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									 Surprising. Simple. Smart.
       An improved,
      innovative and
     radically better
        choice for
 consumers and realtors.

“The new revolution
   in real estate”
         , Inc
             Corporate Headquarters
                  The Woodlands, Texas
 “The real estate landscape has changed. Brick and mortar
 operations, franchise's and large infrastructure cost are a
 barrier to agent production and compensation.”
                      , Inc is a full
                                service company that believes the
                                agent is the customer. Building and
                                integrating cutting edge, web based
                                business tools to empower the
                                individual agent. Helping agents be
                                mobile, versatile and virtual.

“We are providing our agents with an industry leading
compensation model that includes a residual income
                        Jim Canion – Founder, Connect, Inc
                             • Nearly 80% of consumers
                               shopping for real estate start
                               their search on the internet.

                             • The internet has become the
                               most powerful tool in real estate,
                               both as a research device and as
                               a marketing medium.

• The industry is beginning to reshape the way real estate is

• Those that incorporate a strong on-line capability, a strong
  consumer-driven focus and that offer a wide selection of
  services at a lower cost stand the best chance to corner a
  significant portion of the market.
                                            -Stefan Swanepoel
Connect, Inc is the innovator that will lead this charge!
Brick and Mortar Firms
Are financially
trapped with their
They can’t compete in a technology-driven world.
                  The Perfect Storm
               Agents Deserve More and Are
               Demanding More
            Higher commission splits
            Modern, simple to use technologies
Storm #1    Modern advertising and marketing
            Competitive presentation tools, materials and strategies

               Brokers - Income Dwindles, Fixed
               and Variable Costs Strangle and
            Salaries, insurance, taxes and dues
Storm #2    Rent for space rarely used
            Utility costs, telecommunications and internet expenses
            Computer hardware, software, maintenance and tech
            Advertising, marketing, and promotion

               Current national sales slump - perfect
               conditions to build your connect team

     , Inc is the answer
The Heart and Soul of Connect
   Pro-agents, virtual office, imaginative,
 technologically advanced, simple and smart.
 Technology Based with Agent
Amplify your opportunities, deepen loyalty,
strengthen relationships, win more listings
and accelerate your compensation.

Your personal
virtual office
“When you want it”
“What you want”
“Where you want it”
      Accelerated Performance
       Presentation Packages
Format = customizable, digital slide
  show with audio
MP3, PDF, emailable video
Pre-listing packet
Listing presentation
Pre-buyers appointment packet
Buyers guide
Master market analysis
The Power of, Inc.

             Partner with…

At, Inc, we understand the
value of the internet and are committed to
being the leader in digital marketing.
        What does the partnership of, Inc. and®
          mean to your business?® is the first choice of most home buyers and sellers.
  About 5.7 million consumers per month means more traffic to your
  brand than any other real estate site.

Source: media Metrix - number of unique visitors on® each month of 2007
                        More Consumers Search
                                             Total Unique Users Per Month

Source: Media Metrix average for 2006 for select real estate aggregation sites
                 Consumers Spend More Time
       Percent of time spent searching on
       comparable real estate aggregation sites*



*Net Ratings – based on reporting of the time online users spent during Sept 2006 on® and other comparable real estate listing aggregation sites and excluding sites of
 franchisors/brokerages ., Inc partners with
Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions
 •Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions
 (FNRES) is a premier data and service
 provider in the Internet-based Multiple Listing
 Systems (MLS) industry.

 •Almost three-quarters of all real estate professionals
 in North America and 360 MLS organizations
 nationwide use their advanced technology solutions
 via their local MLS providers.
                  360 MLS organizations are on some type of Fidelity
                  MLS system -- over 40% of the market
                  Fidelity touches an average of 300,000 agents and
                  nearly 20,000 brokers via Fidelity MLS services
                  Almost 40% of the top 100 brokerages in the US use
                  their back office and financial management systems
                  Nearly 200,000 Agents use their Web sites, CRM,
                  transaction management and other productivity tools
       The Value of,
        Inc. and the
     Transaction Point
 A web based platform that allows
  access to transaction status and
  documents 24/7

 Demonstrates value to your

 Provides a secure document
  repository with documents easily
  posted via fax, email or direct upload

 Archive transaction(s) onto CDs for
  clients or company records
     Integration with Outlook
Send calendar events
     to Outlook        Import and export
                         Outlook vCards
 Coming Soon…
 Connect

 Connect

 E-newsletters

 Community
  Forum – Share
  stories, tips,
  shortcuts, bright
  ideas and

 C-Chat Online
 Video Email
Experienced agents earn
 Never rollback
 No admin fees
 No desk fees
 No franchise fees
 Yes, you never rollback
              5% - 5% - 5%
 Amazing Residual Income Potential
You receive an amount equal to 5% of the commission
earned by your sponsored team member’s commission,
3 levels deep.

                                  This exciting
                                  triple tiered
                                  residual income
                                  opportunity will
                                  drive explosive
 Invite and Sponsor 1 Respected Colleague - Tier 1
 Agents directly recruiting or “sponsoring” one to four
  Licensed Real Estate Agents (Level 1) will receive an
amount equal to 5% of the sponsored or recruited Agents
                 Commissionable Income
  Assist and Support Your Team To Invite and Sponsor 5
           Of Their Respected Colleagues-Tier 2
Agents who have recruited or “sponsoring” Level 1 licensed Real
 Estate Agents are able to recruit or “sponsor” their own Level 1
    agents (Level 2 for their original sponsor). To be eligible to
   receive 5% of the Level 2 sponsored Agents Commissionable
Assist and Support Your Team To Invite and Sponsor 5
         Of Their Respected Colleagues-Tier 3
Agents who have recruited or “sponsoring” Level 2 licensed Real
Estate Agents are able to recruit or “sponsor” their own Level 1
  agents (Level 3 for their original sponsor). To be eligible to
 receive 5% of the Level 3 sponsored Agents Commissionable
Internet based
Virtual office
Drawing outside the lines
         Balanced perspective
             Open imagination
                   Open mind
Keep track
of your
wealth with
your simple
to use,
virtual office
     How hard working
      agents are paid?
       Does your money flow
       in the correct direction?

  Corporate      Broker   Real Estate
 Real Estate     Owners     Agents

Real Estate
 Franchise                   Agents
Surprising. Simple. Smart.

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