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									                  Construction and Real Estate Holding Company


This document is a business plan and does not constitute an offer
to sell or a solicitation to purchase. It contains confidential
information, including trade secrets, and may not be reproduced
without the express permission of the company named below.

      Romack Holding Group, LLC.
               Seeks Investor Contributions
                    In The Amount Of

                        Sept 5, 2005

 1.0 Introduction

 Romack Holding Group (RHG) is a parent company of a profitable commercial construction
 company with 26 years of quality commercial development in central and south Florida. Romack
 Construction Group (RCG) currently has 4 major contracts in the central Florida. Romack is
 expanding its businesses services with four new divisions that feed off of its successful
 construction business.

                                   CURRENT PROJECTS
 Osceola Kissimmee Area                          Business condos at a cost of $ 6.0 million
 RHG equity in project = $ 900,000               Profit = $ 5.0 million
 Osceola Kissimmee Area                          Business condos at a cost of $ 3.5 million
 RHG equity in project = $ 1 million             Profit = $ 2 million
 Seminole County Lake Mary Area                  Business condos at a cost of $ 2.6 million
 RHG equity in project = $ 1.5 million           Profit = $ 2.6 million
 Osceola Kissimmee 5 miles from Disney           11 Acre condo at a cost of $ 17.8 million
 RHG equity in project = $ 2.3 million           Profit = $ 11.1 million

 Other Pending Romack joint venture projects include;

                                   PENDING PROJECTS
 300 acres of land in Osceola county for single family homes and condo mix use development.
 Cost is $ 142.4 million Profit is $ 62.6 million
 800 acres of land in Osceola county with Thoroughbred and Quarter horse racing and wagering
 track with resort and mix use homes. Cost is $500 million Profit is $800 million

 1.1 Mission

 Romack Holding Group seeks to streamline the
 commercial development process from raw land
 acquisition to product financing.

 Strategic alliances and Joint ventures with
 companies operating under the umbrella of Romack
 Holding Group enable us to leverage important
 relationships in the Orlando area and create valuable
 business opportunities.

 1.2 Keys To Success

          • Many relationships among the commercial real estate community.
          • Impeccable and unique workmanship.
          • Retaining high-quality, on-site management.
          • Ensuring estimates on price and completion dates are as accurate as possible.
          • Track the progress of each construction project to insure the scope cost and schedule
             of each is maintained.

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  2.0 Company Summary

  RHC is a 26 year business managed by three partners who have 80 years of
  combined experience in the commercial construction business. The contacts that
  each partner has in the commercial real estate business proves their knowledge of
  the construction business is extremely valuable from their operations. These three
  partners represent sales/management, and finance/administration areas of the

  2.1 Company Ownership

  The company is led by CEO Mike Romack and assisted by his two sons Jet and Newly
  who lead different divisions of RHG. RHG has joint venture arrangements with both
  architecture and engineering companies with over 30 years combined experienced.

  One of the company's goals is to focus on high quality
  workmanship, retaining as much talent as possible is
  crucial. Therefore, the company plans to add more
  partners to the firm as opportunities arise.

  2.2 Company History

  The company started in 1979 as a general contractor in residential home and church
  construction. Mike Romack has been a commercial contractor since 1971. The
  company began building and managing the construction of 18 churches in Southeast
  USA and is proud of its early heritage and contributions.

  During a period of 5 years, the company began manufacturing custom baseball bats
  for major league stars. Baseball is a passion for Mike Romack and a hobby
  blossomed into a business as his craftsmanship and attention detail became

  Major league baseball stars such as Barry Bonds, Ozzie Smith, Frank Thomas and
  even Michael Jordan sat in the Romack kitchen eating breakfast prepared by Mike
  Romack`s wife and playing with the future Romack management children as their
  bats were custom built. There are dozens of signed collector bats from professional
  baseball players on display at the RHG corporate office in Kissimmee Florida.

  The company expanded and is focused on being a commercial contractor in the
  Orlando market and has a resume of many successful projects to add to their trophy
  case. Projects from $ 500,000 to $ 50 million receive the same personal attention to
  quality and service as the baseball stars. Today the company offers commercial
  construction for commercial office parks, warehousing, retail centers, condominium
  projects, home construction, site development, engineering, and transportation.

  The company is expanding into a development and financial company in 2005. RHG is
  unique and many of its subcontractors have been loyal for its 26 year history which
  brings consistency of quality to each job performed. Currently, Romack construction
  does complete construction needs except for plumbing and electric work. The biggest
  advantage of the company is delivering a quality project on schedule and on budget.

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   3.0 Product & Services

   RHG provides commercial construction services, with a primary focus on large urban
   structure development. This includes the following types of construction:

   •   Office buildings
   •   Condos & Single Family Homes
   •   Strip malls
   •   Commercial parking lots and garages
   •   Apartment complexes
   •   Restaurants
   •   Schools
   •   Government contracts

   RHG has four divisions and the Romack Construction Group (RCG) provides revenue
   opportunities as a part of building re-construction projects. RHG is the managing
   company and majority shareholder of;

   •    Romack    Development Group LLC
   •    Romack    Construction Group LLC
   •    Romack    Transportation Group LLC
   •    Romack    Material Group LLC
   •    Romack    Financial Group LLC

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 4.0 Financial Strategy

 Romack Holding Group is seeking investor contributions, totaling $10,000,000, by
 Sept 5, 2005. This cash infusion will result in dramatic revenue and income growth,
 over the five-year planning period, and position the company to continue its master
 planned development of existing and pending construction projects.

 The four initial projects require$10 million in funding in the Orlando market with a 24
 month completion. RHC will also be securing $ 55.5 million in construction financing.

 4.1 Projected Operating Results.

 Revenues are projected to increase, from $7 million, in FY1, to $122 million, in FY5.
 After-tax net income is projected to increase, from $1.4 million, in FY1, to $44.8
 million, in FY5. The minimum cash balance is $4,095K, occurring in Month 9, and
 the FY5 ending cash balance is $48.8 million.


 Year               2005                 2006   2007        2008           2009
 Revenues           7.0                  28.0   38.0        65.0           122.0
 Expense            5.6                  19.2   22.3        35.1           73.2
 EBIT (mill)        1.4                  8.8    15.7        34.9           48.8

 4.2 Mortgage Backed Securities

 All Romack development projects are backed by first or second mortgage bonds.
 Romack Financial Group manages multiple divisions for commercial project
 development and these securities are backed by real property held by Romack
 Holding Group.

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 Romack’s first name relationships with the several Orlando Board Of Commissioners
 expedite the permitting procedure with the Department of Economic Development
 and Tourism.

 With the cooperation of the Department of Growth Management, the Department of
 Public Works, the Orange County Health Department and additional agencies,
 Romack streamlines the permitting process. We understand the bureaucracy of filing
 the necessary paperwork to apply for building permits in Orange County.

 We use the flow chart provided and Professional Engineers to get building permits
 approved ASAP.

 License Number 55986                    License Number 57546    License Number 58570
 Professional Engineer                   Professional Engineer   Professional Engineer

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 5.0 Vision

 The company’s five-year mission is to master plan and develop premier land holdings
 in the central Florida area and become a signature land developer. Securities backed
 by Romack land holdings are the backbone to guarantee our companies future

 By carefully planning and executing development of
 land holdings, leveraging well cultivated strategic
 alliances, and facilitating construction, RDG intends to
 prepare raw land holdings             for  infrastructure,
 permitting, and civil engineering site preparation for
 residential and commercial projects.

 Maintaining relationships among Central Florida
 commercial real estate players is a key to our success.
 Romack has several relationships in place with a circle
 of high level real estate experts in the Orlando area.

 5.1 Joint Ventures

 RDG is very capable of dealing directly with property
 owners for an equity position in projects that 99% of
 our competition are not qualified to offer. These skills
 bring our business operations to a level our competition
 is unable to compete with.

 We are competent in the due diligence of this nature
 and we know how to process city and state building
 permits for Orlando development ventures.

 Every project we acquire requires hundreds of hours of paperwork, appraisals, title
 analysis, legal structure, and equity participation. Joint ventures are a springboard
 to feeding work to our construction, transportation, materials, and financing
 companies and increase our bottom line significantly.

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 6.0 Summary

 Romack Construction Group provides RHG with 80 years experience in the high end
 construction industry. One unique aspect of RCG is that it has the ability to self-
 perform most items on a project. This includes site work, concrete, asphalt, steel,
 drywall, masonry, carpentry and exterior finishes.

 Romack construction aims to provide high quality craftsmanship in the commercial
 construction industry at a competitive cost. It is the goal of the company to achieve
 a reputation for quality and on-time delivery superior to competitors in the central
 Florida region. RCG maintains high integrity on all promised timelines and quality

 Commercial      development  of   condos    and
 apartment units have been our strongest revenue
 generator and we continue to seek profitable
 opportunities in this area.

 6.1 Strategic Partners

 Fabre Engineering provides Romack with civil and
 environmental engineering and land surveying
 services for all types of projects.

 For more than twenty years, Fabre Engineering &
 Surveying has been selected and re-selected to
 provide engineering and surveying services for
 clients, such as utility companies, architects, land
 developers, industries, The Department of
 Defense, and governmental agencies.

 Bullock Tice Architectural combines in-house
 service capabilities with those of Romack’s
 strategic alliance partners and provide clients with
 custom-tailored, integrated, “Total Solutions”.

 Title Attorney Tom Smith provides Romack with
 Legal services in several areas including General
 Business Law; Real Estate Law; Oil and Gas Law.

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7.0 Summary

Romack Material Group achieves a 15% profitability margin by helping RHG achieve
Supply Chain Management excellence. Assisting other divisions of the Romack
companies, RMG deals directly with manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to
deliver building materials on time to Romack projects.

7.1 Electronic Bidding Sites
Electronic bidding sites enable Romack
construction projects to continually
supply      raw     materials,    parts,
subassemblies and finished assemblies.
RMG knowledge of Just-In-Time (JIT), lower cost, and higher quality delivery of
construction materials is a very critical Supply Chain Management process.

7.2 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

RMG has 7 major southeastern distributors that provide competitive bids for building
materials that are used on construction sites. RMG has EDI accounts set up with
these distributors that streamline the delivery and payment of products.

                                        1. Identify the processes for inherent delays proposing a
                                           methodology and techniques for continuous
                                           improvement of both the operative and site work.

                                        2. Redefine roles and activities of all involved in projects
                                           from the client through to the operative in an attempt
                                           to remove the barriers to efficiency and quality.

                                        3.   Develop expertise in all the component parts
                                             necessary to achieve a good production engineering
                                             approach through developing project teams committed
                                             to achieving an integrated project approach.

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 8.0 Summary

 Romack Transportation Group supplies heavy
 materials for infrastructure development to
 construction sites This includes cement Storm
 Drainage, Manholes and Junction Boxes, and
 Catch Basins.

 The Transportation Group provides services first
 for Romack projects and secondary contracts for
 other site work contractors.

 RTG is targeting existing construction companies
 that need our transportation services. Because
 these services are perishable, we don’t make
 money when our trucks are idle.

 Site work preparation and transportation of
 materials such as fill dirt and Storm Drainage
 basins generate a 22% profit margin. It only
 makes sense to utilize our transportation
 equipment and we are making $5,000 per day
 delivering material in this manner.

 Romack Transportation Group delivers the following material to construction sites.

     •    Concrete conform to ASTM Designation C-150 Type II cement
     •    Masonry Mortar. Masonry mortar (grout) strength of 2000 psi.
     •    Reinforcing Steel ASTM A-615, Grade 60 with deformed bars.
     •    Connectors 15" diameter (Min.)
     •    Castings No. 16 (Standard Detail-S-716) with a tensile strength of 35 ksi.
     •    Manhole Steps in conformance to the Standard Detail

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 9.1 Summary

 Romack Financial Group (RFG) is a financial
 subsidiary of RHC and manages residential and
 commercial project funding via Mortgage-
 Backed Securities. The Financial side of RFG
 orchestrates complicated transactions between
 both investors and consumers. RFG is a end-
 user business and facilitates direct sales of
 Romack products with consumers.

 RFG is a “private-label” mortgage company in
 contrast to an “agency” company.

 9.2 Residential MBS’s

 Mortgage     Backed    Securities   (MBS’s)   are
 securities that offer investors a wide range of
 maturities from a pool of tranche’s. Each tranche
 provides an investor his own interest rate and
 payment schedule.         RFG underwrites and
 manages residential project MBS’s for investors
 involved in Romack projects.

 RFG works directly with Romack products that are
 ready for sale to consumers. This soup to
 nuts approach involves Real-Estate Agents,
 Real-Estate Brokers, Title and Insurance, Mortgage, and Financing companies (RFG).

 9.3 Commercial First Mortgage Bonds

 All Romack development projects are backed by
 first or second mortgage bonds.       Romack
 Financial Group manages multiple divisions for
 commercial project development.

 RFG works directly with commercial brokers and
 owners who are willing to contribute real
 property in exchange for a percentage of future
 profits.   This   means     relationships   and
 negotiations are based on a detailed market and
 data analysis. The market and data analysis
 provide a detailed report forecasting profits and timelines for qualified projects. Each
 report is prepared by a qualified research analyst.

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 The land requirement for the racetrack – grandstand, track, stables and parking – is
 approximately 320 acres. Appropriate parcels currently available range from 320
 acres for $25,000,000 to 750 acres for $45,000,000 to 600 acres for $90,000,000;
 pricing being an obvious factor of location (i.e., distance from Disney World).

 As a recent development boom in the area has triggered increased land values and
 constrained availability of suitable property, final pricing and location will be
 determined once financing has been secured.

 The larger parcels offer the advantage of resale of partial acreage to hotel and resort
 or property developers as Orlando’s need for new hotel and housing space continues
 to grow apace.

 800 acres of land in Osceola county with Thoroughbred racing and wagering track
 with resort and mix use homes. Cost is $500 million Profit is $800 million


 A world-class stadium is envisioned, able to accommodate up to 30,000 patrons at any given
 event. The complete facility would comprise:

          Grandstand with tiered levels of race watching comfort and exclusivity
          – from open-air bench seating to exclusive skyboxes
          • Multi-purpose professional track with high-tech composite outer oval
          and inner turf oval
          • Professional stables and exercise areas plus profit-generating
          accommodation for horse owners, staff and patrons
          • State-of-the-art wagering, judging and audio-visual systems and
          • Large-scale simulcast viewing lounges
          • Three levels of food and beverage outlets – kiosks, group dining room,
          and a formal five-star restaurant and lounge – as well as full catering
          • Hobbyist equestrian areas – including riding school, boarding stables
          and riding trails
          • Polo field

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DRI, Planning & Engineering

The impact of a facility of this size and nature requires the careful study and conduct
of professionals who are capable of satisfying local and state governing bodies
charged with oversight of roads, water, environment, etc. services and other general
design features of the project as they impact on the area and its residents.

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