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					                                 SAMPLE CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT

Thank you for your interest in participating in Project Bread’s Holiday Card program. By agreeing to sell
Project Bread’s holiday cards, you are showing your commitment to helping hungry children and families
throughout the state.

This agreement is made by and between Project Bread and Retail Outlet.

Project Bread wishes to sell its holiday cards by consigning the cards to Retail Outlet for sale. Retail Outlet
wishes to attempt to sell the holiday cards through its own sales efforts.

    1. Our Commitment to You
          a. Delivery of Goods. Project Bread will arrange for the delivery of holiday cards to Retail
             Outlet by October 1, 2010 with all shipping and handling charges to be paid by Project Bread.
             Retail Outlet will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of goods prior to their
          b. Replenishing your inventory. If you would like to receive more holiday cards, you may call
             Ryan Schrier at 617-239-2506 at any time throughout the holiday season, and he will send
             you more cards.
          c. Display Materials. Project Bread will provide you with requested signage.

    2. In exchange, we ask that you:
           a. Display. Retail Outlet agrees to display the cards in an attempt to promote Project Bread’s
               mission to alleviate, prevent, and ultimately end hunger in Massachusetts.
           b. Pricing. Retail Outlet will sell Project Bread Holiday Cards for $15/pack.
           c. Consignment Period. The consignment period begins upon the delivery of Holiday Cards to
               Retail Outlet and will terminate on January 7, 2011, unless sooner terminated by Retail
           d. Return of the Goods. All goods remaining unsold by Retail Outlet will be returned to
               Project Bread by January 14, 2011.
           e. Payment to Company. Retail Outlet will be entitled to retain $2.50 per pack of holiday
               cards sold. By January 14, 2011, Retail Outlet will send Project Bread a check in the amount
               of $12.50 per pack of cards sold, less shipping costs.
                          Holiday Card Order to be shipped to Retail Outlet:

 Design     Card Name                                                      Packs of 10
  A.        Peace
   B.       Quiet Harbor
   C.       Boston Lights
  D.        Happy Snowman
   E.       Artful Tree
   F.       Tidings of Joy
  G.        Moonlit Tree
  H.        Family Gathering
   I.       Boston’s Frog Pond
   J.       Snowman Bearing Gift
  K.        Winter Evening
   L.       Holiday Scene
  M.        Peace, Hope, Joy
               Total packs of cards to be sent to the company:

Amendments to above Consignment Agreement (Subject to Project Bread Approval):

The Company’s Shipping Address:                   The Seller’s Shipping Address:
Attn: Contact                                     Attn: Ryan Schrier
Retail Store                                      Project Bread – The Walk for Hunger
Address                                           145 Border Street
City, State Zip                                   East Boston, MA 02128

Retail Outlet:
Name (Printed): ______________________________________________________
Signed: _____________________________________________________________ Date: _____________

Project Bread – The Walk for Hunger:
Name (Printed):
Signed: _____________________________________________________________ Date: _____________

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