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Below is a compilation of articles from newspapers across Cochise County. Articles are selected for    on the
inclusion based on their relevancy to the local economy. The Cochise County Economic Update is
brought to you biweekly by the Cochise College Center for Economic Research.
                                                                                                         Get i
Be part of everyday Sierra Vista-oply
By Susan Tegmeyer                                                                                         AC
Special to the Herald/Review
Chamber membership can open a new world of opportunities in marketing, advertising and                       Ad
promotions for your business. In addition to the Shop....For more, click here

Registration under way for the Sierra Vista economic luncheon                                              LO
The registration deadline is April 6 for the 15th annual Sierra Vista Economic Outlook Luncheon,
presented by the Cochise College Center for Economic....For more, click here                           Click to
Colonel sees master plan as his legacy at the Intelligence Center
By Bill Hess
Herald/Review                                                                                            WHAT
Operation Facelift has nothing to do with plastic surgery. The operation is the 2020 Master Plan to
modernize the training facilities at the Intelligence Center....For more, click here                  SIGN UP TO
                                                                                                          FOR THE C
Sierra Vista gets stimulus funds for airport. City officials hopeful they can get more money              BUSINESS
for other projects                                                                                        CONFIDENC
By Laura Ory
                                                                                                          The BLCI m
Herald/Review                                                                                             expectations
At least $6 million in federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds are headed to Sierra          leaders with
Vista, and city officials are eyeing possible funding for water....For more, click here                   future direct
                                                                                                          and state ec
Local leaders push for attention to rural housing obstacles                                               as economic
By Derek Jordan                                                                                           trends impac
Herald/Review                                                                                             industries.
A state think tank sought the input of local leaders on their ideas regarding Arizona’s housing
issues on Thursday. Members of the Arizona Town Hall....For more, click here                              By bringing
                                                                                                          Cochise Cou
                                                                                                          develop a se
Canadians flocking to Sierra Vista for spring break                                                       the county, g
By Laura Ory                                                                                              information o
Herald/Review                                                                                             expectations
It’s “high season” for local tourism, and there’s a noticeable increase of visits from our neighbors to   and industry
the north. “We’re having many more Canadians,” said....For more, click here                               help us gain
                                                                                                          picture from
Turquoise Hills to be sold by April; Turquoise Valley sale may follow                                     future econo
By Matt Hickman
                                                                                                          If you’re a bu
Herald/Review                                                                                             community l
Would you like to own the Turquoise Hills Family Golf Center in Benson? If the answer is yes, log         County, plea
on to after Friday morning and make your....For more, click here                           become a B
                                                                                                          sign up, or to
County forced to cover Indigent Defense Office budget deficit                                             the BLCI, cl
By Shar Porier
The Indigent Defense Office of the county has run over budget by $572,000 so far in the fiscal
2008-09 year. The county Board of Supervisors had....For more, click here

County hiring freeze ‘working’. But more financial issues lie ahead for supervisors
By Shar Porier
“The policies that have been enacted are working.” County Administrator Mike Ortega told the
county supervisors in the bimonthly budget session that....For more, click here                           Did You Kn
                                                                                                          The CER de
Unmanned systems corporation might move                                                                   deductible
By Bill Hess                                                                                              keep our do
For nearly a quarter of a century AAI has been involved in unmanned aircraft systems with Pioneer         BECOME A
and Shadow pilotless planes in the local area. Steve Reid, vice....For more, click here
                                                                                                          The Center
New Chamber director                                                                                      Research is
By Thelma Grimes                                                                                          department
San Pedro Valley News-Sun                                                                                 College. As
There's a new face manning the desk for the Benson/San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce                   charged with
                                                                                                          operating bu
since Bob Mucci has taken over as the executive director….For more, click here
                                                                                                          and other so
City responds to lawsuit                                                                                  independent
By Thelma Grimes                                                                                          annual budg
San Pedro Valley News-Sun
With the city's response to the $4.7 million lawsuit filed against the City of Benson by the owner of     The CER off
the Butterfield Shopping Plaza, the process will now enter the….For more, click here                      of sponsorsh
                                                                                                          which come
Now is the time to give
By Thelma Grimes                                                                                       If you find th
San Pedro Valley News-Sun                                                                              and services
                                                                                                       please cons
The slowing economy in Benson has caused many senior citizens to say that without help they will       CER sponso
have to choose between buying medication and buying food….For more, click here                         CER are tax

Council has plenty of work ahead                                                                       To find out m
By Thelma Grimes                                                                                       becoming a
San Pedro Valley News-Sun                                                                              click here.
Benson voters decided last week that they would keep the seven City Council members currently
seated for the next two years. Mayor Mark Fenn….For more, click here

ADOT to spend $16.5 million of stimulus in county
By Laura Ory
Four Cochise County highway projects were chosen by the State Transportation Board for federal
stimulus funding Friday. Three pavement preservation projects....For more, click here
                                                                                                       Did You Kn
Bisbeeites proud of recycling program
                                                                                                       The CER we
By Shar Porier
                                                                                                       over 7,100
In a freshly painted van, city recycle coordinator Andy Haratyk and his prison work detail have been   ADD YOUR
bouncing around Bisbee gathering up newspapers....For more, click here                                 SPONSORIN
                                                                                                       COCHISE C
No horse races this year due to lack of funds                                                          ECONOMIC
By Bruce Whetten
Douglas Dispatch                                                                                       The CER is
For only the second time in 50 plus years of horse racing there will be no racing this year in         sponsors to
Douglas. Karen Strongin, manager at the Cochise County Fairgrounds….For more, click here               producing an
                                                                                                       the Cochise
City looks at jump starting construction
By Larry Blaskey                                                                                       The Update
The Douglas Dispatch                                                                                   biweekly via
Would reducing or waiving development impact fees act as an impetus for new development or             1,200 busine
simply put more financial strain on existing residents?....For more, click here                        leaders and
                                                                                                       Cochise Cou
Retails sales down; other sectors see gains                                                            Arizona. The
By Robert Carreira                                                                                     recipients is
Special to the Herald/Review                                                                           growing.
In December, Cochise County’s retail sales fell 6.1 percent compared to December a year prior,
                                                                                                       Sponsors ar
after adjusting for inflation. This was the 10 consecutive....For more, click here                     placement o
Small businesses can benefit from stimulus. SBA workshop coming April 2                                sponsor nam
Herald/Review                                                                                          the Update.
The Arizona District Office of the Small Business Administration is hosting a workshop in Sierra       to the spons
Vista to discuss both the small-business provisions of the....For more, click here                     readers can
                                                                                                       our sponsor
Local/state marketplace: business news in brief
                                                                                                       a single issu
Sierra Vista Area Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Installation Reception and Awards Ceremony              County Econ
will be held on April 1, 5:30 p.m. at Windemere Hotel and Conference....For more, click here           on a continu
                                                                                                       to the CER o
A bright spot in the economy, automotive repair shops doing well                                       single issue
By Derek Jordan                                                                                        deductible d
                                                                                                       CER as a C
Herald/Review                                                                                            Economic U
It’s no secret many people are trying to make their money go farther these days, and some                help us in ed
businesses are benefiting from this trend. For one local auto....For more, click here                    and commun
                                                                                                         residents on
                                                                                                         affecting Co
Bisbee group offers funds for school, cultural projects
Herald/Review                                                                                            To become
Money is available for scholarships and community grants to support the arts in this city. The           Cochise Cou
Bisbee Foundation has started its 2009 grant cycle and is....For more, click here                        Update, or to
                                                                                                         information a
Saving with the sun. For Dave Grieshop, a solar-power system at his Sierra Vista home                    sponsor, con
made sense economically                                                                                  ceroffice@c
For more than 300 days a year, the sun brightly shines on Arizona. And Dave Grieshop sees the
sun’s energy streaming down to us just going to waste....For more, click here
                                                                                                         Contact U
Rotary gets briefing on SV park projects                                                                 www.cochis
By Ken Brown                                                                                             ceroffice@c
Rotary Club Reporter                                                                                     (520) 515-54
John Startt, director of the Sierra Vista Parks and Leisure Services told the Sierra Vista Rotary Club
on Monday about the Strategic Plan for the Sierra Vista....For more, click here

Court: Tax diversion law constitutional                                                                     Learn m
By Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services                                                                         sp
A 3-year-old law allowing corporations to divert some of their state income taxes to help students
attend private and parochial schools is constitutional, the Arizona....For more, click here

HC council weighs how to spend grant funds
By Derek Jordan
The Town Council on Thursday organized top suggestions from the public on how the town shall
spend $325,000 in government grants. The money comes from....For more, click here
Tombstone district freezes pay hikes                                                                       Registered
By Dana Cole
Herald/Review                                                                                                    Acco
Teachers, administrators and all of Tombstone Unified School District’s support staff will not be
seeing a pay increase for the 2009-2010 school year....For more, click here

SV council OKs permit for charter school's new facility
By Laura Ory
Herald/Review                                                                                                     Bran
The City Council on Thursday approved Berean Academy’s request conditional-use permit for a                     4341
new campus the school plans to build this year next to....For more, click here                                Sierra V

Fort celebrates new homes. Project creates civilian-like family housing
By Bill Hess                                                                                                   Cell
Herald/Review                                                                                                  Fax
The first group of homes fitting a new concept for family housing on post was dedicated Thursday
morning. “I’ve got a lot of people who can’t wait to move in,”....For more, click here

Palominas school district discusses how to deal with tight funding
By Ted Morris
Tight funds were a key topic of Wednesday’s meeting of Palominas Public School District’s                 Click h
governing board. Much of the discussion focused on....For more, click here
                                                                                                            out ho
Cochise College scholarships available to local students
Douglas Dispatch                                                                                            be a sp
Nearly $200,000 in scholarships to attend Cochise College in the fall is up for grabs, and almost
$20,000 is available only to Douglas High School….For more, click here

Stimulus to fund 32 projects on fort
By Bill Hess
Once the equivalent of an electronic transfer of $18,458,358 is made to the post’s account, action
will start on awarding 32 contracts that are funded by the....For more, click here

Solar projects being sought in county. Economic development officials discuss ideas
By Jonathon Shacat, Wick Communications
Arizona Range News
Efforts are under way to develop solar power projects in Cochise County, according to discussions
that took place at a regional economic….For more, click here

Transportation funds distributed to hospital, CCS and schools
By Carol Broeder
Arizona Range News
The Willcox City Council unanimously approved distributing LTAF II grant monies to the Northern
Cochise Health Systems Nursing Home, Willcox Unified….For more, click here

City financial audit "contains a very good statement," McCourt says
By Carol Broeder
Arizona Range News
Overall, the City of Willcox is in better financial condition than many cities in Arizona, according to a
recent financial audit. The city has a financial audit….For more, click here

Cochise man proposes large dairy in Sunizona. Despite good intentions, vocal crowd at
meeting fights plan
By Ainslee S. Wittig
Arizona Range News
Ratliff Ag Enterprises, L.L.C., of Cochise, is in the process of submitting a request to the Cochise
County Planning and Zoning Commission to rezone….For more, click here

Groups make case for city's grant funding
By Laura Ory
An expanded homeless shelter, affordable housing and a mobile home replacement for a family in
need were among the projects local groups are hoping....For more, click here

Cochise College ups tuition by $3 per credit hour
By Ted Morris
Cochise College has increased its in-state tuition from $49 to $52 per credit hour. The college’s
governing board voted 4-0 on Tuesday to accept the changes....For more, click here

Bisbee preparing for charter school programs
By Shar Porier
Bisbee Unified School District is awaiting word from the state to engage a charter school. During
the governing board meeting last Thursday, members voted....For more, click here
Bisbee school district explains savings from shorter school week
By Shar Porier
Bisbee Unified School District could save around $500,000 by going to a four-day school week,
according to district officials. Ken Garland, the district’s....For more, click here

Business news in brief
The Small Business Development Center at Cochise College is hosting the following events:
“Developing a Business Plan” — A six-week course, beginning....For more, click here

Even in a recession, some companies are hiring
By Christopher S. Rugaber, Associated Press
Help wanted: pharmacists, engineers and nurses. Believe it or not, even some banks are hiring, at
least for their technology teams. While the recession has....For more, click here

Workers sought for upcoming Census
By Thelma Grimes
San Pedro Valley News-Sun
The information in the U.S. Census is used for research, predictions of trends and planning, but the
data must be gathered every 10 years. The last….For more, click here

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