Brief Outlines of the Four Gospels by jakebiles


									                                           Brief Outlines of the Four Gospels

          Matthew                             Mark                             Luke                            John
Gospel of the Davidic King        Gospel of the Powerful Son       Gospel of the Savior of the     Gospel of the Divine Christ
                                     of God                           World
I. Infancy (1-2)                                                                                   I. Prologue (1:1-18)
II. Prep for Ministry (3-4 1/2)   I. Galilean Ministry (1-6 1/2)   I. Prologue (1)                 II. Public Ministry (the book
III. Galilee                      II. Work outside Galilee (6      II. Infancy (1-2)                    of signs; 1:19-12--
  A.Narrative: Galilee (Rest of        1/2-8)                      III. Prep for Ministry (3-4     In this section there is
     4)                           III. Journey to Jerusalem (9-         1/2)                            increasing controversy
  B. Sermon on Mount (5-7)             10)                         IV. Galilean Ministry (4 1/2-        over the person of
  C. Narrative: Various           IV. Final Ministry and                9)                              Christ--who he is--that
     miracles (8-9)                    Passion (11-16)             V. From Galilee to                   leads to the Passion)
  D. Commission of the 12                                               Jerusalem (10-19 1/2)      A. Water to Wine (2)
     (10)                                                          VI. Jerusalem (19 1/2-20)       B. Healing of Nobleman's
  E. Narrative: Controversies                                      VII. Passion and                     Son (4)
     begin (11-12)                                                      Resurrection (22-24)       C. Healing at Pool of
  F. Parables of the kingdom                                                                            Bethesda: Jesus claims
     (13)                                                                                               equality with the Father
  G. Narrative: (14-161/2)                                                                              (5)
IV. To Jerusalem (161/2-20)                                                                        D. Feeding Five Thousand: I
  A. Narrative                                                                                          am the Bread of Life (6)
  B. Church Discourse (18)                                                                         E. Walking on Water (6)
  C. Narrative: (19-20)                                                                            F. At the Feast of Booths: I
XII. Jerusalem: Passion Week                                                                            am the Light of the
     (21-28)                                                                                            World; Before Abraham
  A. Triumphal entry and                                                                                was, I AM (7-8)
     Jerusalem controversies                                                                       G. Healing Man Born Blind
     (21-23)                                                                                            (9)
  B. Olivet Discourse (24-25)                                                                      H. I am the Good Shepherd
  C. Passion and resurrection.                                                                          (10)
     (27-28)                                                                                       I. Raising of Lazarus: I am
                                                                                                        the Resurrection and the
                                                                                                        Life (11)
                                                                                                   J. Triumphal Enttry and
                                                                                                        Crisis of Unbeleif (12)
                                                                                                   III. Passion (13-20)
                                                                                                   A. Last Supper and Farewell
                                                                                                        Discourse (13-17)
                                                                                                   B. Trial/Crucifixion/
                                                                                                   Resurrection (18-20)
                                                                                                   IV. Epilogue (21)

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