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					                       TICKET / ITINERARY / INVOICE / PTA

Duplicate ITIN/Invoice/Credit Memo                 HELP DUPTEMP
Duplicate Template
Specific Invoice Number                            DUP*123567
Specific DH Item Number                            DUP*DH587
Linear Entry                                       DUPR/P-YE7BD4/IN-100200/DF-
Override Printer                                   DUPR/OP-742803/IN-100200/P-

Steps to Generate a Ticket                         HELP TICKET
Display PNR by Name                                *-NAME
 By Record Locator                                 *RECLOC
Basic entry                                        EZ

Issue Documents                                    HELP EZ
Issue all documents in A.I.R. Table including
Electronic Ticket                                  EZ
Override A.I.R. Table for…
        Paper ticket only/A.I.R. documents         EZT*
        e-ticket only/A.I.R. documents             EZE*
        Itinerary/invoice                          EZL
        Itinerary/invoice and interface            EZLI
        Itinerary only                             EZN
        Credit Memo                                EZC
Electronic Ticket, Itinerary/Invoice, and Pocket
Itinerary                                          EZELP

Electronic Ticketing (ET)                          HELP ETKT
Display Suppressed ETA PNR item                    *ETA
Display Electronic Ticket Record                   ETR

                      TICKET / ITINERARY / INVOICE / PTA

EZ Drivestream Options                             HELP EZAOPT
Agent/branch                                       EZ≠ABOB/MAIN
Approval code                                      EZ≠$*Z1234
Blank with header and service descriptions         EZ≠HVD
Override closing statement                         EZ≠@C5 BON VOYAGE
Override interface routing/send to teletype        EZ≠OI-T4SD1
Commission                                         EZ≠K8
Frequent Traveler Number                           EZ≠FT
Ticket for PI in ticket record                     EZ≠PI*
Ticket for PI 2                                    EZ≠PI2
Name select                                        EZ≠N1.1
No comparison to SFQ                               EZ≠NC
Record Locator/Direct Access                       EZ≠DR
Redisplay PNR                                      EZ≠*R
Segment select, redisplay                          EZ≠S2/4≠*R
Suppress credit card number                        EZ≠X$
Print class of service                             EZ≠*CL
Print carrier code                                 EZ≠*CC
Print elapsed time and mileage                     EZ≠*TM
Print elapsed time and kilometers                  EZ≠*TK
Print a break-down of the Intra-Canadian Tax
breakdown                                          EZ≠TAX
Suppress printing of Itinerary/Invoice Document    EZ≠SP

Log Ticket Table                                   HELP LOGTKT
Display template                                   4GT

Log Stock Control Number                           HELP LOGSCN
Display template                                   4GS

Assign Invoice Number                              HELP INVNBR
Display template                                   4GI

Document Instructions (DI)                         HELP 4-DI
Primary single option                              4-DI≠X$
Document/option override                           4-DIT*≠X$≠RL≠V≠*R
Change DI3                                         4-DI@3≠HV≠X$
Display DI index                                   *DI
Primary in modify mode                             *DI*
DI5 in modify mode                                 *DI5
Override interface routing/PNR document
instruction                                        4-DI#OI-T4SD3

                        TICKET / ITINERARY / INVOICE / PTA

Blank Form Options                                  HELP BLANK
Blank form                                          ≠BV
       With service descriptions                    ≠BVD
       Print headers                                ≠HV
       With service descriptions                    ≠HVD

Pocket Itinerary                                    HELP EZP
Pocket and ticket                                   EZPT
Full itinerary/invoice, interface message, pocket   EZPLI
Ticket, full itinerary/invoice interface message    EZPTLI
Print pocket remarks                                EZ≠PK

Pocket Remarks                                      HELP POCKETRMK
Basic entry                                         5PK-FREEFORM
Name associated                                     5N1.2*PK-FREEFORM
Segment associated                                  5S2*PK-FREEFORM
Combination                                         5S3N1.2*PK-FREEFORM

Automated Prepaid                                   HELP PREPAID
(Stored Fare Quote must be present in PNR)
Initiate auto PTA template                          7/PT
Segment select option                               7/PTS3/4
Display prepaid data                                *PTA

Change PTA                                          HELP @PTA
Contact information                                 7@C/LAX 213 555-3218
Primary fare construction                           71@F/LAXAADDLAALAXY*CK-
                                                    AGT/ABC TRAVEL*0565422 COMM
                                                    RATE 10
Change downline ticketing                           8@TLDCA/AA3P/7JUN
PTA number                                          7@PTA01540107326411/DL/USD97
Purchaser information                               7@P/LAX/WORLD TRAVEL 10
                                                    STATE ST CLEVELAND OH 44112
Modify routing change system on demand
routing                                             7@ZIOD/SFO/AS
Special remarks                                     7@S/MUST TRAVEL BY 17JUL

Prepaid Routing Agreements                          INFO KJ*
Agreements with airline code                        KAI/AA
Routings airline code originating city              KJ*AA/ORD


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