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									WordPerfect 11® Introduction
Course length: 1 day

COURSE DESCRIPTION: WordPerfect Office 11:                   Lesson 3: Using Fonts and Working with Codes
Introduction is a hands-on instruction book that will            •  Selecting Text Using a QuickMenu
introduce you to the basic elements of word processing.          •  Changing the Appearance of Text
                                                                 •  Using Codes
                                                             Lesson 4: Modifying Text
•   Identify WordPerfect 11 terminology and create,              •  Finding and Replacing Text
    save, and close a document.                                  •  Undoing Changes
•   Open and edit a document by using the mouse,                 •  Moving and Copying Text
    keyboard, and menu choices.
•   Enhance the appearance of a document with fonts          Lesson 5: Formatting Paragraphs
    and formatting, and work with the Reveal Codes               •  Creating and Removing Indents
    window.                                                      •  Lining Up Paragraphs
•   Modify text in a document by replacing text, reversing       •  Setting Line Spacing
    the last change made to a document, and copying or           •  RealTime Preview
    moving text to a new location.
•   Enhance paragraphs by creating and removing              Lesson 6: Using Tabs and Tables
    paragraph indents, changing the justification of the         •  Setting Tabs
    text, and setting the line spacing for the document.         •  Creating Tables
•   Set tabs by using the Ruler and create, modify, and          •  Modifying Tables
    format a table.                                              •  Formatting Tables
•   Insert and delete manual page breaks and create
                                                             Lesson 7: Controlling Page Appearance
    headers and footers in a document.
                                                                 •  Setting Margins
•   Check a document for potential errors by using the
                                                                 •  Controlling Page Breaks
    Spell Checker, identify alternate words by using the
                                                                 •  Creating Headers and Footers
    Thesaurus, and correct common typing errors by
    using QuickCorrect.                                      Lesson 8: Proofing a Document
                                                                 •  Checking Spelling
Lesson 1: WordPerfect Basics                                     •  The Oxford Dictionary
    •  The WordPerfect Environment                               •  Using the Thesaurus
    •  Entering Text                                             •  Creating QuickCorrect Entries
    •  Saving a File                                             •  Using QuickWords
    •  Using QuickCorrect in a Document

Lesson 2: Editing and Navigating in a Document
    •  Opening and Editing Microsoft Word Files
    •  Scrolling in a Document
    •  Adjusting the Magnification of a Document
WordPerfect 11® Intermediate
Course length: 1 day

COURSE DESCRIPTION: WordPerfect® 11:                      Lesson 1: Working With Tables
Intermediate is a hands-on instruction book that will         •  Enhancing a Table
introduce you to the basics of the WordPerfect word           •  QuickFill
processing application.                                       •  Charting

OVERVIEW                                                  Lesson 2: Working With Styles
                                                              •  Applying Styles
•   Modify, format, and work with numeric data within a       •  Creating Styles by Using QuickStyle
    table.                                                    •  Managing Styles
•   Change the appearance of text by using styles.
•   Create, use, and edit templates.                      Lesson 3: Using Templates
•   Merge a document with data to create multiple             •  Creating a Document by Using a Template
    variations of the document.                               •  Creating and Editing Templates
•   Merge a document, envelopes, and mailing labels by        •  Using the PerfectExpert
    using the Outlook 2002 Address Book.
•   Change the order of records by using the Sort         Lesson 4: Merging Data From Aa Table
    feature.                                                  •  Using the Merge Feature
•   Create and run a macro.                                   •  Creating the Form File
•   Format text into newspaper columns and add a              •  Merging Data and Form Files
    graphic to a document.
                                                          Lesson 5: Merging Data From an Address Book
                                                              •  Merging by Using an Address Book
                                                              •  Creating Envelopes and Mailing Labels
                                                              •  Merging from the Keyboard

                                                          Lesson 6: Sorting Paragraphs And Tables
                                                              •  Sorting Lines and Paragraphs
                                                              •  Sorting and Extracting Records in Tables

                                                          Lesson 7: Working With Macros
                                                              •  Creating a Macro
                                                              •  Playing a Macro
                                                              •  Editing a Macro

                                                          Lesson 8: Creating Newspaper Columns
                                                              •  Formatting Text into Newspaper Columns
                                                              •  Using Graphics
WordPerfect 11® Advanced
Course length: 1 day

COURSE DESCRIPTION: WordPerfect® 11: Advanced is            Lesson 3: Sharing Documents
a hands-on instruction book that will introduce you to          •  Password Protection
some of the advanced features of WordPerfect 11.                •  Using SpeedLinks
                                                                •  Using Comments
OVERVIEW                                                        •  Routing Documents

•   Apply WordPerfect settings, create and edit toolbars,   Lesson 4: Working with Graphics
    and change the environment to simulate Microsoft            •  Using TextArt
    Word.                                                       •  Adding a Watermark
•   Create, modify, and use the Outlook Contacts folder.        •  Layering Drawings
•   Password protect a document, create and work with           •  Creating Organization Charts
    SpeedLinks and comments, and compare
    documents.                                              Lesson 5: Working with Large Documents
•   Work with TextArt, watermarks, layered drawings,            •  Working with a Master Document
    and organization charts.                                    •  Creating Cross-references
•   Work with a master document and create cross-               •  Creating a Table of Contents
    references, a table of contents, an index, variables,       •  Creating an Index
    and footnotes and endnotes.                                 •  Adding Paragraph and Line Numbering
•   Work with WordPerfect legal tools, including pleading       •  Using Variables
    documents, Table of Authorities, and publishing             •  Working with Footnotes and Endnotes
    documents to EDGAR.
•   Share files by performing round-trip editing of a       Lesson 6: Using Legal Tools
    Microsoft Word document, create a Web document,             •  Exploring the Legal Toolbar
    and publish a PDF file.                                     •  Creating a Pleading Document
                                                                •  Using Reveal Codes
                                                                •  Creating a Table of Authorities
Lesson 1: Customizing the WordPerfect Environment
                                                                •  Publishing Documents to EDGAR
    •  Apply WordPerfect Settings
    •  Working with Toolbars
                                                            Lesson 7: Sharing Files
    •  Changing the Environment to Look Like
                                                               •   Sharing Files
       Microsoft Word
                                                               •   Creating Web Documents
                                                               •   Publishing a Portable Document Format
Lesson 2: Working with the Outlook 2002 Address
                                                                   (.PDF) File
    •  Working with Contacts
    •  Organizing Contacts
    •  Finding Contacts

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