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					OSHA 10 and 30 Hour
  General Industry
 Training Materials
   Things to Remember
Please review the READ ME file for
  vital information.

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  OSHA General Industry
    Training Materials
This program was designed to provide the
  OSHA 10 & 30 Hour General Industry
  Trainer a complete package of training
  materials they may use to provide the
  most comprehensive training class as
  possible. The program comes complete
  with over 1,700 power point slides and
  over 250 pictures of OSHA violations.
  Inserted throughout the power point
  presentations are small video clips or
  movies to help with the learning

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Program Information - SAMPLE

Power Point Presentations

Microsoft Word Documents

Rocky Mountain Education Center: Web Site

Department of Labor OSHA: Web Site
OSHA Outreach Training Program

Interpretation Letters OSHA: Web Site

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   OSHA Confined Space Appendices

   Workshop/Quiz/Test Documents

   Certificates and Card Templates

About Universal Safety Consulting - SAMPLE

   References/Contributors - SAMPLE

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                    Power Point
History of         1904         Safety         Subpart D    Subpart E
OSHA & Act     Recordkeeping   Programs          WWS        Means of

 Subpart G       Subpart H     Subpart I      Subpart J     Subpart J
Occupational     Hazardous      P.P.E.        Confined       Lockout
   Health         Material                     Space          Tagout
  SAMPLE          SAMPLE

 Subpart K       Subpart L     Subpart N      Subpart O     Subpart P
Medical and         Fire        Material       Machine        Tools
  First Aid      Protection    Handling       Guarding
                 Subpart S      Subpart Z     Subpart Z      Subpart Z
 Subpart Q
                 Electrical    Bloodborne      Hazard        Toxic and
                               Pathogens    Communication   Hazardous

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    OSHA Confined Space

 Confined Space Pre-Entry     Examples of Permit-required
Check List - 1910_146 App D   Confined Space Programs -
                              1910_146 A

Non-Mandatory Appendix F --    Procedures for Atmospheric
     Rescue Team or            Testing_ - 1910_146 App B
 Rescue Service Evaluation

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     Microsoft Word Quiz
 Hazard Violation Workshop    Hazard Violation Workshop
        Questions                     Answers

   General Industry Test     General Industry Test Answers

    LOTO-SRWP Quiz           LOTO-SRWP Quiz Answers

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  Certificates and Card

  10 Hour Completion Certificate

  30 Hour Completion Certificate

  10 and 30 Hour Card Template

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 OSHA Outreach Training

Outreach Training Program Guidelines

Outreach Training Program Report

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