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									Airline Handling

   Service Level Agreements
   Airline Handling provides Service Level Agreement which is a voluntary agreement between
   the Airport Company and Ground Handlers or Airlines relevant to monitoring the performance
   of all main ground handling activities involved. The Airport Company invites Ground Handlers
   or Airlines interested in further evaluation to participate in discussion aimed at jointly
   concluding on practical Minimum Service Delivery Standards.
   AIA undertakes the responsibility for the collection, processing and evaluation of raw data on
   the actual performance of measurable services significant to Passengers’ satisfaction and
   accepts to commit to the Centralized Infrastructure Systems availability. The Airport Company
   is currently developing a practical and cost effective measuring system that will enable all
   parties involved to receive information on a regular basis.
   The main areas for monitoring are:
           • On-time performance
           • Baggage delivery times
           • Check-in performance
           • Boarding times
           • Aircraft handling performance
           • Passenger transportation performance
   Additionally, both parties jointly conclude on an incentive scheme relevant to the
   particularities of each one of the Ground Handlers or Airlines in order to motivate their
   compliance with the agreed MSDS.
   The end result of a Service Level Agreement is to recognize “Best Performance” and take
   corrective actions on continuous failures.
   This is how AIA works with Aegean Airlines, Goldair Handling and Swissport Hellas having
   succeeded to enhance the level of communication between the operational teams on duty,
   to share operational knowledge and built up innovative ideas for further improvement, in
   other words to materialize the partnership concept between the Airport Company and the
   Ground Handler
   The level of service provided by both the Airport Company and the Ground Handlers to the
   corresponding Airline affects the passenger’s impression about his/her transport.

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