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									                                            Volume 1 No.1 HEA

No. Name of Grant                              Funding Source
  1 Foster's Community Grants                  Foster's Group

  2 Allen Foundation Grants                    Allen Foundation, Inc.

  3 Champ Children's Health and Wellness       Build-A-Bear
                                               Workshop Bear Hugs
   Grant Program                               Foundation

  4 Quality of Life Grants Program             Christopher Reeve

  5 Needle Exchange Program                    Comer Foundation

  6 Caremark Community Grants                  CVS/Pharmacy

  7 Federated Department Stores Foundation Macy's Foundation

  8 Gerber Foundation Grants                   Gerber Foundation
9 Jeff Gordon Foundation Grants          Jeff Gordon

10 M·A·C AIDS Fund Grants                MAC

11 Nathan Cummings Foundation Grants     Nathan Cummings

12 W.H.O. Foundation Grants              W.H.O. Foundation

13 The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations   The Arthur Vining
                                         Davis Foundations

14 Chatlos Foundation Grants             Chatlos Foundation

15 The Commonwealth Fund Grants          The Commonwealth

16 Capacity Building Grants              William J. and
                                         Dorothy K. O’Neill

17 Public Health Conference Support      CDC

  Program (CDC-PA-HM08-801) (CFDA:
18 Nutrition and Alcohol-Related Health       NIH

  Outcomes (PA-07-403) (CFDA: 23.273,

19 Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention           CDC

   Coordinator (CDC-RFA-PS08-801) (CFDA:
20 Health Promotion Among Racial and          NIH

   Ethnic Minority Males (PA-07-421) (CFDA:
   93.361, 93.393, 93.837)

21 truth® or Consequences Youth Tobacco       Amercian Legacy
  Prevention Grants Program

  Grant announcements are provided as leads to interested organizations,
  Please report nonworking links to:
e 1 No.1 HEALTH GRANTS ALERT for Baltimore Community Ba

     Focus                                                                       Available Funding
     Projects promoting wellness, culture, or environment                        Not stated

      "… projects that primarily benefit programs for human nutrition in         Not stated
     the areas of health, education, training, and research."
     1. childhood disease research foundations                                   Grant amounts typically range
     2. organizations that promote child safety                                  from $1,000 to $5,000
     3. charities that serve children with special needs

     "… support nonprofit organizations that address the needs of                Maximum award: $25,000
     persons living with paralysis (particularly spinal cord injury) and their
     families and caregivers. Funding is awarded in thirteen categories:
     accessibility, advocacy, arts, assistive technology, children,
     counseling, education, employment, health promotion, independent
     living, practical service, sports and recreation, and therapeutic
     " to not-for-profit organizations focused on needle               Average single-year grants
     exchange and other harm-reduction strategies within the drug-using          range from $5,000 to $30,000
     community, and seeks to facilitate the process between
     organizations and communities committed to creating and
     maintaining health."
     "… programs targeting children under age 18 with disabilities that          Not stated
     address any of the following: health and rehabilitation services;
     public schools promoting a greater level of inclusion in student
     activities and extracurricular programs; creating opportunities or
     facilities which give greater access to physical movement and play;
     and health-care services for uninsured people [all ages]."

     "… education, arts/culture, women's issues, HIV/AIDS, and                   Not stated
     programs to assist youth and minorities."

     "Priority is given to projects that improve infants' and young              Not stated, but they indicate
     children's nutrition, care, and development from the year before birth      that projects should have
     to three years of age. Programs should support a specific nutrition         national or regional impact and
     intervention and have defined outcome parameters. The foundation            that the funding request
     gives priority to projects of national or regional impact. Projects         should reflect that scope… but
     should be sufficiently focused to make a felt difference in the field of    don't ask for too much!
"programs that support the physical and emotional health of children,   Up to $15,000 per award
medical research for childhood diseases, and patient-assistance
programs for children. "
"Link Between Poverty and AIDS : ... basic needs such as food           Grant amounts typically range
and housing to those living with HIV/AIDS;Models of Care:               from $5,000 to $25,000
Developing hospitals and increasing the number of doctors and
nurses in countries that need it the most.Treatment Adherence:
Developing peer-based programs to help people adhere to their
treatment regimes.Prevention: Programs with a specific focus on
high risk populations such as youth, people over 50, and African
Focus is on equal access to health care                                 Not stated

"...grass-roots charities serving the overlooked needs of women and Not stated, but past grants
children."                                                          have ranged between $10,000
                                                                    and $30,000 per award

"… efforts to encourage caring attitudes in the delivery of patient     Grant awards range from
care. Projects should have potential for widespread practical           $100,000 to $200,000
application and should be of interest to other groups. New ideas are
encouraged, especially if they facilitate communication between
patients (and their families) and doctors, nurses, and other
caregivers; ameliorate patient anxieties; strengthen trust and
cooperation; and foster caring attitudes."
"Medical concerns" and "Social concerns" are among the                  Grant awards range from
foundation's areas of interest                                          $2,500 to $25,000
"To promote a high-performing health-care system that achieves          Not stated
better access, improved quality, and greater efficiency, particularly
for society's most vulnerable members, including low-income people,
uninsured people, minority Americans, young children, and elderly
adults. The fund carries out this mandate by supporting independent
research on health-care issues and making grants to improve health-
care practice and policy."
"… develop or improve the effectiveness, impact and strength of the     Not stated, but in 2006, they
organization’s Board of Trustees and/or its Board leadership; the       made 36 health-related grants
organization’s strategic plan; the organization’s staff; the            totalling approximately $1
organization’s programs"                                                million, ranging from $1,000 to
                                                                        $100,000 per award

"… dissemination and implementation of new cost-effective           $2.6 million total for 100
intervention strategies through conference support funding. The     awards
purpose of conference support funding is to provide partial support
for specific non-Federal conferences in the areas of health
promotion and disease prevention, education programs, and applied
research. "
          "… broad range of research on the role of nutrition in the              Not stated
          development, prevention, and treatment of a variety of alcohol-
          related health outcomes including alcohol dependence and
          psychiatric co-morbidities, chronic and acute diseases, and organ
          function and damage. Study designs may include biomedical
          research, epidemiologic approaches, and intervention studies."

          "… to improve the delivery of viral hepatitis prevention services in    $5.2 million total for 56 awards
          health-care settings and public health programs that serve adults at
          risk for viral hepatitis."

          "1) enhance our understanding of the numerous factors (e.g.,            Total not stated; award ceiling:
          sociodemographic, community, societal, personal) influencing the        $200,000
          health promoting behaviors of racial and ethnic minority males and
          their subpopulations across the life cycle, and 2) solicit applications
          focusing on the development and testing of culturally and
          linguistically appropriate health-promoting interventions designed to
          reduce health disparities among racially and ethnically diverse males
          and their subpopulations age 21 and older.Focus

          "… by developing local tobacco-use-prevention projects that are         $70,000-$125,000 per year for
          relevant to open-to-smoking, 12-to-17-year-old youth in the             2 years
          community, and engage and promote young people as agents of
          social change. Specifically, grantees will design and implement a
          youth-driven tobacco-use-prevention project focused on creating
          change in the community."

sted organizations, under the premise that they will explore further to determine their own eligibility a
ore Community Based Organizations                                              July 30, 2007

     Deadlines                                  Additional Information/ Comment
     Application: September 19, 2007            On-line application required

     Application: December 31, 2007

     Deadlines not specified, but there are
     two funding cycles annually; a Letter
     of Inquiry is the first step in the
     application process
     Application: September 4, 2007

     Applications: March 1, July 1, and
     November 1 annually

     Not stated                                 On-line application required

     No deadlines stated; trustees meet 4 "...organization[s] must be invited to apply online by a contributions
     times per year to consider           contact of the company. We are unable to accept unsolicited
     applications                         applications. Organizations should contact the division that operates
                                          a store in their geographic area." On-line application required.

     Grant awards are approved in May
     and November. Initial letters of inquiry
     are accepted at any time but should
     be submitted no later than five
     months prior to these award dates.
     For the May round, submit letters
     prior to December 1; for the
     November round, submit letters prior
     to June 1.
Application: August 15, 2007

Application: September 15, 2007

Board considers applications twice a   Process: letter of inquiry required, then the foundation may request a
year. Deadlines: August 15 and         full application.
January 15.
Application: September 11, 2007

Ongoing                                "Preference will be given to institutions and organizations with the
                                       visibility and organizational capacity to develop programs likely to be
                                       replicated nationally. "



Application: September 17, 2007

Letter of Intent Deadlines: Cycle A:
November 9, 2007 Cycle B: February
1, 2008 Application Deadlines: Cycle
A: December 10, 2007 Cycle B:
March 3, 2008
          k                                      This FOA will utilize the NIH Research Project Grant (R01) award
                                                 mechanism and runs in parallel with an FOA of identical scientific
                                                 scope, PA -07-404 and PA-07-405 that solicits applications under the
                                                 R03 and R21 mechanisms, respectively.

          Application: August 31, 2007

          Multiple receipt dates per NIH         "This FOA will use the Exploratory/Developmental (R21) grant
          schedule: 10/1, 2/1, 6/1               mechanism and runs in parallel with a FOA ofidentical scientific
                                                 scope, PA-07-422 that solicits applications under the R01
                                                 mechanism. "

          Letter of Intent: September 7, 2007;
          Application: November 20, 2007

termine their own eligibility and likelihood of receiving funding.

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lt.sps?itype=13119             a

Click here for PA-07-403     Click here Click here
                             for PA-07- for PA-07-
                             404        405

Hepatitis Prevention For PA-07-
guide/pa-files/PA-07-         422, click
421.html                      here

                         Volume 1 No.2 HEALTH GRANT

No. Name of Grant                         Funding
  1 Tommy Hilfinger Foundation Grants     Tommy Hilfinger
                                          Foundation, Inc.
  2 MetLife Foundation Grants             MetLife

  3 Public Welfare Foundation Grants      Public Welfare

  4 RGK Foundation Grants                 RGK Foundation

  5 Wachovia Foundation Grants            Wachovia

  6 Walgreens Grants                      Walgreens

  7 Advancing Measurement of Equity       Robert Wood
   and Patient-Centered Care to Improve   Foundation
   Health Care Quality
Grant announcements are provided as leads to interested organizations, under th
eligibility and likelihood of receiving funding.
Please report nonworking links to:
2 HEALTH GRANTS ALERT for Baltimore Community Based Org

     Focus                                                                  Available Funding

     "… the foundation is committed to investing in health-related          Grant awards range
     organizations and cultural programs that impact a diverse              from $10,000 to
     population of youth.                                                   $25,000
     Health is one of the "broad areas of concern" that MetLife             Not stated
     Foundation funds. No more specific information is available.

     "… Advocacy for policies to reform community and state-based           Approximately $5.5
     health care systems to serve everyone better; Elimination of           million total awarded in
     hunger, especially among vulnerable populations such as children       health areas during
     and disabled people; Promotion of self-determination, self-help and    2007
     recovery of mental health care consumers; Education to prevent
     HIV/AIDS where the rate of infection is growing rapidly and to
     enlighten public policy on HIV/AIDS; Comprehensive education
     aimed at high-risk youth and adults responsible for youth, focusing
     on preventing unplanned pregnancies, halting the spread of
     HIV/AIDS and addressing other reproductive health issues. Also,
     education to advance public policy on reproductive healthl The right
     of all women to make informed, consensual, safe and affordable
     choices on all aspects of reproductive health."

     Health is one of the "broad areas " that RGK Foundation funds,   While the foundation
     including "programs that promote the health and well-being of    does award some
     children, [and]programs that promote access to health services." grants of more than
                                                                      $25,000, they anticipate
                                                                      that most grants
                                                                      awarded will be under
     Health is a secondary emphasis: "enable and sustain independence Not stated
     for individuals and families; ensure access to health education
     programs; ensure access to quality health care"

     Walgreens awards grants in the following program areas: (1) non- Not stated
     hospital-based health agencies (2) Walgreens One-on-One tutorial
     programs in inner city neighborhoods where Walgreens operates.

     "… improve our understanding of how to measure equity and              $3 million total for
     patient-centered care and the role of both in promoting quality …      projects lasting up to
     Three topics have been identified to address specific knowledge        two years
     gaps needed to advance our regional quality strategy:
     Topic 1—Performance Measurement
     Topic 2—Patients' Experience with Care and Survey Instruments
     Topic 3—Shared Decision-making and Diverse Populations"
sted organizations, under the premise that they will explore further to determine their own
Community Based Organizations                                August 21, 2007

      Deadlines                    Additional Information/     Link
      Application: October 1,                        
      2007                                                     /companyinfo/foundation/aboutthefounda
      No deadlines                                   
      No deadlines                                   

      No deadlines                                   

      No deadlines                                   ,,

      No deadlines                                   

      Brief proposals: September                     
      25, 2007                                                 cfp.jsp?ID=19921
to determine their own

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