 608-609, Vaibhav
Cine Multiplex (INOX), Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Further, the company
proposes to open its marketing offices / Tea Lab in all states across all the states of India
to boost its business.

The Company’s promoters are in Tea trading business since early 1985. They have
started the full phase business operations from Coonoor Tamil Nadu as a commission
agent of Tea and formed a company in the name and style of “The Vinayaka Tea
Company." At # 01, Shreeji Complex, Gray's Hill Road Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. The
business has been running successfully and the business turnover was about Rs 200
crores in the period 2007 – 08. The company has also successfully delivered the various
products of tea to wholesale internal buyers in bulk quantity across all the states in India

The business operations of Tea Exchange Bharath Limited is yet to commence. The
objectives of the company would be the following:
   • Establishment of a common platform for tea sellers and wholesale buyers across
        India using an e-auction solution
   • Build a brand awareness for its own tea unit
   • Set up an educational institute with Tea as the main subject that would be covered
        at the institute
   • Build a global research and development centre in the field of Tea
   • Broadcast a Tea TV channel
   • Open marketing offices and Tea testing laboratpories across all stated of India
   • To establish an organization called “OTTEC” (Organization of Tea Traders of
        Exporting Countries).

Scope and Objectives of the Study:

The scope of work is to work closely with the senior executives of Tea Exchange Bharath
Limited to help them realize their objectives. In the process, the outcome will be in terms
of a report or a suggested business plan. The report shall detail the feasibility of each of
the objectives mentioned above, the issues with each of the objectives as well as
prioritize the objectives in terms of importance as well as implementability. The report
shall also try and provide for timeline for the implementation schedule.


The study team will conduct detailed discussions with various officials of Tea Exchaneg
Bharath Limited as well as other related players in the market for arriving at the required
information to be able to generate answers to the objectives mentioned above. The team
will analyze all secondary sources of data and information and synthesize all the
information thus obtained. Tea Exchange Bharath Limited is also expected to provide the
required data to conduct the study and should arrange for all the necessary meetings with
concerned executives for any clarifications.

Expected output from the study:

The expected output from this exercise is as follows:

       1. A draft report containing the teams’ analysis and recommendations to the
          issues listed above based on the information and conclusions obtained through
          the process of engagement with Tea Exchange Bharath Limited executives at
          various levels as well as analysis of data from secondary sources. Based on
          this draft report, we expect to have detailed discussions with the Tea
          Exchange Bharath Limited executives about the feasibility of the
          recommendations made in the draft report.

       2. Submit our final report incorporating the final set of agreed recommendations
          to Tea Exchange Bharath Limited.

Time Period:

The project is expected to take 90 days to complete, subject to the availability of the
information (in terms of the discussions with Tea Exchange Bharath Limited executives)
from Tea Exchange Bharath Limited. Any delay in obtaining the information could lead
to a longer time period for the project being completed.

The project will start upon receipt of the award letter from Tea Exchange Bharath
Faculty Team:

The faculty team shall consist of Professors Sankarshan Basu, V. Ranganathan and
Trilochan Sastry of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.


   •   The professional fee payable to faculty for the project will be Rs. 18, 00, 000/-.
       Service tax shall be as applicable.
   •   All incidental expenditures in connection with travel and stay related to work on
       this project shall be reimbursed by Tea Exchange Bharath Limited on an actual
       basis. It is expected that the team will have to visit Jaipur a couple of times, the
       company’s offices in Coonoor as well as to the different centres of Tea auction at
   •   Tea Exchange Bharath Limited will also pay an amount equal to Rs. 75,000/-
       towards research assistance.
   •   The payment schedule shall is as follows:
           o 50% along with the award letter from Tea exchange Bharath Limited.
           o The balance 50% shall be payble on submission of the final report to Tea
               Exchange Bharath Limited.
   •   All payments need to be made in favour of “Indian Institute of Management

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