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					   The Fulfillment
Management Association
   Presentation to MTAC –
    “Celebrating 60+ Years”
          April 29, 2009
                About the FMA
  For over 60 years, the FMA has been providing a forum for
  education and networking for circulation and fulfillment
  professionals within the magazine publishing industry.

  The FMA Mission Statement:
 Devoted to excellence through education in
 the fulfillment and circulation industries.

The FMA is an all-volunteer organization that primarily
serves publishers of consumer oriented magazines.
              FMA History
• Founded in 1948, and known as Subscription
  Fulfillment Mangers Association
• To offer our members in the fields of fulfillment,
  subscription marketing (aka consumer marketing)
  and subscriber services (aka customer relations) a
  unique opportunity to come together for the mutual
  exchange of ideas. (social networking)
• Drafted by-laws in September 1957
• Incorporated as the national chapter in the state of
  New York in 1979
   • Changed name from SFMA to FMA
   • Other chapters existed in DC, Mid-West and West
                  What is fulfillment?

FULFILLMENT -- Maintaining complete magazine subscriber
  information files including new subscribers, renewals, address
  changes and cancellation, contact history, mailing preferences,
  demographics and more...
The file is then used to
• produce mailing labels for the magazine issue
• produce invoice efforts
• produce renewal efforts
• generate additional revenue
    • by renting the names
    • by promoting ancillary products, events, etc.
The fulfillment vendor (or internal system) also provides detailed
  reports about subscriber activity and revenue
              How the FMA supports
              the magazine industry
• Constantly contributing to the periodical publishing field by
   • educational initiatives
   • Scholarship programs
• Provides training to the young professionals entering the business
  along with continuing to inform the senior level executives
• Continuous presence throughout the year
   • Luncheon programs
   • Timely seminars
   • Webinars
• Open communication with other organizations and key partners in
  order to provide insight to the industry and formulate strategies
              FMA Membership – Who
                are our members?
• Magazine publishers
• Circulation professionals/Audience development
• Fulfillment managers
• And companies that provide support services to them.
    •Fulfillment companies
    •Subscription agents
    •Audit bureaus (ABC/BPA)
    •Circulation and fulfillment consultants
    •Printing/lettershop companies
    •Marketing companies
    •Freelance copy writers and DM designers
    •Telemarketing firms
    •List rental companies
              FMA Membership – Who
                are our members?

• Paid membership is currently about 200
   • Membership is individual, not by company
• Mailing list of about 2,500
• 24 annual sponsors (plus monthly event sponsors)
• Monthly events attended by 40-80 (members and non-
• Annual FMA Day (September) and Holiday Party
  (December) have attendance over 200.
• National Trade Circulation Foundation
   • Business to business or trade magazines

• Western Fulfillment Management Association

• Magazine Publishers Association

• Direct Marketing Association

• Specialized Information Publishing Association

• Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association

and more…..
             FMA Membership – What
              do our members mail?
• Direct mail offers -- Looking for new magazine
   • Letters
   • Post cards
• Invoices
   • First class
• Renewals
   • Standard mail
• Magazines
   • Periodicals class
Invoices and renewals are almost always are mailed by the
  fulfillment vendor.
           FMA Membership – What
             mail do we receive?
• Direct mail offer responses
   • New orders with payment or without payment
• Renewals (with or without payment)
   • BREs, CREs
• Insert cards from magazines
• Payments
• General letters
      • White mail
            How does the FMA its
            inform members in general?

• Monthly events – typically a lunch program
   • Networking
   • Announcements
   • Speakers/presentations
• Direct Mail
• E-mail
• Website
• LinkedIn notices
               FMA Schedule of Events
• September – FMA Day – All day
  educational and networking event
• November – TBD
• December – Annual FMA Holiday
   • Networking, door prizes, fun!
• January –“Fulfillment Presidents
• February - March – April -- TBD
• May – “State of the Industry”
• Three Webinars this year
   *Marketing 101 * Fulfillment 101
   * Circulation 101 *
          How does the organization
          inform its members about
          MTAC issues changes?

Representatives to MTAC – The FMA sponsors two of its
  members to the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee.

• Jim Schemmel, CDS-Global
• Rich Bobic, Palm Coast Data

They attend meetings and file reports to the FMA board.
            How does the organization inform its
            members about MTAC issues changes?

FMA Web site:

 MTAC updates
            How does the organization inform its
            members about MTAC issues changes?

LinkedIn and
LinkedIn Events:

         What most concerns our members?
• Cost to mail magazines, invoices, renewals and,
  especially, direct mail for new subs

• Keeping up with changing requirements
   • All fulfillment vendors have Postal experts on staff

• Poor economy
   • Ad dollars are shrinking.
   • Magazine subscription numbers are shrinking

• A generation that reads on the Web
                    How are we responding?
• Cost cutting measures
   • Might mean we mail less often
   • Definitely means we mail more carefully
      • Change mail-piece design – paper, color,
        offer, text…
      • Target audience more narrowly
      • Mailing to a clean list helps us cut costs too
        (NCOA, CASS, eliminate duplicates, ACS,
        Move Update)
      • Commingle with others to get better rates
   • Trying to do the same or more with smaller staff
                    How are we responding?
• Doing more business on the Web
   • Sell subscriptions
   • Handle customer care
   • Accept renewals, payments, gift orders and address
• Reaching out via e-mail
   • Promotions
   • E-renewals
   • E-invoicing
   • E-mail notifications
• Offering digital options
   • Digital editions of the magazine (the “green” appeal)
   • E-content (permission based, monetized)
   • E-newsletters (often just to gather e-mail addresses)
What does the future look like?

   • Magazines must re-invent themselves
     and revise the way they do business
      • Create community
      • Sell more to fewer people
      • Run a leaner operation
   • But they won’t stop mailing!

   • Whenever there is something to talk
     about, magazines will be involved in
     the discussion….
     What does the future look like?

• In spite some well-known magazines folding –
  Wooden Horse (
  announced 19 new magazines launches in
  January, 16 in February, 12 in March, and 18 in
  April 2009.
• Samir Hosni ( shows
  new launches in the first quarter of 2009 to be
  higher than either 2008 or 2007
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