CICS-CTG-zOS by ecubesystems


									Delivers high-performing, security-rich and scalable SOA access
to CICS applications

    IBM CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS,
    Version 7.0


     	 Connects WebSphere SOA                         	 Maximizes performance,                         	 Extends networking capabilities
        Foundation server products                        availability and scalability on                   including support for IPv6
        across multiple platforms to CICS                 flagship z/OS platforms that                      connections, and integration
        Transaction Server on z/OS                        can deliver many thousands of                     with the z/OS WLM
                                                          transactions per second
     	 Provides J2EE standards-based                                                                    	 Advances security capabilities
        connectivity that can use the                  	 Integrates with RRS on the z/OS                   to include TLS, Version 1.0
        JCA, Version 1.5 specification                    platform to provide two-phase-                    support, improved offload of
        to manage connections,                            commit transactional integrity                    encryption to the System z
        transactions and security                         with distributed WebSphere SOA                    hardware cryptographic
                                                          Foundation server products                        services, and stronger RACF
     	 Enables rapid deployment of                                                                         password support
        existing CICS applications into                	 Introduces real-time monitoring
        an SOA — while keeping your                       of CICS Transaction Gateway
        business logic intact                             systems, providing the ability to
                                                          analyze system-utilization
                                                          metrics and perform online
                                                          problem determination


                                                           WebSphere SOA                    CICS
                          WebSphere SOA                                                 Transaction                CICS
                       Foundation servers on                 Foundation
                                                                                          Gateway           application on z/OS
                        distributed platforms              servers on z/OS
                                                                                          for z/OS

                                                    TCP/IP communucation with
                                                       SSL or TLS security

     CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS, Version 7.0 provides standards-based connectivity from WebSphere SOA Foundation server products on z/OS and
     distributed platforms to CICS Transaction Server for z/OS.
Service oriented architecture (SOA)         Java™ and Web services solutions            communication with front-end
is a business-centric IT architectural      hosted on IBM WebSphere® SOA                application servers and back-end
approach that supports integrating          Foundation server products, such as         CICS systems. Deployment code is
your business as linked, repeatable         IBM WebSphere Application Server,           optimized, enabling support for large
business tasks, or services. Because        IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service            numbers of concurrent requests and
much of the world’s data is processed       Bus (WebSphere ESB) and IBM                 subsecond response times to users.
on mainframes using the qualities of        WebSphere Process Server. Reusing
service of proven transaction servers       these applications in mixed CICS and        Remote communication is Internet
such as IBM CICS® Transaction Server        WebSphere workloads delivers real           Protocol (IP)-based, and CICS
for z/OS, delivering access to these        business value by supporting reuse,         Transaction Gateway provides
CICS applications using standards-          which gives your organization flexibility   comprehensive IP-based security
based interfaces is a vital and core        and helps reduce cost.                      features, including support for Java
step in the journey to SOA.                                                             Secure Socket Extension (JSSE)
                                            High-performing, security-rich and          Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and now
IBM CICS Transaction Gateway has            scalable connectivity                       Transport Layer Security(TLS)
been proven over many years to              Running CICS Transaction Gateway            encryption between the WebSphere
provide high-performing, security-          on the IBM z/OS® operating system           SOA Foundation server and CICS
rich and scalable access to CICS            provides the highest quality of service     Transaction Gateway. An external
Transaction Server, requiring minimal       of all the environments in which CICS       configuration option that allows you to
changes to CICS systems and usually         Transaction Gateway is supported. In        specify the SSL cipher suite enables
no changes to existing CICS applications.   the z/OS environment, CICS                  you to define the level of security at the
With IBM CICS Transaction Gateway           Transaction Gateway can support             application level, and provides the
for z/OS, Version 7.0, you can use your     thousands of transactions per second        capability to take advantage of new
CICS communications area                    by using multiple gateway regions,          levels of encryption as they emerge.
(COMMAREA)-based applications in            and by reusing memory-based                 You can even map SSL certificate
comprehensive and sophisticated             External CICS Interface (EXCI) pipes.       identities to IBM RACF® user IDs,
                                            CICS Transaction Gateway uses a             providing integration with existing
                                            multithreaded daemon to handle              CICS security mechanisms.

J2EE platform, standards-based              Rapidly and easily add SOA capabilities    Maximum transactional integrity
composite applications                      to existing CICS applications              One advantage of deploying CICS
CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS           CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS          Transaction Gateway on the z/OS
supports the standard Java 2 Platform,      is designed to enable rapid and easy       platform is the provision of XA two-
Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Connector         deployment, using the System               phase-commit transactional integration
Architecture (JCA), Version 1.5             Modification Program Extended              between physically distributed
specification as its strategic interface.   (SMP/E) standard tool for installation     WebSphere SOA Foundation servers
As a component of the J2EE                  and maintenance. A user-friendly           and CICS Transaction Server
specification, alongside other standard     configuration infrastructure expedites     applications running on the z/OS
services, the JCA provides a standard       the initial setup of CICS Transaction      platform. This capability enables CICS
programming interface to all enterprise     Gateway, and enables multiple              Transaction Gateway to fully participate
information systems (EISs). Using JCA       Gateway daemons on the z/OS                in a global transaction, where units of
offers two significant development          platform to be configured and run          work can be coordinated across
advantages. First, it enables J2EE          independently to maximize scalability      different resource managers (such
developers to program to a standard         and availability. A set of extended z/OS   as IBM DB2®, IBM IMS™ and SAP
interface that is widely supported in       system commands provides a simple          software). Two-phase commit helps
education materials and software tools      and security-rich way to manage, control   ensure that the entire transaction can
from IBM and non-IBM vendors.               and monitor your CICS Transaction          commit successfully, or if some error
Second, JCA provides delegated              Gateway for z/OS environment.              condition occurs, be entirely returned
management of connection pooling,                                                      to the state before the transaction.
transactional scope and security            An External Call Interface (ECI) JCA       With global two-phase commit, you
control, so that J2EE developers don’t      resource adapter enables                   can physically distribute a composite
have to develop these capabilities          COMMAREA-based CICS applications           transaction across heterogeneous
within the application. Together, these     to interoperate effectively with           servers and operating environments —
benefits mean that better applications      WebSphere applications. Using              helping to maximize flexibility without
can be developed faster and more easily.    Java servlet or Enterprise JavaBeans       compromising data integrity.
                                            (EJB) components, CICS Transaction
A number of tools that are complementary    Gateway allows high-performing
to the IBM software-development             access to existing CICS
platform support CICS Transaction           COMMAREA-based transactions,
Gateway and JCA. Together these             while requiring minimal changes to
products can deliver a complete end-        CICS and usually no changes to existing
to-end IBM solution that can help           CICS applications.
minimize cost, risk and time to market
of new applications.

Two-phase-commit transactions work         Significant enhancements in CICS                     Systems-monitoring capability
by requiring a PREPARE command to          Transaction Gateway for z/OS,                        CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS,
be confirmed by each resource              Version 7.0                                          Version 7.0 can perform real-time
manager, before a COMMIT command           CICS Transaction Gateway, Version 7.0                monitoring of gateway systems. This
makes all transaction changes              delivers significant enhancements                    important capability delivers a
permanent. This capability is provided     over previous releases, in three key                 window into CICS Transaction
through the provision of an XA-capable     value areas:                                         Gateway, enabling its activity to be
JCA resource adapter and the use of                                                             monitored proactively. This capability
the z/OS Resource Recovery Services        •	   Systems-monitoring	capability                   enables CICS Transaction Gateway
(RRS) subsystem. After a resource          •	   Extended-networking	support                     to detect and resolve abnormal
manager makes a positive response to       •	   Advanced	security	enablement                    occurrences before they cause a
a prepare request, the resource            	                                                    problem to production operations.
manager enters a contract to commit                                                             Systems administrators and capacity
the work as part of the global                                                                  planners can analyze system-utilization
transaction. This decision is persisted                                                         metrics, and perform online problem
in RRS, so that even if the connection                                                          determination of these CICS
is lost or CICS Transaction Gateway is                                                          Transaction Gateway system functions.
restarted, the controlling transaction
manager can recover and commit
                                                                      Gateway status:                     CICS status:
the work, helping to provide the highest                          transactions processed              connections and pipes
levels of integrity for the entire
global transaction.                                                                                     Java Native
                                                                                     Gateway daemon
                                                Java                                                   Interface (JNI)
CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS,
Version 7.0 also supports local-mode
global transactions. This capability
provides optimized two-phase-commit
support when the WebSphere SOA
                                                         Protocol handler:                              Worker
Foundation server and CICS                               TCP/IP port usage                              threads
Transaction Server for z/OS are located                     Connection manager
on the same z/OS logical partition                               threads

(LPAR). This configuration also provides
                                           With this release, CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS now enables you to monitor gateway
the highest qualities of service because   systems proactively.
communication between the CICS and
WebSphere server is provided through
shared memory rather than over a
network connection.

CICS Transaction Gateway provides        external C language application           Extended networking support
statistics about a number of important   programming interface (API). Using        With this release, CICS Transaction
metrics, including EXCI pipe usage,      this API enables custom-built solutions   Gateway includes the ability to process
configurable system limits, internal     or monitoring applications to use         Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6)
thread usage and processed               system-monitoring statistics and take     connections from remote Java clients,
transaction requests. You can also       advantage of the API’s value within       providing for the better routing,
access critical information about        integrated monitoring applications.       enhanced security and global
connection management and                                                          scalability delivered in this latest
transaction throughput, and obtain       Also, monitoring automation is            version of the IP standard. TCP/IP, SSL
information about the proximity of the   enhanced through the new ability to       and TLS connections into the Gateway
workload to the levels set in the        direct critical CICS Transaction          daemon from remote Java clients can
configurable limits. If necessary, you   Gateway messages to the z/OS              use IPv6 connections along with IPv4
can take action to reduce the need for   console. This capability provides         connections. Using IPv6 delivers
planned outages or prevent the           better and easier automated operations    improved interoperability with CICS
occurrence of unplanned downtime.        when using IBM Tivoli® System             applications deployed on the IBM
                                         Automation for z/OS by increasing the     System z™ platform, and enables the
These statistics are made available      availability of the CICS Transaction      enhanced routing and autoconfiguration
through two methods. First, you can      Gateway so that the systems can take      capabilities of IPv6 networks to be used
access monitoring statistics through     predefined courses of action when         within the enterprise.
the extended z/OS system command-        certain conditions occur, without
based administration interface. You      operator intervention.
can also choose to use the new

Also, integration with the z/OS            Advanced security enablement               algorithms, and also provides the
Workload Manager (WLM) now                 Support for the TLS, Version 1.0           option for enhanced protection of
enables intelligent distribution of        protocol now enables more-stringent        encryption key values through highly
workload across a sysplex, providing       encryption capabilities and better         secure, cryptographic-coprocessor
increased systems availability. This       interoperation with a variety of secure    functional support.
capability enables CICS Transaction        clients. Along with the existing support
Gateway for z/OS, Version 7.0 to           for SSL, Version 3.0, support is added     Support for stronger RACF passwords
provide dynamic feedback on CICS           for the TLS, Version 1.0 protocol for      is also included through the ability to
region availability to the TCP/IP load-    security-rich connections into the         verify a mixed-case password when
balancing mechanisms on the z/OS           Gateway daemon.                            enabled in RACF. When this function
platform through the facilities of the                                                is activated, the Gateway daemon is
z/OS WLM component. These server-          The ability to offload other encryption    able to authenticate case-sensitive
specific WLM recommendations can           to the cryptographic services of the       passwords with RACF, and flow the
be used by Sysplex Distributor, TCP/IP     System z hardware enables increased        authenticated user ID onto connected
port sharing or the z/OS Load              throughput of SSL and TLS requests.        CICS Transaction Server for z/OS regions.
Balancing Advisor to determine which       This capability is provided through
individual Gateway daemon will have        support for the IBMJSSE2 security          For more information
priority when any new TCP/IP, SSL or       provider in the software development       CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS
TLS connections are established. This      kit (SDK) for z/OS. Using IBMJSSE2         is a high-performing, security-rich and
capability can increase the availability   can lead to reduced processor usage        scalable method of SOA access to
of applications and help reduce the        and increased system throughput            CICS Transaction Server. It delivers
likelihood of any one CICS region          through the hardware cryptographic         J2EE standards-based access to CICS
being overloaded.                          support for the Data Encryption            applications, while requiring minimal
                                           Standard (DES), Triple DES (TDES),         changes to CICS and usually no
                                           Rivest, Shamir and Adelman (RSA)           changes to existing CICS applications.
                                           and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA)            To learn more about IBM CICS
                                                                                      Transaction Gateway for z/OS, contact
                                                                                      your IBM representative or IBM
                                                                                      Business Partner, or visit:


IBM CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS, Version 7.0 at a glance

Hardware requirements

CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS, Version 7.0 runs on any System z machine that supports the required operating system.

Software requirements

• IBM z/OS, Version 1.6 or later
• IBM 31-bit Runtime Environment for z/OS, Java 2 Technology Edition, Version 5

Other supported software:

• IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS, Version 2.2 , 2.3 or 3.1
• IBM WebSphere Application Server for z/OS, Version 6.1
• IBM WebSphere Application Server for z/OS, Version 5.1 or 6.0 (when used in remote mode only)*
• IBM WebSphere Application Server for Multiplatforms Version 5.1, 6.0 or 6.1 (when used in remote mode only)*
• BEA Weblogic Application Server, Version 8.1 SP5** (when used in remote mode only)
WebSphere ESB and WebSphere Process Server are built on WebSphere Application Server. You can use CICS Transaction Gateway with WebSphere SOA
Foundation servers that are built on a supported version of WebSphere Application Server. The JCA adapter programming interactions will vary between
WebSphere SOA Foundation server models.
* WebSphere Application Server, Version 5.1 is supported if deployed with the downloadable JCA, Version 1.0 resource adapter. Some functionality, such as
two-phase commit, is not available in this configuration.
** Supported in remote mode on the Microsoft ® Windows® and Sun Solaris platforms only. The downloadable JCA, Version 1.0 resource adapter is required.
Some functionality, such as two-phase commit, and Java 2 security is not available in this configuration.

For detailed and up-to-date software and hardware requirements, visit

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