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Name:               A.R. Hecht (Arnold Ruben)
Birth date:         9 June 1954
Nationality:        Dutch citizen
Actuation:          Senior Software Engineer
Work area:          International
Education:          HTS Technical Computer Technology
Languages           Dutch, Ingles, Spanish, Portuguese, German
Experience since:   1979
2004                   PHP, JAVA, OpenLDAP. PERL, OpenMosix Clusters
2003                   Oracle 8i, Sendmail, Apache, Samba, DNS, IIS, E-Commerce, MySQL, PostgreSQL
2002                   ERP JDEdwards Xe Development Tools part 1 & 2, and Report writer
2001                   LINUX (Redhat, SuSE, Mandrake), Java script, BASH
1999                   NT 4.0, TCP/IP
1997                   NOVELL 4.1, HTML, Internet Site
1996                   Radio & TV Technician
1995                   Satellite Systems, CCTV systems (Pelco)
1994                   P.O.S. System, Bookkeeper (Accounting)
1992                   NOVELL 3.12, C++
1990                   PROGRESS 4GL
1986                   Advanced Unix (kernel BSD), COBOL
1985                   C, PPL, LAN’s, Ethernet, HDLC, SDLC
1981-1983              AMBI modules I1, I2, T1, T2, B1, S1
1982                   Pascal, Assembler’s x86, 68000, CP/M, MPM II
1980                   Fortran, PL/M 86, DOS
1979                   Operating system 0S/360

2003 – Today           Various companies                                Freelance Software Engineer
2002 – 2003            KeenTech B.V./ NCIM-group                        Senior Software Engineer
2000 – 2001            ABC Team                                         Freelance Software Engineer
1998 – 2000            UNIWARE                                          Software Engineer
1994 – 1998            Pro Tronics                                      Projectmanager
1985 – 1994            Ten Holland B.V.                                 Hardware and Software Engineer
1979 – 1985            Keycomp Systems                                  Software Engineer

Management skills
Project manager

Operating systems
Unix (SCO, SUN) Linux, Novell, Windows NT, DOS , PMS, OS/2.

COBOL, PROGRESS, PL/M, C++, C, Java script, Fortran, BASIC, SQL, Assembler’s Z80, x86, 68000

Software packages
JD Edwards, Oracle8i, TOA, MS-office, MS Project, LOTUS 123, Peachtree, Star office, Dbase III, Progress,
Quasar, SQL Ledger.

Software Engineering
Yourden, SDM

Systems architecture / infrastructure
Novell, UNIX (Solaris, SCO Open Server 5), CP/M, MPM II, LINUX, Windows NT /2000

Other knowledge /and experience
PAS5500, INTEL In Circuit Emulator, HP Logic Analysers, HP PROTOCOL ANALYSERS, x386, Z80,
MC68000, GWGEM, QAC, YACT, DDD, SAP, SECSIM-PRO, VT320, IOLAN, Flow, Altos, MPM/2.
                         WORK ACTIVITIES
2003-2005                   Freelance on Project Basis
                            Senior Software Engineer

May 2003- Today             Various companies

                            My activities:

                               Installation of Windows and LINUX networks
                               Installation of DNS Server with DDNS, Mail Server (Sendmail,
                                Postfix), Fetchmail, POP3, Spamassassin, Databases, Web servers,
                                E-commerce sites (PHP), JBOSS
                               PHP web applications with MySQL, LDAP, Samba servers, Network
                                Monitoring Services, Routers, NFS and NIS servers
                               Print Services (CUPS), Web server with (SSL) and Hosting Servers
                               Internet sharing via NAT, Firewalls, IPtables, DHCP, OpenSSH.

2002 – 2003                 KeenTech B.V./ NCIM-group
                            Senior Software Engineer

Januari 2002- May 2003      VOPAK
                            Software Engineer

                            VOPAK PEPI project,

                            The PEPI project involved the roll-out of the JD Edwards ERP package
                            For the order, purchases and financials administration, the PTBA package
                            for the administration of the handling of the de tankers, on site of the 75
                            terminals of VOPAK worldwide.
                            The JDEdwards ERP and the PTBA were interconnected via a Interface.

                            My activities:
                            Within the JD Edwards ERP package:
                             Issue testing (new functionalities testing and Bug fixes);
                             Execution of scenario testing to verify the integral working of the
                            Within the PTBA package:
                             The reservation and mounting of the infrastructure for the transport
                                of petrol. Chemical cleaning of oil pipes, coupling of pumps and
                                pipes together.
                             The loading and unloading of tankers and the over pumping of oil,
                                gas and other chemicals from one tank to another tank.
                             Tank measurements, and sample collecting quality control and
                                determining of the liquid density.
2000 – 2001                     ABC Team
                                Freelance Software Engineer
March .2000 – December 2001     ASML
                                Layout Sustaining, Maintaining Embedded software

                                The maintenance, adaptation and expansion of the PAS5500 STEPPER
                                and SCANNER package. This embedded software takes care of the
                                controlling of the STEP and SCANNERS machines used for the
                                illumination of wafers, which are being used in the Manufacturing of
                                This package is divided in more than 72 components (areas) such as BD
                                (Job definition), BC (batch control), IL (Illumination) SECS (factory
                                automation), BD (Batch Definition)
                                Factory automation offers the possibility to control more than one steps
                                and scanners at distance from a HOST via the SECS protocol.

                                My activities within these above mentioned components were,
                                 Taking care of the problem reports and change requests coming from
                                   the field (factories worldwide).
                                 The reconstruction of the errors and giving advice to resolve the
                                 The writing of a EPS (Elementary Performance Specification), EDS
                                   (Elementary Data Specification) and TPS (Test Performance
                                   Specification) and afterwards at the conclusion the TAR’s (Test
                                 The execution of code reviews;
                                 Coaching of other team members;
                                 Updating of software release bulletin.

Branch:   Semi-conductor        System information: SUN-SPARC, IBM PC, PAS5500, UNIX-SUN
                                                    SOLARIS, NT4.0, C, FASTTOOL, GWGEM,
                                                    QAC, YACT, DDD, GVIM, SAP, SUNQ,
                                                    SECSIM-PRO, MS-OFFICE

1998 – 2000                     UNIWARE
                                Software Engineer

November 1998 – February 2000   Software package for the marketing of flowers and plants
                                The maintenance, adaptation and expansion of a financial and logistic
                                package for the auction of flowers and plants.

                                My activities,
                                 The generating and printing of barcodes with barcode printers;
                                 Exporting and importing of data to and from hand held barcode
                                 Removing Millennium bugs from the packages
                                 Making conversions from old packages to a new standard form, to
                                   reduce maintenance cost.
                                 Tracking down and fixing of bugs
                                 Modelling of PD (Customs) forms in the language of the country
                                 Collecting of CBS (Statistics data), during the processing of a sale.
                                 Composing of the Invoice lay-out via menu options
                                 The generating and sending of quotations lists conform the client
                                 E-mailing of multi attachments (Invoices and Reports) generated via
                                   batch processing overnight.
                                 Wrote a program to configure IOLAN’s hubs remotely.
Branch:   Auction of flowers and   System informatie:   IBM PC, IOLAN, VT320,
          plants                                        UNIX-SCO OpenServer 5, INFORMIX, C, C++
1994 – 1998                    Pro Tronics
                               Project manager

September 1994 – August 1998   Designing of projects and monitoring of the execution.
                               I was the project manager within this consulting company, managing the
                               projects and a department of 46 people.

                               My activities,
                               The design of LAN ‘s, Intranet, WAN's, making use of T1 services,
                               multiplexes, routers and bridges. Installation of hardware and sofware for
                               web hosting. Installation of SQL server 6.5 and Microsoft Exchange
                               server. The administration of client networks.
                               Giving advice and writing of reports for the implementation of
                               information systems.

                               The design of advanced CCTV (Closed circuit TV) systems.
                               Applying of technology such as coaxitron systems, microwave links,
                               video multiplexing and fiber optic video transport.
                               Design and installation of Satellite reception systems and the distribution
                               of video feeds in small area communities (SAM TV), PABX systems.
                               Access control and alarm systems.
                               Sending out quotations and making bids.

Branch:   Telecommunication    System information: MS-DOS, NOVELL, WINDOWS 95, WINDOWS
                                                   NT, Datacom. en networks, C, Database, SDM,
                                                   WP, PEACHTREE, LOTUS, COREL

1985 – 1994                    Ten Holland B.V
                               Hardware en Software Engineer

November 1985 - August 1994    Design and implementation of a public WAN and Fiber optic LAN’s

                               My activities,

                               Participating in the design and implementation of a public X25 data
                               network, The designing of LAN’s (thick Ethernet) for factories, and the
                               programming of Hitachi proces controllers.

                               Participating in the transfer of technology from Japan (Hitachi mini
                               computers, process controllers and robots) to local companies.

                               Made modifications to the drivers of the 8 inch harddisks controllers and
                               some communication packages.

                               Design of Dumb terminals, connecting them via a PAD (with protocols
                               X3, X25, X29) to communicate with a remote IBM mainframe via CICS.

                               Participating in the design and implementation of a desktop service
                               system and the expansion of a multi-user and multi-language Belgium
                               financial package.

Branch:   Telecommunication,   System information: Flow, UNIX, C, IBMPC, NEC, HITACHI V90/5,
          Automation.                              PAD, MS-DOS, NOVELL, PMS, OS/2,
                                                   PROGRESS, SQL, PL/M, Yourden, DBASE
1979 – 1985                Keycomp Systems
                           Software Engineer

March 1979 – August 1985   Software house

                           Worked within this project INTERFOOD as a designer and programmer.

                           This project was composed of the following sub systems:
                                Financial administration
                                Purchasing and sales administration
                                Manufacturing administration
                                Contact - relation administration
                                Pay roll
                                Stock control.

                           Within this project I participated in the functional design of the system
                           and the writing of the programs of the various components. After the
                           rollout I work at the helpdesk giving support to the customers in the use
                           of this package.
                           Afterward this package was adapted for a soap factory and a furniture

Branch:   Food industry    System information: ALTOS, MPM/2, COBOL

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