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                          MEETING MINUTES
                             MAY 2, 2005

       A meeting of the Historical Society of Watertown's Building Restoration Committee for
the Edmund Fowle House was held in the Edmund Fowle House at 26-28 Marshall Street,
Watertown, MA 02472 at 6:45 PM on Monday, May 2, 2005.

Joyce Kelly – Chair/Recording Secretary
Robert Childs – Local Project Coordinator
James Bean, Paul Brennan, Gurdon Buck, Julia Donahue, Richard Najarian, Karl Huntington

G. Jack Zollo

       Meeting commenced at 6:47 PM.

        Bob Childs reported that he met with our Mass. Historical Commission Representative
Paul Holtz this day at 4:30 at the Fowle House. The Historical Society of Watertown has
received proposals from 7 Architects in response to our Request For Proposal (RFP) released in
March. Mr. Holtz came by to pick up copies of these proposals for MHC review. In addition to
picking up his copies, he also gave Bob 3 copies of the contract to be signed by the Society, as
well as the Preservation Restriction Agreement we are to execute on the Edmund Fowle House
and its property.
        All but 2 of the changes/suggestions we made to the contract attachments at the last
meeting on April 11, 2005 were made. We think it was an oversight that these things were not
changed. Bob will bring these items to Mr. Holtz’s attention before we sign the contract.

       Answers to our questions of last month are as follows:
             1. References to “matching funds” have been deleted from the documents.
             2. Our proper designation in the Preservation Restriction document is “Grantor;
                 in all other documents it is “Grantee”.
             3. It is the Historical Society’s responsibility to execute the Preservation
                 Restriction on the deed to the Edmund Fowle House. The MHC has provided
                 us the proper paperwork.
             4. The $500,000 we received can be referred to as either a grant or an
                 appropriation. The words in this case are interchangeable.

        All 3 copies of the contract are to be signed by the President, Karl H. Neugebauer, on
behalf of the Historical Society of Watertown. We are to send all 3 copies to the MHC and they
will send a copy back signed on behalf of the MHC. Paul Holtz suggested that we have a lawyer

look over the contract. Members of the BRC will scrutinize the contract before deciding to hire a
lawyer to look it over. Several members of the BRC expressed that they are not uncomfortable
signing this agreement with the Mass. Historical Commission, a State organization who has
entered into countless agreements of this kind with many organizations of our nature.

        The Preservation Restriction must be executed as part of our agreement. A plot plan must
be filed as part of this agreement. Bob Childs discovered that there is no plot plan on file at the
Registry of Deeds. Jim Bean went to the Watertown Town Assessor’s office and got a copy of
the street plan, showing the location of the Edmund Fowle House and its property. MHC Rep.
Paul Holtz told Bob Childs that the street plan would suffice.
        Bob and Karl plan on going to the Registry of Deeds in Cambridge in the next week or so
to execute the Preservation Restriction on the Edmund Fowle House and its property.

       The contract must be signed and the Preservation Restriction must be executed before
any funds will be released to the Historical Society of Watertown. The release of payment is
based on the following schedule:
               Currently until June 30, 2005          -      $30,000
               July 1, 2005 thru June 30, 2006        -      $250,000
               July 1, 2006 thru June 30, 1007        -      $220,000
       Payments will be made to us by way of us submitting payment vouchers with invoices to
the Mass. Historical Commission.

        The meeting then turned to discussion of architects. Seven proposals were received in
response to our RFP. The firms submitting proposals were:
                Luna Design Group
                McGinley, Kalsow & Associates LLP
                Solomon-Bauer Architects, Inc.
                Leslie Saul & Associates, Inc.
                Cole & Goyette Architects & Planners, Inc.
                Gary Wolf Architects, Inc.
                FHCMS Architects
        We decided to interview representatives from 3 of these firms – McGinley, Kalsow &
Associates, Solomon-Bauer Architects, and Gary Wolf Architects. Leslie Saul & Associates
were also considered and will be interviewed at a later date, if we decide we want to interview
another firm.
        Bob will contact these 3 architectural firms and attempt to set up interview dates for the
week of May 9 thru May 13 at 7:00 PM in the Fowle House. All BRC members were encouraged
to attend these extremely important interviews.

         Bob suggested that we develop a list of questions to ask the architects at the interview. A
list of 12 questions was drawn up, which Bob typed into his laptop computer during the meeting.
Bob will submit this list to Paul Holtz at the MHC for approval, and also ask Mr. Holtz if he has
any questions he thinks we should add to the list. Members of the BRC were asked to submit to
Bob any other questions that occurred to them during the upcoming week.

     All in attendance agreed that the most important aspect of our project is to get the
Edmund Fowle House stabilized. The outside of the house must be addressed first.

       The meeting adjourned at approx. 9:25 PM

Next Meeting: Will be called by the Chair.

       Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Joyce Kelly.


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