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					                    2008 Merit Badge Saturday
                    Presented by Troop 998

                            Read Each Page Carefully

  The purpose of the Merit Badge Saturday is not to have a Merit Badge Factory, but to
   motivate Scouts to achieve rank advancement by introducing them to the process of
   earning merit badges in pursuit of Eagle rank. Our secondary goal is to improve the
 quality of the Scouting program and to give boys the opportunity to earn badges and be
    exposed to some extra ordinary things. As with anything, the effort you put in is
                              reflected by what you obtain.

Date: December 6, 2008

Arrive: 7:45am - prepared with signed blue cards, merit badge books, merit badge
worksheets, chair with name on it and proof of completed requirements.

Time: Welcome talk is at 8:00 am (come early to be prepared). Some classes last a few
hours, while others run all day. Afternoon classes start between 12:30 and 12:45
depending on how fast the hot dog line moves at lunchtime.

Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 435 Anderson Ave.
Winters, CA 95694. Please carpool by troop, since there is limited parking.

Cost: $17 (per Scout) includes hot dog lunch. Volunteer adults are free –Lunch is $3 Our
Merit badge counselors eat free. NO REFUNDS. Pay to- LDS Church-Troop 998

Dress: Wear your uniform. Bring appropriate clothing for working on certain Merit

Required Volunteers: One adult volunteer is required from each troop for every
4 Scouts attending. An additional volunteer is required for each 4 scouts thereafter.
Volunteers do NOT have to pay the registration fee.

ADVANCE REGISTRATION ONLY: follow the instructions on the registration page.
  The last day to register is November 22, 2008 or when classes are full, whichever
                                    happens first.


              Merit Badge Saturday - Sponsored by: Troop 998

                                  “BE PREPARED”
   1. This is not intended as a Merit Badge Factory - All merit badges require
      preparation before classes on the December 6, 2008
   2. To complete the merit badge
          You must read the merit badge pamphlet and bring to class (you can
              purchase books at –go to literature then Merit badge
          Complete the prerequisites.

   3. IMPORTANT: Emergency Prep and Indian Lore were updated August 2008
      Most requirements and books have been updated. DO NOT use the old books or
      requirements. For current Make sure you
      books are the new ones.
   4. Prerequisites: written proof that you have done it, such as a report card, signed
      letter from your parents, brochure, photos etc.
   5. “BE PREPARED”: Merit badge book for each badge, Blue card, Notebook,
      Pencils/Pens, any materials required to complete badge, clip board, your own
      chair, and Merit badge worksheets can be printed from or make sure they are the
      updated version.

                The following merit badges classes are being offered this year.
 First come first serve. ALL Classes have size limits. Note class times – if it doesn’t specify
                           time -the class is offered AM and PM.


Citizenship in the Community: AM ONLY. READ BOOK and bring to class.
Prerequisites requirements #3, 5, 7 and 8. Must work with a non-profit organization for 8
hours volunteering (non Scout program - bring proof that you did this. Must attend a city
council meeting (bring your notes of the meeting) and also bring information on the City
budget to the class. Bring your public presentation to present. Bring Worksheets.
Updated 2005

Citizenship in the Nation: READ BOOK and bring to class. Visit sites. Write a letter
about an issue to Congressperson and bring letter to the class. Prerequisites #2, 8 - bring
written proof for both. Bring Worksheets. Updated 2005

Requirement #1: "Be Prepared" to stand in front of the Scouts and discuss this

Requirement #2: Be prepared to tell the counselor which two places you visited and what
you learned at each place. Suggested that you have a report prepared

Requirement #3: Prepare a written report using the same writing rules as in Requirement
#2 above. They will be collected by the counselor at the start of class. Be prepared to
explain it to the other Scouts.

Requirement #4: Before you come to class you should read the Declaration of
Independence, the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights as you will
need to Be Prepared to discuss these documents as well as the Amendments to the

Requirement #5: Be prepared to stand in front of the Scouts and discuss this requirement.

Requirement #6: Prepare a report just like in Requirement #2 above. They will be
collected by the counselor at the start of class. Be prepared to explain it to the Scouts.

Requirement #7: Be prepared to discuss this requirement in class. Be prepared to be
called on.

Requirement #8: Counselors at the start of class will collect your letters. Be prepared to
read your letter to the Scouts. Remember that if you write to a senator it must be a United
States Senator, not a California State Senator!! Follow the same writing rules as in
Requirement #2 above. A letter may be either a copy of an actual letter you sent either via
the US Postal service, or by fax to your Representative's or Senators' office in
Washington, D.C., or an emailed letter sent to the email address of your Representative or
Senator via their webpage. Whatever form taken, the counselors expect the letter, fax or
email's content to appear as if you were writing a formal letter and sending it by mail.
This means you need to properly date and address the letter with the addressee's formal
title and full mailing address at their Washington, D.C. office. Check the Merit Badge
book for the correct method of addressing your letter to these government officials.

Citizenship in the World: READ BOOK and bring to class. Prerequisites 4b and 7.
Bring written paragraph for 4b and proof for #9. Read the book and know the material.
Write a paragraph about a country and bring it with you. Bring Worksheets. Updated

Communications: AM CLASS. READ BOOK and bring to class. Scouts need to come
prepared to do #2, sell themselves OR a product, #3, give a prepared 5-minute speech,
and #6-teach a skill (with teaching aids). Printout worksheets for requirements #1
(Communications skills), #8 (emcee Court of Honor) and #9 (communications careers)
and complete prior to class. Submit completed worksheets at class. Requirements #4
(interviews), #5 (town meeting) and #7 (creating flyers/letters) will be done at class.
Worksheets required can be requested from counselor Linda Paumer at .

Emergency Prep: READ BOOK and bring to class. ALL DAY merit badge taking both
morning and afternoon. Prerequisites 1, 2b, 2c, 6, 8, and 9. Bring Worksheets.
Updated August 2008

1. Earn the First Aid Merit Badge.
Scouts need to bring their part of the blue card they have retained for their records, or the
card the embroidered First Aid merit badge card was affixed to when the scout received
the actual cloth First Aid merit badge patch as evidence of completing this requirement.

2.b Make a chart that demonstrates...
This chart is probably the most critical pre-req since if you don't bring it you won't have
anything to start discussion with. A scout will be hard pressed to complete this merit
badge at Midway if he has not completed this requirement and brought his work to the

2.c Meet with and teach your family... (bring letter from parent)
Scouts will be on their honor to have conducted the meeting. The counselor is working on
a small group exercise to simulate the meeting in class as validation.

6.a The scout should be prepared to discuss this
  b The scout should research and identify the government or community agencies
applicable for this requirement.
  c The scout should research and find out prior to the class who is their community's
resource to meet this requirement prior to the class.

8.a Prepare a written plan for troop mobilization... Bring a copy to the Merit Badge
Saturday to complete MB.

8.b Take part in at least one mobilization... The before section can be handled in class. If
already taken part, be prepared to discuss "after-action".

8.c Prepare personal emergency service pack and family emergency kit...
Since these are important to the external purpose of the MB and the scouting motto "Be
Prepared"; These need to be brought to class for review by counselor and assistants, and
for discussion in class.

9. Do one of the following:
a-- Home hazard inspection. This needs to be brought to Merit Badge Saturday.
b -- Review or develop an escape plan for a home fire. This should be brought to Merit
Badge Saturday.
c -- Develop an accident prevention plan... This should be brought to Merit Badge

Environmental Science: READ BOOK and bring to class.. ALL DAY merit badge
taking both morning and afternoon. Prerequisites #4 Bring Worksheets. Updated 2006

Family Life: READ BOOK and bring to class. Pre-requisite #3 Prepare a list of your
regular home duties or chores (at least five) and do them for 90 days. Keep a record of
how often you do each of them. Pre-requisite #4 - decide on and carry out a project that
you would do around the home that would benefit your family. Submit a report to your
merit badge counselor. Pre-requisite #5 Plan and carry out a project that involves the
participation of your family. After completing the project, discuss with your merit badge
counselor. Bring Worksheets. Updated 2005.

First Aid: READ BOOK and bring to class. Bring Worksheets. The First Aid merit
badge is an Eagle required badge. At the Merit Badge Saturday we provide you with an
intense, full day course that enables you to meet the requirements, if you are properly
prepared. ALL DAY merit badge taking both morning and afternoon.

Before the Merit Badge Saturday we expect you to do the following:

   1) This is an all day course. You must be present for the entire day. If you take the
      First Aid merit badge you will not be able to take any other merit badge.
   2) You must know all the Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class requirements
      from your Scout Handbook. These are: to explain and demonstrate any of the
      Tenderfoot Requirement 12, Second Class Requirement 6 and First Class
      (Requirement 8). You will be tested on these requirements. Bring your signed
      Scout Handbook as proof.
   3) You should read and have studied a current version of the First Aid Merit Badge
      book. Pay particular attention to the requirements. Bring to class.
   4) Bring a household first aid kit to the Merit Badge Saturday. This must be a kit
      you made yourself (you can buy materials at the store, but please do NOT just go
      out and buy a complete kit). The First Aid merit badge book has some good ideas
      on what should be in the kit. Alternatively, you may make a “patrol” first aid kit
      to carry on back packing and camping trips. This should be larger and more
      complete than the personal first aid kit that you always carry with you. In either
      case, be prepared to discuss the reason and use of every item in your kit.

Personal Management: READ BOOK and bring to class. Get the worksheet from Complete 1,2,8,9 and 10 prior to class. Requirement# 1, the boys research
an item the family may purchase that is considered a major expense (such as a TV or
auto). They need to evaluate quality and price, and perform comparison-shopping.
Prerequisite#2 Prepare a budget and Compare expected income with expected expenses
TRACK FOR 13 WEEKS, #8- is a time management exercise where they outline a
"to do" list of tasks or activities for a week (including homework, chores, church,
etc.), then keep a calendar for a week to determine what actually got done #9 they plan a
project such as a camping trip, a home improvement project, plans for their patrol, etc.
The plan does not have to be carried out, but it should include goals, a timeline, a budget
if necessary, and steps for completion. #10 Choose a career you might want to enter after
high school or college graduation and Research the limitations of your anticipated career.
You will need to bring your completed work (budget, schedule and information about
your career choice to discuss in class). Bring Worksheets Updated 2004


American Cultures: AM ONLY READ BOOK and bring to class. You may contact the
counselor Harry Littell at Prerequisite is Requirement #1. It is strongly
recommended that this requirement be completed in advance. Bring Proof of Completion
in form of letter from parents, brochure, program, or photos. Be prepared to share what
you have seen and learned. Counselor recommends selecting one group, for example, as
Native American. This way they can visit the American Indian Museum across from
Sutter's Fort in Sacramento, or something like it, to satisfy one part of Requirement 1.
Bring Worksheets Updated 2006

American Heritage: PM ONLY. READ BOOK and bring to class. Bring Worksheets.
The Counselor asks you focus on the Revolutionary War period to complete the Merit
badge Prerequisites Requirement #1, Requirement #2a -Pick two individuals from the
Revolutionary War period, one political figure and one private citizen. Think beyond the
figures we normally hear about or find something unique about them., Requirement #3
and Requirement 5: Watch two motions pictures that focus on the Revolutionary War
period. Suggestions are: The Patriot (rated R for violence), The Crossing (can be hard to
find), 1776, April Morning, John Adams, The Broken Chain, The Black Robe, George

American Labor: PM ONLY READ BOOK and bring to class. You may contact the
counselor Harry Littell at Prerequisites are Requirements 1 & 2.
Requirement #1 must be done BEFORE #2. Requirement 2 cannot be completed in
class. Please watch the movie "October Sky" before class (rated PG for language and for
some thematic elements, so you may want to watch it with TV Guardian). The last page
of the worksheet available on has a number of useful links to labor unions,
government labor resources, etc to assist with completing Requirement 2. Bring
Worksheets Updated 2006

Animal Science: READ BOOK and bring to class. Prerequisite#6 – Choose an option
and Prerequisite#7- Find out about three career opportunities in animal science. Pick one
and find out the education, training, and experience required for this profession. Discuss
this with your counselor, and explain why this profession might interest you. Bring
Worksheets. Updated 2007

Astronomy: PM CLASS. READ BOOK and bring to class. Prerequistes #5, 6,7, and 9.
There is a time commitment for this Merit badge so start now. Updated 2005
Contact Counselor Eric at . Worksheets strongly suggested
by counselor.

Aviation: PM ONLY. READ BOOK and bring to class. Prerequisites#4 –Make a visit
and bring a 1-3 paragraph report with them. (Come with proof of your visit in form of
letter from parents, photos or brochure) and #5- Find out about three career opportunities
in aviation counselor suggests "airline pilot", "mechanic", and "air traffic controller".
Pick one and find out the education, training, and experience required for this profession.
Discuss this with your counselor, and explain why this profession might interest you
(come prepared to discuss your career choice to show your knowledge of the career).
Bring Worksheets Updated 2007

Composite Materials: ALL DAY CLASS – updated 2006

Counselor Jeff Walton

1) Parent's Permission. Must be 14 due to the materials (chemicals) involved.

2) Cost: $5 - $10 for materials. Bring Cash to be paid directly to counselor.

3) Homework: Obtain Merit Badge pamphlet and read completely prior to coming to

Requirements 1, 2, 3, and 6: Fulfill by one to one conversation with the instructor during
projects in class. i.e. come to class knowing your stuff.

Requirement 4, Contact instructor prior to starting. Provide evidence of completion at

4) Requirement 5: Projects must be done in class. Boys may collaborate on project 2.
Project 1 - Bring the cardboard template on merit badge pamphlet, p67 already cut out.
Project 2 - Your choice. Call at least 2 weeks prior to class to discuss with instructor. It
must be a project that can be completed in 3 hours.

Crime Prevention: AM ONLY. READ BOOK and bring to class Prerequisites 2,3a,
3b,5 and 7. Updated 2006

Fingerprinting: PM ONLY. READ BOOK and bring to class. Be able to identify the
three basic types of fingerprint patterns and their subcategories. Updated 2004

Indian Lore: AM ONLY. READ BOOK and bring to class. Bring Worksheets.
Prerequisite #1- Give the history of one American Indian tribe, group or nation that lives
or has lived near you. Visit it, if possible. Tell about traditional dwellings, way of life,
tribal government, religious beliefs, family and clan relationships, language, clothing
styles, arts and crafts, food preparation, means of getting around, games, customs in
warfare, where members of the group now live, and how they live. For this requirement
the counselor asks you use the Pomo Indians. . Prerequisite #2d-Visit a museum to see
Indian artifacts. Discuss them with your counselor. Identify at least 10 artifacts by tribe or
nation, their shape, size, and use. Updated Aug 2008

Mammal Study: READ BOOK and bring to class. Pre-requiste#5- Work with your
counselor, select and carry out one project that will influence the numbers of one or more
mammals. Please contact the counselor Rusty Marcum at
BEFORE carrying out your project. Bring Proof of Project in form of Letter from parents
and photos. Come familiar with the material in the book. Bring Worksheets. Updated

Medicine: AM ONLY. READ BOOK and bring to class. Prerequisites #7a - Visit a
physician's office bring a 1-3 paragraph report, # 8- be prepared to discuss your choices
of historical figures and specialties, and #10 - Serve as a volunteer at a health-related
event or facility in your community and bring a 1-3 paragraph report.

Students in this class should research the following people for #1 - a, c, d, f, g, h, k, o;
and positions "physician", "physician assistant", "pharmacist", "emergency medical
technician", "radiological technician"; 5a, b; 6a & b "anesthesiology", "emergency
medicine", "orthopedic surgery", "radiology", "geriatrics"; before coming.

There is a LOT of material to cover and the only way we will finish is if they are
prepared. Bring Worksheets. Updated 2005

Photography: READ BOOK and bring to class. Bring bring a camera (and film) if
possible but not required. We suggest a disposable camera or digital camera (preferable).
Worksheets will be provided. Please bring at least 8 printed pictures or 8 digital images
(CD or USB drive) that you have taken: 1) on a single theme or subject, OR 2) that tell a
story. You will make either a poster display or PowerPoint slide show. Review how
photography could be part of your future career.

Public Speaking: PM CLASS READ BOOK and bring to class.
Prepare these requirements prior to class:
        #2 - Prepare a three- to five-minute talk on a topic of your choice that
incorporates body language and visual aids. Bring the visual aids with you. If done with
Powerpoint, bring either a CD or a jumpdrive. Laptop and projector will be available. If
you use the newest version of Powerpoint however bring your own laptop. The topic is
of your choosing but needs to be different than the one used in requirement # 4
        #4 -Select a topic of interest from the choices listed below. Collect and organize
information about this topic and prepare an outline. Write an 8-10 minute speech,
practice it, and plan to deliver it to the group in a conversational way. Bring in your
written outline.
                 Topics to choose from:
                        Energy requirements for the future
                        Famous Quotes
                        Global warming
                        Health risks related to lifestyle
                        Psychology of Humor
                        Training program for career of your choice
                        Training program for sport of your choice
                        Travel Concerns

The other requirements will be done at the class. There are no worksheets provided.

Traffic Safety: READ BOOK and bring to class. Come dressed for the weather you will
be doing stuff outside. Prerequisite #5- Choose one of the options and complete
- be prepared to share what you have learned with the class. Updated 2007
Bring Worksheets

                             Merit Badge Saturday – 2008 Schedule
                             Sponsored by: Troop 998

Arrive 7:45 AM

Introductory remarks 8:00 - 8:30
Classes Begin 8:30
Morning classes end between 11:00 - 11:45
Scouts taking afternoon program only check in 11:30 AM
Lunch 11:30 - 12:30
Afternoon classes start 12:30 - 12:45
Afternoon classes end between 3:00 - 4:00

  NOTE: The Following are ALL DAY classes – ONLY ONE BADGE CAN BE TAKEN

   First Aid, Environmental Science, Emergency Prep and Composite Materials

                     Merit Badge Saturday by: Troop 998
                     2008 Contact information

Program and Registration questions:

Dawn Stewart 530-795-3302    Cell: 530-304-4365


       Matt Baker – Middle School

       To be Announced – LDS Church

Food: Pat Tippetts

                    2008 Registration information


1) Blue Card -Get a signed blue card from your Scoutmaster, advancement advisor, or unit
leader for each merit badge and bring it with you to the Merit Badge Saturday SIGNED.

2) Registration

        A) Each Scout fill out registration form
        B) Troop requests Excel spreadsheet for Registration from Dawn Stewart at
  -fill out spreadsheet and email back to Dawn Stewart.
               a. This is a MUST. Someone in your Troop will have excel and know how
                   to use it.
               b. Save excel spreadsheet to your computer – Fill out each tab and save
                   with information you have entered
               c. E-mail to Dawn Stewart
        C) Make Check made payable to: LDS Church -Troop 998
        D) Mail or Deliver Check and hard copies to: Dawn Stewart, 406 Pear Place, Winters,
           CA 95694
        E) Deadline: Must receive BOTH spreadsheet and check with hard copies by November

3) Required Volunteers: One adult volunteer is required from each troop for 1-4 Scouts
attending. An additional volunteer is required for each 5 scouts thereafter.

4) Classes -You may sign up for one ALL DAY class OR two 3 hour classes. Have some second
choice badges in mind in case classes are full. Classes have size limits- the sooner you sign up
the better your chances are of getting the classes you want. Note: Some classes are only offered
once – check time.

5) Pamphlets -Get the merit badge pamphlet(s), complete the prerequisites and bring proof of
completion to Merit badge Saturday in form of completed project, letter from parents, brochure,
or photos.

6) Be Prepared -Wear your uniform and “Be Prepared” Scouts should purchase, read and bring
Merit badge pamphlets and ALL necessary materials to class (pen, notebook, clipboard,

7) Fees - Some classes may require additional payment for materials. If additional payment is
required, the counselor must be paid in cash as the Scout checks in for the class. Most, however,
do NOT require additional fees. Bring exact amount – no cash will be on site.

                         Merit Badge Saturday
                         Registration Form 2008

You may sign up for ONE - ALL DAY class OR Two half –day classes (One in the Morning
and one in the afternoon.) ALL Classes have size limits. First come First Serve.

Scouts should purchase, read and bring Merit badge pamphlets and ALL pre-requisites to

                                       PRINT NEATLY

Scout Name _________________________________________ Troop ____________

Address ______________________________________City_________________ Zip ________

Phone __________________ Email ________________________________________________


1st Choice - ___________________________________________________

2nd Choice - __________________________________________________

Half-Day Classes

Morning Choice - ___________________________________________________

Afternoon Choice - ___________________________________________________

Alternate - __________________________________________________

Alternate - __________________________________________________

Alternate - __________________________________________________

Release Information

The registering scout has the permission of the scoutmaster to work on the indicated merit

Scout Master Signature _________________________________________________

               Merit Badge Saturday
            ADULT Registration Form 2008

1 Adult for every 4 boys is needed to patrol hallways, sit in
classrooms, help with lunch prep, and help transport boys off
location for some classes. Basically help in any way needed.
                                PRINT NEATLY

Adult Name ______________________________ Troop _________Lunch… Yes $3.00 or No

Address ______________________________________City_________________ Zip ________

Phone __________________ Email ________________________________________________

                                PRINT NEATLY

Adult Name ______________________________ Troop _________Lunch… Yes $3.00 or No

Address ______________________________________City_________________ Zip ________

Phone __________________ Email ________________________________________________

                                PRINT NEATLY

Adult Name ______________________________ Troop _________Lunch… Yes $3.00 or No

Address ______________________________________City_________________ Zip ________

Phone __________________ Email ________________________________________________

                                PRINT NEATLY

Adult Name ______________________________ Troop _________Lunch… Yes $3.00 or No

Address ______________________________________City_________________ Zip ________

Phone __________________ Email ________________________________________________

                    2008 Permission slip

Permission Slip for Transportation Environmental Science

I understand that _______________________________________ will be transported
from one location to another as part of the Merit Badge program for the Merit Badge
Saturday December 6, 2008. I give my permission for him to be transported.

Environmental Science will go to local outdoor area to explore the environment. Come
dressed for the weather. Bring a second pair of shoes – NO MUDDY SHOES

Parent Signature ______________________________________________________


Composite Materials Merit Badge Permission Slip for transportation and Chemical Use

My son __________________________ is 14 or older.

I give my son _________________________________ permission to participate in the
Composite Materials Merit Badge on Saturday, December 6th,2008. I understand that he
will be working with chemicals and other materials.

I give my permission for my son _____________________________ to be transported to
and from 435 Anderson Ave, Winters to the local Winters Fire Department.

This class will be held at the local Fire Department. Bring clothes you can get dirty in
(coveralls suggested) Dress for the Cold weather.

Parent Signature ______________________________________________________


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